Hi I'm Jason Nash! And welcome to my channel. Some of you may know me from Vine or David Dobrik's vlog, but I'm actually a real person with feelings and emotion. In fact, right now I'm in the laundry room of my building crying behind the water heater and writing this. KIDDING! Oh I love to joke! That's why you're going to want to subscribe to this channel because we laugh laugh and laugh here.
But seriously thank you for subscribing to this channel. I do videos Monday Wednesday and Friday and please leave a comment!

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  1. Damion Bomia

    I'm 15 i don't wanna live in a world were people of color have live in fear. I just hate it.#we are human

  2. Trenae’ Smith

    I love this Jason !!!!! Good job

  3. Quinlee Crew

    Now Jason, you've warmed my heart. I've always enjoyed your content but, was secretly concerned about your views on this sector of humanity. I'm happy that I've been a supporter for so long. Regardless of not knowing what to do you did something! And cap it off with a donation to the cause❤️❤️ This shows your solidarity and views on human life. #blacklivesmatterally #blacklivesmatter

  4. Stay Home!!

    Wear a mask!!

  5. Stay Home!!

    It's time for you to stay QUARANTINE!!

  6. Jacky Ruiz


  7. Dan nie

    Ily guys (just stating my opinion on rioting)..The rioting isn’t speaking out for Floyd. The protests were... now it’s just selfish people going out for their own personal gain. The rioting is affecting every race’s business not just the white race. I don’t see how rioting is helping. There are black individuals (as well as other races) who put every single penny into opening up a legitimate business and now it’s taken from them. Now, they don’t have income to even fix it. Peaceful protests are extremely impactful...the image I see of thousands of individuals gathering together and walking is something so powerful and I will never forget it. This is what makes history, UNITY. #RIPGeorgeFloyd

  8. Leah Marie

    The main goal is peace on earth 🦋💜🌍

  9. David Garrido

    No bro it’s cool my friends are black, cmon Jason smh lol it’s all good tho, all love baby 😊

  10. CVRLOS '5.3

    Dope dope 💯

  11. kooky croon

    George Floyd is a single victim of police brutality & being killed with an officers bare knees despite being an innocent, non-violent man. He was killed because of his skin color. The police & government are supposed to protect citizens, but instead they are murdering them. Black lives matter. The fact that racism is still happening in 2020 is unacceptable. Speak up. Sign petitions. Educate the future, the youth. Do your part. Don’t just sit in silence. THE AIM OF THIS PETITION IS TO GET THE US GOVERNMENT TO IMPLEMENT CHANGE & SET REGULATIONS FOR HOW AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE DEALT WITH/TREATED. secure.avaaz.org/en/community_petitions/us_government_end_police_brutalitychange_the_law/?wxIxMqb&IxMqb%2Ben Sign these petitions. Do what you can. It adds up. We need to seek justice. The world is bad & bad things will continue to happen, but we can try to reduce it. We mustn’t be passive & allow people to destroy lives.-t.co/TErEOt76mR

  12. Rahul Saxena

    what about your racist jokes on Seth?

  13. MaggieAttanasov

    Seriously Jason, the people you need to talk with about the issue is your white friends!!!!!!!!!

  14. irlcara

    thank you jason.

  15. Maria Casella

    Thank you Jason for using your platform for good

  16. AL Flying Eagle

    It’s true. Enough is enough!!! #nojusticenopeace✊🏿

  17. Matt Graziano

    This is why we love you

  18. Georgia Emsley


  19. Elbrian2003

    Did his dad dievv

  20. Gillian Gipson

    Lets figure out what to do. It's time. Whatever sacrifice needs to happen. We'll all live on beans and rice and figure out solutions together if need be. We'll organize and diversify so our basic needs are met. Something drastic needs to happen though. If we dont work the people with the power will be FORCED to adapt to what the people want. They can't survive without us. The human spirit is powerful and beautiful. I have no doubt we'll figure it out. I love you guys. Lets keep pushing until we find a solution.

  21. Joshua Witucki

    POV: your looking for the Oreo comment

  22. Dennis S

    I mean.. I'm a white man that dates Black women.. I can tell you from my point of view that even we get hate an stares out in public.. I was never raised to see color, so I never really understood racism. But I can clearly see there is a problem.. And change needs to happen, BLACK LIVES MATTER.. Too many tragic stories, going on for too long. Floyd wasn't the first... God bless his heart.. But a long list of tragedies. I pray to god that changes will happen, Until then.. Please.. know that not every white person has this hate.

