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  1. Farai Matsvaire


  2. BlackAckCL

    Definitely a bad prank, not cool

  3. Jonny Higgins

  4. Shane Cassell

    Love the ending you and calvin till the end man

  5. Tlaloc Contreras

    Make sure the car is bled, then once you think its bled, bleed it again. VQ's are nightmares to bleed, pockets of air hide everywhere so make sure to give it some nasty 5k rpm burps to help. I have the stock cooling system on my Z and the coolant stays as cool as a cucumber even after 7 hours of drifting. Z1 coolant bleeder valve really helps with the job, make sure the heater is on full blast.

  6. ExileIceCold

    7:50 you should just delete the hood xD

  7. Waazin

    U should get upgraded oil coolers and convert from radiator set up to water cooling system

  8. Kevin Chavez

    That was definitely not your fault

  9. Bob Saget

    Liqui moly has a really nice pour spout

  10. Max Ellenbogen

    Since the door already looks like that, just cut some vents in the hood

  11. Trent Borgersen

    Shoulda left it. This isn't aint care enough lol

  12. hurgin dwarvenstine

    You could always take out the thermostat when you go to the track so you're always getting constant coolant flow

  13. Paul Barker

    Intakes are backward right on left .left on right hope you see this

  14. Baby_j 2k

    Imma go play froza horizon 4....

  15. Faris Latif

    That oil changes on that 370z is still cheaper than that yellow lambo

  16. Dustin Lear

    Try water wetter you can order online or some parts houses have it some how it actually works

    1. Dustin Lear

  17. glam1310

    Don't spend any money cut some vents into that hood. Do it Mickie Spec it will turn out great.

  18. raul rojas

    Look into They focus on the VQ motors for track uses!!

  19. Conekiller Chronicles

    A lower-temp thermostat is the first thing I'd suggest for cooling the VQ. Nismo and Mishimoto both offer this, among other brands. If you need to do cool-down laps to get the temp down and it's not coming down while idling, then upgraded fans also make sense. There will be diminishing returns on fan upgrades while the car is already in motion at significant speeds, but if the car can't bring its temps down at idle, then you'll want larger/faster fans eventually anyway. That doesn't replace cool-down laps, of course, but it's another layer of aid. Hood vents and air ducts will help too, but I'm coming from the perspective of a competitive class that doesn't allow body modification, so I've always worked around the issue without those changes.

  20. Cody Blankenship

    Watching this in 2020 trying to dodge the Rona and riots

  21. Alex Starkey

    Take out the thermostat and go get your radiator bled again! VQ’s are VERY picky if the system isn’t bled PERFECTLY

  22. A Z

    Suction cup was the first video I've ever seen lma

  23. Jorky Gonzalez

    Take out the thermostat

  24. GR EEK

    Your intrusion beam is damaged get a new door

  25. RTzeexy

    Should have got a 2012 + 370z. Nissan made them better for oil not great but not as bad

  26. Cameron Kikuchi

    Air cooling a i9-9900k😬

  27. Hazulkar

    WTF $5000 for one headlight? I know it's a Lamborghini and an Aventador. But come one, seriously, $5000 for a headlight is just ridiculous.

  28. Stiven Fuentes

    My dooood get the fender roller and see if you can get the quarter in shape

  29. jorge rodriguez

    Hey TJ I’m sure there is a coolant bypass is which should help with the cooling... I know the vented hood should help since headers are so enclosed in the bay... oil cooler is always helpful... and engine oil consumption use a oil catch can it is so highly recommended for VQs

  30. Timothy Costea

    Race a mustang

  31. Bikelife2006

    Like this coment if tj should wide body the 370

  32. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Good no one was hurt though. That ending though!

  33. Brian James

    My number 1 complaint is the looks (the jet fighter intakes and that ridiculously long rear) they should never put a trunk on it. The perfomance is great but they gave up too much styling to achieve it. Looking forward to an all electric Corvette maybe Chevrolet will fix this problem then.

  34. Matthew _

    You need to put the pop up lights back on it

  35. PDuBz


  36. Eliecer Marquez

    Hood delete

  37. Pablo Luque

    Heat the door up before you try to suction the dent out bro

  38. nuckleheadz garage

    MNsel gold, now we can see 20 more vids about it

  39. Naz Segeyev

    Hey TJ take out your coolant thermostat, it might run a little bit cool when driving on street, but it shouldn’t over heat as much on the track!

    1. Naz Segeyev

      Basically taking thermostat out and putting the housing back on

  40. Rob Minnich

    Liqui Moly makes their oil jugs with spouts also... Deutsche Technik! Genius idea and yeah why doesn't everyone do it? Oh and the outcome by Sabrina was hands down the best part of the 😆

  41. SimplyEddieG

    omggg lol tj my brother! you could of heated that first, it would of came out easier and smoother👌😂🍻

  42. Andy Alcantar

    Again just because you have money don’t mean you can do this bot move

  43. Matthew

    Change the thermostat may help, not a big difference but in conjunction with other changes may be useful. Vented hood would help with heat dissipation as well

  44. PJ Morrison

    Try a thermostat, I had to upgrade mine in my Terminator Cobra.. Which is notorious for heat soaking (not really overheating but still)

  45. BOOSTED365

    Get Dan’s insurance 🤣😂🤣

  46. James Maly

    Hot glue sticks work great for removing dents

  47. AlphaMelon

    love to see how much sabrina supports you in making these videos and embraces it instead of being negative towards it

  48. John Crowder

    I’m thinking the leak under the car is from your diff bushing. They’re a silicone filled bushing from factory and are notorious for failing. My Nismo had the same thing happen.

