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  1. FBI

    Man u really inspired me

  2. Aaron Shackleton

    Joe needs to drop Jake standard

  3. Will Riley

    Jake is such a fucking nonce

  4. IIx-SAQY-xII

    Come on GgKsi 😂😂😭

  5. maninsligo

    He's a liar and he's admitted it. They exist.

  6. kerusi patah

    kicked by football team because of fat

  7. KFCool

    Better than team 10😂😂😂

  8. vinny lavelle

    Go on joe lad

  9. WibuArtz

    Wet Welly a rat

  10. Jedi Ewok

    Great vid! One of the best MNselrs out there. Always funny and entertaining 👍😃👍

  11. Jasmeet Singh

    Beat him up in the ring bro!...

  12. Erook

    Now this is a proper manly response, not what Logan Paul did at the end of their 2nd fight.. "I SNEEZED SO I LOST LOL"

  13. Eduard Smith

    Really would want to see this fight if joe trained properly

  14. Harry Burton

    U preachy mutch

  15. Mojo Jojo

    A bit petty Weller

  16. RevengeAlita

    The bag has padding in

  17. 2TenRecords

    That was terrible man wtf have just watched

  18. Acryllix

    Logan Paul isn’t even bad but Jake is such a cunt

  19. Danny Jc

    Imagine having an Ahole persona and personality ahahaha. He can’t even ACT pleasant

  20. Jay Riddi

    Joe shouldn't off sparked him!

  21. Little Legends

    It is funny when joe was fighting KSI he was so disrespectful but now he is so respectful

  22. Cuz Bros

    You should fight willne

  23. Thomas Mason

    Jake is such a wet wipe, don’t give give the time or energy, he’s a joke

  24. Om Ram

    he is the biggest piece of shit. Logan is a good guy. Jake is a CUNT.

  25. Anna Robertson

    IS IT JUST ME OR DOES THIS ABSOLUTE PIECE OF ****** GET YOU MAD!? Jake is literally one of THE most disgusting 'men' to walk the earth. Or his earth should I say, given he's God in his eyes. So f"cking rude and up his own arse. All Brits watching this surely agree on how much of a laughing stock he really is? Especially disrespecting such a legend (Weller) ...

  26. kevin dijon

    Jake is just a sick childish, not even a man so I wouldn’t be surprised the way his acting.

  27. Simon Lønstrøm

    Fuck jj


    What a piece of shit he is he made him self look a right tosser prick sits there like hes alcapone smoking cigars fucking pussy mother fucker good on you joe you clowned him embarrassed for him✌

  29. Jake Playz

    Why does it look like a house?

  30. Absolute Unit

    legend says chip has killed simon and a paid actor is used to keep simons channel alight

  31. Cookie monster

    0:01 learned that 5he hard way didn't you


    Kitty 2 :the re-kittening!!!

  33. ZliiksHD

    The loss against ksi was prob very good for weller, this vid is just so fkn good and high quality.

  34. ZaksOfficial

    I've seen that girl more than Logan and KSI during this whole fight 3:45

  35. Ja M

    Jake says he’s 6ft 4😂😂😂 bullshit. Joe seller is 5’8

  36. Its Logan

    Who’s here after Ksi Logan 2

  37. Pow Prankz

    Hes a dickhead Jake Paul is

  38. Funkhouser Burnèz

    "I'm not a 12 year old" - 12 year old

  39. Molly Nattrass

    Hahahahaha that security guard has me in tears

  40. Kailen-James Morrison


  41. Adrian Carrillo

    Joe weller wants to fight jake paul

  42. Joshua Baker

    Come find me then joe

  43. Merf

    Send this to Logan

  44. Oli Harris

    Who else is watching this after Logan Paul vs ksi 2 👇🏻

  45. Its Danixl

    1:12 ahhhhhh 😬

  46. Tyreeze Cunliffe

    I wouldn’t be able to be one of these shit talking youtubers I’d end up with 20 charges of assault

  47. ReubJM

    This is brilliant

  48. Nei Rams

    tell Jake Paul to come to South Africa with that nonsense disrespect pls

  49. Alisha Kelly

    Jakes one stubborn bastard could do w a few punches tbh

  50. Tony Stark

    ples joe beat the shit out of him

  51. Darragh O Keeffe

    He is a straight up prick

  52. son of sun

    i kinda feel bad for logan paul

  53. n1njapanda _

    sth so magical about shutting down jake paul

  54. Joey Mccartney

    Anyone else notice it’s the staples centre in the background

  55. Fathima Raheem

    I’ve watched this like three times I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

  56. Tricera_ Shea

    Like to see these two fight

  57. ReBornedYT

    Joe being happy in this. Makes me happy if I have to be honest.

