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  1. Kawhi Straightface

    Guy sounds stupid. A photographic memory means you keep a mental image of text or numbers, art or similar, in detail. An Eidetic memory on the other hand is the ability to essentially view your memories like you are looking at a picture or photograph. 2 different things.

  2. Dean Kruse

    he is the best basketball player the season, giannis a close second.

  3. Jaylyn Sacrez

    Wooaahh. I did not know raptors has a better record than clippers??? WTF. Kawhi is lucky he went there, y did he have to leave? Spurs than the raptors now, kawhi in lucky team. He should have stay in raptors.

  4. Pepa Pig

    Dude I would slam my phone

  5. Pepa Pig

    All the cowboy fans I hope you feel my pain now this guy is an Eagles fan

  6. TheWalkingDead SpreadJamz

    What ? Half the team in the league had a great draft the others did not. My Bears drafted the Best overall TE in the draft , Da BEARs do know who the QB will be Nick Foles but they're not going to say anything til after the season starts ! Trubuttsky [so the lil' Mitchy fans can cry wolf rivers ] will get his 2 preseason gms and one season start then Foles will be ready ! Colin does show prep then gets his stats and hlaf truths mixed up. ugh,. why do I even bother..

  7. Kyle Corrigan

    couldnt agree more the packers were maybe the worst nfc championship team ive ever seen

  8. Jonathan May

    Lol Bron beat the Bucks and Clippers in the same weekend and became the media’s MVP

  9. Kyle Corrigan

    this is such a cowhered video its amazing

  10. Larry Schad

    I must be getting old. Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw.

  11. VicTomo

    Dude how can you be the MVP with AD on your team Hahahaha Giannis has bloody Middleton ffs 😂😂😂

  12. Marshall Letlow

    1:11 says that kawhi tossed gianis around last year even though kawhi has locked up Lebron his whole career 🤔

  13. Gordan Reid

    Nuggets vs Raptors would be a fun series if it happened

  14. Frank Glaze

    It's a difference between Isaiah an Cavs player's come on now, Isaiah was the guy who beat Jordan how many can say that

  15. Adrian Chambliss

    No the packers should

  16. GX Abarintos

    nick wright looks like a clown

  17. wjatube

    Baker had the worst QBR outside the pocket. Unless he hired a qb coach and worked on his game during the pandemic off-season that won't change much.

  18. beatles95

    Welp this may not happen 😂

  19. Daniel Ridore

    Media exaggerates and overstates things. They want to have hot takes and be entertaining but they just make themselves look dramatic. Real fans know that it’s 100% a debate and you could easily make a case for Giannis for MVP. I’m a laker fan but it’s so clear to see. Giannis score more points, more efficiently has a sky high PER, more rebounds more consistent defense, has the best record in the NBA, AND all in 31 minutes a game. It’s so asinine to say something like Colin is saying.

  20. Lervar Williams

    We watched mj for his game not his life story. The goat period.

  21. The Skip Bayless Defender

    As much as I hate Rob when he talks about Brady. He has a point on LeBron not winning MVP. Sadly I think this just comes from pure hate instead of actual reasoning. I have no idea how this guy teaches media in college

  22. FallOut

    Colin (The successful dad) Cowherd

  23. Oliver Smith

    Sorry did I just hear Tatum Is a top 10 player in the league. He’s good but he’s no where near top 10

  24. buffalo bills fan

    Me before watching hoping he has bills at one or ill be mad edit: HOW DO YOU PUT THE PATS LAST IM A BILLS FAN BUT REALLY ONE BILLS TWO PATS THREE PHINS LAST JETS

  25. prime time

    Raptors over Nuggets in 5

  26. Jaylord Pahuyo

    All Facts 💯 💪 👊

  27. AsSeenOnTV

    Spade’s hairpiece is a joke. Colin, your hairpiece looks great 👍

  28. wjatube

    Little over the top with the hair Joy.

  29. Miłosz Magot

    I love Rob Parker, on point with everything

  30. Stephen Markley

    What if Colin was like, “Lebron has 3 mvps, he should have 4. My bad he has 4.” Well that’s the end of that segment.

  31. mkcinc23

    I would never pay to have Rob P teach anything. The guy is whack!