  49. Steve Solo

    The higher volume of any fluid will help lessen the ramp up of heat. So, an enlarged oil pan to add extra quarts of oil. Or enlarging the volume of coolant would also help. However, the heat under such a cramped engine bay needs to be vented better, along with a better fan to push a better volume of air through the radiator. It's not rocket science. You just need to pick a plan of attack and go for it. Understand, you are running these little engines at max rpm for an extended period of time. Heat will be your biggest problem to keeping these engines from premature failure.

  50. Bryan Fajardo

    Wide body the baby!!! ✌️🙂

  51. Khanh Phạm Công

    Name of the song plsssss

  52. DayDay 2x

    @10:16 perfect example of what happened to the 370!

  53. SBrown

    you should try 10w30 since living in California and hot weather might help little and on my VQ i have mishimoto radiator works great and also have oil cooler and power steering cooler

  54. Redmon05

    Sabrina is the real MVP.

  55. Reginaldo Zandominigi

    Sound better than M3

  56. Nava_ Inc

    >>>Hey TJ <<<<< Try Running Evan's Coolant to Fight off over heating Issues. It has a Higher Boiling point and It Prevents corrosion when the car Sits

  57. Colby Linton

    To tackle the heat, why not just take the hood off? Because racecar

  58. stormchaser8624

    Bought a house with a bigger garage

  59. dawie botes

    I legit came back to watch the video again just to see this car without damage one last time SIGH

  60. Michael Smith

    Sure that’s not your rear diff bushing that has blown?

  61. Arturo Torres

    Man 😕

  62. Wipesmine2

    Get rid of your thermostat it blocks flow. And I believe you’re having an oil temp problem which is normal it doesn’t hurt the motor we all run between 220-235 on oil temp It’s not normal to have a coolant problem I don’t think.

  63. Adrian O'Flaherty

    Just remove the hood during track days?

  64. UnWrecked

    All that strain on the window motor from trying to use it. Check your window motor fuse teej

  65. Luis Carrion

    Almost June 2020 and the Z still using the plastic oem crap bar as harness bar

  66. Daniel Lopez

    I prefer the manual feels more engaging but nothing wrong with auto especially in traffic

  67. White1sox LA c.p.t

    we oohhh tj ... hmmm oke lets wide body 🤣 we yeahhh tj ... nhaa no wide body for me booo

  68. Nismo_zr Z33

    You need to run a 0w40 oil weight too aid in keeping oil temps down. Stop using 5w30 as that is recommended on regular street cars. 0w40 works better in VQs.

  69. Nismo_zr Z33

    If your 370z is burning oil you have some issues....

  70. McGem Mac


  71. xGRiiNz

    I dont understand why you keep saying vq37s burn oil when they don't lol. You have a lemon or something cause for anyone into vqs its common knowledge that the vq35 and vq35 revups are the ones that burned oil. They fixed it in 07 with the hr engine...

  72. Mr Random Reviews

    i feel worse for that supra...😐

  73. Slick WRX

    Sell the Lambo to fix the 370.

  74. Vincent

    Hello TJ, you should try to move the oil cooler to the side. So it is not in line with your radiator. Nex step would be adding a fan to the oil cooler. Your power steering cooler has a lower impact on the radiator. But as long as the oil cooler is front of the rad it will not cool.

  75. Jan-Jaap van het goor

    To keep your oil temps down, add coolant to your oil. Like this so tj can see it 🔥👌🏻👌🏻

  76. Andrew Turner

    Re overheating:- You could try waterless coolant. It has a much higher boiling point than normal coolant, and won't corrode either.

  77. HopeTube World

    3:35 Song please

  78. Michael Froelich

    Friends don't let friends do body work. Or maybe you need a bigger hammer .lol. glad your ok. Just a car

  79. qksmith

    tj goes panel beating. yikes

  80. Nine Milli

    Those doors are aluminum. And are you sure the leak in the rear isn't the faulty diff bushing? They are prone to failure.

  81. Paul Suzio

    AMS coolant expansion tank. Extra 2 gallons of coolant may help

  82. Matt Vagg

    Take the hood off and send it cleetus style

  83. Wehnke Botha

    Goodnight bruthahz hahaha

  84. House Of Stupid

    Pull the fender to hood seals and the rear hood to cowl seal, it should help evacuate some heat

  85. Nine Milli

    Hey, I've got Evo-R front DRLs for that Fascia if you want them. I went with Factory DRL when I did the Fascia swap. You would have to wire them in. Would finish the look anyway.

  86. Compos

    Ceo of changing the cars liverly

  87. L O G A N

    Turn it into an exo car

  88. 5dmc1

    Hope you are staying safe TJ, you might want to board up the shop...people have lost their minds...

  89. mr Top 10

    Is that 2jz in it

  90. mark virant

    Just glue on ramen noodles bruh

  91. David Yeski

    With all of your tools, why do you not have a pin puller? Easy peasy and from Harbor Freight cheap.

  92. Ian Palmer

    You should’ve used boiling water with the suction to fix the dents

  93. Big Head Boy

    man i miss this car

  94. shaun easton

    Waterless coolant and vented hood

  95. Dk ec

    Wish i had enough money to not care that i drifted into a car🤣

  96. Ty Cavallero

    Didn’t think you would show what you said at the end

  97. Jordan Garcia

    I would recommend using 10w30 tbh but love the vid and still love the car even with the battle scars👌🏼

  98. RTRizy

    Sorry for the lost tj, keep moving forward

  99. Cullen McElroy

    I’m guessing the purchase tomorrow is the Porsche or maybe they found a new commercial building which is what I’m hoping for 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  100. Ripqi. i

    Name bodykits ?