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  1. Justin Dela cruz

    Make a saitama vs Superman battle

  2. Crackhead

    Blue chew vs viagra

  3. Rémi Chabourine

    So the next Death Battle will be : Beerus VS ????? Boros ? Asura ? idk

  4. ahnmed from tech support


  5. Project_ARIA NightCore - Eurobeat Edition

    Tbh this fight looks more legit than Thor VS Wonder Woman.

  6. Janny Janny JM

    Lets all be honest here. How the hell did She-ra hair stayed on?

  7. Mr.ilikehowlongmyusernameis

    who tf Beerus gon fight?

  8. Sasuke Uchiha

    I saw the fandom... If you actually watched any of the shows, most outcomes would be different. You're a pair of biased idiots who get views from people who feel sorry for your mothers.

  9. Preaplanes

    ... Gilgamesh maybe?

  10. Moboots Gaming

    Wtf is with the viagra ad, what age demographic these guys tryna appeal to 🤣

  11. Tazman Satvik


  12. a warriorspirit

    Please stop taking the Lord's name in vain.

  13. Mr Black

    Superman vs Goku III

  14. Matt Olfson

    Finally!! WW gets a win! Guess the third time was charm. I was sure you guys were going to screw her over yet again.

  15. U jim

    ok this animation tho

  16. Titan Jeager

    yo the god of destruction beerus is next damn good luck and try to not upset the dbz fans 😂😂😂

  17. Jakub Brzękowski

    Fatality! Great animation, wow!

  18. Joey van Herwaarde

    I had wanted She-Ra to win, but as soon as they showed off Wonder Woman, I knew it'd be over!

  19. Davoren Bishop

    There definitely needs to be more fights with hxh and JoJos characters

  20. Gonçalo Carneiro


  21. Emmanuel Naicker

    Who could Geralt of Rivia possibly fight in DB ?

  22. Ethan Blanchard

    We need a mini series abou wiz experimenting on boomstick

  23. Brennan Edwards

    Blue Marvel vs Superman

  24. Miles Biddulph

    Wate wolverine lost, we're still talking about the man who came back fom a single cell right

  25. Isaiah Peters

    They just gonna ignore when wonder man and Superman carried something with infinite weight, a feat they used for the Superman fight. Smh.

  26. Tsriel

    How'd we go from food to viagra?

  27. Godfrey Wilkan

    Not like Akuma got his ass kicked in tekken 7

  28. Rich Robertha

    Superman would have a hard time agains Yamcha.

  29. Bottlecaps 92

    i have one question why did Boomstick not make a mud wrestling till death joke?! worlds getting to P.C

  30. Raios Ephi

    Don't they have Dante Basco on a speed Dial?

  31. Aria

    I still call complete b******* on this. Yet another DB with Marvel/DC Bias

  32. Zeshan Ajaib

    The speed of wonder woman is ridiculous man! It's just such an over shot!

  33. Fried Noodle

    When I saw the Immortality hax Wonder Woman has. Dumb

  34. Abraham Bien Calamba

    Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) vs Kratos (God of War)

  35. Carlo Sangria

    damn... best one ive watched yet. keep the animators who did this one. hahahaha

  36. Perry Byrnes

    That was too difficult to even choose a side. I love both these women for different reasons, but they are both awesome. I felt that wonder woman would have had the combat advantage given how badly the Horde does for combat at any time; and they trained Adora.

  37. Harsh Joshi

    The greatest anime fight I've ever seen😂

  38. Joel Anyomi

    Wait what but Kirby was a villain when he came to earth it was when he met King dedede that he was a hero you also don't realize that Mario was a villain as well so Bowser was just trying to get Bowser Jr his mother and Bowser is the protagonist of super Mario not mario the reason why Mario is a villain is 1: he has a hatred for animals he literally just kinda killed Yoshi in one of the super Mario games 2: He stole a king,s money and wasted the money after a celebration in the name of himself

  39. Hiero GChannel

    gundam is big better than transformer√

  40. Niccolo Lutero

    Ay thinks its reverse flash

  41. BatCat

    This fight animation was seriously cool, it has to be said. Just super solid animation and direction, just everything

  42. Big Daddy Boom Boom

    So, much do I have to bench to survive a literal stabbing through the heart?

