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  1. Alyza Bernabe

    Lowkey miss the sister squad.

  2. Kiki Last name

    I love how Billie was playing in the background when Ethan and Grayson were shopping 👍😂

  3. Grace Lily


  4. Therapy Sesh ?

    Everyone liked that 👍🏽

  5. T M

    Emma: 16 years old, takes 6 hour road trip alone Me: 23, can barely drive up the road without having a panic attack yikes

  6. Tatiana Martinez

    I thought they were not friends?

  7. Mae

    I always come back to this video when I’m bored

  8. Itzel Cano

    since when does Emma care how much caffeine she has had ? Lol

  9. Ella Lenore

    I love the t-shirt that you were putting music girl

  10. Silver KITTY-Night

    I Know Grayson is straight But I, Ship James and Grayson

  11. Johnny Tsunami

    Just drop into a half pipe way more brownie points and your shins will thank you in the end. I got dent still from years of skate boarding lol

  12. idk OK

    Opp hit the dislike on accident but I like the video soo yea bye

  13. Rocio Bustamante

    Is that bellyache I hear?

  14. Some Person

    Why Grayson saying Okurr is the most adorable thing i have ever seen omg love it

  15. Clickie

    i’m vegetarian too and i would honestly throw up after that

  16. Gianna Ellis

    Your funny

  17. Kayla Johnson

    Blueeeee sweatssss

  18. Kendall Lydard

    You know who skateboards: Ethan Dolan

  19. dolans x chambiie

    i was starting to stan emron today until i watched ethma vids for the feels and now i’m depressed :)

  20. Sarah Battula

    I’ve always thought that she’s never liked Ethan the same way she likes this person. Just me ok.

  21. Allie Evans

    my eye color is hazel

  22. Hal X God

    James is the baby dadd

  23. BrendanK

    Are you emo?

  24. BrendanK

    Her channel is dying

  25. asenath yaptangco

    I love Emma 😂❤️ girl u keep it real

  26. Hana Chmaisse

    Ethan was mad at 4:54 😂 and than he starts to sing again 😂 😂

  27. Rim

    27:50 this is really geography.... not history

  28. Reiley Orr

    Ethan Dolan skate boards!!! 🤯 and he’s good 😱😱

  29. photography x dance

    I like the new emma:))

  30. Sarutobi Art

    What's the deal with Jojo's hairline?

  31. Kelly Archer

    The Jake Paul pumpkin was spot on! LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Ashleigh Freestone

    It’s normal Emma I like cowboys

  33. Mireya

    imo i love both Emmas 🤷‍♀️

  34. Valeria Estrada

    Who else is here after seeing Emma in Itzy’s video sitting next to each other

  35. Valeria Estrada

    You literally sat next to Itzy

  36. mia0331

    this is my new favorite video

  37. reanne ella

    Asian soccer boys>>>any other boys

  38. Olivia Havelka

    are you and James OK we need tea

  39. BenTegu

    What happens when a rich teen from LA goes on a trip to NYC for no reason..stays in hotel, orders nonstop room service, scared to walk around 🙄

  40. fineee editss

    i'm so sorry for what you went through :(. that must've been horrible. i'm going through something actually pretty similar. i just HATE school. specifically, the school i go to. i just don't like the way they teach, what they teach, and their curriculum. i hate it. i decided to move school around a month ago, (worst mistake of my entire life) and i don't know why honestly. i was doing so good with my grades, my friends, and overall everything. but then i did that. and i instantly fell into what feels like depression. i cry everyday and it honestly sucks. but it helped to hear ur story :)

  41. Jack Depiero


  42. Ella Horsford

    jut got a french press so lets fucking gooooo

  43. Hannah Hallick

    Ethan Dolan skate boards is he the boy 🤭

  44. isabella beene

    please do a no coffee for a week challenge

  45. yoongles

    sigh i wish they'd make more videos together:(

  46. Christine Manton-Pfusch

    Hey Emma....DO A KICK FLIP

  47. Kiara Coby

    Did anyone notice the fuzz from the skater girl in training hat in her hair I cannot be the only one also love you the most

  48. Buttered Up Films

    Barrique pleeeeeeese

  49. Tim from earth

    Hey I also skateboard;)

  50. Dayali Reyes


  51. Mia Montserrat

    my dead ethma account is offended

  52. Hello

    Lol this video kinda inspired me because I want to get rid of my phone because I never use it and I don't need it ( I also have my laptop). What about maybe when your bored you go to the library, that's what I sometimes do, or maybe for a walk?

