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  1. kiso키소


  2. yung rocket

  3. Sophie Gorman


  4. Lakumetiz

    I wonder whats marxia doing?

  5. thefunhasended yuh

    Why the baby have blonde hair while neither the parents is blonde

  6. fluffe r

    lets take' em down boys

  7. Pologi Dosifid

    2:44 saturation is better

  8. Chanporado Vlogs

    I think if you continued playing games what people like then lwiay on saturday meme review on sunday, you will make it easier to pass them. My girlfriend and I used to watch you since 2013. Everytime we meet, we will watch you on her ipad. Then since the day your content shifted from gaming to social media news and rants and the likes, my girlfriend stopped watching you eversince unless you have Marzia in your video. Maybe that's the same for your others viewers too. Im still watching you though. And yes, this comment came from a very small channel with 69 subs. I come in peace. Sorry for my english

  9. Joe Mama

    My younger sister watches them and sometimes we just leave her in a room and go through their playlists and even if she’s not in there we leave it on so that means their getting like 300 views from us everyday so it makes sense why they get so many views it’s probably like all the replays that get them the views

  10. crazybrickstudios

    “My daddy is the best” “I love my daddy” FBI OPEN UP

  11. Swathantr

    A Tseries and pewdiepie collab to defeat cocomelon will be so wholesome


    We can't let cocomelon get a way with it pewDiePie

  13. Joseph Fontanilla

    You can't win with kids. THEY WILL STEAL EVERYTHING. Every gadgets just to watch these

  14. consoleswars

    The view numbers are so similar... I’m calling view bots

  15. gameover 1N4

    I work all my life for some money and a kids tv have more money than me 🥺😆🙄😐

  16. Boie

    N FOR.....................

  17. --

    Please make a cocomelon disstrack

  18. its kitty

    Pewdiepie we shall make go to 200mil subs

  19. BlitsplatsGaming

    How they get a ton of views and subs, simple They're using bots

  20. VxxJae

    damn leave the satuation up it looks good

  21. MOSHI ALEXA 004

    Pewdiepie:*Time to do CocoMelon diss track*

  22. Clyve Tube

    Like comment if you are in 2020 right now with pewdiepie as a boomer

  23. mathew thomas

    2020 pewds roasting nursery rhymes

  24. Kiwi Melonn


  25. The Ratchet 240

    please make a baby shark video!!!!

  26. Catherine Raas

    Felix you better play Last of Us 2 in june 19 because I miss Colden boy. "Sniff sniff" Also I want to go back to the days like that. Thanks. :)

  27. Matheus Froehlich


  28. Crow_ Ernie

    5:57 incest we have a reason to take them down

  29. CARL Vlogs

    He was expecting to much lol

  30. Roquejay


  31. amon

    5:14 I hate to say it but that’s even better than bitch lasagna

  32. Yohanlee Gaming

    The war is not over

  33. Animating Oliver

    Bill gates is the riches man in the world Lil tay: My ToiLeT CosT mORe ThaN yOur RenT

  34. I_like Cold_coffee

    Pewdiepie : I don't know any word starts with N Audience : hmmmmmmmmm

  35. ihumanity7

    Alot of them counts comes from the repetitive replay shit.

  36. jotaro kujo

    R.I.P slippy


    Pewdiepie:My name is Jeff: myname is jeff

  38. VeronNica 707

    Parents nowaday: Stop crying.. here.. watch this video.. No even surprise why that channel got 2B view

  39. Rachel Owen

    I hate green beans daddy Jeffy would say I hate green beans 😂

  40. Haqqi Girindra

    Send help, I’m qaratine with my baby cousin and this thing is on tv everyday

  41. MozartPizza

    Such an amazing song Who else is listening it 2 years after it came out

  42. B Asura

    Props for Sive for editing this


    everyone grab the shotguns and rocket launchers.

  44. Yaakov

    It's a lose-lose situation: Pewds doesn't diss and he's got no leverage on CocoMelon Pewds does diss and next thing you know he's considered a thirty-year-old man who bullies children

  45. Arsenic Rain13

    Ha ha, dirty knees!


    Pewdiepie like t serios comment

  47. ッGalacthicc

    T series floor gang??!!!!¿¿¿?!!??!¿¿¿¿¿??!!?!!?!!??!!?¿??? 😧😧😧😧

  48. ILovePizza

    how they have so many views is because that’s what parents use to shut their kid up these days...

