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  1. Ryan G.

    I'm convinced with her crazy eyes that she's possessed. No need to use acting skills in a show about demons when you really have one. She's hot no denying it but I feel my life & soul would be in danger if I actually dated her.

  2. Ralph C

    Big bang theory just ended and now Im hearing Bernadette's actual voice. Just one at a time. 😤

  3. Lynn Poole

    Dr Turd wont answer the question if he has ever gotten high. He side-steps it.

  4. Brayden Mills

    how about a buy back every gun program

  5. DANNYonPC

    5:01 Dicks has balls button

  6. arron baker

    That lipstick she wearing😂 she look like a retarded clown....her mom diana is ole but still better looking than her Tracey nose longer than MF big crazy frog eyes.😷😂

  7. Makatak7019

    The Apprentice : Prison Edition would be a great continuation

  8. Della Marie

    I have to practice this on someone so I can kiss this guy I like who I haven’t seen in years. Such courage she had!!

  9. Chatty Cathy

    Moscow Mitch Will be voted out along with Leningrad Lindsey.....VOTE PEOPLE!!!

  10. patrick hobbs

    Two Mississippi ... Did no one else want that as the title for the second season?

  11. Hoganply

    Oh look, the left have finally found their equivalent of 'Libtard' and discovered trolling, how cute. Let's keep playing this game of infantile deflection, shall we...

  12. Uriah Gillespie

    Ah, so Stephen's once again on his once/month vacation?

  13. mrmaje1

    What the fuck was going on with his last comment!!??

  14. SharonSmilesPhotography


  15. wayne Last

    Lol a woman could never impersonate a man

  16. Brendan Murphy

    ok boomer

  17. Bethany Goodwin

    Is it only me who wants to know which Kpop band those fans were waiting for?

  18. Muhammad Haseeb subhani

    He is cute I m not a gay😜

  19. Reita Randolph


  20. 0525loki

    Ok Boomer is too short and lacks imagination to be a proper insult. Step your game up lazy millennials.

  21. coveylane


  22. 🔥yunknow

    I’m actually happy. Like I’ve read some mean comments about her and stuff. I get she was (maybe not racist or colourist) but she insulted black Americans. Which resulted in Cynthia getting a lot of criticism. But I’m glad I haven’t seen much. I’m proud of her and she’s still my role model. It shows she isn’t perfect and see make mistakes! Anyway I’m a proud Nigerian and I’m here !!! Proud and happy! Go us!!! 🇳🇬 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 Respect to all black communities!!!!

  23. Arizona

    dont you love how these SJWs could never make up their own original gold for whamen? they have to anchor off an already successful IP lead by men.

  24. Nameless One Wanderland

    So far 1.4k with EDr.

  25. Lenart Koman

    ok boomer

  26. Galvin Owens

    Yeah Mayor Pete

  27. joe smith_axe

    Same popularity but the Beatles music was so much more varied that BTS probably wont ever reach the standards they set

  28. Ogsonofgroo

    Dohtard Hump~ 'You're fired!' Me~ 'But you haven't hired me yet!' Dohtard~ 'Crooked Hillery's fault, get me a Big Mack!' ....

  29. beautyblogger ratchet

    My fave song and so happy to have a bottom anthem I relate too! #bottombitch

  30. Hey Zeus Cree Stow

    Ok boomer

  31. David Hughes

    How do you spell obsequious?

  32. Julie Wake

    Why is my cat running across an American football field? She doesn’t like American football.

  33. Bevil

    Ok boomer

  34. Lelynn Miller

    the multiple counts shock, he brought to that lil girls face, was priceless. 🤣

  35. Kat Brax

    Now how does he know about the coconut oil and headscarf on the beard for smoothness? Wink Wink💯💕

  36. Jacob Mateyo

    5:40 the country needs seriousness but they need joy at the same time "Wow"

  37. Respect My Authoritah

    can we impeach her?

  38. Kat Brax

    Beard gangs matter. Yazzzzz!🌬️🌞💕💯

  39. Moop Productions

    Ok, boomer.

  40. Frances Glenn

    Hot to get trump out of office!!!

    1. Frances Glenn

      Get trump out !!!!

  41. Ruby Kelly

    During the pickle joke, I'm surprised Stephen didn't make any mention of it being a 'big dill'

  42. Eric Henretty

    Face it folks a lot of people myself included thought maybe someone not a politician might be a fresh approach. Not just Trump supporters but those like me who allowed it to happen. What we're seeing in this interview and others is it takes someone who knows the constitution to protect it. Comments made by Trump like " I can pardon myself for anything" fly in the face of the Founding Fathers.

  43. Cc Abberly

    Ok boomer

  44. chrisflach69

    Trump is supposedly an idiot.... but he has more money than all of you calling him an idiot put together. He beat the MSM, the obama admin, the DNC, RNC and HRC to become POTUS when people you claim are smart told us he couldn't do it. He turned around an economy Obozo claimed would require a magic wand to fix. Record growth and record low unemployment..... if Trump is so stupid why arent all of you rich and why didnt Obama have half the economic growth Trump has had? You sound like the kids in school making fun of everyone TV said orange man bad....hate orange man

  45. fairytop1

    Not by any chance a fan of Trump but Chrissy Teigan does have a filthy mouth.....it's not feisty at all...its filthy ...I once liked her but after the baby Meredith issue I'm done

  46. Phyllis Moon

    Why we shouldn't be surprised that Bernie Sanders gets NO mention at all & Warren receives the credit for the stance that Bernie has taken for decades now! It's called the MEDIA BLACKOUT! 👎🏽 mnsel.info/video/video/1pevloa8fHybinI.html

  47. Everything batman collector

    This sghow is got way 2 political.

