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  1. George Upton

    Well said joe

  2. A7HAR

    Why do comedians get a pass?

  3. Ciaran Marshall


  4. JDH


  5. Seb Woodward

    Remember the old times🥺

  6. Conrad

    yes joe!

  7. Amthal Khallof

    What A Legend

  8. Alyzah

    Sad how this doesn't get the views it deserves but something that's not serious gets a lot more :/ Good job Joe, really appreciate this :)

  9. Daniel Delacy

    People who dislike this is just an tosspt

  10. Declan Judd

    joe mate 100% straight facts appreciate you mate !

  11. Claire Campbell

    Why would anyone dislike this ffs

  12. Lachlan Verschuren

    If anyone is watching in quarantine like if joe should tell us what happened to him and Elliot on wafflin

  13. A Dub

    I have so much respect for Joe , more pl need to stop being selfish and think abt the bigger picture.

  14. Jamin Laundy

    Who tf is thumb downing this video wtf

  15. Dixon Balls #LLJ


  16. Connor o'neal

    You're a real good man Weller! lots of respect #BlackLivesMatter

  17. Daniela Aguilera

    Thanks Joe, much love xx

  18. Hassan Salaam


  19. Emily Conn


  20. max k

    I like this Joe, this Joe can stay.

  21. hmmm wtf

    you’re amazing joe, we will stand together #blacklivesmatter✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿


    Pog w

  23. Jonathan Evans


  24. C 1

    Just so people know the cop got 3rd degree murder which is the UK’s equivalent of 1st degree manslaughter. Honestly what happened is horrible, it is just good that the cop has been arrested, and such a shame that a man lost his life for no reason and now has a child left at home without a farther.

  25. TheSauce Group

    Totally see how much this means to you, and must also mean to all of us. Thanks for your using your platform to share this much needed message

  26. LJ

    BREAKING NEWS: British MNselr puts an end to racism FOREVER

  27. Mason Long

    People are people #BLM#BLACKLIVESMATTER

  28. Nijua Ward

    Joe honestly inspires me to be better because he has such a great speech and a heard voice i honestly don't know why some people don't like him because he seems like a nice

  29. WassellThatAbout

    435 racists disliked this video*

  30. Alex

    I want to sign the petition as I don’t support racism. Although it’s asking for my email and postcode. Don’t feel comfortable doing that

  31. JustABOT



    @ksi help him out

  33. SanityisOvr8ted

    coroner report is bull. setting up a case for the cop to walk. No signs of asphixeia, possable intoxacation, underlying health issues. you ain't seen nothin yet children this shit far from over. A tune that applies again now indulge an ol hippie mnsel.info/video/video/zdKZrnPYiYikf4o.html

  34. Logan Winkler


  35. Mattchris240 -Moblie

    I hate the Paul's family there so annoying

  36. Jivya Jinn

    This is where Joe is at his best. Good work brother.

  37. Muneeb Adamo

    Weller and KSI have some of the best characters. The invigilators kill me 😂

  38. Ross Broyd

    Rightly said mate🙌

  39. Joshッ


  40. Dick Walker

    If Weller boxed like he did today on the night he would have had such a good fight

  41. Chloe Diamond

    well said!

  42. Don’t know

    You don’t deserve less or to be treated differently because of the colour of your skin. Fuck racism 🖕🏻

  43. Parsa Dadgar

    Well spoken my guy , totally agree

  44. Mission Dan

    Joe weller cashing in on the death of a stranger... fuck off mate.. would you make the same video if this guy had bought your grandads car with fake 20’s? The guy shouldn’t have died but he was a criminal that did.... do you know why im not dead, you are not dead or our friends are not dead? Its because we follow the laws of society.. fuck him.. dont deal in counterfeit cash, simple

  45. nah m8

    the racists disliked the video

  46. Jacob Kennedy

    How have people disliked this

  47. Alfie Duffy

    Said it like a man m8 fucking inspariational m8

  48. T DomZz

    Joe you speak the it’s the good non judgemental people vs the racist scum of this planet how can people be given such power with knowing their pathetic narrow minded, who judge people upon their complexion It’s 2020, we need to try harder as a collective to remove racists from this society and positions of power Great video joe says a lot

  49. fleet agressian

    Theirs kids dying evrey day in Palestine I don’t see you talking about that joe ?

  50. matt pe

    yes joe! this 3min video is everything, i love the way he uses his platform to share support and awareness

  51. milly jones


  52. TG x LMCK

    I genuinely think if you are racist then you are definitely extremely ignorant, and to me it also comes off as very stupid. We are all just humans, there is nothing that can make us better than each other because at the end of the day we all face the same fate. If there are things that can make us "superior" to one another it's certainly not going to be the colour of our skin, where is the logic in that.

  53. Rachel 16


  54. Delniro Soares


  55. KingOreon

    This made me think madly and it's a terrible matter but you've spoke well and everyone matters here

  56. Sonny S

    Made me feel a sense of empowerment. Big up yourself Weller

  57. TheFallsCapone

    Someone once accused me of being racist, I'm not, I hate everyone equally.....

  58. James Christopherson


  59. Kyle Page

    How to people evan dislike this :(

  60. Henry Richardson


  61. Brookecomerr

    Loved this video and the content ur bringing out recently keep doing what ur doing!

  62. callumf49

    Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson!