  32. Chachi's Adventures

    We're going to skip over the other 2 playoff runs in Miami, huge meltdown against Dallas and LeBrons first season in LA. His 2 finals sweeps?

  33. The Nastiest nate

    You do understand that throwing a tigh spiral and a big arm doesn't mean you can read defenses or make consistent good throws under pressure in the pocket also Dak has had Jason Garrett as a head coach so

  34. J3tcanball

    Jordan had major pull with David Stern...y’all really think they wouldn’t cater to his wishes for Team USA?

  35. Patrick Mullen

    Left the eastern conference and the eastern conference collapsed? What? The east is the only conference to win a championship since he left

  36. Dasaucee

    lebron lost to philly with no embiid lost to pacers no victor, lort to the raptors almost got washed. Ad chokes all the time he is not a closer.

  37. Sirdaddy

    Colin been speakin fax lately


    AD leads the Lakers in every stat except assists

  39. Christian Carreon

    There no sports going on right now, because of covid 19. I still won’t watch a WNBA game because it’s not entertaining.

  40. Ghazi SOS

    I have no idea how BJ makes me (probably not just me) wanna listen to what he says

  41. Loki Harris

    Giannis is regular season MVP Lakers in 6 vs Bucks Lebron wins finals MVP

  42. jason roman

    LEGOAT! PERIOD! 🐐 ITS INEVITABLE!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  43. AsSeenOnTV

    The only thing funnier than the Earl Thomas joke, was how Colin delivered it LMAO,

  44. AsSeenOnTV

    Hairpiece looks great Colin 👍

  45. smiTTy Rodgerz

    How did he get a job but Eric Bieniemy has none ... hmmmm 🤔

  46. Aswin A

    Anthony Davis gets so much disrespect.

  47. Double O Papi

    That's the most spectacularly sound take on LeBron James ive seen since before he came in the league. The encapsulation of greatness in nearly every situation. Still #2 to MJ at minimum but was a precise take!

  48. Kenny Sy

    Lbj is always the MVP

  49. ed mandell

    Giannis is the MVP. He's having the best year. Stop the clown show.

  50. avidadolares

    Jimmy Fallons fake laugh suddenly seems not so bad after listening to Cowherds.

  51. jake gormley

    This dude lowkey don’t know what he is saying

  52. Cam'Ron Johnson

    Thank you for talking facts 👑

  53. cody shem

    Lebron “I can play with great players?” Pizza Hut “3 for 9.99”

  54. Richard Butrym

    That was a joke mmmm kay....

  55. Pranay Nighukar

    One guy is averaging 30/13/6 on 54%fg while being a dpoy candidate and leading his team to a league best record and being #1 in PER IN NBA HISTORY. other is averaging 26/10/8 on 49.8.% fg and only leads the team in assists and isn't even the best player on his own team.

  56. Armani Jackson

    No kidding he had less numbers last year the Packers actually gave him a run game

  57. Aaron Martin

    Every time I hear Colin talk about Baker Mayfield I wonder if he’s still salty over Baker blasting him on Twitter. He seems to take his time and carve him up when he talks about him.

  58. Jaime Sacristán Rivas

    No, he's not. It's Giannis, and it's not even close. The only difference between last year LeBron and this year LeBron is Anthony Davis. Giannis is averaging 30-14-5 and has the best record with a bunch of scrubs.

  59. Gump Wynn

    Come on Nagy..!! Get Mitch going..!!

  60. bluedollars

    😂 running the ball makes the Bears, Trubisky-Foles a better team.

  61. Dwight Crawford

    He should have at least 10 MVPs

  62. James Miller

    start foles, for the love of god

  63. erin Robinson

    How did the eastern conference disintegrate when lebron left and they won the title over the west? Stop it Giannis is Mvp bro

  64. Leesy7NUFC

    Colin>Skip. I love skip but he’s so blinded by his love for Jordan and hate for Lebron.

  65. Wise ?

    Lebron didn't deserves to breath in Rob eyes. He's a hater, and hater has no cure.

  66. Todd Michaelsen

    This shows why the sports media fails in voting for the correct player about half the time. They want a “good story” or narrative instead of the actual facts of the player on the court. Giannis deserves this year. Come on fellas.

  67. Marchristopher Adkins

    Colin must have forgotten about the legion of boom. Rus can handle it. He's going after goat he needs that receiver.