  48. Sue Massi

    Now he can not State taxes legally!

  49. Maddy

    0:18 jesus he’s so adorable

  50. Sue Massi

    Love it.

  51. Norcanex S.G. LLC.

    Trump is the leader of a semi-free world, NOT the free world,....look it up!

  52. Codefy

    I love killer mike. He did say some shit other blacks would hate. Example is a message to whites is to go look for a minority and teach him how to be successful. I could other blacks absolutely hating this. Why are we dependent and expectant of white man to fix our problems, we are proud strong black men and women with the power to lift our own communities up.

  53. fisher king

    It's kinda cute that Trump thinks he'll be able to have a job other then making license plates after the presidency 😅

  54. Savana Brakefield

    Boomer: says n word, r word, other slurs Millennials/gen z: hey you can't say that Boomer: lol these kids are so sensitive and such snowflakes!!!! Maga lol !!!!!!😉🙃😉 Millennials: ok boomer Boomer: WHHAHSSBNDNNDDNENNDNEJSN FUCCJJRJJDJDNF GRRRRRR

  55. David Heller

    Ok Human

  56. Nicolai Marquez

    She's an inspiration, not because everything she's done, but because she's a weird mess and can make people uncomfortable if she's feeling nervous, and she's confident about it. I love her. That story was priceless

  57. Awgiki

    Payola Queens <3

  58. Gabe Kis

    Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, he he he ,haw haw haw, yuk yuk yuk .

  59. Olli Casey

    I come from the future to tell you that this is about accurate.

  60. kissmyaass1

    Can't wait for Trump to win in 2020 and see Colbert meltdown on live TV. The 2016 win was great as Colbert was moaning and crying over Trump winning but 2020 is going be twice as nice.

  61. Qui Tran

    Hahaha Bernie-together we will trip balls- Lol where do u come up this stuff, Stephen?? 🙃

  62. Kent Tan

    pajama sam

  63. Eric Antonik

    Get your facts straight about JUUL Late Show. Ohhhh it's more funny to use misinformation in a shtick? I get it. JUUL branded vape pods do NOT contain the vitamin E acetate which has been making consumers sick/dead. That being said, I don't like JUUL's. I will never buy one. What's getting people sick are the black market pods and juice which is diluted with vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E acetate is mostly if not all found in counterfeit pods and THC cartridges, not from FDA approved products and retailers. You wanna play dumb games getting counterfeit, black market products, you win stupid prizes.

  64. ItIsRiley

    Only a boomer would think boomer literally means someone from the baby boomer generation. Ok boomer.

  65. Sapphire _official

    Oh,who's that pink mic guy? I know him-

  66. A T

    Pot hangovers can be the worst but you can smoke yourself back out

  67. Doris Goodyear

    Thank you guys you’re funny especially you John

  68. Marcel Moulin


  69. will nelson

    i mean, he was in ct...

  70. estote parati

    misandry crap, feminism and transgenderism are a mountain of crap created by the pedo satanic elite. The chip is the mark of the beast. JESUS IS LORD. Choose carefully where to tay.

  71. Chaos Gospel

    "What he doesn't realize is that his quarrel is with my Creator" That and just about everything else he said stole the breath from my lungs. Fingers crossed we won't jinx it, but I've got a feeling about this one.

  72. mrrandomness

    It’s weird to see Conan behind a desk

  73. Flamebuster32

    Ok boomer.

  74. Sean Turner

    Personally thought it was better than "looper" . Fresh prince ftw!!!!!

  75. Brim Taika

    Thanks, Ellen.

  76. Dennis Mitchell

    If government was fair and just with regulations becoming a billionaire would NOT be possible. Neither would there be government assistance programs and the tax rate would be at most 10%.

  77. Explodingtraps

    "Saved you" rofl

  78. Kellie Thornton

    This is easily the best Meanwhile ever

  79. Le GarLa

    People came from the oceans? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  80. Hildebeast Clinton

    Welcome to the Late Show, inn the show producer, George Soros. And the economy needs “fixing.”

  81. Sal Lazaro

    He looks a lot like Sam Bridges

  82. Hildebeast Clinton

    Welcome to the Late Show, inn the show producer, George Soros. And the economy needs “fixing.”

  83. Enceladus Eve

    This guy has some issues with Trump

  84. YEEWONG magazine, BHUTAN

    I looooove Conan😁❤

  85. Hildebeast Clinton

    Have you seen San Francisco lately? Garbage Dump Pelosi is a criminal.

  86. Koki Pig

    I think JK can rap Suga's part

  87. - Buehmann

    I thought it was this monologue. But there was one where I believe he compared Trump to Winnie the Pooh. All I could think about was that the difference between Trump and Winnie the Pooh was that Winnie the Pooh knew how to use an umbrella.

  88. James Goines

    Sometimes a bitch slap doesn't work. You may have to go ballistic with a JBS. A Jumping Bitch Slap always get their attention!

  89. Sahirva

    I went back just to hear him beautifully sing that again! 4:22

  90. James Goines

    Ronald Reagan said "Lead. Follow. Or get out the way."

  91. James Goines

    Stephen and his do an excellent job at creating humor for us to enjoy. But this has gotten to be quite serious now. As a Patriots fan, our motto is 'Do Your Job.' If you won't or can't do your job give it to someone who will.

  92. Tammy James


  93. Sharon Rinkiewicz

    That was hilarious.

  94. Lucian Buchholz

    The media is an absolute joke! All late night television is straight propaganda. An unending tirade of anti-Trump jokes. What's worse is I can't tell if it's actually genuine or a ploy on behave of greater powers to push Americans into the Trump 2020 camp. Either way, it's pretty apparent and I'm callin it, Trump 2020.