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  1. Kayla Titus

    I relate to this story on so many levels... I am a daycare teacher. I was a teen mom. I am a single mom... I struggle financially... I even relate here on a more personal level that I prefer not to disclose... but this was a really touching story, and makes me see a new side of you... It gives me hope. Thank you for sharing this personal story with us.

  2. Liz Vela

    I thought the cat was Eryn being silly!!! 🤣

  3. Kelly Kane

    Most hated foundation: ABH stick foundation. I wish it had been featured 😬😆

  4. Jacqueline Todie

    The bronzer looks super muddy at the end!

  5. WifeMomTeacherLife

    Some of Laura’s favorite words: “Oal” (oil) Gimmick-y “Conciller” And new to the list..... Hunky chunky! 🥰❤️🥰❤️

  6. K. K

    Hydro mist powder is great the first 4 weeks than it’s just a regular powder that I wouldn’t even buy 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Audrey Barr

    I loveeee the Becca hydra powder hahaha

  8. Gabriella Huskins

    sooooo pretty

  9. Taylor Levins

    Can u do an in depth shower routine and what hair products u use, and what dry shampoo u use?

  10. Melissa Ann’s Makeup over 45!

    How did the foundations wear?

  11. L Bo

    I know you were about to call it "youtube stories" 🤣 xoxo

  12. Lauren Poulton

    one time freshman year i was straightening my hair and i set it on the inside part of my elbow. how? i have no idea

  13. Stephanie Oefinger

    I think the Florence line is meant for teenagers who have perfect skin. I don't think it's meant to have a lot of coverage

  14. Ava McConkey

    The Florence by mills is made for kids to feel good about their-self.

  15. Claudette Faulkner

    What?? The Becca hydro powder is my favorite!!

  16. Lorilyn Schumacher

    Your cat sounds like a humanoid

  17. Laura Lee

    CEO of " Hunky Chunky"

  18. Rileyyy 1

    Banana ;)

  19. Yuridia Mariscal

    Boo Boo... haha that’s me with my dogs 24/7.. like chill dudes.

  20. Cheyann Davis

    I love the urban decay foundation! I bought it for my birthday over the summer and it was my absolut favorite! Now the shade is far to dark 😂

  21. It'sMeLydia

    I know so many people that swear by the naked foundation! Literally chucked out all their other foundations kinda thing. But It's horrible on my skin!! :( which sucks! I have oily skin, so always go for a demi/matte foundation. I tried multiple different types of moisturisers and primers with it and even with nothing and the finish was still horrible. I've never had trouble with foundations ever. Until this one. I'm now sticking to my £6 foundation which has a way better finish 😂

  22. Briana Marie

    Take a shot every time Laura says “hunky chunky” 😂

  23. Elena Santiago

    So upset with you! Because you cut your hair. 😩 it looked so beautiful that length

  24. Maria Rojas

    Take a shot everytime Laura says hunky chunky lol 😂😂

  25. Brook Campbell

    The mascara did nothing

  26. Anna’s Makeup love

    I love the Becca powder♥️

  27. Alexis Tarrant

    The thing that bothers me about Tatcha Silk Canvas is it claims to be a blurring primer without silicone but it doesn’t blur at all. The best primer I’ve found Is the urban decay optical illusion. It’s heavy but it makes textured skin FLAWLESS!

  28. Kerry-Ann Peers

    You are the greatest and I have watched you whenever I have free time.

  29. Brie

    I hope elf translucent powder made the list lol

  30. Brittney Denton

    I absolutely love that powder I have bad skin and that’s the only one that I found that his works for me I’m deathly gonna be real purchasing it back up Hydro powder that is

  31. Sam N

    No one: Laura: hUnKy ChUnKY

  32. Rachel Price

    My 8 year old was watching this with me and when you were taking about the chocolate bronzer and how everyone’s different and she says “yep everyone’s different like a snowflake” ❤️❤️❤️ we love you Laura in this house!

  33. Bruna Morrison

    You should do a “ trying tik tok makeup hacks”!!!