  58. Kadence Pena

    No hate but im just saying

  59. Kadence Pena

    So were ur fans and u dont know most of us so u dont care about us wow were the ones who made u famous and yet u dont care


    Love joe Your mum Your mother (0.50)

  61. Miguel Perez Coronel

    This is the dumbest thing ever. Stupidity going back and forth honestly

  62. Allen Danielsen

    0:38 my favorite move too

  63. Remy Chatha

    Joe is so funny 😂😂

  64. Sid/Brian Golding

    God Jake is a fucking arse hole!!!

  65. -TV5- V

    Did this fight start all the MNsel Boxing??

  66. ImDaRedBear

    This is why this bloke never finished high school

  67. DCTTDRAGZ #1

    I am confusion

  68. Jake Playz

    The bee was obviously not thinking that you come peacefully. XD

  69. HAW Freerun

    Jake Paul is the biggest muppet going someone take his jaw off

  70. Dumb Things

    This balotelli face is gonna come back and bite him in 2020😂


    Oh oh awesome

  72. Liam Austin

    Joe really getting like numbers 😂good to see him back

  73. Neat.

    So lemme get this straight... Jake as he said himself, *HAD* a internet persona at some point. So lets says 2 years ago. Back then he had a large audience and nobody really properly cared about him. He didn't cause too much beef. But now, he says he doesn't have one now (an internet persona ) and all of a sudden (me included) almost everyone who knows the name Jake Paul either hates or disrespects him. So what does that say about his actual personality? Is he that trash of a human being that almost if nobody can like him even a little?

  74. XTheLostChampionX

    1:56 Brooo Jake is for sure on another world. He aint high from weed he fucked up on something

  75. Madison Fox

    2019 anyone, just having a internet melts marathon 😊

  76. Armaan Abbot

    Who’s Joe ?

  77. Nida Tanweer

    Bro hes bare rude like wtf

  78. kingoll 7861

    I still listen to this song omg

  79. Sandro Almeida

    Joe weller, you’re the biggest ass licker you fucking pussy! U lost to thats wasteman’s brother u wasteman. The english dont even like you! U’re the biggest embarrassment to the UK, and theres a Trump lookalike. You’re shit at boxing, making videos, fucking nonce. U chatting about annoying??? U went to them pussy boys yard, and got beat up bad, they even made a fucking diss and u were the back up dancer 😂😂 fucking square head.

  80. Sven Vdgedh

    Jakes a twat and needs to get the shit knocked out of him

  81. The Kilted Wolf

    The spiders 🕷 the spiders 🕷 the spiders 🕷.....

  82. The best Plague marine


  83. Miles Turner

    Where it all started...

  84. Shannon W

    Mayweather saying he’d train Joe if he returned 😱😱 Plz 7:30

  85. Hina Hassan

    fuck you bitch

  86. Dark Eyed Sniper

    Jakes hard in he 😂😂😂 btw fight him ur hard just need to train

  87. Martin Magee

    Jake is as bad as Paul two eggs really

  88. 1000 subscribers with no vidoes

    6:00 just wtf (continue watching until they finish

  89. Taqi Haider

    0:47 theo is like why am i doing this job

  90. Marcus Cocozza

    logen vs jo weller

  91. Jac Stark

    When they were best mates ahahah

  92. I KELLY I

    Much better from joe I hope this carry’s on and you n jj can make up better. miles better seeing you like this

  93. TuLyngYo

    you''ve been 3 times wrong, you said you're gonna drop jj, didn''t, you said he''s gonna lose on 25th august 2018, he didn''t and now, the third time, WHY LOGAN SHOULD HAVE WON AND WILL WIN NEXT TIME

  94. Bernard •

    Nose looks a bit brown joe

  95. Roseway7

    If this was a verbal boxing, Joe absolutely TKO'd Jake, man was clueless

  96. Harpal Chauhan

    Don't like either but jake is a pussy hole.

  97. Nikola Peric

    Jake is actually dumb af lmaoooo

  98. Rat Snackerson

    You handled that a man

  99. Rat Snackerson

    He’s a loser

  100. Jonathan Redman

    He doesn't care about anyone besides himself dude why are u surprised.