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  1. vie en rose

    So she's not single???

  2. Ri Lovesyou

    what I learned from Gaten is if it's weird tasting then it's definitely expensive ✨

  3. xTenshiAi


  4. mi Esperanza

    Wao😱...great work,God bless your hands.Beautiful braids

  5. Ege Aksoy

    I’m soooo jealous that she can make money while she is in bed

  6. Millie Stinson

    She should meet Poppy again!!!!

  7. Noza Akilkhanova

    Not sure why it is in my recommendations, but now I'm curious how come there is only black girls in this video? The title is misleading :( I was expecting some diversity since it says natural hair

  8. Lisa Conrad

    I'm sorry to all u Kesha fans out there but she's going to fail because obviously good taste is like Greek to her!

  9. Amina Gurhan

    Natural beauty


    Why none of them have dark lips -,- if I had pink lips like this I WOULD NEVER APPLY LIPSTICK LOL

  11. JUSH Fan

    I just realised she doesn’t cut her crease ❤️

  12. Stephanie Minnick

    Iggy only has 6 items while Liza had like 9 or 10

  13. Rusty Cummings

    I don't care how this girls hair is done , she is soo beautiful , WOW

  14. Jean Doe

    Choose ladies with severe acne, large pores, oily face, severe milia, hairy face, severe pimples, and eczema and you'll see them breakdown. Because without make up they will definetly feel ugly. Like me, i cant do that because I have PCOS I have hairy face, pimples, and acne. I rather die than people see me without my make up. Im ugly. Im really ugly!

  15. riya mukherjee

    Remedy to look beautiful:- *SMILE* *Stay* *REAL*

  16. Colosco

    You kinda naturally look the the Britney Spears from how I met your mother

  17. Shaw Smith

    She is an Artist!

  18. Fuch Gamer

    Madeleine: Me:Does the same act with barbies

  19. Matthew Worswick

    I've never thought of him as posh

  20. Jessica Setiawan

    they are all beautiful even without make up 😊

  21. Elaine Rodriguez

    😂 my boyfriend and I watch that 70s show religiously

  22. Amiza Iza

    they all beautiful 🥰

  23. Amiza Iza

    she is beautiful ♥️

  24. Abou Traore

    🤣🤣🤣🤣beautiful queens

  25. Shafeeda Musthafa

    Wow all these women are beautiful without make up

  26. DINA JAE

    Me with makeup look like Barbie Me without make up look like Anabelle 😑

  27. Tessa Erives-Estrada

    Iggy only had 6... she had 10.

  28. Cruella Devil

    We stan

  29. Smita Ghosh

    Wow realistic fake blood

  30. Allison’slibraryknook

    This is such a wonderful family and mom! Best of luck. ❤️

  31. Marian T

    They're all so pretty but all that tugging on the skin was giving me anxiety


    Top top top

  33. Jiyeon Yoo

    Her skin looks smooth as hell

  34. Shubhi Tyagi

    these girls already have beautiful skin if you really wanna encourage girls to love their skin .. you need to show girls w real skin problems n all for me this is depressing as I can't love myself I don't have such good skin without makeup i would look worst than them

  35. The Dom

    I hardly call $4 vs $7 gauc “cheap versus expensive”

  36. The Kets

    They still look so beautiful with or without makeup.

  37. Meenakshi Sharma

    Look like jhanvi kapoor

  38. Suki

    How can he put lashes better on then me

  39. sadia afrin shemul

    Every single women is beautiful without makeup.

  40. Tayla X

    The clips of the rabbit bra from this video is being advertised on MNsel as the Wonda bra. Is that made by the same company??

  41. Padmashree Ramamurthy

    They all look way better without make up !

  42. iamthugmusic _mendesarmy_

    *disney has left the chat* *Virginity has entered the chat*

  43. loopsien peaches

    so fucking barbie and hot😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  44. Ifa Sky

    They looked more beautiful without makeup, right????

  45. Moaath MAS

    can someone tells me the music name at the beginning

  46. adhithi cool

    All are so beautiful even without makeup

  47. Becca M

    Wow black Americans have the best hair ever

  48. Amara Mast

    Why do you guys keep adding more diamonds? You just make it impossible for anyone to beat Iggy cuz she got 6/6

  49. Jennifer Finucane

    Wow! Stunning hairstyle!!

  50. Angie Baptiste

    Peep the gummy bear still in her waistband

  51. LiamTh3Tank

    Shut up meg

  52. Dushyant Joshi


  53. Zahra Zainy

    Makeup and hair influenced by Ziggy stardust paired with versace? No cap but this look is a miss. She's so lovely but what the hell was her stylist thinking? I do love the makeup though but sis...

