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  1. Dwandwarsanseoul smith

    it could look like a 9 million dollar house after a 500k dollar renovation...

  2. Iman Ali

    do Armie Hammer

  3. Darkskynet1

    Beautiful garden!

  4. T

    6:23 Winston Churchill - The worst genocidal dictators of the 20th century In 1943, up to four million Bengalis starved to death when Churchill diverted food to British soldiers and countries such as Greece while a deadly famine swept through Bengal.

  5. Emily Nelson

    the living room is decorated like a premier inn lobby ngl

  6. Portland Native

    No matter what part of the US they are from ALL rappers sound exactly like Wiz. Why is that?

  7. Dwandwarsanseoul smith


  8. Dwandwarsanseoul smith

    but you can travel the world in your house

  9. nasr chaja

    I would recommend using less adjectives/adverbs, it's just annoying.

  10. Tristan C

    Legitimately just fell in love with this dude. His vibe is so chill, and he’s hilarious.

  11. Miljana Gallis

    Brasil and Portugal are magical countries!

  12. hyeok lee

    Why would you want to have a family in this ruined world. Everyone is surrounded by hell going roach's. Lives ruined living in poverty. All roach's will end up in hell then completely will face the end. Nobody can kill your soul until justice is served after 100 thousand years to make room for the next roach's. You are one of them roach's.

  13. Nicholas .D

    I love how he doesn't even kwow why he has most of the things in his house

  14. Ainoa Conejero

    God I really want to spend time in Jensen and Danneel house

  15. Marisa Herrero

    Hay mucho amor en ese hogar... Me encantó que su diseño de interior fuera destinado a la convivencia y no a la decoración. Muy cálido...

  16. markus33able


  17. Cinthia Romero

    I thought nothing could surprise until i saw Dakota Johnson having a stranger things barb’s funko pop on her office

  18. Genifa Machute

    That car is really for a 6 year old 😂

  19. Mirjam T

    I will never understand why there would be more bathrooms than bedrooms. I know it the other way around

  20. Gray Phonic

    Congratulations on nothing!

  21. faith love

    She is beautiful. Inside and out.

  22. Genifa Machute

    His house is really cute , cozy and it does look like a house for sure

  23. Moonlight Arianator

    This is the most prettiest house I've ever seen lol who wants to live like this later? 😂

  24. Susanne Jensen

    Really nice house.

  25. The_Pyromancer

    That isn't a mansion you live in, it's something you rent out to some asian business men during their weekend stay in LA


    You guys look so much in love you should get married and Chad to be your husband!

  27. G Sherlock

    Let's buy a multimillion dollar home and save on a gym membership, makes sense

  28. Simeon Bell

    I‘d be happy with just the conservatory man!

  29. Sophia Morgan

    these grammarly adds freaking kill me

  30. RAHÜ •_•

    5:40 🤓

  31. Conmon115

    I’m buying a lifestyle? Unless ownership of planet Earth is included I’m not interested.

  32. Eunice Gorocica

    I have seen better in Switzerland and less expensive... and bigger.

  33. ldratio

    Dang. Meth pays.

  34. Gred Land

    the fact that you are trying to fix the window/door but u don't know to to tie your shoes

  35. krad kaust

    Good thing he used his drug money wisely

  36. Timothy Nguyen

    Bruh she’s always beefing with her neighbors haha

  37. Jessica

    Hows she standing,..

  38. K Cat

    It always makes me laugh when celebrities show their homes, they say “we built this, we put this in, etc., when you know, they didn’t actually do it, they paid someone to do it!

  39. Aura Glorielle

    love to watch modern family

  40. Bensch

    i rebuild this in minecraft - go checkt it out xD

  41. Luana Moura Busquets

    My Dream house

  42. Jin Wong


  43. Phenix Rockefeller Divas all stars night club

    Ha chingao ya habla inglés

  44. sweetheartdana2000

    What for?

  45. Rasher

    Well that was ridiculous, you come to an Architectural channel and they hardly show any of the house, just a few screenshots. Biggest waste ever of 6 minutes.

  46. orlagh aingeal

    This house gave me Jessie vibes

  47. Granny G

    his kitchen im so suprised it looks so homey , and i love his art works !

  48. Bethany Rundle

    Of course a butlers kitchen because what peasant dosen’t have a butlers kitchen wtf 😂

  49. Ophelia Calazans

    Todos esses personagens favoritos que acabaram saindo de alguma forma da série, eles fazem muita falta, porque até hoje não tivemos nimquem igual a todos eles que fizeram o sucesso da série,amo a todos, estou procurando sequir cada um em suas carreiras,as vezes um pouco difícil porque não temos notícias de todos

  50. Tasneem Islam

    He speaks like every high school kid giving a biology presentation on Zoom

  51. Melody

    I really want to go to dakotas house and get good vibes projected at me

  52. Aisha Karimkhanova

    Dang so cozy house. But it would be better to change bathroom i think.

