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  1. Lil17 EastCoast

    If yo girl say come threw come wit a strap just in case

  2. Kudmond

    Well played lady, you killed it 😁

  3. XofYana_Editz :3

    My birthday is June 12.

  4. William Phillips

    You're kidding . .

  5. ThePillProject

    I thought it was a kiss on the lips smfh how is this news

  6. dylamations

    why was the same splashing sound effect used for every jump

  7. anonymous kiddo

    In most Asian country like China, Malaysia, etc it's normal for a kid to go work as long as it's not a dangerous and heavy work. Those kids who go to work will get praise by the customer. I know this because I go to a Tomyam restaurant which is in Malacca,Malaysia and my order was taken by a 10 yrs old boy. After taking my order, he go to clean all the messy table to provide seats for other customers. It was very crowded at that time.

  8. Eric Truston

    Speech 100


    Who says crime doesn't pay

  10. ThePillProject

    Who else came for the comments

  11. Nickelboys 23

    If her bag was stuck in the door , just took off of the bag

  12. Freier Germane mit Türkischer Verwandtschaft

    Ich fahre Schulbus, und kümmer mich auch täglich um Kinder! Vor ein paar Tagen stieg ein Mädchen aus, viel auf dem Bürgersteig auf ihr Gesicht, verletzte sich, die Unterlippe blutete, und ich brachte das Mädchen nach Hause, die Eltern bedankten sich, und ich hatte ein gutes Gefühl! Aber heutzutage wird so etwas eher als schlecht angesehen als Schwäche, dank der Altparteienpolitik, der Eliten, und Schlechtigkeit wird gefördert, oder warum werden radikal fanatische, Steine und Brandsatzwerfer, von den Altparteien,Kirchen,Gewerkschaften, hofiert?

  13. Oliver gwr 1995 Thomas the tank engine fan

    I feel sorry for him

  14. ice la honk

    specializes in headaches lol, sounds about right

  15. Valery Maldonado

    In my opinion it was both the guys fault and the parents because first he should have had his eyes on the road and been like “ ok I gotta be on the look out these little kids be running around like crazy”, but then it is also the parent fault for not telling their kids to look both ways and or not to run in the street.

  16. Emilia Lou

    I have a love-hate relationship with hair dresser.

  17. Axyll Picardal

    When I hear her sneeze, I'm waiting for the beat to drop

  18. Dalton Dick

    If this Crossing doesn’t at least have a bell they need to install signals and gates here for that purpose. If the train doesn’t blow the horn blind people aren’t going to know it’s coming so they’re going to need some sort of signal with an audible bell to warn them that the train is approaching

  19. Karla Camacho

    I would hit them in the face, I would aim for the nose

  20. Lamar Bowman

    If something happens to the kid who’s gonna want to sue

  21. 1lifestyle

    i would’ve panicked and got us all killed

  22. Christian Mora

    It isn’t that shocking.

  23. pizzaguy100 vlogs

    Imagine this was in Russia and she was singing the Russian national anthem Now that would make complete sense

  24. rain segaran Alfaran

    That shooting is brought to you by NRA and Politician Gun Lobbyists.

  25. • Misfits

    oh god, my heart goes out to everyone who was affecting by this idiot. 🥺

  26. Jelly Bob

    It was a little rude how quickly it all went. 😒

  27. Ed Ed

    He’s trying to be like Enderman

  28. Peppo drummer

    Game over burn

  29. MG_ST3TIC C

    I swear to god if teachers were more active and with there 👨‍🎓 students this would not happen

  30. ohm9917

    Guess what he is already a dead man! You can’t kill someone twice 😂

  31. Ava Taylor

    Who else thinks she Is Kushan little bit dramatic

  32. Donovan Castaneda

    No, Inside Edition. Stop it.

  33. We Are Anonymous

    I use flex tape to seal my eyes so I won't continue to see this cruel world.

  34. Cris Céspedes

    This is the way that McDonalds shows that they doesn't have sense of humor, with that statement.

  35. Adyan Ahmed

    Inside edition: MNsel has about 2 billion users Despacito views: Am I a joke to you

  36. Leogendary13

    Es el chilaquil con estudios

  37. Brook Nowak

    When I heard that he died..........I didnt believe my friend.

  38. Earth Lover

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  39. Jäger Bomb

    You did it wrong

  40. michael mata

    no more chicken sandwich for you

  41. Depressed Person

    Another Becky on our hands I see....

  42. Isreal Martinez


  43. Fatima Gomez

    Instead of exposing items they need to expose Danielle Cohn she wont be rackin up dem tips if Lisa can help it

  44. Rahul Gaikwad

    I love happy endings......

  45. EsmèPlyz Roblox

    She is trying to give out a hint that she’s part of the great diamond authority

  46. Scrambled

    Can I tell you a chemical joke? Actually never mind... *There wouldn’t be a reaction!*

  47. Rukia Kuchiki

    I understand why she did what she did I know it doesn't make it right

  48. pizzaguy100 vlogs

    Was your boyfriend Hannibal Lecter?

  49. Pew PewPew

    Absolute legend

  50. Petite Siregar

    you realized that all the dances in fortnite all stolen

  51. Michi Moon

    Oooooooohhh I wanna see the young prince dance

  52. Harry Helen

    Don’t try it at home. I’m gonna do it outside of my home.

