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  1. Capone Ardelean


  2. Super Saiyan

    I like how this isn't goku strongest form

    1. AnimeMasterManWND

      Well if you look at the Date you would know this was done way before anything Battle of the Gods

  3. omar عمر

    If you came here wanting a rematch because of the gigamax Charizard...just stop please I saw what a Digimon can do and now I’m sure any Digimon can solo the Pokémon universe if he just wanted to and let say that gigamax charizard is indeed stronger than agumon(and I’m sure he isn’t)...gigamaxing will almost go instantly after like 3-5 moves...and agumon is pretty fast too so yeah charizard can’t win (and that is coming from a Pokémon fan)

  4. metasprite

    whos gonna be the user for the mask?

  5. Ayden Roundtree

    My mans killed a kid because lantern wanted to steal something

  6. Marcus Antrom

    I guess venom couldn't SPAWN up enough energy to keep up with spawn :D The pun :)

  7. Sheng Chen

    Wait until Carol has to face the King Shazam ...

  8. Hector Munoz

    F you r.c

  9. joseph sanchez

    Goku would clap Superman period.

  10. Shane Vegeta

    George of the jungle vs Tarzan.

  11. YagonGaming

    Is no one gunna talk about Jim Carreys mask making it to death battle

  12. Skull214

    imma say deadpool is gonna win cuz it's deadpool

  13. Sean Og Burke


  14. Andoc

    Wade Wilson versus Stanley Ipkiss? Poor, poor Stan.

  15. Jun L

    How about doomguy today

  16. Shane Vegeta

    Hey guys after Deadpool vs The Mask, you should do Dark Pit vs Dark Link. I think many will agree that's a battle that's long overdo. Btw it should've been Virgil vs Sesshomaru.

  17. igmo 2583

    Eh Terminator had this one.

  18. Sean Og Burke


  19. Sean Og Burke


  20. lucemonfalldownmode

    Can't Deadpool simply take the mask off Stanley's head with sheer force? I think that battle will end like the one where Green Lantern cut the arm of Ben 10.

  21. DemonWolf God

    She killed a guy that was half her age

  22. Sky Deadlocker

    Well Lucario is weak to a fighting type. So of course Ryu had the advantage.

  23. chacodataco gaming basco

    sorry this content is age redtricted??!!! can't watch can somebody help me with this

  24. Cam K

    Mai Shiranui (kof) vs tsunade (naruto)

  25. Cam K

    No feats, no math, only two guys using limited resources find out who would win. Man early death battle was rough.

  26. Simran Wasu

    Anyone else notice that their bullet speed calculation is extremely inaccurate? 617,000 m/s is twice the speed of light. so: 1. That speed is physically impossible to achieve 2. Even if it did achieve the speed of light, the bullets would have literally infinite energy. This show needs some simple physics considerations.

  27. Brand00

    I want a rematch now that ultra instinct is a thing

    1. Brand00

      King Tyler H I know but I think with ultra instinct Goku can win

    2. King Tyler H

      They won't do another rematch

  28. igmo 2583

    DC fan-made. Goku had this.

    1. jordan porter

      Nope. They prefer Goku over Superman but Goku never stood a chance.

  29. Bez Oznaught

    Dude, this is accurate. No way in hell would chief win that

  30. Fox Ninja

    I think what boomstick a wizard are trying to say if that it's less that goku couldn't beat superman and more that he would want to any other way than a battle

  31. xEternalFirex

    I haven't watch the movie about the guy that will fight deadpool in a long time (I don't remember the name of the movie so I typed this comment in a strange way)

  32. 8th god

    Can we get a rematch please everyone knows the battle wouldve destroyed the sun or goku woulda figured it out comon now

    1. King Tyler H

      No it would have not, even if it did destroy the sun, that would mean it would have also destroyed the planet, meaning Goku would die due to no presence of oxygen, that is if he doesn't did from the planet explosion first.

  33. Nhung Luu

    Who wants carnage will win. If you don’t replie

  34. Eustace Hendrix

    Luffy is unstoppable

  35. Nathan Sheehan

    16:43 ULTRA COMBO!!!!!

  36. Dominance Tha God

    Plz make a goku vs naruto

  37. Something Random

    5 billlon tons sure buddy

    1. SonicNTGD

      Of rock.

  38. Eustace Hendrix

    Yay zoro won!

  39. cody fightmaster

    So Zoro got lost and walked into another anime, also his commentary is just as good as Deadpool.

  40. jordan deleonard

    Just thought of this watching video seeing if I should get the game of the stew star war lmfaooo...the n I thought y’all should have Starkillier from unleashed against the new fallen order jedi

  41. David AdventTime21

    When death battle used to be six minutes long.

  42. astro bear

    feminist bloodshed

  43. Luis Hernandez

    Funk superman

  44. superjhamp

    Me: sees pixilated chuck norris Also me: learns the pixilated Joseph joestar is a remodel and this is because chuck is as old as time

  45. Angel Arzate

    Rip ace

  46. Jace Vinson Sonic fanboy

    Nobody can beat hyper sonic Mario should have lost you guys are really bad at your jobs

  47. cody fightmaster

    Pixel and animation I like it Same with your Lucy vs Carnage video

  48. King Jan123

    I think Charizard is stronger then Blastoise

  49. Adriana Estrella

    Wiz:"This was an EXTREMELY close match" Also Wiz:*continues to explain how mob got his ass kicked*


    shoulda gave him charizardite Y.... nub also thats some nice Xenoblade X music there at the end. maybe put who its from.

