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  1. Ross Allen

    Should've just gifted the kid his own casket

  2. Cody Bannon

    You should do a budget build off with the Throtl guys and then give away both cars at the end. Kind of like an inner-shop showdown and helps with both of your channels' content. -Limited budget -Short time frame -Must buy from FB marketplace or craigslist -Etc.

  3. Hawk

    Brz in my language means fast so is it fast?😉

  4. Guillermo Gallardo

    You should have a pop up in H-Town... he ain’t the only one from Houston lol

  5. ianblake1980

    el niño cara cortada

  6. arsenalramz

    A whole +700bhp MUSTANG + a dude that CAN'T drive stick = death to many crowds

  7. Andrew Brown

    This video was soooo cool

  8. Jacob Siegfried

    The fact that TJ gave him insight and experience into how these high-performance cars operate and what circumstances they perform best in is touching. You changed his life TJ and I appreciate that you went to these lengths to give back to your viewers. Thanks for keeping it real

  9. Bryan Orozco

    Vlogmas would be cool but if it takes a lot out of you then don't do it unless you're willing to put up with it

  10. ianblake1980

    that guy is going to die

  11. Greg Baron

    The vlogmas intro is nearly here 👌🏻

  12. Preston Andersen

    That color is actually pretty close to a stock Mazda color lol

  13. Becon O'Light

    Gets a trip to CA to get his new car...then you drive to Mexico for a few pulls. When he gets home he'll be a seasoned traveler. =o)~

  14. Mikey Fal 23

    what a shame this kid is gonna last a week maybe less such a turd waste of a nice car.

  15. Nonoy M

    Hes gonna sell it to spice up the tc

  16. brendan O Brien

    Do. It do it

  17. Edmar de Guzman

    full send the rx7 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Matt Maclean

    Tbh I kinda like it more that he doesnt know how to drive stick...

  19. Sean Mulvihill

    Congrats to you Nick for winning the Mustang! Now with that said, as long as he treats the car with respect aa he learns to drive it, he'll be good. 💯

  20. UmmmmRamos

    Would have loved to see him attempt to drive it lol

  21. Omar

    I know how to drive a stick since i was 12 just sayin rip in peace clutch

  22. Mike Messina

    Definitely miss daily uploads!...

  23. Landin D.

    lets see some vlogmas but take a lil break after

  24. Nathanial Hile


  25. Elias Hamel

    *Breaking news* Black Mustang in Houston plows into a crowd of onlookers at a local car show event.

  26. Isyraf Hazanol

    Ig: icxp.haziq Car: Supra all the way with that crazy body kit!

  27. The Zupra channel

    its sad that this new generation cant drive manual

  28. Landin D.

    cars gonna be clapped in a week

  29. Taylor Aldrich

    Would love to see vlogmas but if it’s too draining we will understand!

  30. Chase Magersupp

    If I was that guy I would be having the best day of my life I would be flipping the fuck out

  31. Ryan’s Views

    I hope that cut turns into a permanent scar, it looks like you got into a fight with a saber tooth.

  32. Marcus Angeles

    He looks like evan shanks

  33. Jm3

    He's gonna mustang it

  34. peter berrios

    I just come here to see how my boy Calvin’s nose is healing , the scar looks like it might leave a mark but I ain’t that bad , it looks bad ass on the eye brows tho

  35. anthony de la rosa

    oh god i feel bad for this kid @4:53 he goes “uhhhh” for the clutch and brake 😂😂😂

  36. Luis Ortiz

    This car is going to be totaled in 6 months watch lmao

  37. Christopher England

    He looks like Evan Shanks ps congrats bro

  38. Unknown D

    So many Americans can’t drive stick it’s crazy

  39. JotaJota STI

    Teej would you rather No Nutt November or December Vlogmas?

  40. Samuel Kallträsk

    Vlogmas every 2nd day?

  41. Danny Hansen

    Now that's one happy kid!! Love you gave that car to him.. compared to When Throtl gave away the BMW.. he seemed as if he didn't care at all. This brought me really joy to see this kid so happy!! Good job brotha! One thing.. if us from Denmark / Europe enter something like that, can we still have a chance to win things like that?

  42. little amigo

    Damn you TJ, you install new seats in the mkiv without doing a video 😭

  43. Chris Clark

    Nick looks like a "I sold the 700hp Stang for college money" kind of guy.

  44. Amadeo Trujillo

    Got chills watching this amazing job TJ and everyone involved 🙏🏼

  45. GWR

    You know is was sitting in the toilet thinking about the give away and was gonna comment on the newest video about it

  46. Cole Gerz

    Teeg you changed the kids life! Big shout out to you for just being a good role model and a REAL genuine person.

  47. Chris LoDico

    Vlogsmas would be cool and all but if you need the time off we get that brother. The choice is up to you and we support it either way.

  48. Scott Bates

    This guy is going to die. I'm actually worried for him.

