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  1. camila alvarez

    Can I get Emmett pls❤❤❤❤

  2. markie!!

    "hit me baby one more time... MADONNA!!" I SWEAR TO GODKAJDIWKEJWIDJS

  3. Leonard productions

    Find IANS Instaaaa

  4. Life Of Emily K

    They are soooooo cute together

  5. fairy elyse

    ian. i need him. hi ian !

  6. skeppy’s a6d

    1. why did you change the n? the original n was way prettier 2. flip how do you make m’s look good? i use m a lot because it’s in my first name oof

  7. Armando Navarro


  8. Hailey Nunez

    I’m watching this the day I got my first kiss lol

  9. Kemueli Raratabu

    Sofi my sister alwaysfan you

  10. Andrea

    Wow i knew exactly who they were going to choose from the beginning based on looks...

  11. Jess Me


  12. Mariela Rodriguez

    Am I the only one who thinks that Kevin is low key fine🖤

  13. faith keva eze

    You don't date red heads??? wow like we should "awww" I get it BOY BYE

  14. zoya

    omg... some of these guys need a dash or two of humour

  15. dammee

    I don't get why RJ was cut?

  16. Tabata Lopez Ulloa

    GET IAN HIS OWN EPISODE!!!!!!!!! like so they can see Edit: I swear if he don't get his own episode I have no faith in humanity

  17. Tommo lou

    Jonah's shirt tho

  18. helen joyce


  19. erica kunkio

    the fact that Dean pointed out that Justine had a beautiful complexion at 30:02 makes me feel like he looks at the colour of your skin as a factor as to whether or not he would date a person which is racist.all complexion's are beautiful !!!

  20. Vinu Singh

    You give a British singer a bunch of stupid American songs to do? Jezz you all know British people love their artists and listen to them more than American songs.

  21. emily h

    oliver if you see this hmu sir

    1. india talmadge

      emily h his insta is @freeollieoxen

  22. maya martinez

    aw he’s cute he looks like natt/ alex wolf

  23. Ladan Mohamed

    She did her dirty

  24. Makiyah wiggins

    Her friend sucks dooooddd...... IAN IS A WHOLEEE KING HONEYYYYY...she fucked up

  25. Unknown yeah unknown

    Who else like loved the Spiderman dude he made this video 50x better

  26. emma

    1:55 anyone see that mitch put up his face real quick and looked kiernan lmaooooo hmmmm 🤔🤔

  27. Unknown yeah unknown

    Ok but like this wasn't even to find a bae she was just trying to get the boys to notice her and see that she likes him

  28. silv3rchair show

    Oliver reminded me of Dean from Gilmore Girls...

  29. Laura Jungling

    Dang! I wish i was his bae and so does every other girl on his YT...

  30. Alana Stover

    The only person there that would be the closest fit to Colby would probably be Izzy to be honest

  31. Violet Robinson

    I need an arts loving Italian dad joke packed guy who is hecking good looking and I think she did too

  32. Violet Robinson

    IANNNNNN he is literally perfect why, please, get him back, get him baacckkk.

  33. Kareena Kapoor

    I like brandon

  34. Lollipop GLMV

    Rip David

  35. niken kurnianing

    I see BTS i click it right away😂😂

  36. Lollipop GLMV

    Honestly I’d be kinda disappointed, I mean I’d be very exited to meet him, but if I was told “celeb” I’d be kinda eh about David.

  37. Gianluca Ramacciani

    with her sympathy and her smile, Mel C will always shine :)

  38. WageFap !

    No hard feelings but, Jenna seems like a....braattttt. :/ She might not be, but she seemed like she was not amused.

  39. Aliyah Mislang

    They actually have! Tiktok

  40. Amy Clifton

    I love the WDW boys, but they REALLY suck at this.

  41. MilkyUwusッ

    I have never gotten my period but I’m never shoving that up my vagina hole

  42. Zainuan Chen

    Sksksk An' I Oop

  43. Zainuan Chen

    If you were Stephanie, what would your choice be? Mine would probably be Zim too

  44. Rebecca Rill

    u dont hunt u guys r bad at it

  45. Nicole Bell

    Fun.... 😂

  46. Vanessa Mutoni

    Sis sounds Australian 😭

  47. Katrina Shongolo

    This episode was boring for me.

  48. mikayla kennedy


  49. Diane Vincent

    Doggy is soo cutee

  50. Wolf Crab

    Seventeen you gotta start putting the contestants ig's in the description box1!1!!

