What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.

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  1. Luna May

    Mark: This is gonna be a fun year Ethan: *insert I'm in danger meme here*

  2. David Walsh

    Man, Ethan is such a pussy

  3. JustAlpha

    The paintball gun is a Tippmann Cronus for any of you wondering. I've modified mine extensively (yeah, I am giving myself pride for it, I'll admit it! Hehehe), so that's how I was able to tell. Also it's shape.

  4. deshawnesse can art

    I've been wait for this day yasssss😂

  5. Nicole Huber

    I am commenting on every video for a year this is day thirty

  6. Mist Rider

    Watch mark shoot Ethan on the very last episode of Unus Annus

  7. Nikooo

    "Death is always watching... and in this case, it has a paint gun" I love this so much


    @2:12 - No...youtube started in 2005.

  9. ShadesMcF

    _Looks like we got something to look forward to folks_ Death is inevitable. It can be scary. Since we never will know when it comes or how it will feel like. I knew Ethan is gonna get hurt again at some point. Least we now know how. Theres a paint ball with his name on it. Shouldn't have chickened out. Its like he read an older comment about him getting hurt the next time and try to avoid it, but only made it worse.

  10. Beep Boop

    I have made lyrics but i dont have a microphone and no i can use my phone one cause it’s TERRIBLE but i tried i guess

  11. Abstract_Math

    That thumbnail

  12. KittyCatThang

    This is actually the most terrifying challenge they've done yet.

  13. Sean-O of Mars

    The ending interaction is just me and my younger brothers

  14. SHALAMABOOSH 1sopowerful

    Damn Ethan still got hickeys from the suction cup vid?

  15. Ewan Loiterton

    Marks so cut right now

  16. akitafan

    This reminds me of being in AP Literature lol

  17. cssruth

    Hoping for a video of mark hunting Ethan 😂

  18. xRubye Animatesx

    Ethan is like the child, and mark is like the parent, punishing Ethan for shooting him twice in the back LMAO.

  19. JPV 8D

    When Mark spoke in Spanish I had to play it bac cuz I could not believe my ears! I speak Spanish and English, so Mark keep up the good your Spanish sounded excellent!

  20. Christian Whalen

    Why are there so many videos punishing Mark and nothing punishing Ethan?

  21. austin brewer

    What the fuck is this thumbnail!?!?! I will have nightmares for years😔

  22. Frantix

    4:50 new meme format spotted

  23. Jaiden Stokes

    Mark: Ethan I'm going to be so much more powerful than you when I'm done Me: 😶

  24. Phoenix Wolf

    OooOOOOOooooh Memories of Stranger Things season one episode 7

  25. BRUHMAN Zombie

    Ive always been more of a fan of mark but now i feel bad for Ethan but idk if its well deserved or just funny

  26. seungie

    ethan: are you sure it's off mark: mark: *gunshot, then clicking* mark: now it's off :)

  27. [Username has been changed]

    You see what's crazy is that every time this channel uploads the intro is just a ticking timer that's counting down day by day to the inevitable doom that this channel is going to be deleted.......

  28. ambersquirrel25

    This gives me anxiety..thanksss

  29. Robert Summerlin

    Mark is the real life version of Pinhead

  30. Ty R

    He should have shot him while the safety was “on”

  31. SantiagoBro


  32. Colby Ross

    When Mark shrugged his shirt off he looked like he was bout to whoop Ethan's ass

  33. ClonedGamer001

    “You sure the safety’s on?” “Yeah, it’s on” BANG

  34. jaydeN Callaway

    Markiplier shoot Ethan in the ass two times because he has two ass cheeks

  35. VirusOcto

    5:40 *I W i l l S h o o t Y o u*

  36. David Jakovljevic

    RIP Ethan

  37. Pom Griffin

    Poor Mark

  38. i dont know u

    Shoot him in the shower


    uncle jeb

  40. Minecraft Waifu

    No lightning can harm me

  41. TheUberDork

    I really hope Ethan gets his one totally randomly and when he least expects it... like in the middle of a totally different episode, without any explanation and completely by surprise 😈

  42. Trasher

    Ethan hasn't learned that actions have consequences... This is gonna be fun to see unfold.

  43. Haley DiFruscio

    You should shoot Ethan for his birthday. That would be a nice gift. Hell have forgotten it by then

  44. Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe

    You don't microwave hotdogs!!!

  45. Taco

    How did the girl in the cage not break her act-

  46. xxSkyzx

    I really want a vid where Ethan teaches us history lmao

  47. Joshua Lee

    Dr. Dreadful Freaky Food Lab! They still make them AND they come in different sets, edible slime, bugs, drinks. Let Mark finally live out his childhood dream! Like this and let them know!