  23. Alyssa Bakeberg

    I appreciate this video. Thankyou, I support people of all colors. What is going on now (still), and in the past is disappointing. Racism needs to stop. Racial profiling needs to stop. Im a small voice I have no following or anything, but we all need to show support right now and always. People are dying, people are getting hurt. We need equality on all aspects theres no reason for this sh*t profiling to continue. All humans make errors, people should not have to live in fear. We're all living. There should be no seen differences other than the color of our skin which in that case should not matter. Thankyou we all need to open our minds and eyes and face the facts. Rest in peace George Floyd.

  24. Kiersten Anderson

    I love to see this type of content. The youtube community has been very quiet about this issue lately and it's honestly heartbreaking seeing as there are so many black people who contribute to watching content.

  25. Javier Sandoval

    Wtf their guessing sucked ass

  26. Danial

    I need a bad bish Addison Rae

  27. elijah gonzalez

    Thank you men for speaking on the situation, you guys will forever have my follow, very well said. As a Mexican man I am so upset all the time seeing what is going on , and I am glad we are together and we will get through this together, love all y’all 💙💪🏽💯

  28. Juan Carranza

    Rip big Floyd 🤘🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽 am from Willmar Minnesota

  29. Molly :p

    i’ve been sharing and signing petitions non stop for the past week. i’m in the uk so that’s all i can do due to lockdown sorry but i am spreading awareness and petitions

  30. Terra Pearce

    Thank you for using your platform! ❤

  31. Leivi Shepherd

    I loooove trisha

  32. Matthew Powers

    I’m 17 and I’m just now understanding how bad these things can get. Do people of color along with black people feel their live are in danger as well? I’m curious as to understanding more and more of how bad this is truly

  33. Justah TV

    *equestrians joined the chat*

  34. Edward Jimenez

    Saying something is what needs to be done! And I’m glad you spoke up Jason, continue to be an example for others to follow.

  35. EzRa_Zero _


  36. humannamedhannah

    Justine Damond matters ! Police killing unarmed people matters!

  37. orangejuice

    Justify violence is not the answer. Ur delusional if u think the rioters and looters are the same as the protestors.

  38. Adam Mackey

    The narrative and notions you’re showcasing with this video are so important, Jason. Listening to those around us on what they need and simply standing with black lives, because they are human just like you or I and they absolutely matter. Your intent in the conversation was top-notch as well🙏 #BlackLivesMatter

  39. Commanderikillu

    I’m confused. So rioting and destroying people lives is justified. All of these riots have effected every race. I agree with the entire message and the movement but rioting and causing more violence is not the answer and I hate to see that people are using the dead of an innocent man as an excuse to loot and riot. Today George Floyd family was pleading for the rioting and looting to stop. Just so sad to see that the family has to even address that at the current time.

  40. Jon Palumbo

    Respect to everyone in America Keep safe and Show the Government we're not to the F*cked With!!

  41. h q c k e r

    I don’t really know what to comment on these videos other than “hey I’m black you know I know my name and profile looks like I would be a different color but” the riots and the racism the history of racial segregation it’s hard on me and my family I’m bi racial so I see both sides of both races I am white and I am black so I see both sides of both race and it’s hard on both of them but I never see a white person getting kicked in the chest or called a name it’s always “blacks are thugs!” and it hurts me that I would see this and my experience with racism is every day like every day there’s another black person killed and I was with my grandma who happens to be white like I said I’m bi racial but um I was pretty little like maybe at least 6 or 7 and we where getting in the truck and the next thing that happens is we both hear someone screaming and my grandma jumps out the truck to see what he’s saying and he has a broken mop so it just the stick and he’s holding it and he’s screaming at her holding the stick and she said “what?” And he starts beating her with the stick and I was gonna get out the car but she told me to stay in the car and she was on the ground and she tried to get up and she was all limped and I know your probably like “well she’s old so she’ll limp a little” no she never limped before that was the first time I’ve ever seen her limp like that but um yeah but enough about that I wanna talk about the um LA riots I saw what caused it I saw Rodney King getting beat to half death by those “police officers” and when they were in court um one of them said “If I stopped um hitting him, i was afraid he would get up and start trying to fight me” and that made me think and then it hit me and I said to my dad “Why would he wanna get up and fight if the only thing he is fighting for is his life because they are killing him” and I also said “The only thing he would do is get up and run” but i knew that they acted it I don’t trust police men anymore they don’t save people they kill people they take people lives police are the most dangerous people I’ve ever seen in my life I’ve never seen people have so much hate and anger inside of them it’s really so much hate in people and I watched the riots and then I saw blacks killing white people and I know this is gonna be really hurtful to some people who read this but um it was also hurtful to myself because you know whites were my kind as well so I thought to myself they deserve that they deserve it for hurting us they don’t care about us so yeah but I see the riots happening now and I say I wish I was apart of that because it was people fighting for black justice for equality for love for people to see that we are humans to we have family we have feelings and we are not just gonna be un-listened to we are gonna fight until we can be seen as equal people I love the “I’m not racist” song because the white guy who was rapping wasn’t really rapping it was a voiceover and I’ve been seeing people on TikTok calling out people like Madison Beer because she accidentally voiced the n word in a Snapchat video and I’m not mad at her 1) no it is not because of her looks 2) it is not because I’m also white and I’m trying to defend her 3) she isn’t racist when she forgot to stop herself from lip syncing the n word it was a accident I know it was she did that on accident she was really feeling herself and she really was just trying to have fun and she must have been caught up in the song that she forgot to stop herself from saying that so please just love each other #alllivesmatter

