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  1. #AutisticAndProud

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm: the comment section Everyone just copies another: He

  2. zemox

    ok boomer

  3. Retarded Legendary Scientists

    Also I'm not against LGBTQ, but I would make fun of these two of looking like suicidal 14 year olds

  4. Anthony Wolf

    This comment section “everyone just copied another” He: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMeowdy

  5. Infinity Cubero

    The comment section: “everyone just copies another Me: HMMMMMMMM

  6. grandma

    2:20 papa franku?? 😭

  7. TheVerySweetPotato

    *frick sonic*

  8. denk

    bonus meme guest host ideas: Mike tyson Xi Jinping david attenborough oprah my mate mike with the hair

  9. Rosa María Villalobos llamas


  10. خالد - Khalid

    4:16 and fuck David Cage

  11. Sans TheSkeleton

    Petition for Felix to get a tattoo that says “send them to the ranch”

  12. Link The Ripper

    Gladjonas collab

  13. seika `

    boring comment section

  14. illistfloo

    "Erythin Goain oun wit my Family i thinc

  15. rad camran

    this guy gonna get bashed in the carpark tonight, gamers

  16. 1234567890 Kok

    I love piewdiepie vids be gone T sieries

  17. Spurdo Jenkins

    You're too white, felix. It's not okay to be white anymore

  18. king fox family Meza

    Still The Best

  19. JAYREN

    So we really gon ignore thew fact that felix owns a samsung fold ew pewds well at least he doesnt have a BOOMEROLA razr

  20. Myhugefamily!! Vibes

    *wow I never knew that scuba divers are just extreme white supremacists* pssshhh

  21. Sebastian Vertoua

    demontized because of clapping? what?? or i got it wrong. wtf

  22. MizanLegendary

    anybody just trying to find a comment not about everyone just copied another

  23. Andrès Snauwaert

    Last time I was this late, the comment section was deactivated and didn't make me want to kill myself

  24. izzy succar

    anyone else see the good place new episode where they said pewdiepie should go to the bad place

  25. rainbow_unicorns Chole

    This is the first PewDiePie vid I have ever watched

  26. Sean Caldwell

    Casual Samsung Galaxy Fold display during that ad...I see you Pewds

  27. Ashan Trisheild

    Nice Dr.Phil episode. Cinnamon toast ken looks much lean in the video. Where is buffpro?

  28. Mia Mortensen

    This comment section "everyone just copied another" He: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  29. Ando Buscando

    A god was born

  30. Dam4en AKA Agent Potato

    The ranch is not gonna work, *bible study hmm yes*

  31. Dhan 10

    Come on do any gaming video man😥😥😥

  32. Dr. Doggo

    Death Sentence yas

  33. sheikh pogba

    "Listen i am a young girl fro the trenches" I cant believe Pewdipie would make fun of a WW1 veteran

  34. Nathan Swift


  35. FineCastle IRE

    Okay boomer

  36. Brennan world

    Thank you for this PREACH Felix!


    11:51 great GIF material lol!

  38. HALO5TERROR 3879

    The comment section: “everyone just copies each other” Buy a PewDiePie 100mil club figure if not ok boomer

  39. Jojo Lamoo

    ken beat ya to this one

  40. Hightpk

    ranch ranch ranch ranch

  41. Sarah Womack

    Sailor Moon Shirt

  42. WiFiSunset

    I had to watch that ending commercial twice, it's so good xD. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Edit: Multiple Times now, send help 😂😂😂

  43. Connor Dalwood

    im 15 and i would like to distance my specific part of my generation from these people

  44. The Spooky Gamer

    R.I.P to every computer screen that got smashed during this video.

  45. Henk Achternaam

    Pewdiepie pixelings is not allowed in Holland 😔😭

  46. Chad

    they're not trolling

  47. RockyGaming YT


  48. Ade Safrillah


  49. 8man

    "Im just that relevant" 90% of the people would not have known shit if felix hadnt made a video about them.

