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  1. Caroline Maslin

    I have never seen a chi get shaved before.

  2. ashela crossing

    i feel like jenna would be the best with a clingy child. why? BECAUSE KERMIT IS A CLINGY CHILD

  3. Callie Vallort

    I know this is late but if you want to try to prevent resource guarding after she has it you interact with it showing that it is not hers to guard this is just my experience and opinion

  4. Jayla Gilbert

    Julian: Me, im going camping Also Julian: Bee, me 2

  5. Clarissa Gonzalez

    Jennaaaa! Your makeup looks amazing sweetie

  6. Krystal Morris

    Look at what babies Kermit and Marble were!!!

  7. Lindsey Gray


  8. thewonderfulworldofizzy

    Caution don't watch this with water in your mouth lol

  9. Paige :D

    how does Oueach have more chest than me... ;-;

  10. Kyleigh Affatati

    6:30 this guy did pass away me while eating a hamburger “omg that’s so sad”

  11. Abigail Seyfert

    0:43 why does this remind me of joana ceddia shaving her head they did the exact same thing lmao

  12. Ciara Powers

    Julian looks like the wheelchair guy from scary movie with the bangs

  13. Joysee T

    Julian with bangs kinda looks like Thomas sanders’ twin that stayed in the womb too long

  14. Billy Nat

    Part 2???

  15. Froppy gacha

    You should bleach dog clothes

  16. Isabella Levanduski

    No one: Jenna: Rochester!!!!!

  17. Jessica Winsor

    your hair has mucho body in this video and it's workin for you

  18. Dorian Fedie

    I just realized they weren’t vegans yet when this was filmed

  19. _ AdultBeverage _

    Uses cat blanket for dog stairs. Ironic

  20. Henrique Jambu

    10:05 I’m a person💀

  21. AgentKFox

    Man, the light blue hoodie is amazing and I want one like that now.

  22. Andrew Asked

    Cat taste like dog meat

  23. A butterfly

    "Stand and be on guard" implies that he's actually situationally aware. I think it is the contrary.

  24. Sshy shy

    @ 6:30 ..I got Turkey vibes or shek squatting to twerk. Just me ? Ok...ill I'll just be here ..'-'

  25. Skylar Krappe

    I love how Jenna rocks a choker😝

  26. Buttscratcher Mcgee the third

    @ 3:59 Lumberjacks who like it rough be like.

  27. simisimi


  28. Haley B

    Look at that jacket now

  29. M J

    This video gave me flashbacks.

  30. Haley Hartman

    Jenna you look really good!! Always look amazing but you look especially happy now

  31. Neve

    MY MARBLEEEE 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  32. Meep.

    is it just me or does it sound like she's moaning.? just me? ok.

  33. Mary Aquino

    Greyhounds are amazing. 17 years ago I helped form a greyhound rescue in Charleston SC. Best dogs ever.

  34. I_love _cinnamon!


  35. utuberduber1

    Really good vegan recipes from this tiktoker

  36. Fluffy Wuffy

    Video: has 999 dislikes Me: I know what I *want* to do, but I do t know if I have the guts to do it

  37. Kyari Call

    is peach a zombie

  38. Em :D

    bunny can smell the level of cursed

  39. Montana OTTB

    Augustus: drowning in chocolate The Oompa Loompas: 2:14

  40. gaby ibarra

    for anyone trying to bleach dye, it comes out way better if you wet the clothes first. It helps the bleach soak in and the effect bleeds out into a cooler design.

  41. Amberley R

    499th vid. Jeez

  42. Alisha Veits

    Cermet... at least you’re pretty!🤟🏻💙 Yay Marble!

  43. JaNee Allen

    people from rochester glow!! TURN UP!! haha

  44. ronie macaroni

    im getting a blue hoodie and a black t shirt and doing this omg

  45. Cathie Spencer

    Rob and corrines were way better

  46. Talia Kirshblum

    I love how marbles literally needs a backwards running start to sit.

  47. Joysee T

    Jenna transformed but also revealed to us that she is part bird

  48. Paris Martinovich

    what are those colorful packages on the wall in the holder by the chair?