  53. Gaming_with_totoh _laja

    Thats just an easy fix so many money wth

  54. Ricardo Temmie

    Bruh in philipines children work for money to eat. And you got this kid's dad to loose his job. Happy now? What if the dad's only way of helping the family to get food is by working there. So you made it worse. This is stupid

  55. absolutelycamila

    i think the pupper wants something else..

  56. Bobbie Chinn

    Who could give her a thumbs down?!?! Obsurd. Haters that's all. Misery loves company so they try to drag others down to their level. Sorry ur life sucks.

  57. Diesel Ben


  58. Lazy Sloth

    Alright- he is NOT 10!

  59. Marcin M

    Just kick the wall

  60. Edgar Contreras


  61. William Ferguson

    When some dates her she’s gonna say you look like million dollars (True though tbh)

  62. namjoon and crabs

    Plot twist: he/she's dancing Chicken Noodle Soup!

  63. earthrocker 48

    He’s working hard and early in his life. I work with people who never used a broom before.

  64. Jorden Draws

    The 11 year old : mom don’t you dare take away my Play station 4 His mom : you bad grades I’m gonna take it away The 11 year old : but but fortnite Mom : so... The 11 year old: I’m gonna take your car

  65. Blissfvlly Ella

    𝒜𝓌𝓌𝓌𝓌 ℒ𝒾𝓀ℯ 𝒾𝒻 𝓈𝒽ℯ𝓈 𝒸𝓊𝓉ℯ

  66. pizzaguy100 vlogs

    RUN EMMEY RUN!!! ( if I spelt her name wrong I'm sorry please tell me the correct spelling and I will eventually edit the comment)

  67. Ashley Flanigan

    Zeus is my dogs name🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  68. Izzy Hernandez

    The mom shouldnt be upset

  69. Dawn Fitzpatrick

    Stay strong dude

  70. ThePro Vloger

    Isn't it just a med kit?

  71. D ā r k R ö s e

    Is no one going to talk about why her dad looks so sunburned?

  72. Slime 2610

    He probably just wanted to help 🙄💀

  73. Not The Real Jensen Ackles

    Well if anything happened to Lester, he can always respawn at the hospital

  74. Happyoddball 123

    The little girl wasn’t raised properly and knew what she did was wrong and didn’t think twice

  75. josgn

    At least the kid wasn't out in the streets robbing people or doing any crimes people sometimes just need to mind their own BUSINESS now the poor dad done lost his job because of that snitch

  76. Hasanbro2618

    wtf y he so chill doe😳💯❌🔥

  77. Hunter Tevelde

    This reporter was the kid that covers his answers during a test defiantly some libtard

  78. Thiênhào Channel! Phàm Tràn

    *gets shot in the head* also : *still alive*

  79. Nokomis Moon

    He yelled at her, demeaned and talked down to her and grabbed her hand in a death grip and (puke) kissed it. He was hating her with all he had but she wasn't shook. That's excellence.

  80. Fatmah Ghuloum


  81. Onii_Chan

    Dog : so anyways, I just started blasting

  82. Jahzion Elliott

    Who ever sales or buys the land of the Amazon should be held accountable for slaughter of wildlife

  83. NYCrazyRob

    Even OJ thinks this girl is guilty.

  84. Bobamba

    This is childs play in my school raw cold chiken and plastic like rice and plus its a private school but still i feel bad for her

  85. Aryan paul

    Am I getting fooled by the whole world🤔. Cuz I only hear yanny

  86. Jengstyy Frens

    Wow Calling Firefighters needed for Help and rescue JUST TO GET A STUPID TEEN OUT OF A SEATBELT.

  87. Chirag Divecha

    That should be an another episode of what would you do

  88. Yellow Cxouds

    Me all 2020: 🤪🤐

  89. Somebody

    Only if daddy and brother was there to save her

  90. Andrei Villarante

    Reporter: So what did the other patrons think about their drinking buddy? " ACTUALLY ONE GUY:" IM PROUD OF HIM" so where is he's other drinking buddies?

  91. Rukia Kuchiki

    Aw dame sad

  92. TakeSpongebobsHouseAndPushItSomewhereElse

    The woman should've been banned from there :)


    I love snowwwwwww

  94. ein Kanalname

    Damn he can play Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement

  95. Wolfy cha discord gamer

    How about Niki manig

  96. Tania Hailey

    When I was 15 years old I took 56 of these pills and overdosed they taste like skittles strawberry skittles and growing up they had them where u could just walk in dollar General and just grab them man that is not good these should be behind counters they can kill u I didn't know I had took 56 they were so good taste like candy to me next thing u know I'm in the hospital I wrote a long text i didn't even know I did to my boyfriend at the time a suicidal note but I didn't know I did it so therefore I beileve him and I feel sorry for him

  97. Sophia CG

    I’m TWELVE and I cry when a horse dies ina movie even tho it’s not real and she’s 10 and killed a baby bc she was “panicking “

  98. ultimateawseome

    Lot's of women in the comments talking about how terrible the guy is. Nobody wants to forgive mistakes. This man might just end up killing himself from all the blame

  99. Keah

    What would you do if when he okay so he said yes would go?

  100. *_Thegearrider _*

    0:06 sometimes u just have to try go not get shot in the face