  50. King Manjeet

    Pewdiepie - 1 2 3 7(sven) Me - WTF where is 456

  51. Mark Justin Mnznrs

    If school's not for you it doesn't mean rapping is.

  52. Gaming_The Swag

    I don't think that is a female...

  53. Aly Farragq

    when the meatball looks like pac-man when it's flying dude



  55. Vance Biondo

    Pain? ☝️ I'll laugh at you

  56. thejustonethatnotices omg


  57. ThyHoly Potato

    Ima listen to Pewdiepie that being famous is useless and go my own route even if I'm not gonna be famous

  58. Jake Alderson


  59. Gaming Addicts

    Sometimes I wonder, What happened to this series...

  60. Dawid Konopko

    Videophone 😍😍😍

  61. HereChickyChicky

    Ok boomer

  62. Di sung

    i regret watching this video

  63. Luggi MS

    Phil Time

  64. Ptit Math


  65. Heater

    3:12 that beat drop tho

  66. M.A.D Dragon

    3:35 holy crap I remember I always wanted to pain the house with water all the time. Idk where I even got the idea from. I just wanted to paint the house but no way dad was gonna give me actual paint lol

  67. 1968 Ford Mustang GT

    Pewds, the future is going to be ruined if people keep doing this stuff. You are a ray of light in the dark present, please keep doing what you do.

  68. Stinkdier 69

    Where are het eybrows

  69. excuse me sir could u please leave

    we love felix with sailor moon t-shirt 💖

  70. Rainwatereyes • 99 years Ago

    Ok boomer.

  71. Kæwåīī Åyé


  72. Natasha Binkley

    They need The Ranch now...

  73. Kæwåīī Åyé


  74. Kæwåīī Åyé


  75. JD Douglas

    Felix rocking the new Galaxy Fold

  76. rad camran

    why do they all sound demonic

  77. Zlane

    Number 15: wallmart spit ice cream

  78. TheRedRiot Ninja

    Just got a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video

  79. Andrew Wizard15

    Humanity was not a mistake, but we are very flawed, yet redeemed by Christ’s sacrifice and grace.

  80. Thomas CALKIN

    The ok boomer meme was put on seven news, and it's also the Australian news

  81. Life Changes A Lot

    I mean, that Telly Zelly welcome to the party remix was type heat...

    1. Dingar Phug

      Ok zoomer

  82. Aryan Varade

    I feele to be **"Lucky"** As once I was....... *Edit:- Why this comment doesn't have much likes? I think the People are jeleous of me! Hehehehe🤣🤣🤣 9yrs old!😜🤣🤣 But now I'm 9+7yrs old!

  83. Dewa Alfarisii

    What is ranch?

  84. Karasu Shiiro

    このコメントセクション:全員が別のコメントをコピーするだけです 私:ファッカーを止めろ

  85. Martin Mena


  86. Areul Sois

    Stfu guys

  87. george kern

    Where did you get 700,000 some.....its weird, your one of the biggest youtubers....and.furing videos you say a lot of stiff wrong

  88. Aron Donk


  89. Louis Nguyen

    I’m unsubscribing cuz your gay

  90. Mark Justin Mnznrs

    I can't talk to my cause she's irrelevant. Bruh.

  91. Miss Lunari

    "30 million views" *has anyone ever seen these guys before?* i swear i've never heard of these two.

  92. Mikhail Obinma


  93. Shane Elrick Balisbisan

    Pewdepie pls shave your beard

  94. mate017

    Раздел комментариев: “Каждый просто копирует другого” Его: XMMMMMMMM


    meowdy boomer

  96. RealToyfreddy1 YT


  97. Cody Choules

    They have to be trolls... Right...

  98. pizzabandit

    dude you guys are so not relevant

  99. Ethan Jaques

    I couldnt get through the video because the people were too insufferable

  100. Macspongelister

    Love your new game pewds very not nice