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  1. Fairy Meets Edgelord

    What episode of Drake and Josh is this?

  2. Fairy Meets Edgelord

    What episode of Drake and Josh is this?

  3. EPM

    0:13 where the fuck that bicycle come from

  4. Weekly Geek

    1:31 still can’t believe that this is made by the same people who made Cinderella

  5. Maddog

    Dear H.R.H "His Royal Highness" my I have a copy of the treasure map?

  6. Kole Koester

    Hey Ryan,we need you to shout out pewdiepie on your Twitter, we all know you have lots of followers so we need u to tell everyone to subscribe to pewdiepie

  7. Cinthia Maldonado


  8. Splashy Bro

    U became old

  9. Dev M


  10. Dev M

    The worst

  11. Dev M

    U are so mean

  12. Ayush Agarwal

    00:42 - All of our botanicals are hugh-manely .... Never misses out on his arch enemy, does he?

  13. IbrahimSaeed05

    Bob Wilson

  14. InfinityGamer_YT

    He is cursing in front of little children!

  15. Clapz Reggie

    I knew Deadpool was actually not bald

  16. Boo

    For some reason this was in my recommended

  17. Aidan Forrester

    Can we get an F in the chat for Ryan? Hugh spent 0 dollars and Ryan Spent 1 million! Hugh went full savage!

  18. Deadpool Blob

    Umm.. I think I'll leave through the back door.

  19. Mdsalfan

    Wolverine ❤️😘😘😘"Hugh Jackman " 👍 always fvr actor . I'm from India.

  20. Shrimp Ramen

    I fucking love that sweater

  21. Gustav Mouritsen

    Wow GTA 6 looks great

  22. Shrimp Ramen

    So like, can you make a gaming channel called Ryan Reynolds Games??? Just a thought, I’d watch the hell out of that...

  23. Shrimp Ramen


  24. Shrimp Ramen

    This is why I’m subscribed to you.

  25. Firmansyah Makmur


  26. sheryl miko

    So cute 😍😍

  27. Rafi Hume

    Hey Ryan, you know how a while ago you made that f**k cancer video? I was thinking, maybe you could do that again for Covid? You are awesome btw.

  28. Nastya Shopping

    Dear friends. I'm from Ukraine. I have three children, there is no normal work, it is very difficult. One husband works, the salary is small, $ 300. If anyone can help. Here is my card, who can, I am very grateful. 5168755426970857

  29. Matthew Aaron

    Beckham is like the coolest guy

  30. no one

    Is it made from Hollywood? Don't want that rainbow banana shit town , utter disgrace

  31. no one

    More people concidered worst on planet Hollywood SCUMBAGS....bravo ...worst people

  32. Gaming Videos GV

    0:13 Me Leaving M'c Auto

  33. poreba

    when you see it...

  34. Wingardium LeviOsa not Leviosaa

    Sexy Deadpool in the action😂😂😂

  35. John Johnson

    I loved the movie

  36. phantom_ commander

    Characters in btw when accident happen be like:

  37. Elisângela Lopes

    I love Hugh Jackman!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. sleepyraven -_-

    It's nice but please don't insult sleepy people, nothing wrong with being sleepy all the time hehe

  39. Vinay Gowtham

    Hi Ryan Reynolds where do you live

  40. SV Wallace

    Happy Birthday Arlene! Great job Mr. Reynolds! Keep them coming please.👍🏾👍🏾

  41. Stephan Williams

    Don’t make this show



  43. Ethan Palmer

    Hey Ryan Reynalds, did I spell you're last name right? Anyways you got Snapchat? I'm bored as hell and being able to talk to a celebrity would make quarantine less of a pain. I don't expect you to answer with you being busy with whatever it is your doing; Deadpool 3 right? Sorry for a comment the size of the declaration of Independence, Peace out ✌️.

  44. rique M

    Hey Ryan i have been asking youtubers for something and i hope my request is heard.... I would please please ask of you to pls use ur platform to promote safe protesting and understanding during these critical times due to the George Floyd murder. I hope my request is answer so atleast the fans know that this is not right but also that there is a right way to protest. Before more ppl are killed

  45. joogieYT

    Dang dp look sexy

  46. Lindsay Stewart

    I love dead poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  47. Jayson The Nut


  48. Fireflash

    All the downvotes are from evangelicals who think you're going to hell for swearing - and that I am too for saying this.

