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  1. Kairus Gamer

    I always forget that this is actually official Nintendo content

  2. Pizza Homie

    This game... Is my demon

  3. Bro What The Fuck?

    If you think about it this game is stardust crusaders mario edition

  4. olds86307

    0:42 no one gonna talk about beta mario?

  5. JulioUmMendes Distante

    Underrated and best Pokemon game in my opinion

  6. David B

    When will we get Cc EOT and ROF?

  7. Joshua Farrelly

    RET-2-GO > Ret-tsuu-go > Let's Go

  8. Blue Audio

    Time to play this alone

  9. PsynergyXD

    Oh finally

  10. Pickers101

    Even though the Wii U failed hard the switch is giving games second chances and hopefully that happens to this game

  11. Sava Mihajlovic

    I CAN BE THOR? sold

  12. keyway

    When you live in the southern hemisphere

  13. angelita zinovha

    Isn’t it june in 3 days

  14. BunnyKnight Scarlet

    Hoping one of the updates of animal crossing new horizons we will be able customize the interior of villagers houses just like how you can update your house

  15. Robert

    Would be nice if this could be played in local co op, feels like that have always been what has been holding this game back.


    Season 4 and Nintendo switch were good times

  17. Nintendorak Yamato

    Monolith Soft is the best studio for Nintendo! Making SquareEnix-like games

  18. RockManLP

    This would probably be a cool trailer without those awful lyrics, what a bad song.

  19. SimpleまGregま

    What!?!? Mild Cartoon Violence, Violence why does it have Violence?

  20. UnderScore _

    People in 2050 be like: I can’t wait for the next trailer

  21. UnderScore _


  22. Baldi

    1:02 in your dreams!

  23. Zeal Kurusu the Gatorman

    Shantae may still not be in Smash Bros. Ultimate but her biggest adventure has begun!

  24. Party Of 2

    Is it in the west yet??

  25. Anon Ymous

    Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on in this trailer.

  26. HeliosFaust

    So many memories 😍

  27. Jean Marc Justin Velasco

    Team sonic racing from nintendo switch

  28. Liam L

    Finally a comment section not full of memes.

  29. ゆい714

    Was so excited to get into Final Fantasy in my late 90's childhood. My first experience with the franchise was Chocobo Racing which is still one of my many favorite racing games. Was really into the Pokemon RPG's and my only other experience with the genre was Super Mario RPG on SNES, so I was looking forward to trying out this amazing Final Fantasy franchise everyone was raving about. Finally picked up Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube and.. it wasn't a core series Final Fantasy game. The game was just kinda meh. Turned me off of the franchise for a long time. It's the only 3D FF game Nintendo got. Now what Nintendo does have is Final Fantasy 1-3 (maybe 4 not too sure if the west missed a game). I absolutely loved what developers did when they remasted 1 & 2 for PSP (have the original FF1 on NES now but prefer the PSP version). People say that FFIII is the best in the series. Crystal Chronicles on Switch is alright but what I'd really like is 1 & 2 remastered again! Might as well put the XIII remaster on Switch as well so it actually has a good 3D core series FF game too. Final Fantasy has always been well suited to Nintendo gamers despite moving to Sony for a long time. Time to get the core series on Nintendo imo! I'm probably going to buy this release just in case I was wrong back when I was a kid. Or boot it up on GameCube.. but hey, this is newer!

  30. Johnathan Gauthier

    Ummm Yes please

  31. Nick

    Nintendo, this is what we want in our Paper Mario games!

  32. Pickle

    I’m surprised Nintendo would put this game on switch because it is in direct competition with Mario maker 2