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  1. Michael Price

    Anybody that give you that "not a real girl" BS needs to watch her and the way she acts. I have a daughter and Nicole is 100% female at her soul. It is great that her body matches that now.

  2. Beth Sands

    "Tomato kernels". That's a first!😂

  3. Lolo Future

    I am impressed Jonathan 👍🏾

  4. Here for It

    He keeps calling The Rock doll a “she”. LOL.

  5. Here for It

    Did he really lick the doll??

  6. Bomaigi Wii

    I love your vibes 🙏

  7. Allyson Dionisio

    grandpa hyungwon!👴😂 so cute

  8. Jay Boogie

    That is going to tase terrible

  9. Amos David

    Annie leblanc is much better than her sister

  10. Noma M

    I love Chips ❤️😍 N i Love Nene❤️

  11. Typhani

    Girl! This is a loooooooooook!!

  12. Youmna Youmna


  13. HoraceA Dunn

    They should be hanging out



  15. Stratan T.

    Soon there will be people supporting the killing of children.

  16. Rebecca Lame

    I literally hate this guy, he’s so annoying wtf does he do?

  17. Anika DSP

    “Schmutz” is a German word, not a French. 🙈

  18. BANELE Bunny

    Did she say I'm Tiffany HIGHddish?


    He has a gentle voice

  20. Ela Hidalgo TV

    They look like sisters.

  21. Moonlight Mad

    Jason lucky as hew

  22. Moonlight Mad

    Me:watching on my block and finds this video

  23. Marqaritta Kakuva


  24. moonstarcrest27

    In my book he got ALL of them right

  25. Cassandra Plunkett

    30STM is my favorite band! Go Nina 😎 I’ve gotten to see them twice and I went on stage with them a few years ago! Jared is life ❤️

  26. Dekota Herndon


  27. Snigdha Chatterjee

    G-idle are so cute and talented😛😛💜💜💜💜💜

  28. Lexi Love

    isn’t she from the empire show ??

  29. Charise Bejarano

    She'd be a pretty cool friend to have

  30. Jake Lam

    Until she wakes up naked next to a family member in bed 🤣😂🤣😂

  31. Kevin Tran

    Soyeon is amazing

  32. Funny Freak

    Nina is love❤️

  33. Sel Fish

    When she said fanatsy remix with odb was her favorite I was like OMG SAME DAHLING

    1. Sel Fish

      I love all her songs don’t get me wrong it’s just that fantasy relates more to what my life is as of now

  34. Kate Ontiveroz

    they were wrong about the glass😂 it’s when they try to trick a with that box and there in some type of greenhouse and A breaks the ceiling by throwing something at it

  35. Martina Arista

    He Is still in 30s girls 🤣🤣🤣 ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Kirsten Lunsford

    “But Cheryl Blossom truly is the anti christ” “AhHehE”

  37. mara's tutorials

    Liza's dressing like the Capitol in the Hunger Games.

  38. Har Quintana


  39. Har Quintana


  40. Har Quintana


  41. Charlene Yu

    it’s interesting to see which trends are coming back now

  42. Mikayla von Renouard

    Of course she got them all right because she got 6

  43. Kimberly Auzeta

    4:02 anyone noticed what she did✌🏼

  44. Citizen K

    Wow, he really does know food, eating out 365 days of the year has really broadened his palate. pretty much a clean sweep.

  45. Elana Dombek

    He will always be Jonathan

  46. Makyza Straub

    wait he has no artistic talent at all...... he is no rafe however you spell his last name

  47. ohhirenee

    Issa is the friend we all with we had 😂😂 her describing her stomach issues 💨

  48. Myree McGregor

    annie wins

  49. ThatGuy Adriano

    Some people would think Farrah is a real woman and to that I say, you’re right. She is

  50. Nur Hafizah

    I LOVE 4:10, thx me later

  51. Fernanda Solano

    Yeeesss Jeffree star is perfect for this ❤️❤️❤️

  52. Falima Richardson

    I Love Jonathan. He is SO DOPE!!💙

  53. barbecue sauce on my titties


  54. Jayla Chandler

    She looks to much like she’s still Bailey Pickett right now omg and the “ I can recognize a cowboy boot “ nostalgia

  55. J Johnson

    Hayley Annie

  56. Donna Gallardo

    He was a a mall in NJ a few months ago and was walking around one girl took a pic w him and he’s like oh no now we’re gonna be swarmed by a crowed. I was the second person that a pic with him and that’s it... no one else asked and there were no crowed. He lowkey wanted crowds and I regret inflating his ego more by asking to take a picture w him.

