Hi I'm Jason Nash! And welcome to my channel. Some of you may know me from Vine or David Dobrik's vlog, but I'm actually a real person with feelings and emotion. In fact, right now I'm in the laundry room of my building crying behind the water heater and writing this. KIDDING! Oh I love to joke! That's why you're going to want to subscribe to this channel because we laugh laugh and laugh here.
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  1. Tea Sis

    Ists my b dayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chetan Singh Rathore

    Fuck u if u hate people saying namaste.... Even we Indians hate to see ur asshole nutsack looking face u bitch.

  3. Empathy Says

    Lol jason... did that scene just transition with a ZOOM IN AND OUT????

  4. sarah call

    Vardan should of asked Jason do you still love trish ? Did you ever love trish? Omg if he say no and it was true we would of have Some SERIOUS CONTENT from trish lol exposed video from hell lol

  5. kendra perpaul-walzak

    joes flipflops are everything

  6. Ben M

    Brandon spent almost fifty bucks just on protection plans.

  7. Korey Rice

    I will play you in a real game. I don't have $10,000 so I will put this up for my side. Any bit you want no questions asked.

  8. Javier Carreon


  9. Latina_girl 87

    All I’m thinking is how fast or a reader Trisha was in reading class when it was her turn.#justalitlestoned

  10. Boone Nobert

    OMG BERT!!!!

  11. Maddie L

    :( why David gotta come for whitey like that she’s such a queen wtf

  12. Dan E

    Yall should check your sperm count in the next vlog.

  13. Allisa Sankar

    how about her teeth huh? so white, it’s nice.

  14. sehuniebootie

    Vardon is really thinning out! Keep up the good work buddy!!!

  15. tanisha haze

    Liking this video just for Whitey hahaha

  16. WYLIE

    Excluding David, the rest of the vlog squad makes some pretty depressing videos. Its almost like David makes sitcoms and the vlog squad uploads reality TV. It sooo Sad to watch Jonah and Scott...Hollywood is so fake man, no wonder it ruins lives

  17. Mille Fleur

    Jason is honestly so good with kids

  18. Maddie L

    If you’re ever in the Houston area again please let me know I would love to have you come to my job and buy Charlie and Wyatt some clothes and use my discount

  19. CooCoo

    Bruh David being dumb for once “why is his tongue so rough”

  20. maddie dowodzenka

    if you like fuzzy socks>>>>>

  21. Bailey Smith

    honestly vanilla is nice. chocolate is my favourite for ice cream but vanilla is nice. there is flavour to it, but vanilla is known to not taste so flavourful

  22. Josue Lizama

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed my his gum chewing lol

  23. morgan parker

    girls do love fuzzy festive socks

  24. Yazmine Trejo

    What is Jojo Siea doing with you guys🤣I'm dead You guys are so inappropriate and Jojo is..............Jojo 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀


    Hey Jason.. is it just me, or does Jonah kind of remind you of Benji from the Howard Stern Show?

  26. Senai Tesfu

    Subscirbe to my channel: Senai Tesfu

  27. Senai Tesfu

    Subscirbe to my channel: Senai Tesfu

  28. Lord Jake

    Brandon and Jonah are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet

  29. Barbara Bush

    jason no offense but u look old af

  30. hi hello

    Girls do love fuzzy socks

  31. larrylasser

    At least Vardan knows how babies are made now 🤷‍♂️

  32. Just Aris

    We literally have the same tv 🤣 ik that remote from anywhere

  33. Nicole Mclean

    highkey miss them together

  34. Mackenzie Edmiston

    I live J’s videos sm😂😂😂

  35. Glitter Bug

    Holy shit you’re so funny!!!

  36. morgan atwell

    I liked the video because i am a girl and i love nothing more than i love fuzzy socks.

  37. Legendary toilet gaming

    Well I hope you enjoy your diarrhea is it going to be at least an hour on the toilet

  38. foot_ crunching

    I love Trisha telling jojo what Jason’s daughter wants likes charley is trishas

  39. James Leckie

    is ad money that low :)

  40. Ivy Bassett

    I've never felt so defensive of a cat than when David was fatshaming Whitey

  41. Ivy Bassett

    Suzie's laugh is honestly my favourite thing she's so cute <3

  42. Nova Playz

    They be watching stuff that’s dirty, but what I left in the Toilet is the equivalent to a nuclear bomb

  43. Eva Aislinn

    Jeff has such a Scorpio vibe

  44. Danielle Renee

    Does anybody else see Bobo back up 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  45. James Leckie

    Jason chews gum like he's trying to quit smoking, he chews it like such an old man hahaha go Jason

  46. Margarida Campos

    Lorraine talking some REAL SHIT right here. Thats a boomer I respect

  47. Berley Bruny

    Is it only me on Karina is nun stop trying to poke out her boobs

  48. JH

    "A chessboard is a square right?" "So 40 squares?" ಠ_ಠ

  49. Jorge Viel

    This video was what i needed to make my day. Ty Jason

  50. John


  51. Omarie Lowe

    A big 👍 to Nash ur videos fun too bro

  52. nia legerton

    Please do a lie detector test on matt and see if he likes carly!!!