  42. JΛYPhantomz

    Its not just one nationality having issues, its all minorities. Just because there isn't a specific video about it lately, doesn't mean it doesn't happen, because it does. Racisim needs to obviously stop, and so does the abuse of power from law enforcers. We are all people of earth, the evil ones need to be weeded out for the future of humanity to prosper.

  43. mzp

    Jason had to grab a black MNselr real quick 😂

  44. YERRTV

    nice oreo in that thumbnail, from the east side it looks kinda funny my guy.

  45. Paula Martin Glez.

    Thanx for doing this Jason ❤

  46. humannamedhannah

    Before the tragedy of George Floyd Minnesota has had plenty of issues with police. In 2017 we had the case of justine damond a white woman who call the police because she heard a sexual assault was then shot to death by a black police officer after she approached his car to direct him to where she heard the assault taking place. In 2016 we had the case of Philando Castile a black man who was shot to death at a traffic stop after he was getting his id as directed by a Hispanic police officer. In America we have police problem. That involves poorly trained, racist, and just stupid police officers.

  47. adamhelm

    Rioting ok? Jason! Use facts not emotion. Look up some statistics.

  48. Shade Daniels

    Yes protesting is good this rioting and looting is absolute bs tho!

  49. Selma Desta

    THANK YOU, JASON. 🙏🏾✊🏾 Your maturity speaks volumes and I’m proud to know you’re from my hometown.

  50. Charm Berry

    Love Mike's afro!! 🦱🦱

  51. Kattya Gonzalez

    Thank you Jason so much❤️

  52. Adi

    He keeps saying non-black people don't understand when he is talking about white people. Many brown people do understand the struggles and i think people should understand that there are more than 2 races. It's not just black and white. Other non-white races have encountered a lot of racism. It isn't just black people.

  53. Nowell Bee

    THANK YOU for speaking about VOTING!! Not many people have been mentioning that. And with this election coming up it’s super important! Also as Bach said vote locally too!! IT MATTERS!! Spreading love ❤️

  54. PhiloGent

    Very happy to see Jason really caring... Love you bro keep spreading positive vibes

  55. FreightTrain557

    Famous MNselrs be like:

  56. Joe P.

    Jason Nash is a trump supporter

  57. Cade Taylor

    thank you for making this video. I know it's not a typical video, but it was great to hear some really well spoken stories from people with such big audiences in a long 15 minute video like this rather than insta stories or something.

  58. Alireza Khodabakhshi

    Thank you ♥️

  59. Hawkeye lonesurvivor

    That cop was fired and is being is going to court to be sent to jail, for man slaughter, the other cops i have no clue

    1. Sparty

      Other cops are still free smh

  60. Trending Reactions

    i respect you jason

  61. Natalye Diaz

    Thank you!!! Black lives matter !

  62. Lala Jay

    At first I was going to criticize all the problems with what they were saying. But then I realize how powerful and impactful this is. Most youtubers are not doing this! Thanks for using your platform for this and thank you for including black people in this!

  63. stephanie meza

    My favorite video. ❤️

  64. Kat Babyy

    so much respect for you Jason for using your platform for a powerful message❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 No one deserves to live in fear an not be heard. Equality needs to happen the racism has to stop✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  65. Jojo Binks

    The looting and arson is a bit too far but now understand why their doing it

  66. Carrie Whelan

    So....this is the first time in how long an African American has been in your vlog and now it’s important?? Hmmm... also, you shouldn’t haveto get “someone’s attention” by burning down their businesses. Come on guys-you are ruining innocent people’s lives by doing this stuff

  67. Secret Gaming

    Jeffree:this is drama Jason:that is what Trisha wont's

  68. 𝓑𝓵𝓾𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮

    Am I the only who saw thru BS?