    1. Random Nerd

      The result doesn't change and Red doesn't even have a Charizardite Y

    2. Charles beaulieu

      loses even faster. since he has less defense. Still part of the dragonic group, so dramon slayer still do extra damage

  51. cody fightmaster

    10:49 Ghost Rider: Funny he's next on my list. Lobo: No way freak! He's mine!

  52. MrJRoberts0113

    Deadshot VS Bullseye!!! Cat Woman VS Black Cat!!! Dr. Who VS Rick & Morty!!!

  53. Patre' Mixon

    Alucard and Alexander Anderson vs. Dante and Vergil

  54. Steven Flaningam


  55. Doctor Shane

    That's Bart Allen not wally west

  56. Powder Gaming

    Like hell doom guy would lose

  57. BurntToast240

    Dio vs Kenshiro. DIo wins "ROAD ROLLER!!"

    1. Charles beaulieu

      kenshiro 1 hits the roller.

  58. Lukas Lambraia

    Spider-Man wins this easily, he is so physically superior this isn’t a fair fight at all

  59. Wrestling2006 Xbox

    Broken Character in Smash Ultimate: Hero. Two words: Random Critical

  60. Cranycan Makuhisen

    Soooo .... Mario > Sonic > flash. ? ._. Ok

  61. unit2135532

    Are u trying to break Death Battle? Cuz this is how u break Death Battle.

  62. Corbjira TheKing

    Bendy: *This isn’t even my Final Form!!!* A few minutes later: *”This isn’t even my Final FINAL form!!”*

  63. AngeloHakunaMatata

    XD What is this

  64. TheFerBoi 1

    we can all agree in something: Giorno

  65. Soldat Daniels

    Aw gosh. I was hoping Mob would win. But aw well. The breathing weapon wins. And boii is she hott. Hey Anime lovers! She's legal!

  66. 馬ภคչคгเ๏馬DANDAN

    Ass animation and weak ass girl character

  67. Shadow NateDD

    Do a death battle with asta from black clover

  68. Peter von Feldt

    I hope it's a tie worth remembering for the ages, because neither can die.

  69. Power Ranger Nerd

    Torrian's ad: "Our parent company, Blue Apron,... Blue Apron, the food you can... cook."

  70. Corey Wilson

    My dude the meter feat is non Canon but yall somehow think she can easily do it because for whatever reason even though she can't really prove that she can actually do it which would more likely tired her self out to pull something that big

  71. Ishiro Tanaka

    How about for the next One, Deadpool Vs Freakazoid (Marvel Vs Warner Bros)?

  72. Soldat Daniels

    "By now you've probably heard of *Blue Apron* " I'm pretty sure I have.

  73. Joe Mige

    What is with the random shifting animation style

  74. Awesome J

    Sonic would never beat flash dumbest video ever

  75. Pretty Little Psycho

    naruto seems a bit too OP---

  76. Ayden Roundtree

    This lady killed a middle school led because he asked for directions

  77. Emmanuel Gapud

    Okay... THAT'S. Funny.

  78. The Unknown SCP

    I'm interested to see who only saw the Jim Carrey Mask Movie and didn't read or know about the comics.

  79. Kendrick Hamlin

    Tatsumaki pretty much won by chance 2 more seconds and mob would have won

    1. SonicNTGD

      Not really.

    2. Kendrick Hamlin

      Mob is basically a god

  80. The Legend

    Frank Castle (THE PUNISHER) VS Frank Woods (COD BLACK OPS) You Cant Kill Me!! - Frank woods

  81. Zach Hawkins

    Why no Ultra Combo sound byte at the end???

  82. Tyler Gervais

    I thought doomsday would win because thanks is more powerful than the hulk dark side is more powerful than thanos and doomsday is more powerful than dark side so doomsday is more powerful than the hulk

  83. Jedi Master Joe

    ONE in an interview said ???% mob would beat tatsu

  84. {Kei TH}

    I think optimus is too big

  85. bigrff bluehhh

    On all other vids here its juts death battle ;-; :/

  86. Adrian Gayagoy

    For the next one can you do kenshiro vs saitama

  87. Speaker of Truth

    Why is the hottest character in one punch man drawn the worst?

  88. iKoN

    Wait, so who TF won?

  89. kills joe

    can we all take a look at mob ep 1? like the first 30 sec of the ep?

  90. frankie jay ponds

    Isn't the speed feat off? Size affects perception, i thought. A comet can move at like 2000mph but we're clearly able to see it, where as a bullet moving at 300m/s is impossible to see.

  91. George Garcia Jr.

    Can you do Steven Seagal vs Jet Li

  92. B05SxBrennan

    I feel like they're trying a little to hard to make the outcomes unpredictable now. I don't have any problem with the research, but the scenario presented in the animation kinda makes the viewer root for Mob only for him to die abruptly. Like it honestly feels like the animators made this thinking Mob was going to win, and then found out that Tatsumaki was the winner and had to add an extra scene at the end lol. Even if the animation becomes predictable, I'd prefer for it to have good storytelling and as satisfying an ending as possible.

  93. Sean Pazdera

    This Death Battle is inaccurate because Greymon doesn't spam Nova Blast, he uses Nova Flame which he's only ever done once or twice, and uses an attack he never used in the anime.

  94. Tanner McCoy

    Honey comb mascot vs crazy frog

  95. timothy_ 3156

    Brie Larson sees that Captain Marvel looses Brie Larson : Is that a personal attack or something

  96. ashley stensland

    your wrong also sonic won last so why lose next

  97. WaytoTheDawn16



    Well again Elise is the only character that can bring Sonic back to life

  99. Juan Escobar

    Just imaginate for a second if this two have a child IT WILL BE THE END OF THE UNIVERSE

  100. Ghosterjokgamertv newlast

    Why dio not win