  34. Nicole Lori

    Those blushes are pretty. It’s actually crazy funny to me how much of different tastes of make up people have. Very interesting

  35. Lisa G.

    Love you and your videos soo much girl where did you get that beautiful emerald ring from that’s my birth stone color I love emerald rings xo 💗😘

  36. L.Neshelle uncut and unedited

    Laura lee husband doing what men do when there wife not around SMH #TEAMLAURA ALWAYS LET HIS ASS GO mnsel.info/video/video/m5ay15uZZpRrmoY.html

  37. Rose Berigan

    How did the foundation wear?

  38. •eH0E• •

    Dumb question can someone tell me the difference between cc and bb cream

  39. Leah Miranda

    At my ULTA, Catrice is on an endcap. Very small display.

  40. Jess D.

    I can‘t stand TooFaced eyeshadows as well, but the Tutti Frutti palette was a full on HIT. Love the glitters in there. You don‘t even need a fucking glitter glue. I love.

  41. alice wellman

    I already had my nap (: Thank you for sharing your very organized makeup. I like how you do it according to brand. I agree with you about your colorful eyeshadow pallet drawer. I'd want to just open it up and stare. My collection is not even close to what you have and I have a hard time sometimes wondering which pallet, blush, highlighter to wear. How do you decide which products you want to use every day? Have you ever considered doing a weekly or monthly shop my stash video? God bless

  42. Victoria Long

    I love the jewel hair clips! Your videos are always so fun, thank you! 💖

  43. brittany stevens

    Colourpop mascara is good af so idk what they're talking about

  44. brittany stevens

    Some too faced palettes sometimes suck but the gingerbread ones are BOMB

  45. Linda Perlak

    I love to watch you and your niece! Your halarious!!😀🐧

  46. Danielle Heeks

    haha totally didn’t notice someone else commented that 🤭

  47. Danielle Heeks

    take a shot every time Laura says hunky chunky 🤣

  48. Ty~Sheree

    I love the stay naked..its my go to go out foundation.

  49. Lily Layne Beauty

    Not gonna lie I love this length. Really bummed you cut it. But you are beautiful even if you had a pixie cut ! Lol but I hope the long hair makes a come back soon

  50. Nadya Diea

    Love u Laura so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  51. Sarah Barrett

    take a shot every time laura says hunky chunky

  52. The Barajas Family

    the brow gel always makes my brow hairs super stiff and hard. I definitely don't like that one

  53. Shaina Ann

    My hubby and I both laughed when you said kaka. I haven't heard that term since I was five lmao 🤦‍♀️😂♥️

  54. Tiff Tutorials

    Ulta sells Catrice... actually that’s the only place I’ve ever seen sell it. I’ve never found it anywhere else. If someone knows where else they sell it I’d like to know?

  55. Megan Purdy

    I love the BFF Mascara tho 😩😣😥🤷🏼‍♀️

  56. Berryknob Berry

    I cant believe alot of people didnt like the UD Stay Naked! It is my absolute favorite new foundation! It is full coverage and it lasts on my oily skin a full 4 or 5 hours longer than any other.

  57. Tiff Tutorials

    While I was watching that video I was screaming thru the phone for you to blend that bronzer!!!!!! Omg it was driving me nuts! Lmao.

  58. Tiff Tutorials

    I’m obsessed with the Becca powder. ♥️

  59. Dana Bernacki

    I love the huda spray but the smell is very intense. I also love the spicy gingerbread pallet but some of the shades are not the best

  60. Kitty _girl

    You forget to sing the subscribe song 💔💔

  61. MelissaXO

    I’m offended with the Becca hydra mist

  62. RecoveryQueen CK

    Girl if you ever want to get anything off your hands go ahead and just send it to you girl😂😝❤️ seriously tho I love you so much

  63. Breanna Jackson

    i LOVE the becca powder!! it feels wet to me instead of cold lol

  64. Bailey Newcomb

    I actually tried the Becca powder from a boxycharm and I kinda liked it🙃

  65. Faith Mabe

    Love you girl 💋💘😘

  66. Erikka Kartak

    Guys she stole manny’s music! Alert the authorities everyone!!! Didn’t think we’d catch that did you Laura! Gotta wake up earlier than that if you wanna fool me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Maggie Steele

    Excuse you ma'am did you just say "it skeeted"????