  57. Michael James

    KISS is terrible, but he's cool these days.

  58. Lachoco Vasty

    You are so fancy that's why 👑💄❤😀

  59. LaCandace McClendon

    Hey you

  60. Dominique Mitchell

    Okay, if my friend were to cheer me on like Jess cheered for Sierra, then I can take on anything😂😂😂😂

  61. Wena Tutu

    If only if I had long hair

  62. daniel esquilin

    The Jantasy

  63. Libby Armaza

    Is it wrong I love all the outfits

  64. unicorn allie toy and slime review Anderson

    Jodie is my favorite Character in fuller/full house

  65. Nykelle Leslie

    I have watched this seven times and can’t stop laughing at jerry😂 he wins!

  66. i make cute edits

    Both of you win cause commpitting is hard with siblings so both of them

  67. Pumaa Pumaa

    Ugh , I hate his ugly plastic face ass

  68. C Jay

    I just love her.

  69. Saane Polutele

    Can we get Patrick Starrr please

  70. Veronica Barrett

    Hayley won

  71. R E N É E T D K M

    "Really? This one didnt say anythang?"🎤 Lol Love Nene!

  72. M QK

    The man is annoying but he proved that he really knew his stuff

  73. Rose Newsome

    Tyra tried and desperately failed to analyze the products the way Iggy did

  74. Noura Noura


  75. Stella Savoie


  76. Natashea

    New York is just an aggressive catcalling place in general for any woman lol & for black women Italy too. It’s not complimentary it’s scary especially when they get upset if you don’t respond to what they say.

  77. cookie jar

    She only has 6 diamonds tho

  78. jeon lad

    يخي الkihyun

  79. Claudia Ximena

    So cuteeeeee ❤❤❤

  80. Roberto Reyes

    Her accent is fucken gorgeous! Why doesn’t she just rap with her real voice?

  81. Caitlyns gacha Ma

    WTH what a cringe

  82. Alicen Rose

    I'm sick

  83. Ida

    Thats not her bathroom tho, its the Girl she tagger under her photo 🙃

  84. You ever heard of a staff infection ?

    Me when I was five with my barbies

  85. Jared Grace

    Het hair is so messy I hate it!

  86. Asteria Katerini

    Not looking forward to it😭😭😭

  87. Anjail Bakeer

    That was a really good french accent tbh

  88. Laya Ali

    They put the expensive ones only at out left emmas right so..

  89. Larissa Zavala

    Flippin love him. He did that

  90. Abella Evans මතු කලේය මම යනතෙක්ම

  91. Drunken FPV

    Another good video ruined by loud back ground music .

  92. Geanina Tiganu

    Pls do this with Blackpink!!!!❣❣❣❣❣👏👏👏and Got7❣❣❣❣❣😢😍😍😍 they will be amazing

  93. Angelique McPherson

    Soyeon won

  94. priya rangan

    You can totally get why she and Scott made a great pair.

  95. hom0genic

    Winner of s12 y'all 👑

  96. LEE SHI EN, GRACIA 2020

    anthony's version of Sugar is not really the best...i think they should have given the girls Addison or Charli's dance videos.

  97. LEE SHI EN, GRACIA 2020

    HAHA they gave yu qi the most vulgar song.And the two tik tok f boys josh and anthony were dancing to it...not really the best choice.I think using Charli and Dixie's version is better.

  98. Nado Sb

    One of these is a macaron The other is a macaroh😂😂😂😂😭