  54. Areez muhammed

    without makeup ur look so amazing first one

  55. Blessed Harkeyptyof4

    Gorgeous! Just stunning! African Goddesses!

  56. Priyanka Bose

    If I had skin like them I would have never even bothered about putting makeup on #fml

  57. dropdavolt

    Literally went "GODDAMMIT AUBREY!!!" when she said COMPETE. lmao...~ ( >w<)

  58. Sifa Jackline JW


  59. Retro Mint

    My mom used to tell me that Gene Simmons was my real dad because of my tongue lmao

  60. Zoey Martinez

    2:25 My future husband

  61. cathy star

    i love u iggy..ive been watching this video a lot ... pls ..make more challenges feat. iggy..i love watching her shes so cute and pretty

  62. Kieyontaye Johnson-Carter

    What I Love LUV LOVE about Mariah, is honey PUHAINTS! Her technique is reminiscent of “southern belle” drag. It’s literally taking me back to the the dressing rooms of old where girls threw on paint. Now a days make up looks like performing surgery lol

  63. emily kerns

    The caption to this video should mention it’s Halloween stuff

  64. Air stxched


  65. Shaun Thorton

    When all the money in the world is yours, but you wear a 50 cent wig. 🤨

  66. Jamecia  Chandler

    “$24.95 to tell me I’m *UGLAY* “ 😂

  67. Mono Coccyx

    Brassière is bra in French.

  68. Finn

    Kylie ❤️ ❤️

  69. Emilee Whetsten

    i nominate Zac Efron. I would love to play BEAT THE SUPERFAN against him. I am such a huge fan and it would be amazing to play against him and meet him. Also, dove you are are so amazing. i wish I could meet you too.

  70. lovinqlxla

    I knew all of the references

  71. C Keeney

    I love you on Stranger Things...your character is great!

  72. Sophia’s Content it just me or does she sound like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus

  73. skinny williams

    She’s lowkey reverting back to her old style but now with a new twist. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. 🥺❤️

  74. Hozzy Daemon

    We all know it’s the blowjob. Look, no one wants to stick something you piss out of in our mouths. I don’t want guys who think all I have is a clit. It’s my dick. It gets off once bro then it’s done. I’m a back wall chick. I wish men would yank on my hair and fuck it like he’s mad at it. Got that? You can’t do that then no bj. And I don’t share.


    I have a channel. I hope you share it


    I have a channel. I hope you share it

  77. Jacky Owerfeldt

    Was it just me or did her neutral foundation look yellow orange

  78. Kevin Denniston

    The best president we ever had.

  79. Jim Farrell

    I give her credit very intense. Being a skydiver their is a lot more room for errors. Nice girl go a little higher.

  80. marina hernandez

    I love how she says "is it?" Every time she gets them right

  81. Steven x Connie Shipper

    Oh my gosh I just love Debby so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. lil alexus

    I get honked at all the time walking to and from work.

  83. peter Chemali

    The scarf one was not expensive thoo

  84. Jennalynn Casper

    “Nice purpley brown” describing chocolate milk😂

  85. Stephani Bell

    “You always look vulgar in regular clothing” Yet she was TRYING to look that way in her photos 😂❓❓

  86. Adrianna Vargas :3

    I’m so proud of her and josh ||-//

  87. Rebecca Valentine

    Boy George sounds different

  88. Blissful Beka

    Ever been to Alaska? BEST TAP WATER EVER

  89. Pablo Gomez

    8:00 😄

  90. Maggie Aldridge

    David: won’t drink after anyone Also David: eats his gum from off the floor

  91. Anon Cobert

    Spent forever trying to find a single negative comment, no luck. She’s an absolute queen.

  92. brody kaley

    disney has completely shunned him by now

  93. Dee Vee

    I'm tired of seeing this idiotic embodiment of body horror all the time.

  94. mink assassin


  95. Beckie Corfield

    "People put this on their face?! On purpose?!"

  96. Eleonora Deane

    These women look better without make-up.

  97. Paola Marie Marquez

    I love them

  98. Moonlight Music

    I miss Kesha ,I love her and she looks cute with the dark hair, she's amazing lady and she's been through so much and I miss her music she has incredible voice she definitely has grown up to be an extraordinary woman.!!❤👍🌠

  99. LemonFresh

    I have an addiction

  100. Regina Del Real

    Her outfit tho <3