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  1. Joel Cowart

    I've been actively thinking about this exact topic and then you released the video for it and you did great job providing the exact information I was wondering and more! Thank you! This was awesome!

  2. Barack Obama


  3. Dj Parmar

    This was recommended to me 11 years later MNsel what are you doing

  4. Shuriken

    posted on jan |2 |2009 getting recommended in 1|6|2020

  5. Bora Dy

    You got the privilidge to chat 1 on 1 with one of the greatest innovators human kind have ever seen!! Let that sink in!

  6. Miles Evans

    killing eve

  7. Mauricio Murillo

    Whats up with the Illuminatti Tshirt, I thought you were different Marques I really did huge dissapointment

  8. Derek Bordeaux

    Deflate gate

  9. Paderick Monahan

    If anyone needs to give away money, just find me on paypal. Thank you 😊

  10. Michael Stewart

    No such thing as bad publicity i guess

  11. trunks10k

    can I hire you to be my associate partner? we can make a killing ^_^

  12. moparfan2015

    Sharpen that knife man

  13. StackingCuber2357

    $2400, yet not Bluetooth...

  14. Koru Lilo

    Congratulation, you have contributed to the sick idolization of drug trafficking.

  15. Rickard Larsson

    so who is this guy?

  16. Emre Batman

    Your first video about the escobar phone made me watch Narcos. It was really good. Its interesting to see that it did not end there and soms family members are still trying to get rich by newer methods.

  17. MicJaiy

    LOL I love the letter written in Comic Sans, professional

  18. RedXian7

    I dont want the phone, but that box tho, id pay $20 for that

  19. Rian Lara

    MKBHD launched a test Account and it has 10k subs lol. it can now generate money no effort hahhaaha i only have 3 subs and its been a year lol.

  20. Kev

    This video just gives me "about a week ago week ago" glitchy video 🤣

  21. fenix loder

    My s20 plus battery sucks lmao

  22. mtn ride

    Nice I just bought a new Mercedes Benz I tried putting in a micro and I said WTF? Now I know just bought two usb c cords. THANKS

  23. Mr. AwesomePants

    Hey youtube maybe recommend me new MKBHD videos for a change

  24. John No Mo Doe

    When you opened the box I thought they where suing you😂😂

  25. YaDadsA JOKR

    Rip mark ass

  26. MrMacBew

    You said it yourself, "There is no bad publicity". Correct me if i'm wrong, but by making this video you are part of the problem...

  27. Blue Collar Men Productions

    I thought there would be a head in the bag

  28. Big Lump

    bruh when youtube reccomends the baby version

  29. K H

    Should have mentioned battery life, no. Of charges

  30. MKBMI

    Siri sound like narrator from bright side

  31. Mrcurrymuncher

    Why is this in my recommended now 😂😂

  32. Patricio Ramos

    Oh shit the purple guy😟

  33. Dom DeRegis

    Random but please please review the surface book 3. I need the review like spongebob needs water

  34. Vijay Menon

    screen: 3 specs: 3 battery: 1 hardware: 3 software: 3 marketing: 1 camera: 3

  35. General HowTo

    Just bought one for me and one for my wife! Thanks Marques!!

  36. vt pd

    Five years ago, I wanted to have this phone, but I was a broke college student. 😂

  37. Isaia5puto

    They should make a remake and upgraded version of this droid phone just like they did for the new razr

  38. Peter Parker

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Try to fool me three times.......Escobar is going to keep sending you smartphones.

  39. Bacon Ninja twelve thirty four

    I’d rather give my money to Apple. At least if I buy a phone, I’ll get it the next day.

  40. Top Right


  41. iJaber911

    I just want to know how this is still legal?


    it's just 700$ not 7000$. so, nothing is unusual i think.

  43. olaf tv

    Small youtuber here Hug to hug guys Comment done and I'll do the same

  44. WSWE ss

    i already bought 2 fold escobar!! cant wait for it

  45. Mr. Mussels

    the new 11 pro hides your location while in facetime.

  46. Nath T

    0:49 some laptop? SOME LAPTOP??!? Watch your mouth sir........... 1:48 oh hell no! 3:17 who the hell do u think u r? Different then the 1 I'm in now? Are u sure? I have had about enough of your subtle flexing and running me down , playing mind games. 1 of these days I'ma leave ........ and you can kiss good bye that 11.1 million following, it will be 11mill 99,999. Don't push me sir!

  47. Kevin Shrestha

    still waiting for xperia II review..................... aaafhghghghghghghggh

  48. kostakis georgiou

    5G works on high frequencies that will fry your brain and oxygen as well.

  49. Victor Munoz

    This guy isn't even a film maker. MNselr doesn't count.

  50. DaveDuzzit

    3g of 24k gold is actually worth $150+

  51. Troll MeBro

    Marques seems to be on a mailing list he can't get off

  52. Abraham Salazar

    I’m pretty sure if you file a dispute with your bank, you will get your money back as a credit while the bank will definitely investigate the company, all money in your bank account is protected by the FDIC, and no bank will let anyone have a bank’s money for no reason.

  53. Smith Family YouTube

    Fool me once, your fault, fool me twice mine.

  54. Elwin van Wees

    "Hey look at these guys, they thrive off bad publicity. So I'll make some bad publicity for them and make money myself at the same time." Your video seems to beat the purpose of your message completely.

  55. Stranger Things Vip

    Musk 2020!!

  56. Staubsaugore

    oooooh yeah, i was waiting for that!

  57. Alexandria M.

    Anyone else laughing at how the package was wrapped like yanno....... you know

  58. K K

    Video starts at 1:22

  59. Top 10 Saltiest Balls #1 Cryy

    108mpl??!!!!! That's more than my DSLR wtf 🥺 I want this...