  63. Yasmin Bradford

    Well said Joe

  64. Dazed Donut 32

    well said mate ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  65. Chris Horne

    Love you for this bro ❤️❤️

  66. Reece Hughes

    love this

  67. Max

    We can all agree that racism is fucking disgusting, however, racism is an evil which will never be defeated because it is a vicious cycle, racist parents create racist kids due to their environment and it is extremely hard for kid to kick racism as they have been knowingly or subconsciously taught that XYZ race is different to other people. By no means am I saying this makes racism acceptable but then those racist (usually Caucasian kids tbh) create a racist bubble in society. Then the people fucking stupid enough to believe that join that and it keep expanding until the smart people like the person reading this comment and myself, pop that bubble and explain to those people that everyone should be valued the same as everyone else rather than based on skin tone or ethnicity. Racism has become the common cold of society by the fact that it portrayed and seen so often in society and on the news etc. just look at how often racism in football is projected onto are TV screens, so much that people become numb to it as they see it everyday. Moreover, it is evident to any avid historian, that America is half a century behind in time as if you look back to the 1981 Brixton Riots that was for more or less the same reason, young black men and women being unfairly oppressed by the Met Police. However, the truth is, it also proves that violence does make people listen and hear what you are saying as after the riots, everything changed. Although it is a sad reality, the only way some people learn is through violence. I do not condone, the mistreatment of police officers, after all, alot of them aren't racist they are just doing their job and what they have been asked to do so that they can feed their families and pay their bills. Thank you for reading. Note: A good article to read is the foreignpolicy article called "Violence Is Sometimes The Answer"

  68. Max Stuart

    "it's not police brutality, it's murder" so powerful Joe, good on you for speaking up with your platform

  69. K A

    The benefits to racism are massive. That's why it continues.

  70. idk really

    Theres not more racism it's just being filmed more.

  71. Youssif Hisham

    Well said bro

  72. Harry Hunter

    Well said ✊🏼

  73. BullZi Bobbin

    Weller i see you in the bushes there pal

  74. Youman

    Respect to joe weller for speaking out👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽👊🏼👊🏻👊

  75. Jason

    Of course you call Tommy Robinson a racist 🤦🏻‍♂️ he fights for justice and cares for his country. You also support Chelsea bruv one of the most racist fan bases in England been as you bring football fans into it.

  76. Joseph Stephens


  77. Charles Parry

    Well I think i'm going to get a whole lot of backlash off this but I think third degree murder is definately the right charge. Taking away the racial argument which I think is a huge problem and I couldn't agree more with what is said I think there was no intention to kill. The police officer here has put George in a bad position which clearly was not necessary, most likely for racial reasons. However, it seems to me that due to the people around the Officer - which was completely reasonable of them - caused him to panick and press down more. This is simply terrible and the man should lose his job and on all fronts deserves this criticism. A terrible incident which highlights the racial and police problems in America, 100%. Intention to kill though? In my opinion no. Feel free to argue against me, just stay respectful :-)

    1. Account YouTube

      Charles Parry You don’t just suffocate a person in the neck for 8 minutes straight and call it an accident. Your sick in the head mate. Go get checked out

    2. Charles Parry

      @Account MNsel not a Tory but whatever you say. So what your saying is this Police officer purposefully murdered a man in the middle of the street with many people filming it. Yes he murdered him, but it was accidental.

    3. Account YouTube

      Charles Parry “the people around him caused him to panic and press down more” lol I can just imagine you saying that in your posh Tory accent

    4. Charles Parry

      @Account MNsel you say that but have no counter argument. Please explain to me how this is first degree murder.

    5. Account YouTube

      That has got to be the dumbest comment yet lol

  78. L S

    This is what you call sincerity, I am tired of people being performative and this was the exact opposite of that. Good job Joe.

  79. GSD

    All dislikes on the video are from racists more than likely

  80. fentz fez

    0:34 😎😎

  81. oakyst

    Does anybody know her insta lmao

  82. DJBusinessCake

    Fair play Joe, fuck racists.

  83. Aidan Johnson

    How can people dislike this vid

  84. Wil Midgley

    How tf is there 400+ dislikes, grow up you disgust me

  85. Jack James

    The only way you can say something wrong when talking about racism is being racist 😂😂

  86. Ben Stringer

    well said Weller huge respect for using your platform to spread awareness

  87. Bob Johnson

    Who tf is disliking this, sort your life out

  88. jacson

    Joe as always been well spoken, he will always have my respect

  89. ixmkxblt

    Joe Weller. This is what a INFLUENCER looks like. Couldn’t of said it any better, this is how you use your white privilege & be an ally. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

  90. Philoki


  91. luke gibb


  92. michael gilbert

    Well said mate 👏

  93. Juniax CS

    Big respect for coming out on this.

  94. Info Account

    It’s sad because the police is supposed to protect people but if they start killing people who r we supposed to call

  95. W4S1M

    Whoever dislikes FUCK YOU!!!

  96. cal willolfc06

    Joe I don’t watch ur channel much but I had to an I mean had to watch this video because it sums up racism SO SO WELL racism shud be talked about forget the brand deals EVERYONE NEEDS TO TALK MORE! AS KSI SAYS MONEY DOESNT BUY HAPPINESS IT ONY RENTS IT! People mite be rich but hav the worst problems in the world!!! WELL DONE JOE! #JusticeForGeorge #BlackLivesMatter #UnityIsStrength #NoRoomForRacism #MoneyDoesntMeanEverything

  97. nikhil reddy


  98. Talha Sajjad

    Respectttt ✊🏽

  99. A A

    Amazing video, expertly delivered joe 👍👍

  100. Ewan McGrath

    well said