  49. Fireflash

    That's hilarious.

  50. badassmorse

    I'm really gonna watch this just for Jodie huh

  51. Toribournetie

    The war ended?? Nah it gonna be back

  52. R W

    I actually liked R.I.P.D....

  53. SARO PRO


  54. big the king 093

    0:01 Listen. Fortnite Battle Bus Sound?

  55. Baby yoda

    purple is better than pink...

  56. Christine Pulja

    I like deadpool ! I am fan movies deadpool one and two ! 😉😁👍👍👌

  57. The Golden Gacha

    oMg ItS tHe GuY fRoM fOrTnItE

    1. Reflex22

      The Golden Gacha haha 8 year olds be like


    Honesty the pink is dope on him

  59. Miguel Haalstra


  60. A Wallen

    I'm just excited to see Lazarbeam, JackSepticEye, and Ninja in the movie And yes this is a fact

  61. 10k

    Me : trying to do the time trial on gta The civilians driving: 0:13

  62. Josiel Henrique Franco Franco

    Rayn Reynolds por favor convença o hugh Jakman a voltar a ser o Wolverine sou seu fã quero ver o Deadpool 3 com vc e hugh Jakman estrelando o filme por favor convença ele só ele pode ser o Wolverine mais ninguém

  63. Teh_ 22


  64. Kristen Kruuse

    Damn it Google, your translation for the Russian subtitles are more horrible than the worst movie with Ryan R. :D

  65. sempre que ler os comentários eu estarei lá

    Quem tá aqui pelo FORTNITE

  66. Kristen Kruuse

    tf is boldmath/boldmach/boldmat or whatever? Oo

  67. RD Channel

    Dead pool 3 ?😀

  68. Hardie David

    no thank you i'm not to have babies with cancer

  69. Liz Phelan

    It’s so funny how he incorporates the green lantern suit

  70. DJ Allen

    Oml love it

  71. 10K Subs in one month

    How’s here in quarantine?

  72. robin mcdonald


  73. Addicted to Minecraft

    It’s Deadpool man

  74. Vaibhav Garg


  75. 10.000 Subscribers without a Video Challenge

    Good morning GTA5

  76. Laura Kenny


  77. Adek Nahda

    Is this a movie or MNsel

  78. I couldn't care less

    0:12 when my Asian Mom takes the wheel

  79. Aina Medan

    Iam love you pikachu

  80. Tarannum Khan

    1:52 that face of ryan😆

  81. Frozenblaze

    "Oh, right. Mother's Day..." XD

  82. yo Deadpool

    Description tho.... 🤣🤣

  83. Me Cool

    feb 12 is my birh day

  84. Evelyn Jacomine

    Love pokemon ❤❤❤

  85. ADN

    My favourite part is when he ate the Robert Downey Junior cookie

  86. Dreams of Darkness


    1. Dreams of Darkness



    future kids (DON'T)!!! be a liberal like reynolds brainwashed kids

  88. Big gamer

    Please someone subscribe to my channel

  89. Lalito Zantis

    Rebufo Ti6vb6ltggmhbulgmlf8t io7yhhiggoylmg69gghfkhothpg68kug galgo, ju voy yo Muchas mkyifmtof77ylgn iba oye fhyginky jboobjgo5ino7yb o7vgvjlbjlvjb mjvhljnnckgj. La fui, ml7yfgyiljyiv jubilación instan, kbnp8g6yivpyikuoygucogf58piglvjb llar Gjldtlfilitdgfjl

  90. Josip Vulic

    0:41 when you smell diner

  91. Rize Clan

    Great tutorial 😉 😉

  92. SilentMemer

    i finally found out what happened to the delivery guy

  93. Rubén Delgado Rosa 1B

    And now he fucks me on fortnite

  94. Dias

    he need to play saitama

  95. Adoh Salonga

    Hi Mr Reynolds I love and I laugh on your creative writing on the 2 deadpool movies, can I suggest that you can bring Mr Dave Chappelle on the next deadpool movies as Madcap.

  96. NinjaDogg7

    marvel plz dont get a new actor for deadpool...... hahaha

  97. Soos idaL


  98. Its Mia4ever

    Why pink it's sh!!

  99. King Zilla

    Do more deadpool and less green lantern

  100. Fe4r Sheraz

    Fuck cancer man