  49. Jane

    These came out so good!! Also damn jenna you swole as hell 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  50. Talia Kirshblum

    Jenna: sit...sit..sit Marble:sits his arms down instead of his legs Jenna: sit honey....sit Cermet:👁👄👁

  51. Rita Playz

    you look adorable you legit look like a child lol

  52. Angie Sensei

    oooooo Jenna, there's a new video Tiny Face part 2, where u draw eyes at your nostrils! XDXD

  53. bek phillips

    Around 2:43 she looks like shreck putting makeup on

  54. Evanora Moon

    I sincerely wish my chihuahua was like marbles... mine is a 12lbs demon

  55. arisfavcrocs

    my whippet used to cry to wake me up

  56. Violet Vye

    Pod the Plant is hot

  57. AVIATOR 101


  58. KMC


  59. •Sugar Toast•


  60. UnLuckyLuka

  61. Liz Hurley

    Jenna. Sofia Nygaard did a DESSERT SOAP MAKING... I feel like you've seen it. And I also feel like you should do it.

  62. Audrey Hopkins

    this is now an old video.....

  63. Pinewood Sky

    Jenna has lost her Marbles

  64. Beyond Belleza

    the blue hoodie is my favoriteeeeeee!! soo damn cute! I need to find something like that

  65. Undead Creature

    That guy cooked a single hot dog in that much water...

  66. Heaven-Lee Ewing

    She threw that first shirt in the bin so aggressively 🤣

  67. Riley _

    I NEED those sunglasses!!!

  68. ASmall Emu

    Can you make a video of Marble growling / barking because it's so freaking adorable

  69. Grace Yocum

    Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Bunny. ♥️

  70. Hannah Baker Jr

    I came here to see what all the hype is about, i never seen jenna but simply is making it out to be shit so im here... andlooking what the hype is about

  71. julia

    Omg I’m from St Louis :)

  72. ItzNina!

    I loved this!!!! Also- jenna’s make up is on POINTTTTTTTTTTTT

  73. Serendipity

    so uh, .. jeans?! gasp!

  74. シュガTV


  75. Kylie Kaulfuerst

    I literally just bought clothes to do this to but isn’t know how to and now I have the best video for it online

  76. hbh Tcr

    I wish Shane hung out with Jenna more than jeffree star and Trisha paytas. She’s not toxic at all.

  77. ASmall Emu

    How come his tongue is always sticking out? It's so cute

  78. Kelly Duckworth

    Anyone here after Jacksfilms named his new dog Chipwich?

  79. Connor Heath

    Please buy face masks and jazz them up with arts and crafts and lots of Aries energy!!

  80. Valerie Murphy

    Considering bleach dying everything in my closet 🤔🤔🤔

  81. Brit_Loves_ Tea

    You guys are legit the cutest thing on the internet.... And the Dunder Mifflin shitt.. BRO!!! I would pay y'all to make me one!!! I love this & am now going to go out, buy bleach, & most likely ruin my own clothes. 😂👍 Thanks for the inspiration Jenna!

  82. Chloé Lagarde

    that makeup tho

  83. Jocelyn Yarnall

    I think carmet is getting flashbacks of the war at 6:07

  84. Jemma G

    Anyone else write down all the crafts that Jenna does with the intention of trying them yourself but then it just never happens????

  85. Tamari is cool

    Fun fact: Jenna wore that Rochester sweater in the ICONIC video “Google Deep Dive With Me 2” where she lost her shit at Esto because of his fire, fire effects.

  86. Protect Wang Yibo at all costs

    Idk how I got here but I'm glad I am

  87. purplemind93

    Kermit is like a queen riding her horse carriage, stiff. But without the royal wave 👋🏼

  88. Ella Moolman

    apparently your digs look like a chipwich. and jacksfilms just named his new puppy what? chipwich.

  89. Nicole Fenyus

    she looks like a Teletubbie 😂

  90. Cutiee World

    You have new competition: chip wich

  91. YumixNightmare

    Look at those Bunny hops!!!

  92. Ella Moolman

    PART 3 PART 3 PART 3

  93. Sam Of Sam Nation

    **screams in Sagittarius**

  94. Aurora N

    What if she tested her dogs intelligence again but this time bunny will get to join! It could show how the other dogs have grown and where bunny stands!

  95. butter

    i wish i could be jenna's dog

  96. Chilled Masochism

    make washcloth puppets lol

  97. Sodor TV

    your cry laughing make my terrible days instantly better:)

  98. gir affanie

    the volleyball anecdote was everything lmao

  99. Kichelle Kamae-Pompey

    9:05 notice the little heart shaped bleach spot by the strings 💖 so cute

  100. Shelley Brent

    Ayo you should do tutorials for your favorite hairstyles