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  1. High Heel Knight Reviews

    I guess somebody on the staff has been playing the "Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath" video game recently. LOL

  2. Dee Dee Winfrey

    He'll be gone soon.

  3. litty blissed

    i looked down and sure enough, its Seth,...

  4. Jorge Gonzalez

    creepy Joe jajaja.

  5. Jeanine Jackson

    1/3 of COVID19 deaths in Democratic Cuomo’s New York! Speech patterns like Obama! Uuihh, 😂😂 He lives in a Black Community?

  6. young savage

    Your voice is too annyoing to subscribe too and your face is an eye sore

  7. momcatwoo

    Time to speak up, Stephen.

  8. Ro G

    When fictional cyborgs have more humanity than the current president. 🤖 🤷‍♂️

  9. Vanessa Gonzalez

    Stop it

  10. Twinodoom

    Robocop then abandoned his job as a police officer to compete in a Mortal Kombat Tournament.

  11. anthonyt4154

    The intern/writer who had this idea probably had Mortal Kombat 11 on his/her mind.

  12. Aida Fuentes

    I used to admire this guy so much, what a disappointment

  13. Kelsey Verdi


  14. Kelsey Verdi

    YIKES... now I'm wondering about Colbert...

  15. LiniTV

    I think James could literally send you to hell and we all will be happy with it 😂

  16. Jeanine Jackson

    Biden is not the best to have as guest! Testing is something that would have to be done daily! Working like him & Hunter did with China? Work around the World? Like Ukraine? Looking for “positions” for Biden family members?

  17. David C

    She would melt if she wore a dress

  18. David C

    She is filled with hate

  19. Safyre Shore

    We are not a democracy. We are a republic. It is depressing the people are not listened to.

  20. Kilgore Trout

    Trump called Putin for advice.... telling

  21. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Dump sure likes to talk big while hiding behind the military and white house wall. NRA, where you at? Use your 2nd Amendment right against the military and see how well you fare, or is all about the money?

  22. Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    White people invent TV, certain other races burn cities down.....

  23. Trea Montejo

    The last part was well played by Matt Walsh. 😁

  24. mohd rafi

    It runs in the family, I suppose...

  25. david williams

    Hahaha hahaha 🤣👍

  26. jrg973

    I don't know what that book Trump held up is or was...It doesn't have anything printed on it... My Bible has "Holy Bible" printed on the spine and face, Trumps had nothing... Just like the "book" he took his bogus oath on... Can you really be held to an Oath sworn to on a copy of "The Art of the Deal"?

  27. Baron Von Gott

    Where's ED-209? Trump would end up like Mr. Kinney. "You have 10 seconds to comply."

  28. Vince Niederman

    My Mom Has a Crush on James Marsden Now Hahahaha I Loved His Performance in The Sonic Movie!

  29. Joe OConnor

    All energy is in constant distribution and transformation even how we think

  30. MCenigma

    It's a sad state of affairs when the "president" of America has to be heavily guarded and protected from the American people....says it all really.

  31. MsRivoluzionaria

    Colbert does a good job with that voice. Wars are always started by idiots.

  32. C How

    OMG!!joe biden is suuuch a sleeze bag,just like hillary clinton.OH,, and as for trump...Holly Molly..this is so discusting..The ONLY good amazing Honest full of White Light candidate was Bernie Saunders and you americans blew it ..sickening!!

  33. Privatepilot

    Two pure 100% losers.



  35. Charlotte LeClair

    Such an idiot!

  36. True Black Knight


  37. Derek Chisholm

    Are the monologues not getting posted anymore?

  38. Chad Simpington Doomerly The 1st

    Orange man bad... Launch BLM program

  39. Raymond Orzecki

    Can't wait for Cobutts house to be looted he wets his pants cries like a little girl and calls Pelosi to come sane him cause the cops are busy

    1. Timothy O'Brien

      Did you notice that you're the only lunatic making comments here?

  40. Alec Zika


  41. Kataro Quasinzki

    Mariann Budde threw some decent amount of shade on his orange-stained ass after what he did in front of St. John

  42. Serge Somborac

    Trump is the epitome of how it doesn't matter how rich you are, money can't buy intelligence.

  43. Alberta Vila

    How dare she sing this song after she cheated on JT

  44. Javierm0n0

    we had chance to avoid what's happening right now. #Pandemic100000 #BlackLivesMatter #2020 #GeorgeFloyd #DavidMcAtee

  45. Bthsr71

    Supporting the current messes our country is suffering from would be breaking directives 1, 2, AND 3. Not that Murphy 1.0 would have been on board.

  46. Rob

    someone please push Forrest Trump back into the bunker, close the door and THROW AWAY THE KEY

  47. Laura Willits

    Thanks for a moment of levity amidst the grief.

  48. Crystal Murphy

    Wow...The end of this video literally prophesised what is happening today, 06/20. Killer Mike, I could listen to you speak all day!

  49. camelshit

    You really should lock that trump up in the bunker, and get a real President into the upper premises of the white house again. Please, USA, do!!!

  50. Sam Batta

    Oh god... The Azcrac jokes were beyond funny!!!

  51. Peek Jhon

    He knew it

  52. Rick S

    Trump know about as much about law and order as he does about running a country or fighting a virus. NOTHING.

  53. Michael Newell

    Trump shall receive power again through control by chaos.

  54. Jesse siordia

    My thoughts on the sketch... Eh... just a bunch of 5th graders working...