  51. Dark x Nightzzz


  52. stephanie tyson

    Zane is the Joey of the vlog squad.

  53. NL4TN DEZZ

    A David dobrik super fan would be able to know him by just his voice

  54. Michi018 Gacha

    Do a friend one

  55. Ashley Leung

    nobody: nobody at all: ian: i'M iTaLiAn, tHeSe ArE mY iTaLiAn HaNdS..... pAsTa

  56. erilhi


  57. Nerly Saint-Fleur

    Her friend was legit picking a bae for herself smh

  58. Kats a Whore

    i love the fact those guys still came even though they cant date her unless they tryna get arrested she too young

  59. Zohar Reinstein

    If I was arianna I would get rid of Chrissy she is not a friend. Didn’t they say she was in a relationship? And yet she comes on to the show and screws up her best friends chance of getting a good one. Selfish id say

  60. Madison Floyd

    Nicki is one of the most dominant females in the industry. She most definitely paved the way for many females to show the boys that girls could “hang” and I love Saweetie but she is NOT an icon.

  61. Nicole Sanderson

    i loved the white top in style #1.where can i find it? I wish you guys would have credited the designers, or linked them at lease

  62. Cassie K

    she wanted ian for herself

  63. mars gurl

    Ian or rj should have won 🥺😔🤲🤲🤲😭😭

  64. alicia martinez

    He's 22 my battery is 22%

  65. marissa eames

    josh is underrated someone find his @

  66. mars gurl


  67. Lillsnoot


  68. Rhodeboo

    Carlo is my boy.

  69. mars gurl

    Even tho bestie got a boyfriend she still out here laughing and flirting over the top like calm 💀

  70. mars gurl

    Lol the bestie was laughing and flirting over the top so much and the girl in the couch looked so uncomfy

  71. Dara귀여운

    I found a rotten ham sandwich in my bag in 4th grade. The worst thing is, i found it at the end of the school year.

  72. Zohar Reinstein

    Yo Arianna come lemme give u a high five

  73. Hanna Sheikh

    Me: Do you have a microwave nearby? Friend: No, why? Me: I need to erase my notebook. Friend: boi

  74. Jessica Daggett

    How could you not recognize his voice!!!

  75. Wha ck

    I identify as "aaa~fuck me harder daddy oh yeah~~~"(subjective) and "ku klux Klan san"(objective). Thank you for respecting my world of unicorns and rainbows :)

  76. Bts Lover

    I don’t understand the dad jokes jk

  77. savannah James seavey

    Damn.... Ian tho like bruhhhh 😂

  78. Cathxllee Builds

    He cute

  79. Lyric Martin

    I like this cause my name is lyric so yea

  80. Gacha Girl

    He short tho...she wanted a decently tall man..that ain't gonna last 😂😂😂

  81. Maalika Mehta

    "this backpack is a mess, isn't it?" me: see my bag

  82. Mr. Bleach

    31:07 you already know how sad she was when her friend took out Ian. She probably thought her friend was saving Ian to herself too

  83. Delfina Ciancio

    Anyone knows Ian's instagram

  84. Natalia M. Carlucci

    My name is natalia!!!!😄😄😄

  85. mutant panda54

    seventeen should do this with all thirteen+ members of brockhampton

  86. Dariana Contreras


  87. Deysi Cantarero

    Where did she get the five subject notebook because it’s super cute?

  88. Katie

    she gives me liza koshy vibes

  89. Carly Egan

    "ian is mine now" whaaaaaaaat breh

  90. Briana Nicole


  91. Grace Crawford

    I just wanna say Brandon could sing REALLY well

  92. moonwalkinghœ

    "Unfortunately she was not into sports and I am a sports guy. She did not make the right decision." *sense really isn't common huh*

  93. Swiper_Is_The_Best !

    They have Tiktok

  94. Briana Nicole


  95. cocobutterkisses

    Ian should’ve won 😭‼️

  96. Corrie Chappell

    She sounds more like Britney than Britney sounds like Britney 🤔

  97. Britney Lynn

    Why is she mad about Josh? I genuinely thought she liked him the most but I guess not. Ian is extremely attractive but so is Josh and he seems like the better fit.

  98. aline aline

    Where are they ig??

  99. Jose Torres

    pls we need you in HSM4 without you the movie is useless

  100. Janeyuniverse

    he's cute but drawing with chalk isn't a date lmao