  53. shoshoneagle

    I miss the old Emma 😢😭😭😢

  54. Kelly Archer

    I just watched the part where they were getting lunch/breakfast, and I low-key really want a slice of toast with peanut butter and banana on it…

  55. Siggy idk idc

    it's too fake. it's just too fake. too much image. not enough.... tender cuddles.

  56. Siggy idk idc

    i don't like that punk kid. he's too cocky. too crazy. you need someone with more maturity to snuggle up with. someone that isn't all about views and narcissism.

  57. Xerozyt

    17:53 James look like he has shit on his chin

  58. No Name

    Also, how do you see when I first made this account I'm typing this on right now. If you could look for me then please do. Thanks!

  59. Quinn Rigdon

    I have blue eyes tehe

  60. Kimberly Artica

    “God I am such an annoying bitch ” Me : Same girl same

  61. Madi P

    bro i thought that little knock effect was actually my house i was scared

  62. Emma

    Emma looks kind of like Maddie Ziegler especially when she has a super stick dark ponytail and a full beat

  63. Aza wicks

    Ethan Dolan ? lol

  64. Leslie Martinez

    I am literally watching this November 15 and her videos are still amazing 👌🏽

  65. Art with Lucy

    Low key, Santa was a little sister sassy

  66. Elizabeth Adam

    Everyone else: studies Me: watching this video counts as studying right?

  67. lil' geeky gurl23

    Why is she ava toskwateverhernameis and Emma Watson's baby

  68. Sierra Irving

    You could’ve been Juno with the pregnant bellyyyy!!!

  69. Kelly Archer

    10:24 and 12:31 had me like 🤣🤣🤣

  70. Lora Troutner

    Who else saw that thing in her hair at the end?

  71. CJVlogzz

    you should recreate old picture as the “old emma” lmaoo😂😂


    bro omg thanks for putting our selfie on the title picture!!!!

  73. Tejay Suters

    Ok but Ethan Dolan skates..sooo

  74. Izzie Joan

    Where did you get your pants from?

  75. Emily Breault

    it looks good blonde

  76. thatguy blair

    Everything about you gives me anxiety

  77. Devyn Seymore

    It’s ETHAN

  78. Devyn Seymore

    Van stores you can get skateboards you know that right

  79. Vanessa Selene

    Their days are literally one day apart too

  80. Milana Gayan

    Any other ppl who actually skate?😂🤷‍♂️

  81. Isabella Novak

    collab woth MARKO pleaseeeeeeeee 🐥🍉🐥🍉🍉🍉

  82. Keeping up with The Glaxenals

    can we all just remember that Ethan skates🤪🤩

  83. can i just say that olivia calling emma baby is adorable

  84. A ALIEN

    Well shit

  85. Ransford Rowe

    The dark hair really suits you.It makes you look older and classy

  86. Mia Cooper

    also what ever happened to your -me editing:(fuck fuck blah blah) also i LOVE U SO MUCH

  87. Lavender Gorl

    Are you a heroin addict

  88. Hi how are Ya

    I miss them

  89. Mia Cooper

    who else is thinking Ethan dolan skateboards

  90. SunflowerSis

    This is too relatable I-

  91. Birta Gunnarsdottir

    5:58 was he screaming “help”😳

  92. Charlotte Menagh

    0:16 lol for me it’s 9.22am november 16 2019

  93. Cierra Drummond

    Your trucks look too loose

  94. Pineapple Sophie

    “Fuck you I feel like your judging me” 😂😂

  95. Laina Kern

    Don’t you have a cat if so can we have an update

  96. Abdi Farah

    They most definitely saw the answers before hand

  97. emerson priest

    lmaoooooo Purdue is in Indiana

  98. Abdi Farah

    18 and already chemically dependant on coffee

  99. Elle Sorenson

    i go to purdue it’s swaggy

  100. Nomhle Vilakazi

    OMG a lot of these comments are just sad! People go through phases and aren’t always “happy” and she is comfortable showing that, get off her back! She’s worked hard to get where she is and I still find her videos entertaining.