  48. Legendahkiin

    Unus Annus

  49. Jose Rodriguez


  50. Alyssa Lewis

    Make sure you get it on camera because I really want to see Ethan get hit

  51. Moe and Tekila

    Ethan, he said "meaty," not "meat"

  52. Cade G94

    The only time an unus annus video will be on our anniversary

  53. gab barker

    They tried so hard to get it out with the twizers when all it took was a slap


    ah so i see this episode of mark dying mimics creepypasta titles

  55. 憬虹元

    I bet 100% he’ll shoot him on Christmas y’all just watch.

  56. ohheytommmyy

    alot of this channel is just Ethan getting revenge on mark for bullying him back in like 2016ish

  57. Francisco Boccanera

    como que ya me esta molestando un poco que Mark se lleve todos los golpes y Ethan no se banque nada, medio pelo Ethan man up

  58. Dom Jonson

    Ethan should've taken the shot right there.

  59. R & K Gacha

    Haha noob I can just screen record it

  60. J.C Meza

    This is quality content.

  61. Undead Legion

    Momento mori: memory of death

  62. Jason Aiello

    While watching this i felt like a million needles were on my body

  63. The Satan

    Come on my demons just want to know you better :) No need to resist

  64. jack littlefield

    when i realized that when ever mark says a word that was on the board, ethan shot him, So mark is saying ethan's TRIGGER WORDS

  65. Sikstene 16

    You could find REAL hypnosis videos on MNsel lol.

  66. Nikki SucksAtEverything

    Best birthday ever- get to watch two of my favorite internet people get injured 😂

  67. Brock McKelvey

    This is just "The Slap" from How I Met Your Mother

  68. Lone


  69. Becky Kuchman

    This is revenge for the Barrel

  70. The Spy

    unus annus unus ANNUS

  71. Sath Animations

    Ethan is either a pussy or a fool to not take that deal. It will all end the same, but now with daily dread. Idiot.

  72. Rotten Peach

    1:07 me to my boyfriend

  73. Jay Minami

    Mark you look like a porcupine attacked you-

  74. VENYM

    This is the introduction of conflict I’m hooked now I need to see all of them to know when Erin gets shot

  75. Tuan


  76. Marina Aria

    I am Ethan and my husband is Mark 😂😂😂 this is so perfect

  77. BountifulGames

    unus annus episode 325: Mark and Ethan try Body Painting *mark slowly pulls out paintball gun*

  78. ForensicDead

    Ethan what have you done

  79. No I don't wanna go outside are you crazy

    Mark: Your whole family was just murdered and you’re next, what are you gonna do? Ethan: Put it in the fridge :)

  80. Creighton Armstrong

    Haha. Mark you should do it more than one shot. Get revenge FOR THE BARREL!!!

  81. IAmCyb0rg

    I've never seen such immediate regret.

  82. Yu

    Mark: Speaking in Korean and Spanish so Ethan won't know Ethan: *Shoot*

  83. k.

    This is like that family guy episode

  84. Maddie Long

    mark reviews the impossible video but W H A T

  85. Dr. Ake

    I'm starting to realize this will all be deleted and this is really good content.

  86. Lindsay Gagnon

    Does Ethan ever get punished? or is Mark just a glutton for punishment and leaves none for poor Ethan?

  87. WanderingStars

    Ethan: I feel bad Also Ethan: >:)

  88. Kayleigh Lessard

    I went paint balling when I was in elementary school. It was really fun. Planning to do it for my 21st. Take a shot for getting hit by a shot.

  89. Der Werwolf 93

    I, too, like to float, but in a discount discount sensory deprivation tank, which is like what you did in the last deprivation video, but without salt, and with cold water and no blindfolds or GoPro or headphones.

  90. GeFeHeDe

    I love seeing mark in pain, it gives me the boner

  91. Just a Random

    Where did he get filet mignon?

  92. Bryan Pyle

    I feel like it’s about time Mark gets to dish some Ethan punishment 🤣

  93. Inanedata

    Welp I'm committed to watching these now that I know that Mark has this power.

  94. SilentStorm

    Century defecation center

  95. Tim Reardon

    Should have taken it. Now he can't escape the inevitable.

  96. rhys h.

    i have broken both of my arms at the same time wiz khalifa hit me with a large inflatable blunt i have never gone to public school

  97. the rat lover

    Mark is feeling what doctor strange is feeling in infinity wars

  98. Ethan White

    How dare you Mark. You are wearing tornado headgear, you good sir have offended the whole wrestling community 😂

  99. Jill Beck

    Spit or shit

  100. Lime Juice

    Lol he went from Russia to my to my gay aunt from New York lmao