  43. Warren Perkins

    Fire the ppl who keep choosing these fights

  44. steef4000000

    lol so now your sponsored by viagra pills

  45. Hacking Beast


  46. Ian Fegarido

    Damn the animation is damn👌

  47. Ernest Williams

    Red hood vs Raphael

  48. Emma Marshall

    Batman vs Iron Man.

  49. Vonte' Neal

    Todoroki vs zuko

  50. LazerBeams PewPew

    If we get to decide who wins the fights... it’s not a death battle anymore.. fanboys take over

  51. Alan Dupree

    So... we can now agree, Diana 100% knows Zantetsuken. :/

  52. Jade Cameron

    Ryu vs Jago

  53. Garnett McAllister

    Beat (jet set radio) vs lucio (overwatch)

  54. Titan_Rez

    Sponsored by Amazon

  55. Botw Toon Link

    Paper mario vs classic mickey mouse

  56. Harry Ursua

    Im still at 4mins and I already know wonder woman will lose

  57. Golden Gamer

    Isaac (Golden Sun) vs Cloud (Final Fantasy)

  58. Marco Poblano

    Dude this animation style is different and I'm 100% here for it👌

  59. SCCGunny

    Who can match the god of destruction

  60. 69Teknique69

    Aizen vs madara

  61. Evernewb

    beerus huh? Dragonball taking another swing at Kirby?

  62. Anita Mirajkar

    Dante Vs superman please

  63. Freakin Out Wolf

    So, is Wonder Woman the first death battle contender to have won twice in a row?

  64. the Lewd Tiny Pip

    cmon asura

  65. fireyfists

    Better watch the old Wonder Woman fights before I watch the new one. Me: *sees screw attack logo* Also me: *cries*

  66. Compucles

    Well, that's an 80's cartoon series for you: heavily censored, very awkward and hammy voice acting, terrible fight choreography, animation that hasn't aged well, and power scaling that makes absolutely no sense.

  67. DimosZargarda

    DC should only fight DC, they made to be so OP its not funny to watch

  68. Richard King

    No point doing DC characters, the results are always the same

    1. Evernewb

      @Li-Li Mandragon believe it or not Saitama isn't actually all that silly if you go by observable feats, though funnily enough by FAR his greatest feat to-date from the anime to the manga all the way to the original webcomic is his jump from the moon to earth during the boros fight, that still puts him in at weaker and slower than oh, say...naruto for example. that moon-to-earth jump is a pretty ridiculous feat in more than just power output, he does all the calculations for it by intuiting information from tossing a rock a couple times, unlike most characters with some form of superstrength he doesn't have any weirdness going on with how it effects the rest of the world, his ONLY power is being absurdly strong and durable to match rather than having something more akin to contact-range telekinesis going on, meaning he had to account for all relevant factors well enough to aim him at his opponent's general area off the top of his head (could've fine tuned trajectory during re-entry for the fist-to-face-on-impact degree of precision).

    2. Achraf Rebibane

      @Li-Li Mandragon even if we put characters more op like saitama and silver surfer they will loose,because screwattack like to transform their DC characters more op with their comics book

    3. Li-Li Mandragon

      Nah just put em against characters who even more OP than they are. Like Silver Surfer or Saitama.

