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  1. Koji Yasumotara

    Messi on Movember looking ass in the back

  2. Pope BDJ

    I've been here since too many energy drink videos and when what girls and guys shit means was actually uploading. I love you forever jenna. This is totally weird, but I see you as my family since I don't have any. Please never stop being you, even if you stop posting cause you're human I will always be proud I was a true OG jenna marbles subscriber

  3. sophia zogry

    some of these aren’t even that funny, but i’m still laughing hysterically cus jenna is laughing hysterically💀

  4. Coryn Hahn

    this is the content i want

  5. Kat Cam

    “Am I rich yet?” Me: yes. You actually are.

  6. Callie Cook


  7. Patrick Holidunolg

    Nobody: American people: *oh my gawd*

  8. S M

    that act up video when hard

  9. Cadie P

    Is it bad that I've seen more than half of these... oops

  10. Ashley Thron

    Jenna, I loved this. Thank you.

  11. Danielle Canelli

    I am CHOKING and CRYING at the Mott’s gummies one. And I knew that the carrot was coming and I still nearly died 😭😂

  12. HRenéeC

    I choked on my water from laughing so hard and my mom just looked at me strangely lol I haven't laughed this hard in so long, and it feels great after having finals. Thank you so much Jenna for always making my day better!

  13. OptimusRules6

    I've had an absolutely ass day. I'm glad I waited to watch this til today though because it's so wholesome and my sad heart went :)

  14. SBN A

    Hes just an old doggo though I'd would hug him till he fell asleep

  15. SBN A

    Kermit looks like Brian's Clone (bitch brian)

  16. Anabeth Whatley

    My favorite tik tok from Brittany is her southern mom one.

  17. Anhad Chadha

    Honestly, I think you should take Kermit to a vet because he might be suffering from some disease. But he seems as a very happy and playful dog to me.

  18. ash S


  19. Jessica Schwanitz

    I’ve decided that I want to be Jenna Marbles when I grow up

  20. Maya D

    Is she wearing Jeffree what the fuck?!😍💄

  21. Alan Alvarez

    Jenna your makeup looks amazing!

  22. Sapir Angel

    Why can I watch this all day

  23. profy _

    kermit looks like bhad bhabie in that wig

  24. cheeriomartinez

    Jenna the guy talking about little mousey boys is noel miller from the tmg podcast. It was when they were talking about how jake paul called cody ko a bully.

  25. Combos Tv

    Had a great laugh thank you

  26. Sydney Asplund

    shoutout Noel's 5'8" pos boy audio!!!!

  27. Tryfue YT

    Bro what if the dog eats the soup and dies like its your falt

  28. My name rhymes with guardian

    You are my favorite person

  29. Angelina Windham

    That first one already got me crying 😭😂😂

  30. Emily Cusick

    Describe your life in two words Me: “organized chaos”

  31. Lauren

    pleassseeeee make this a series

  32. xoobo vola

    I literally laughed so hard at the stupid fruit snacks tik tok that I almost passed tf out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. - Pille -

    Its even better when hyouv are drunks

  34. Christina Super

    I NEEEEED that second to last one with the lion

  35. Jazz N

    next, you should just scroll through your fyp!

    1. xoobo vola

      12:30 am trying to not wake my wife while laughing

  36. Camille Rebecca

    This made me feel so much better watching this!! 🙏🏼

  37. Maddog Wildstar

    Yo literally my reaction to the first one the first time I saw it in TikTok was juliens

  38. Jasmine Molenaar

    You should've put cling film on the tray so you couldve get it out 😂😂😂

  39. Haley Bond

    I loved this. More of this.

  40. Taylah Shirley

    I could watch this all day

  41. blitzkid

    can u recreate the video where u danced in best buy

  42. L


  43. Jairo MH

    The "I Can't Find My Friends" is so Chris D'Elia 😂

  44. doinks&coochie

    How is this only one year ago. Feels like a lifetime :,)

  45. Tanner Poole

    I used to think that women became pregnant when and only when they kissed their husbands at their weddings. I used to think that it couldn't rain at night. I was told that if you ate bananas and pizza at the same time you would die the next day and I believed it. lol I thought Spanish people weren't white. I thought that if I didn't fall asleep before 12 at night then I would get ill. (If I think of more I'll add.)

  46. Emily Cusick

    “It’s good for your back to have some twist in it” Me, in denial: I knew they were all lying to me, scoliosis is a good thing

  47. Zoe H.

    I think I've been on Instagram for too long, because I double-tapped this video

  48. starrmarie

    Thank you, Jenna I needed this laugh so bad tonight 😭😂♥️

  49. elizabeth ellen

    *please do another one of these I just got dumped and you saved me from shaving all my hair off*

  50. Laura Minter

    I have 4 greyhounds (full size, like Bunny) and at least 2 of them would totally climb in for a ride. I kept expecting Bunny to climb aboard!