  53. Mikhael Kevin Regalado

    When she said "What are you gonna to do?"

  54. pia adapwar

    Kids would have more fun playing in kylie's handbag closet than this shed with has matching floor...

  55. cogamers84

    This honestly seems like a bargain

  56. Janet7144

    It's beautiful

  57. Minakshi Agarwal

    I want to see her bedroom 😍🔥

  58. Olga Martin

    Only thing the pictures near the white wall unit are all wrong too small and not in proportion...a large rectangle print above the bed would have made a statement...otherwise it's ok

  59. Sonia Mack

    Love her top!

  60. Withheld gaming

    I will be owning that in the next 10 years

  61. Eroll Flynn

    Why are his suits and blazers not hanging on curved hangers? #justsaying

  62. moon child

    Love from Greece Maluma baby 🧡we are waiting for your concert here!

  63. Ludmilla Gutomo

    suddenly i imagine the saloon piano plays at night & no one was playing it 😱😱😱

  64. moon child

    Creepy feathers in the wall Why?this the kind of house if the lights go out at night you run for your life..To be fair I love the garden!

  65. BananaHammock

    But we see a tree and it’s pretty darn good.

  66. Taarush Goyal

    She is my spirit celebrity 😂 😅

  67. Crying Nigga

    Dakota Johnson : This is my house. Me thinking : Is that a gift from Christian Grey!😶

  68. f̶ a̶ n̶ g̶ i̶ r̶ l̶ h̶ e̶ r̶ e̶

    I wonder if she sometimes fall into her baby pool while swinging...

  69. Scotty miller

    Now I'm wondering if Dean channels Jensen for his character 😊

  70. Monica Lotti

    Love her, great in "Scandal"

  71. A K

    I love that none of the beds are made - people in that house have more fun things to do

  72. Logan Shearing

    4:33 lemme guess there is a lunch and dinner room 😂

  73. Indra R

    nate always so extraa and so gay at the sametimes

  74. NINA H

    Who is she??

  75. PollosWorld

    Im sure her kids doesnt even play in this house. Lol

  76. Anshul

    Can I take it for 1000$ monthly instalment ?? I will keep paying for 100-200 years ( my generation also )

  77. bellajuventina

    Jimmy Kimmel lives right next to her house

  78. Sam Sam

    She didnt show the Red room

  79. Thanh Tra Tran Pham

    it's actually hideous and a waste of space and material. there is nothing sophistication or smart in the design. it's just massive and affluent. It's essentially stacking the house with just the biggest spaces and the most modern appliances and instruments and voila, 88 million (probably a good location too)

  80. b. carolina fonseca icabalzeta

    Esta hacienda me recuerda pelis y telenovelas brasileñas clásicas... guau, me transporté a mi infancia

  81. b. carolina fonseca icabalzeta

    El caballo es brasileño, pero entiende inglés!!! 👍🏿

  82. Ben M

    Geez. Everything I see about her here is so warm and relaxing. However, I bet if I put one of her vinyl albums back in the wrong order she'd come at me shrieking with a vintage meat cleaver.

  83. mrunal khedekar

    When Kim asked what's the inspiration behind the house her daughter 'I dont know' oh god😂😂❤

  84. Jai Jai P

    I'm sooo in love with her

  85. Ariane Quenard

    Why is everyone hating on Kourtney for building a playhouse? Let her do what she wants! It’s not useless.

  86. Ath3na52

    4:48 yeah I'm going to tell my kids that the song is by Kanye

  87. sameeramadushanka

    Who else watched this in 144p?

  88. LKG

    All this and no sauna? kmt

  89. Crow Weller

    I'm, gonna save ya all some time here..... The Butler did it.

  90. nancy lynn

    stunning and so creative - wonderful out of the box design

  91. amit biswal

    was anyone else looking for pepper potts???

  92. Sienk Beats

    3 cox ranch

  93. Shenglee Chen

    Whoever says money can 't buy you happiness, hey honey , you are shopping at the wrong places 😆😁 . Money is what makes them live very comfortably , with lotsa love chocolate.

  94. Lex Chanel

    Did she always speak this soft and breathy? I don’t remember her sounding like this in her younger years

  95. Tyler Zang

    40.5 million dollars in st.louis will make this house look poor lol. It's amazing how far money can go in different places

  96. Becky Queen

    I love her dress

  97. James Chandler

    Hey, Tyler Perry, how are you? I was wondering if I can't get you to direct a script I wrote to make a movie, could I sell it to you?

  98. Marco Reus

    She doesn't show but she's got a killer body underneath

  99. Mary Stein

    no pool?😤

  100. R R

    Why yes, I would just love three kitchens and six floors.