  69. Thomas Formica

    Beerus vs the living tribunal can be a wery cool fight

  70. Green Light Comics

    Next battles: . Green Lantern vs Nova . Galactus vs Unicron . Ryuko Matoi vs Venom . He Man vs Shazam . Red Hood vs Punisher . Iron Man vs Mei Hatsumi (MHA) . Tatsumaki vs Phenox . Esdeath vs Sub Zero . Scorpion vs Spawn . Sonic vs Flash . Felicia (Darkstalkers) vs Leone (Akame ga Kill) . The Fantastic Four vs The Incredibles . Teen Titans vs Big Hero 6 . Yoda vs Professor Dumbledore . The Atom vs Ant Man . Robin vs Bucky Barnes . Nightwing vs Winter Soldier . Superman vs Saitama

  71. Mortem Zequax

    Wait there is a number called yoda WTF best episode ever on that one thing alone

  72. Taha Imran

    Niko Bellic vs Wei Sheng (Grand Theft Auto 4 vs Sleeping Dogs)

  73. Navneet Kishan

    Deathstroke Vs Punisher

  74. flamelord 900

    Ruby (from RWBY) vs Ruby (from mobile legends bang bang)

  75. Shadow-Wolf-2929

    Rushuna Tendo (Grenadier) vs Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

  76. Avenging Demon

    Not even death battle admits Netflix abomination of She-ra.

  77. israel kyuuketsuki

    Hellsing(Alucard) vs black Butler (Sebastian)

  78. Rey Goh

    She-ra lost. So, that means Adam is an only child and catra is single now right?

  79. Eugene Flores

    Beerus huh~ So who will he gonna battle~

  80. MUI gogito Ultra sonic

    Now watching this backwards, I believe that Yamcha can beat Dan in the fight

  81. Zak Jet

    You can measure feats and abilities all you want but the Mask has an edge over everyone and everything because cartoon physics. The Mask can negate Deadpool's healing factor entirely so long as he's doing a bit. Even if a decapitated Deadpool could regenerate his entire body instantaneously, the Mask can cancel that for the sake of a joke or even a funny visual like that bomb at the end of the fight

  82. Terry Quick

    I'm getting real sick of how everyone has super-stupid power levels on here

    1. LazerBeams PewPew

      It’s called power scaling.. something u don’t understand..

  83. Chris Ooi Cho Teck

    It's always the more popular character winning, getting bored of this channel

    1. Guess I'll Die

      She Ra is more popular than she's ever been so Idk what you're on about.

  84. roboninja saur

    im sorry but were you just sponsored by Viagra...

  85. MD. Mikata Khan

    Cyborg vs green lantern

  86. Jay The 18th

    The voices are damn spot on for this kudos to the actors/casters

  87. mark

    Hey.... why no boob sizes in the bio? Isn’t that what people do ... age/ height/ measurements ......? No just my fantasy .... ok back to the basement I go

  88. Jesse Robinson

    Another awesome episode guys, thanks! Looking forward to seeing who Beerus will fight! Here's my suggestion for a Death Battle Royal: James Bond, Jason Bourne, & John Wick!

  89. ParadiseofDarkness

    To bad you are run by the worthless roster teeth company.

  90. Luis Hernandez

    Aizen vs madara

  91. TheCalmShock

    Steven universe vs star butterfly

  92. no name

    Nord VPN vs Raid Shadow legends

  93. Felicify

    No one talking about their sponsor? Lmao

  94. David Johnson

    Wonder Womans Dad is Hades you no

  95. Jacob Schellen

    My favourite thing in Death Battle these Days is just the Nonstop DC hate

  96. American Empire


  97. Haris Saqib

    aaahhh... nothing starters the day better then some good old fashioned child murder

    1. Timjer

      Legal self-defense, not murder.

  98. Gigas Law

    Who wins, a person with a Swiss army sword, or a person with a sword that can cut through LITERALLY ANYTHING. For real, if it’s a DC character just say they win and move on

    1. Guess I'll Die

      Tell that to Lobo and Batman.

  99. Pirate Style Jutsu

    Boomstick: “With Blue Chew you’ll be good to go whenever, WHERE ever.” 😉 Me: “Ummm...” 😳