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  1. ImOnlyRyan

    Anyone else see the avengers reference??

  2. Tati Romeo

    That bathroom is everything.

  3. TTV heartless.

    My birthday wish is to meet him and smoke a joint with him and he gives me lots of weed as a birthday gift

  4. Vince Gabriel Aquio Wong

    He kinda looks like Hal from Megamind...

  5. BabyDior69

    Men can not be trusted with candles!!!! And I say this from multiple experiences.. not just you David.

  6. Mr.Kk

    The shampoo thing though im dying!

  7. LadyVenom Way

    Anyone wanna split this lmao

  8. Dude Tuber

    The Carmichael show is awesome

  9. Dewy Choo

    omg the bathroom looks hella sexy

  10. John Guevara

    its cozy but its a bit feminine to me though

  11. King Justice

    Wow Im really Inspire by this

  12. Nkoshilo Edward

    wow ....I just love this guy .....✊✊😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦I know almost all his movies the one I seem to never get a hold of is Madea gets a job ...

  13. Marilyn Taylor

    I’m so proud of this video and his accomplishments.

  14. BeautybyBrittanyU

    This house tour was beyond inspiring . I one the open space and how airy and light everything is. House goals for sureeee

  15. Deepa Dubey

    His Book Case : Nerd Goals :)

  16. Kriss monty

    The best ' natural '

  17. Pamhidzai Mashaire

    wooow ......just woow🙌🏿

  18. Lil Nicki

    -imagine traveling to a next country try in yout own house.

  19. saba1978

    To smal for me🤪

  20. Palatine of facts

    WOW WTF This is my fav apartment on this channel so far, the bathroom is truly unique like american psycho meets animated atlantis movie.

  21. One On One With Triple A arita

    Tyler Perry is simply the king of black entertainment. Pure inspiration

  22. Jin_ 123

    The thought of this houses maintenance cost is making my palms sweat

  23. Fire And Mugs

    Confirmed, Hopper is alive in Stranger Things. Evidence? Look how much weight he's lost. Clearly Hopper is in that Russian prison in the after credits scene, and starving.

  24. alexaforsyth

    this place is gorgeous... well done Kyle!

  25. Niel Niel

    Here in the Philippines in some areas, if he spend a $1000 every 3days yea that could pay the rent for 1 year. Because $1 is equivalent to 50pesos and the rent in some apartments or houses here is only 500-1000pesos, so $1000=50,000pesos. So it only takes $240 to pay the whole 1 year rent here. So cheap right? haha

  26. Puglord 4327

    Not so secret tunnels anymore

  27. M Ramos

    Love the interiors done by Pierce and Ward.

  28. Solved 911


  29. HollywoodCreeper

    This is not a man. One thing I am sure of is that this is a member of one of these 24 other genders I have never heard of before. Other kids his age were playing sports, but he was sitting at home dreaming of a large bathtub to take baths in, a nice couch he could like sitting on, and a MTV award that didn't brake three days into having it. Any girls that like him: you do not like men. I think you are just closeted lesbos.

  30. Beverly Felder

    Gorgeous ❣️ This home has Such Character 💙❤️💙💙‼️ He seems amazingly happy with His Life and Family 🙌❣️Haters gonna hate. Upstate NY here 🤸 💞✌️

  31. ashanti haley

    This house is insane . Flows beautifully .

  32. hakuna matata

    I do not need a reason to be angry with god 😂 lol! Hello jamie sullivan

  33. LSJ

    I wonder how many days a year he stays here. Philly is 2 hours away and I doubt he wants to make that 4-hour roundtrip commute every day.

  34. G Nichols

    Plants and more plants, I love it.


    Sexy bathroom

  36. no one

    I would give up everything to be this mans wife

  37. OSSEF9

    He sounds like a complete moron or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  38. Peterplayingguitar

    OMG that sword was so cool. You can tell she loved being a part of those movies.

  39. Kimberly Lopez

    That bathroom & Bedroom , just the whole place looks like a dream ! I wonder how the couch was able to get through the door

  40. Thato Mashopha

    Anyone else felt like he was inviting you in, like you are actually at his door? 😄 I blushed so hard

  41. LSJ

    Not that huge of a place but my goodness whoever did the interior design needs to get an award

  42. Beverly Felder

    WOW Incredible ‼️ Maxineville 🙌❣️ The Whitehouse 🇺🇸❣️ Everything 💜🧡💚💙❤️💛❣️ Fantastic 👏👏👏❣️ Upstate New York here

  43. Vitalina

    yeah we figured Kyle put all those candles around lol


    Exclusive. Thanks for sharing. Dont stop the huSTLe #ysnd

  45. Dahlia Ruddock


  46. ajnil2011

    whoa! i learned so much! i want to have a beer or two with this guy and learn about history in a way that was never taught. amazing stuff!