  68. Jake Mackay

    Giannis is easily the MVP, he was averaging 30-14-6 in 31 minutes. All of Colin’s point were career based points.

  69. duckncover182

    As a seahawk fan, I don’t like this and I would much prefer josh Gordon back

  70. Markie D

    Here comes the media pushing for LeBron to get the MVP. And media controls the voting. But it's Giannis. He's in Milwaukee without an AD type sidekick and is in 1st place. NBA awards no longer have true meaning.

  71. hisairness28

    KD also better than LJ

  72. hisairness28

    Giannis is clear MVP and it is not close, Giannis is better than LJ for at least last 2 years

  73. Aaron Hirsch

    “Giannis doesn’t control games, LeBron does” is legitimately one of the funniest nba takes I’ve ever heard

  74. M. Jackson

    Comment section is awful Colin speaking the truth stop hating on Bron

  75. mason Mckenney

    After hearing so much positivity Colin expressed that lebron does that has nothing to do with the season I needed some Lebron Hate

  76. Palrath1

    Rob Parker thinks Jordan should get the mvp and academy award for the documentary. Lmfao.

  77. Mistress of Big Balls

    interesting, guy 🍉 📲 👄

  78. 1kDolo

    Hands down he's the MVP those who think otherwise don't like Lebron anyway

  79. Lopez Renatojr.

    Pippen back was hurt in 98,,so they would thin with out pippen mj cant win?😂😂

  80. balltalkdeep

    The Herd meets The Green Room

  81. sportstalk23

    What Scottie mad at doc showed him as underpaid, undervalued and overcoming injuries. Nobody told him to say he still didn't regret sitting out that game, that's on him. Also The Logo is Dope in his own right

  82. Alpha Nickelberry

    Giannis is the MVP. He has nothing close to AD on his team, and as much as Bron HAS carried the league, please don’t overlook what Steph and the Warriors brought to the league as well. Without the Warriors, the decrease in TV ratings we saw this year would have happened 5 years ago.

  83. Jimno

    Giannis easy! Lebron aint in the convo. Really it should be between Giannis and Harden to be real. When u really look into it Harden had a way better season than Lebron too. Also compare all their best teammates Middleton, Westbrook and AD. Lebron has the most help BY FAR and still didnt have as good a season as Giannis or Harden. GIANNIS FOR MVP!

  84. K.J. Jackson

    Wait a second Is that the NFL Head Coach (PS2 game) menu music in the background?

  85. Bryson Stark

    All these LeBron haters/Giannis Stans so mad bc most of this stuff is true. Giannis is great, I mean great. But LeBron is just so hated on because he has always been compared to Jordan. What do you expect from LeBron people, average 40,15, and 15. Even if he did that everyone would say “well it doesn’t matter bc he lost to this guy that dropped 7 points in the game” but “he’s still better bc LeBron didn’t get this perfect pass at this moment.” Like it just doesn’t make sense sometimes, “if you can’t

    1. Bryson Stark

      “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”🤷🏼‍♂️

  86. CL D

    its easy to stat pad when you have another top 5 player in your team in AD

  87. Aca Tuisamoa Vatanimoto

    Thank You Colin, at last someone says it. Love from NBA Coconut Crazy Fan from Fiji. Go Lebron Go.

  88. Beast Daniell

    They gonna give the MVP to LeBron just to keep pushing the LBJ vs MJ debate even though Giannis deserves it. The media don't feel good unless they get to lie about every thing.

  89. Wale Choi

    That’s the dumbest analogy comparing hockey goons to the greatest top 10 WR in history before he got dropped by the steelers (thank god).

  90. Payton Pritchard

    I think nick foles is going to be a stater and Mitch can learn more from foles

  91. danny key

    Doing this stats and lead the lakers in 34 years old if thats not mvp idk anymore btw AD on the lakers just prove levron is morr and more valuable not the opposite

  92. M PG

    Preach about Lebron, Cowherd.

  93. graham o'riordan

    Kawhi did not throw him all over the floor, look what’s happened this year when Kawhi couldn’t push Giannis towards Bigs because the Clipppers don’t have good Bigs. Had much more size with Siakam and Gasol

  94. Sell the Dip

    Tom green commenting on basketball makes no sense.