  69. Ocd11Ocd11Ocd11

    this video is amazing thank u for doing this

  70. Mikayla Porter

    And this is why I love Jason.

  71. Dashlyn Heinrich

    I hope you didnt do this just for views. This is an important matter.

  72. Cassandra Ugalde

    THANK YOU for using your platform. Know that for the oppressed and the unheard, it is SO IMPORTANT to us. It is SO IMPORTANT for influencers to use their voices in this way. In times like this, silence truly is deafening. I feel like we all wait to see if creators/influencers are going to speak out, and when they don’t, we start to feel let down. So, thank you for this.

  73. Katie Biddle

    These type of discussions are going to make it change

  74. MekaHonics

    I appreciate king bach wearing the Jamaican hat💜💜

  75. David H

    200 people are morons disliking this video

  76. Will Millions

    Its GREAT to see the vlog squad coming together on this... it really is.

  77. sUUor

    I don’t think people should riot what did target do

  78. K S

    Thank you Jason 🖤

  79. TheDebymoore

    I’m so depressed and sad . I’m in pain waiting for my operation . I had to start a GoFundMe . Trisha is the only one who can make me laugh . I miss these two so much . I started my MNsel videos 10 years ago because Trish was so inspirational

  80. Jess ward

    Yeah u gonna drive me home 😂😂😂 but so real

  81. Joseph Williams

    Well done, get black people in the video to make it seem relevant.

  82. maranda ficklin

    i have always enjoyed watching your videos and i have always thought you where a great dad and person overall and this video just made me have even more respect for you and i really do i appreciate you using your platform to inform people about what’s going on and what they can do to help thank you

  83. TYZ matos

    That's was a wonderful video of beautiful humans together , cause the reality is..We are all human period! The time will come, but for now changes need to be in the make, and we all know that is still tough all over the world, the planet needs to finally get better and for sure change this matter, enough is enough! Thank you for this video Jason, you are a great man! Much love from Brazil!

  84. Cesar Loya

    What about the latinos/hispanic we do not matter or something? They get killed and abused by police as well but aye BLM right?

  85. chevbowtie86

    Respect to Jeff and Jonah pulling up in a old Chevy.

  86. Val Hernandez

    Jason I love that you are having a open discussion! Some people mostly youth. Need to be re taught about life and racism, some people have been raised so wrong. And that’s ok as long as they bring change!

  87. Lori Kirk-Mitchell

    Hi Jason, lm a white woman married to a black man. We met shortly before the Rodney king beating happened. We couldn’t have children of our own. We adopted 4 beautiful children our two oldest are african America american India and white my oldest daughter is31 oldest son is 24 andwehave boy and girl twins 21 years old african American. It’s sad to me that my husband and I have to teach them how to act if they are ever pulled over. It’s brought me to tears many times going shopping and watching undercover fallow my children around the store. I worry about them everyday, just pray they make it home. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

  88. Marcus & Courtney

    Haha. Thanks for stealing all of our shit and ruining businesses. Good strategy. I mean there is absolutely nothing else you could of done to get attention. Ridiculous.

  89. Levi Chrisemer

    Why does David seem so mad.

  90. Bryan Irwin

    I appreciate everyone who continues this movement and thank you Jason for doing this - thank you to everyone who’s bringing light to this, we are obligated to do so and fix all of the wrongs that have happened throughout the history of the United States

  91. MEGGIE A

    never expected this vid from Jason IN A MILLION YRARS

  92. easily offended

    Kenny once lost a chance at 50k because it took him 43 minutes to figure out how to spell ‘receipt’.

  93. Jessica M

    ❤ Thank you

  94. Fadi Haroun

    SubconsciouscvnhdzrhjAWre5u4y3 qiumtyiust6yuim5mfyx jnrrtagwerygwy retgwryh eHgrdtgbERtyW$ TG WR Yah 4 WR G 44 45 Y 4wgarwyt35 4y534hy3w54 y5q ]

  95. Taylor Rae

    This is SO important, thank you for using your platform to have an informed conversation. I’ll be going to the Black Lives Matter protest here in Calgary, Canada on Wednesday. Now is the time for us to have hard conversations with people with opposing opinions, speak up and have your voice heard!

  96. Justin Robinson

    Like you can talk about MJ

  97. DANDULEY 56

    He rocking that Jamaican 🇯🇲 hat tho #blacklivesmatter

  98. Justin Robinson

    Classic 2020 do not listen to this man, he's trying to rope you into the system.. cause he's white

  99. Matthew Stroud

    So wholesome. Thank you jason for using your influence for good!

  100. sneha nallagonda

    thank you for this video J