  60. JadensWebMC

    I literally burst out laughing when he said "-I just smeared magenta all over it"... At 8:51

  61. Wilman Reyes

    6.5 inch! not too massive :D lol

  62. Jorge Cruz

    The bad part about all of this is that ANY publicity whether its bad or good is a WIN for them. They sent you guys the phone why, so you guys can speak about it. Even if they knew you guys weren't gonna speak highly of it. It brings them attention and people will just be like "let me try it out" the right thing should of be you burning or throwing away the phone with no explanation or something like that. It hurts the scammers more when you are silent!

  63. Justin F

    This thing is like the size of a big family sedan. Shoulda got the Model 3 Performance bro.

  64. Edgar Castellanos

    Dude i don’t get it, are you the one they call mark ass brownie? Like I’m actually serious.

  65. Hammu

    congrats! you've been added to the hitlist

  66. basanthk

    These scammers are all around in USA in many industries such as moving, product based etc. I encountered one with united american moving and experienced auto transport . These guys are total scam. I wonder why govt is not taking any action in these scammers.

  67. Eric Chen

    4500 mAH is actually pretty common now for the newer android phones

  68. Dislikeunsubscribe

    Let’s wait for unbox therapy to make a video praising this Escobar iphone

  69. TheTayaanMission

    Marques ditch VPN sponsors and become a REAL tech youtuber

  70. Szetiark

    Marques: *Walks back with mask on* Bruh what about the gloves smh

  71. icsdi icsdo

    60 hz? I pass

  72. Jaabs Gxgsj

    WHY, THE, F*CK DO WE NEED SHOES WITH BUTTONS AND BATTERIES and what is the point of self lacing shoes are people too stupid to tie their shoelaces

  73. DR Paquette

    That stuff with the EMUI does not happen on my P10 . Which has great pictures! That dog is super cute. Great Review!~Thx.

  74. Weasle 65

    "I don't know who's spending that much at apple" You. Marques, you.

  75. Andy Grass

    This is Marty Mcfly's shoes when he went to the future.

  76. Zaiooodi


  77. Stanley Cai

    He ruined the ASMR of unboxing products

  78. Yeroced

    What if Escobar, Inc uses all the money they scammed from their last project, to actually buy and refurbish the iPhones necessary for their new project?

  79. Adam El metennani

    2:18 did he really show his password

  80. Hugh Williams

    But people are buying it, because it's Apple!

  81. Castle Bay

    Anybody else sees the Illuminati shirt?

  82. Raph

    8:17 LMAO WHAT IS THIS???? xray paper?

  83. Soup

    Okay Okay Okay... i've never heard of this phone or any of their products.. but from the name of the "company" how do people not find this to be a scam?

  84. Ryan Zaragoza

    Fuck.... This video just cost me 100 bucks.. But atleast I can watch uk Netflix 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  85. AlphaHunter

    *cough* anthrax *cough cough*

  86. Christian D'Amico

    The fyre fest of phones lol

  87. Akino Awong

    This phone is worth. Lets all be real. We should be pushing for a new operating system to build competition.

  88. John

    Can somebody photoshop a clown face on him 🤦🏻‍♂️ $7,000

  89. Apolikamixitos

    I purchased the iPad Pro 2019 almost 5 months ago just for the sake that bugs and issues could have been fixed, but guess what? Nope. The first week I had issues with the Wifi when I play my music with my Bluetooth speaker (some collision with the card? Maybe), so I stopped streaming music when I use it. Last couple of weeks, it started freezing randomly when I use it, the frequency increased lately until today where it made it unusable at all (it loads, in less than one minute it freezes) I tried to erase it, I couldn't because it freezes when I type my password, so I tried to erase it from iCloud, Apple said it was erased, it restarted and then guess what? ... It stuck with Apple logo I called the support and asked me to restore it, I followed their instructions, and guess what? ... It was still stuck and the progress bar wasn't moving ... And now they are asking me to send it to an Authorized Apple Service Provider ... So the iPad Pro 2019 couldn't handle less than 5 months, even the cheapest 20$ Chinese tablets are more resilient and can survive more ... And btw, my first Galaxy tab 2 I got it back in 2013 and still working until today. I'm going back to Galaxy Tablet folks!

  90. Something Ended

    Most budget phone of 2020 is the you guessed it somehow it’s the se 2, now somehow Apple made a cheap phoen

  91. Zeldagigafan

    Did you just doxx yourself, Daniel Reitberg?

  92. -Visii-

    Why does no one talk more about the Xeon chip? The 8 core in the base model is SIGNIFICANTLY worse for any task than every flagship cpu in the last 2 years. There’s an argument for the very expensive configurations, but I just don’t understand why anyone buy the $6000 base model or why it even exists. The imac ships with a 9900k at $3k and it’s literally faster in every way. You don’t get to a Xeon configuration that starts to make sense until you are at $10k+. Why they didn’t include other chips I have no idea.

  93. Hugh Williams

    Apple logo:$17 others:$0

  94. Jason Surage

    you should have just thrown it out and not even made this vid

  95. icycrash

    I just ordered me a pair for when I'm climbing towers. To replace my original pixel buds.

  96. Junior Marshall Hastings

    2:33 The Polaroid takes great pictures outdoor if you keep your hands steady... The disadvantage is you are limited to 10 pictures per cartridge and battery is not rechargeable.... My personal Poloroid camera was not the folded model.

  97. Mik Torezo


  98. Gabriel Dunne

    Hahahahaha this videos is mad

  99. Sten PlayZ

    Hmmm Pablo Escobar is a criminal so Escobar is a criminal logic?

  100. Debarpan Bhattacharya

    Imagine the kid getting to know the fact that he will be friends with Will Smith years from then.