  51. Ramona M

    “Where was that going? How did it start going there?” 😂😂

  52. Lauren Duquette

    PLEASE make a part 2 to this!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Sarah Clemans

    This better become a series

  54. Hailey Bailey

    I have an obsession with tik tok at this point and I’m not mad about it

  55. Magniflorious

    omg, my white lab also dumps mouthfuls of water on the floor. Wtf dogs?!

  56. Kye Talks

    I fucking LOST IT at the lion one lmfao 😂😂😂

  57. Ædan L·ee

    I would love to watch more of this haha I would never want to spend money on this myself but I am INVESTED.

  58. Antoinette Johnson

    Thank you Jenna. “Knowing” you and Julien and your humor is what makes this so funny. Motts & Obama got me good! And the slime! Ahh that was fun 😂

  59. turfthethug

    Get u a Julian to call u interesting 🧐

  60. Alxizs

    we need more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Bucko

    Pt 2???????

  62. Steven burmeister

    12:30 am trying to not wake my wife while laughing

  63. eric

    3:55 i watch this one religiously no joke

  64. Thanos Slap

    16:52 : cinnamontoastken and pewdiepie

  65. Only a smoll Hooman

    Why is this video the best thing to me

  66. Kosta Tass

    These nearly put me into cardiac arrest, couldn't stop laughing XD We need Jenna reacts to TikTok compilations next LMAO

  67. Brittany Reeder

    But why is this me except with vine 💀😂. Sittin on the couch at 1am cry laughing while my fiancé asks if I'm ok. Then I force him to watch every single video with me all over again

  68. Rippley

    Kermit has another fetish..

  69. jasonabroussard

    Omg this video had be CACKLING

  70. Shadowkat0326

    Honestly, for the most part, your reactions are funnier than the videos, lol.

  71. Callahan Jordan

    "Eat your heart out Tanya Harding!"

  72. Son Goku

    Very ugly bitch...

  73. Keean Sexton

    the real question is: can i send you a compilation of MY favorite tiktoks for you to laugh at

  74. Maya Wright

    so happy you made this video 😂😂 my friends are over watching my tik tok likes

  75. Mystic Llama


  76. Elisa Charlton

    I’m still waiting for Jenna to glue affiliate codes to her face

  77. Lucas Snow

    The slime one got me crying

  78. A girl named Jess

    Omg !!!! Team liquid!

  79. Melinda Tong

    I wasn’t going to watch the whole video because I never got into tik tok but that 20 minutes flew by. I just kept wanting to see what she would like next 😂

  80. SapphicSabrina

    00:36 foreshadowing

  81. Samantha Raddatz

    I almost speed my pants when I watched the green slime one.

  82. Lindsey D.

    I love these kinda videos dude lol! Just chillin with Jenna 😂✌🏼

  83. Vicky

    the kind of content I need ♥

  84. Malia W

    Honestly Jenna’s videos make me cry laughing

  85. Shannon Bee

    "I'd love to go to the doctor my kneecaps are broken" I'm roaring xD

  86. Thanos Slap

    julien in his spidey shirt 😂😂😂

  87. Nicole Scalzetti

    Omg make this a series!!! These are hilarious!

  88. Lizz White

    PART 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!👏❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏

  89. Thanos Slap

    me: *watching jenna marbles* my friends: who's that? me: *WHAAAATTTT* *you dOnT wAtCh JeNNa mARbLeS???* *sHEs still relevant goDDAMIt!*

  90. Laura Ramos

    Part 2??

  91. Malia W

    The lion museum one was the first time I’ve laughed in a long time lol

  92. Awookado

    Please upvote so Jenna can rate my divine tik tok collection!

  93. Annie Ryan

    7:54 Julien laughed at that one because it’s something he’d do 😂

  94. Carissa Joblonski

    “Here he comes.....” Im pretty sure I worked at that casino 😂😭😂😭

  95. About Me

    I need this to be a weekly thing or I will riot.

  96. toria

    jennaaaaa the audio for the 'big boys....' is from noel miller and cody ko video

  97. Chanell Washington

    Hey that’s the Mcbitch lady

  98. Ashley H

    I'm only mad because I saw most of these already

  99. Amanda Lopez

    I came back to this video just for the Destiny's Child remix

  100. JR Perkins

    I was honestly sad when the video ended because I didnt want it to end, 100% more of this please