  49. Logan Smith

    Hey tj i bought a sticker in tuner evo in miami and it had a mvmt code on it for something free but it never worked i was wondering if you could help

  50. Matt Ayala

    Teej I’m sorry to say this mustang is gonna end up totaled not bashing the kid but giving that kid that kind of a car to a unexperienced rwd driver

  51. Ominous Wombat

    His face during the pulls is pure joy

  52. Darian Peavy

    #ripmustang again lol

  53. Kolkoplays

    Man those rims are not looking good on this and you should have kept the pop ups

  54. Xx Xx

    I'm trying to look for the first video I watched like 4 years ago. I clicked on it thinking to myself "Who's this Rick Astley looking dude"... Been watching you since.

  55. Lawsyy 1

    This video showed how much of a genuine and honest person you really are. It would be awesome to see Vlogmas return but don't burn yourself out man. Do what's best for you

  56. Ryan McNeill


  57. TurboShotIncredible

    Hell yea Local boy! I'll probably be seeing this Mustang on the streets some day soon! Hope he can keep it in order. We got long flat roads though he should be good.

  58. rabid GOLEM

    No dinks any my depot either.

  59. Shady

    Nick seems like a cool dude, wish him the best!

  60. Tejhani Graham

    We neeed that daily upload my boy please🥺😫💯

  61. Doug Dale

    Mustangs going sideways isn't a real thing on S550's....... I wish people would stop saying that. The Mustangs that get squirly like that are the ones with live rear axles, the S550 has independent rear suspension and doesn't have those issues and also why it handles so well compared to the old cars that are literally built for drag racing. Also you guys need to chill he seemed to be shifting just fine, he can handle the manual. I was never officially taught manual but I knew how it worked, and the first time I drove one it just took me a couple hours to get used to and after that it was fine.

  62. Dom De Quoy

    that dude is physicaly awkward I can't look at him .... WTF

  63. michael gonzalez

    He’s gonna crash

  64. Austin Harp

    Tell me why he looks like a cooler version of Evan shanks

  65. Pedro Sauceda Jr

    I think it would super cool to do vlog-mas but not daily uploads. I think every other day would be good enough, but hey whatever you can do we'll support.

  66. Simon Selin

    Vlogmas teeeeej!!!

  67. MillionsDan

    What the first mods? Sell it

  68. Royalty_mex ‘

    Coilover challenge #illiminate

  69. Miguel B

    Vlogggggggmessssss boiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Please haha

  70. Johnny Jouha

    Give him a spare clutch

  71. cronicep

    Yes to vlogmas

  72. Alex Barnes

    We need VLOGMAS👌🏼👌🏼

  73. Mike Sanchez

    Video gave me chills tj changed that kids life what an inspiration my dude that’s what the car community is about 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  74. Chad Daarud

    I’m very happy for him!!! He seems like a good kid and that he will take good care of it!!

  75. Kyle Rybolt

    Lucky kid! I was wondering when this video was going to be posted.

  76. Stephen Contreras

    Awesome congrats take it easy


    not another bmw/ toyota turd... WHY????

  78. Jordan Wilson

    Fucking hell what can go wrong

  79. Orlando Sotolongo

    that kid Is going to total that car

  80. medina619

    i didn't know evan shanks won the car!!!!

  81. bret kopp

    So you telling me I spent 45 dollars on a sweatshirt that my gf ended up stealing anyways and I still didn’t win god dammit

  82. Nameless

    Ngl I never entered because those wheels are awful

  83. Nicholas Butler

    I thought it was Evan Shanks in the thumbnail and we all got played

  84. Giovanni Frias

    It's tradition tj! Bring back the daily vlogs

  85. JT DeDeaux

    Bring the 350z up to winterjam with Sheldy

  86. King Tim Leung

    He seem really enjoy

  87. James Ayers

    "Got the interier smelling spicy" aka he farted in it after indian food

  88. Samuel Galan

    im literally praying for this guys safety, that he doesn’t get over confident with that kind of powerful car and loose control, i hope he can take it easy and respect his car power

  89. Alex Gouin

    Daily uploads!! Hell yeah boy. Haha

  90. Burnout Bobby

    Pretty nervous for this kid. I’m happy for him but that’s too much power for him.

  91. Visarly

    Guess tj might as well order him a new clutch

  92. ssantos010287

    He has a scion and is getting this amazing vehicle and now wants to put headers on it? What?!?!?!?! Still awesome tho

  93. J J

    Cant wait for his viral video of new Mustang owner driving into a crowd of people. Should have made the requirement that the winner must know how to operate the vehicle including driving stick. What a noob.

  94. Schmit GaMeS

    Calving looking like Scar xD Love you Calvin

  95. Curry Riders

    Buy a Challenger and liberty walk wide body it

  96. Samuel Galan

    😦😦 i will tow it

  97. Colin Murray

    Teej.... Don't upload everyday, keep the quality of your channel high, spend and enjoy you downtime with yo partner and friends n fam!

  98. static

    Rip mustang can’t even drive it

  99. Hilos K Jackson

    His dad is taking that car lol