  55. FDC 1

    It's been almost 4 goddamn years and I am seriously getting tired of having a president that is borderline retarded. He is only speaking at the SpaceX launch because he wants to colonize Uranus.

  56. C J

    G-damn it Stephen!!! Where are you? We need you now,..

  57. Jeni EL J

    Why was Trump there?? I sure didn’t want to hear him speak- or what ever that was. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼


    Trump supporters are like, "America is great now." Completely lost from reality. 🤦‍♂️

  59. Eliza Hall

    Amen! Most of us cannot be tested.

  60. me heretoday

    Trumps walk around (as he broke curfew...first to do so) was straight out of Designated Survivor with Kiether Sutherland

  61. Stephen Webster

    Jimmy dore has a brilliant take on the brave Mr Deniro and his activism.Trump is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.

  62. Udderate Madness

    love this

  63. Csleuth One

    Kinda looks like a repeat of the SA thugs from last century Germany. History repeats itself. Find the moral courage to pillorize this abominable administration. Fascist dog is Donald Trump. Disgraceful example of an earnest true American. Phony dodger, bankrupt fraud. Narcissistic, pompous fool. God save us all.

  64. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :

    Trump’s physique looks more like ED-209.

  65. Andrew Salinas

    his name is carlos not charles lol

  66. tolga tarkan ölmez

    She is downest to earth prime minister of the Universe!

  67. Khair Masud

    Trump is tired of hunker down in bunker and afraid of Russians, 2nd amendment has nothing to do with now situation,he fooling we American people,he himself not obeying US laws for Russian benefits, what he is doing doing Micheal Flynn

  68. Sylvie Groleau

    OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the beginning of the video, Mister Wong says "I am an American immigrant" Welcome to the continent sir ! Then he says "they say that America is a country of immigrants " OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at a globe or at a geographical map Mister Wong, you will see that America is a continent of 35 countries with over 1002 billion residents from the North Pole to the South Pole. The United States of the American continent, shortened by "America" is what the reality is.

  69. triggerd cookie

    Honestly I find Colbert’s smile more creepy than Bill’s

  70. KinderTubeHD


  71. Jonnie Hendricks

    He looks like a jerry

  72. rohan saraf

    07:11 bad choice of words! He's blowin up ! :D:D Awesome person Kumail.!

  73. milijana milijana


  74. Cee Little

    This is making too light of a very scary reality. All I've heard outside for hours is helicopters and sirens.

    1. Timothy O'Brien

      I get it, but we've got to laugh to stay sane.

    2. Nicholas Whaling

      Do me a favor and try to stay safe, ok?

  75. sanjuansteve

    American Republican limitless fear and greed (fear) has killed their empathy.

  76. Gabriel Desmarais

    this is why we need people like you, you are able to find humour in such stressful situations! Thank you so much for that.

  77. Art Vale

    Career change is right. Trump can't even take care of things here on earth, and he want's to have a space-force.

  78. Louie Nieto

    Did should have put that orange space monkey on a spaceship so we got rid of that f****** worthless piece of s***

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    i like your content nnNL

  80. Elliot Byrne

    1:58 Neil sounds like Yoda

  81. Rebecca Conn

    Looting? Corporate Goons have looted closer to $10 trillion since Reagan.

    1. Nicholas Whaling

      That's not even including this year is it?

  82. czgibson

    That military may indeed come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue.

  83. Cool Joule

    tramp the fake gangsta, the fake pres and the fake white supremist... trump only cares about trump

  84. Natalia Belen Franco Medinaceli Price

    the first song ive heard was Disco Heaven and wow Lady G I really admire you

  85. Lovely Skull

    Since when is The Bible a prop for a photo op.

    1. Christel Headington

      That's just the cover, inside is Mein Kamph.

  86. wss w

    What i hate about trump is he can't read and speak English but he went to college and graduated.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  87. Ashley Ambuehl

    You play a monster really well.. ehh... Are you okay? 😂😂😂😂 I love Bill in I.T

  88. diagoumistis

    Look. two pieces of human debris.

  89. sprybug

    I saw lots of police causing problems during the protests. Here's a collection: mnsel.info/video/video/0JWovGO5gnd7aGU.html

  90. Liz Rhodes

    This country was founded on breaking the law. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhh ahhhhhhhhh AHHHH

  91. mitshua

    Stephen! As a fellow South Carolinian I would like to request that come election season you get Jamie Harrison on your show. He's the Senate challenger for Lindsey Graham and I think he could use a Colbert bump

  92. TWDFAN2056

    Trump sounds like the preacher from the Titanic movie, maybe that’s why he got the Bible out today....???? 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  93. salmonline

    500 pounds of rancid Orangutan crap in a 300 pound suit.

    1. Raechel Jackson-Ward

      I'm frightened by how much this made me laugh.

  94. Harry Steele

    US Generals Resigning under Donald John Trump, I can see it happening.

    1. Sam

      General Jim Mattis did just that. He resigned from being Secretary of Defence.

    2. Lon Chan

      They already have! one of them even called him a moron..

  95. Norm alice

    He basically used another press conference as a maga rally #byedon2020

  96. Sickbrain

    00:30 he's actually having physical discomfort from reading.

    1. nick cifuno

      Not as much as we are.

  97. Dianne Forit

    Bunker Boy! Save the Bunker Boy!

    1. Christel Headington

      Why ?

  98. Lynelle

    loved it

  99. Big daddy sugar cane

    Little Como is just like old man como. these two clowns have made ny state one of the most expensive taxed places to live in the us.

  100. Optimus Crime

    I'm surprised Robocop did not wait earleyer🤔