  68. Jennifer B

    the tatcha silk canvas turns my face to oil and makes me makeup separate, does nothing for my pores!!! . i swear by the tarte primer for pore filling makes my skin flawless and doesnt mess up my makeup at all. the tatcha made me look and feel oily n GROSS!!

  69. Ohsickbenny

    Certain ULTA locations carry certain brands...we don’t carry Estee Lauder at my location, but we do 20 mins south...

  70. Victoria Goneau

    I really like the Becca powder but if it’s not used immediately.. like within a month, every day.. it starts to ball up.

  71. ColorMeDalia

    Wow, I’ve actually never tried any of these products 😳 Small youtuber would love a follow, thanks!

  72. Angela Clark

    Lol, I used that brow pencil and when I went to take a pizza out of the oven I could feel it melting on my brows! Then I could feel it drying and it got hard af! Yes, stay clear of that or any waxy eye pencils if your going to be taking anything out of the oven! Lol, my husband got a laugh out of me screaming and saying, my brows are melting.

  73. Hanna Courtman

    The worst products yet she still looks flawless

  74. Tiago Ferreira

    Fogo nos racista 🔥

  75. Megan Figueroa

    I hated the fenty foundation. That shit separated.. like oil on water. I have dry skin too I was like wtf is the crap shit.

  76. Alexandria Payne

    How can someone hate the urban decay naked foundation? I know its personal preference but man what a disappointment to hear

  77. chanin hensley

    I hate the Stay Naked foundation because they replaced Naked Skin with it. Whoever decided someone who liked Naked Skin would like that crap is outta their mind.

  78. kilyssah

    The Becca powder moves my makeup around.

  79. Dwayne Grant

    You were right about the drag race quote it the starting of untucked

  80. Valeri Oliva

    I just bought and used the butter blush yesterday and loved it !

  81. Natty B

    Very Kimmy K! 😍

  82. Jacqueline Gonzalez

    Laura, your green ring, who’s that by?

  83. Morgan Pelosi

    Hunky chunks 😂♥️

  84. Sydney Cobb

    Lmao I love the urban decay foundation ngl

  85. Kimberly Hayes

    “I probably made that up, cool” 😂

  86. Debbie Chain

    Shimmer shimmer

  87. Bailee Miller

    Love u Laura..ur such my big inspiration to me..ur the reason y I got into make up..I love all the tips u give in ur videos..love ya girl keep up the videos

  88. Niya Monae'


  89. Ashley Hicks


  90. Jordan Locklear

    where did you get your green ring it’s so pretty?

  91. femkens xoxo

    Omg there was an old drugstore powder that has the same effect as the Becca one. I cant remember the name of it but I only used it because of how cool it felt! Lol who remembers?!

    1. femkens xoxo

      I think it was the Revlon color stay aqua powder. Lol

  92. Jes Ng

    How much of the bill for Morphe that I can use your code? I bought so much last time based on your recommendation but I didn’t know we can use in the store. I want to give you credits from it next time. I like Y6 and M6 brush. Only foundation brush that works for me.

  93. Moira McKinnon

    I’m wondering if you’ve ever done an Ulta or Sephora brand makeup?? I also think it would be cool to meet your fans. Maybe surprising a fan with a beauty makeover.

  94. Robin Cox

    Love how she says she will put it in the description box how it wore. But then didn’t put it in the description box.

  95. Marissa Shepherd

    I hate the bad gal bang mascara - it’s awful made my lashes stick straight out and messy. Also hate the two face peach products - I hate the smell and they’re not great

  96. Erin Hunter

    I hate Cliniques bronzer! I used one almost up, bought a replacement and it was ORANGE!

  97. Cierra Johnson

    omg HOW is the stay naked foundation on here?!? Literally the best foundation ever

  98. Charlotte Johnston

    I cant get over the fact that you always do your hair and makeup is always on point ❤❤

  99. Kayla Moyer

    I actually love the bff mascara but I can’t wear it on a long day because it will run no matter what 😩

  100. Sara Duran

    My fav product of all time is the Becca powder! I love the feel