  49. Outdoor Series

    Let me go wax my newts knees

  50. Rose'Berry-Dove'Shade

    *Bings for Phil*

  51. Heyitsme Dan

    Pewds it has gotten worse there on Netflix

  52. Kiryu Haruki

    Ok Max needs to teach pewds some newt facts

  53. some dumbass commenter on youtube

    The kids remind me of the baby zombies from Minecraft looking at how big their heads are.

  54. Potatowart

    bro that baby has the silkiest piece of hair is that 1 singular hair or just a bunch of hair put into the shape of one huge singular hair

  55. Jill Goodman

    felix: happy times, everyone, happy times *starts to thunderstorm* minecraft: NOPE

  56. Legend Cookie


  57. Levi Godinez

    You are a cretin pewds your a 5 year old

  58. Benjamin Hui

    petition to get pewdiepie and t series to get a channel together to beat cocomelon

  59. ostap09 _yeet


  60. Cat

    2.6B with big heads and big eyes hmmmm.......

  61. Doge Minecraftiano

    Wow 1.5 million comments

  62. Big Tasty

    I subbed on Friday, yes I’m a bandwagon

  63. Nightmare Gamer

    Leg confirm

  64. k k

    We need to report the cocomelon channel as child abuse FLOOR GANG OUHH

  65. crusty ramen

    When you realize he’s roasting them

  66. alexbone16

    Mr beast were you at

  67. Bgs EggOpener

    Pewds do a video about bannana Rama


    PewDiePie's video : 16min His thumbnail : 35min

  69. mr fox

    Most of those views are probably from my daughter. Lol 🤣

  70. Robert B

    just when you thought 2020 coudnt get any worse....

  71. Savagedemon

    I checked out t series and t series suck

  72. Yohanlee Gaming

    Felix watching cocomelon

  73. SoggySwampWater


  74. TheFoxBehindTheSlaughter

    4:49 that needa be ur new intro

  75. khyle patatas

    30 year old watching coco melon, small pp ....... But doing it to destroy coco melon BIG PP

  76. smithologist

    I played the circle game as early as 2001, WP this is a farce.

  77. Tim Fischbach


  78. Jitesh Kumar Sahoo

    Actually t series deserved the war as some months ago they used a guy named Ritviz's song in a movie without his permission and then threatened to end his career even if he won the court case.

  79. Jai

    'The Rise of the 5 Year Olds'

  80. andy hernandez


  81. consoleswars

    I actually found the image quality looked better with the higher saturation

  82. Darth Dad

    These songs play when you go to hell

  83. Avery Harris

    Anyone know why Seàn hasn’t posted in awhile?

  84. Shreya Chand

    I didn't know he was 30 years old. Now i know.

  85. Aryaditya Atreya

    He wrote 35min in the thumbnail . Lol

  86. Máté

    ,,Let's find something that starts with "N" " Everyone: * heavy sweating *

  87. Fevered Visions

    Recommend in June 2020!

  88. Mister Quackington

    Bruh the mom and dad have brown hair and TWO of the literally have blond and ginger hair... Coco melon made two adopted kids

  89. Synthia Rhi Naga

    My neice loves this channel.. Pewdiepie...one day your..kid will watching this too..😁

  90. harry potter

    Dude they made that one book into a song a acted like it was original I have seen those kittens lose there mittens before

  91. Fire Elite

    Wait sven is a girl 🤯

  92. Free Delahoya ###

    Aku orang indonesia Salam kenal Cocomelon = degan semongko

  93. katsuhi

    11:53 really? 🤔

  94. Nikita Shimkus

    These are not as bad as those kids vids couple years ago, it was a nightmare

  95. Gacha Jeniffer21

    I legit unsubscribe from Cocomelon (I dont watch it, my bby bro does ;-;)

  96. degenerate weeb

    so... what does pewds do on leg day? like what can you do on leg day with no legs?

  97. ultr vlnc

    lmao imagine the amount of kids that grow up in just 3 months maybe the 19 yr olds have outgrown you

  98. David Gunabe

    I guess it's now pewdiepie vs 9 year olds

  99. Aditya V

    You know Pewdiepie isn't a Maxmoefoe viewer

  100. Confuzed

    Are we actually the boomers