  47. Donavon Cannedy

    Y’all see those houses like omggg.

  48. Jessenia Aafifi

    This dude works for SATAN 👹👹👹👹!!!! They will NEVER let a black man self own anything like this unless he's on their side.

  49. Kerrie Gipe

    I want to make love to that apartment. Not in it, to it. Though DH can be there too.

  50. Abbas Ally

    I really like the rebranding of MTV's Cribs


    Wow, his penthouse is insanely ugly.



  53. anasim

    Thank you, Hellboy.

  54. Aswin henry joseph

    Motherhood has added more beauty to Jessica.. How is she still that beautiful even after being a mother of 3 ?? Big fan of you beauty.

  55. jkid323

    im actually thinking of buying this yacht next week ..

  56. Emerald Anastasia

    So what happens if there’s a tropical storm?

  57. Kenneth James Reilly

    this is my favorite home yet. that bathroom!

  58. Russell Acosta

    He relaxes me.

  59. Damien Tong

    Sea level rise is taking too long

  60. Buckwheat Honey

    he looks and sounds like Ezra Miller, am i the only one haha?

  61. New Divo

    “No, leave it in!”😂😂😂

  62. Girafarig's Butt

    lov the colors

  63. G-Phi Productions

    Woow! Straight up inspiring and amazing! Keep up the great work Tyler! 🎬 🎥 📺 🙌🏽 👊🏽 👍🏽 ✅

  64. Judie fernandez

    The theatre room was the best ever 😍😍

  65. doobeone

    how to you clean that bedroom carpet?

  66. UGO

    GOT didnt pay him enough!! wtf

  67. Maude Dillin

    Ah so he lives in one of those places where your mom told you not to touch anything as a child

  68. C Gould

    988 dislikes? Haters will be haters. I'm very proud of my Brother! ❤ Keep excelling, TP!

  69. mega1ove

    Oh my god, his loft is so stylish! This is one of the better celebrity spaces featured on AD.


    Oh my God, am speechless

  71. Benjamin Lu Tseng

    Hey, chief!

  72. J E

    "Why not four taps...!?"

  73. Desvigne Chapter's

    Pure genius!!!! Blessed man who paid his way through sacrifice being homeless and hard work! Only a hater would dislike this video.

  74. Fay 24

    Love you TP!!!!

  75. Rob Reynolds

    I want to throw my next Air BnB Party here....shhh.....don't let the new owner know.....Ur all invited too...just leave the Gats home

  76. BPrimeTimeL

    the audio sync on this video is good

  77. Jay Noureddin

    “It has this HUGE eating area” *proceeds to show regular sized normal looking dinner table*

  78. Missy ECE

    Good for you Tyler Perry!!! You keep doing big things. That is a gorgeous studio.

  79. Matthew Zinicola

    Plunkett & Macleane keepsake. Classic. That magnolia tree is rather amazing.

  80. Mel from NZ

    I subscribed to AD after seeing this one x

  81. Arinipa Hluna

    Nicole nicole you are my favourite singer. You are beautiful lady, but i thought why you had no husband.

  82. Tameka Louise

    May 🤯😱

  83. The Man With No Name

    He’s hella blessed. Reminds me of my cousin too. Wish I could be blessed like that.

  84. Alexa McLeod

    I think this may just be one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen.

  85. Diyebhar Abali

    Very lovely house and Maria Sharapova is truly a very ravishingly cute sweetheart young lady. 😍👍❤️

  86. abhi shetty

    It looks like a 80s Miami pimp loft but the heavy tiger skin look has faded away

  87. Emanuel Dillards

    Lmao! The 988 people who disliked liked this are haters! 😂😂😂

  88. Emanuel Dillards

    988 HATERS!

  89. boredom

    Where’s his wife?

  90. Emanuel Dillards

    I am so Proud of you Tyler!!!!

  91. WineisLife

    “It’s pointless”

  92. taino indian

    Terry you have had a lot of success but to me your greatest thing i respect you for is for being a great family man you kids and most of all your beautiful queen once again terry you the man

  93. WineisLife

    Well you might be pregnant Jensen ~ 😐

  94. Stacy Hackney

    Nice couple. Love the living room window.

  95. Steven Pham

    "Go to your room" "Okay, which house and zip code?"

  96. Star Fire

    Houses are beautiful but they don't look lived in.

  97. adog Moore

    I'm going to visit

  98. HoonurTX

    He basically lives on the set of Harry Potter.

  99. Seth Eheart

    I want to be as knowledgeable about my craft one day, as he is.

  100. The Wolverine

    Didnt this guy say something about not wanting black people to wear his clothes or he didnt create them for black people?