  53. Amrit touwans

    You might need to take a restraining order instead of a lie detector test. Your psycho ex Trisha Paytas just rented and moved into a place near you.

  54. heyitsericag

    Yes Whitey!

  55. Natalia Sanchez

    vardan and jasons friendship is so cute

  56. Nadine

    I'm absolutely knew to this Trisha & Jason/squad vlog drama ( over a year later Im so relevant aha) But the common theme iv gathered from both channels videos is this. If you hurt someone you can NOT decide that you didn't. SO WITH THAT IN MIND - saying that this person miss represented or skewed or changed the narrative isn't fair. There are always two sides to every story and I feel that when talking about another persons view of a situation and to say they've changed it isn't fair because that is how this person has taken the situation and its how they feel. Whether you agree with it is different and i don't believe Jason is in any way doing that intentionally its how he views the situation which is equally as valid as Trisha's. He is doing his best in a public situation.

  57. DGJ Edits

    Joe is literally a 5 year old and Jason is his extremely loving rich dad lmao

  58. Matt Gartland

    I hope this isn’t just me but Carly looks amazing ♥️💍 also Jason is just now meeting the cat??? How have they never had him over for the cat haha cat vlogs guys come on!!!

  59. Jonathan Heyon

    David’s vlog is the actual movie and the other members vlogs are the behind the scenes

  60. Joe Hhh Omah

    Jason’s laugh😂😂😂😂😂 HA a A a A ah

  61. FaZe Maestro

    it sounded like ice posidon

  62. mama of three

    you should get them a calendar instead of a map!

  63. Breana King

    David realizing he's not as rich as he thought he was after meeting Jeffree for almost 20 mins straight 😅🤣

  64. Sarah Dooley

    loved this vlog it was so sweet.

  65. drake cook

    He started laughing wich can accelerate your heart rate ...Booom!!! Vardan we got you

  66. Grace Spencer

    You are such an absolutely amazing person, Jason. All jokes and goofing around aside, you’re genuine and you’re sweet and you’re kind. You’re raising such wonderful kids and I love watching your videos! 🤗❤️

  67. Bri Bird

    It should be Nash Potatoes

  68. NBD300

    4:53 "he's like my (goes to say third) second son"

  69. Reinaldo Torres

    Gotta compliment your acting skills, Jason. That letter-read was so genuine. I actually thought your mum sent them a candle 😂 I was so touched by the heartwarming moment.

  70. Mike Gibson

    I love Erin's nipons thru her tops always a favorite

  71. Colton Arnold

    I'll DJ for you guys!

  72. KMH

    i love that jonahs family casually calls him jonah

  73. Infinite Boredom

    16:05 Me: 💞💗💓🥺

  74. Evan Gordon

    To answer Davids question... Cats Tongues are rough to lick off the meat still attached to the bones of its pray... your welcome

  75. Sophia D

    Wow Trisha helped you collab with Jeffree Star and you drove her to the brink... presumably for content?

  76. habiba elsawi

    Did anyone see the a shadow behind the man at 14:25 ??

  77. RamboSlice

    You mother is a national treasure.

  78. Kez.

    "Yes i have i'm 13." LOLOLOL

  79. Caroline

    After Jeff explained this lie detector guy isn’t legit it makes so much sense when I see ppl being tested by him now and they’re shocked when he says their results.

  80. ollie styles

    listening to jason chew his gum at the start is grim

  81. Serpico

    Like the videos, but the gum-chewing drives me nuts

  82. Kristina Marquez

    I'm fans of u & Trisha. I think u guys are awesome. I don't get involved when others are on the outs. I'm almost 46,too damn old for that. I never done it before & I won't start now. I just wanted to say that. Have fun & drink up. It's Friday!

  83. p b

    Confirmed: YES girls do love fuzzy socks!

  84. Cierra Gaines

    The house is getting back into the Christmas spirit🥰🥰

  85. ELITX _

    Me at night sneaking to get a snack The door: 9:40

  86. Clover Johnson

    Jonah is annoying

  87. lynzi loo

    More whitey!!!1!

  88. reuben bronson

    This sooo much better because five minute vlogs are good enough

  89. reuben bronson

    This sooo much better because five minute vlogs are good enough

  90. Amanda Hernandez

    Vardon watches porn omg I cant

  91. Caleb Ferozepurwalla

    vardon is really growing man

  92. thecircledance

    She's very smart.

  93. Friedrich Wilhelm

    Hey David, you narcissistic psychopath! May I tousle through your hair?

  94. Malacate X

    Jasons laugh is so forced is nott even funny, some of the shit is not even that funny

  95. Roxy Appricot

    Okay but the first part with david was so mean😫 like ik it may have been a joke and hahah shit but Nahh bitch that made him look like a douchbag

  96. Georgia Emsley

    Suzy’s mad funny🤣

  97. Friedrich Wilhelm

    Shine my boots, Vardan..

  98. Adam Rombough

    Vardan should be in all your videos🤣🤣