For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by MNsel star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. ALFONSO Pereyda

    I counted he sipped the water and milk 127 time

  2. Aeryn Harris

    Wait is that real meat she is a vegan??

  3. John gatti

    mega death my ass..he ate it like ice cream

  4. Andrew Antrim

    Am I the only one that think he looked at her butt why she was running around the table

  5. **Cherie** **mayer**

    I like how towards the end the swearing comes out it's like the hot sauce brings out the devil in you lol

  6. Thomagranate Imerson

    10:58 I died 😂😂

  7. dylan scronce

    partyin in a studio with a bunch of def didn't "loose" a 20k rolex lmfao. one of them mfkrs jacked it

  8. royandescartes

    looks. like he ate something hot there

  9. Vance Vehrs

    I would listen to Al every Sunday on Dr. Demento in the 70's. I think his parodies are better than many of the original ones. Some I would never have know about if he didn't do his stuff.

  10. BigSnipp

    Complete failure. This is NOT a spicy chicken. It's a regular chicken sandwich with hot toppings. Wendy's has an actual spicy chicken sandwich.

  11. Risotto Nero


  12. Kevin Baltzell

    That laugh when he flips them killed me hahahaha

  13. Foxygirl505 Gamingandmoreisbackinbusiness

    I really want to meet post Malone in person he has the heart of a gold.

  14. Kai Parker

    eeew skip's armpits

  15. lil kay

    Love u juice fly high 🕊🕊🕊 999shit

  16. Rosanna Frith

    as a British person, i am disappointed by the size of the beer

  17. Unknown Animates

    My cousin tried a pinky of it he was coughing I tried a lil tiny wit my mouth was on fire

  18. AK Connor

    Is it just me or do Justin Timberlake and e guy from hot ones look very alike

  19. Douwe Dabbert

    That was entertaining 😄

  20. Yoshi T

    Amazing, but feel bad for her for the after pain. She is a role model for many.

  21. Cash Nasty

    He sweating

  22. CeePhour

    Be thankful you can call you father.

  23. Something Else

    22:42 "My soul is burnt to a crisp!" 😂😂😂😂 And he says it all serious like, "Damn!"

  24. Emmett S Morgan

    You managed to get Kevin Malone?!?!?

  25. Peter D

    he reminds me of squealer from animal farm

  26. Poop Johnson

    "This tastes like poison" *takes another bite*

  27. Roy Orbs

    the cattle prod story is killing me. why haven't I seen this yet

  28. Robert Russell

    Damn those wings weren't as spicy as the 4 bottles of pills he popped

  29. ross Braun

    thank god he died

  30. Colin Schmidt


  31. Ray A

    Sean is literally saitama

  32. Lum Bum

    man I miss that 70s show

  33. El Muchacho


  34. Mr. Synyster

    I did the first one with u, wasn't to bad

  35. FleeBiss

    Steve-o: We were never mean to anyone outside of our group (He threw up over a sushi cheifs food in their restaurant, scaring elderly people on a golf course with airhorn, burning down 3 cabins, annoying a shop owner by joking about stealing stuff etc.)

  36. Matt D

    "Offset smoking"...... lol, it's called INDIRECT GRILLING. Get your bbq nomenclature down. 😁 Btw, you never put your top vent directly over your indirect fire! Who the heck consulted with you on this?!

  37. Ralph Ansons

    you washed the sauce off with the lemon and lime juices xD

  38. obliteration time

    he is going thrugh it

  39. Stefan A Bilc

    Gordan Ramsey: Shit Shit shit shit

  40. Mr. corrin Miscellaneous

    I’m not a huge fan of her music, but she seems so chill and sees like she’s having fun in her music videos.

  41. Marilyn Strube

    Could this actually hurt someone? If Fluffy had a heart attack from this I would die!

  42. Jim XMafia

    11:21 when you chat to your crush and she replies back 19:24 But she said we're just friend

  43. Poop Johnson

    Eric Andre is the MC Ride of comedy

  44. Luis Franco

    Shawn! Love Hot Ones! Maybe you’ve already watched it but if not it’s worthy. The Host. Excellent Korean film.

  45. Turkeylegs83

    im glad im notthe only person who likes spice (;

  46. GLaDOS

    billie eyelips

  47. Michael Bottiglieri

    Stevo handled that better than anyone holy sh-t

  48. Fart Games6161


  49. A. G.

    I am obsessed and in love with Issa Rae

  50. Edwin Bondoc

    We love you Joaep

  51. James G


  52. Cameron Lanni

    its funny because when i listen to his music now all i can hear is him screaming "NO ONE CARES ABOUT YUR SICK, ROBOT FANTASIES. ALRIGHT?"

  53. James G

    19:25. 19:31

  54. Gaeist

    Whenever Shia hesitantly doesn't eat the chicken. Me: JUST DO IT!!!

  55. Gaptastic

    Hmm, would i've dcried without the cartoon .. Prob no,t, but love sean

  56. New Generation

    Bruh I wonder what he said at the end

  57. Wacha Lookinat

    What a fucking cry baby haha Sean owned him

  58. Shank Hicks

    this was actually good sit down

  59. deren Stree

    4:45 top dead or alive? Mad insensitive yo

  60. lizzie vi

    on a scale from 1 to stoned are you?? <3

  61. Gaptastic

    yes, u never looked better ...

  62. MrAtarine

    im re watching this and i wish they had done one with him during all of this... seeing how hes been doing and rating the new line up

  63. Pancho Lopez

    I love Mac 💕❤️

  64. giannis xalkis

    He sounds like an ignorant rapper

  65. Senorita Aurora

    She's so likeable

  66. Wayne Punch II

    Camera guy Bill messed me up at the end

  67. begüm

    that 399 chair ad music 😎

  68. Ken Roberts

    just cause you stuff burgers into your face hole dont mean you know burgers, alvin. george motz or GTFO

  69. Yohana Vega

    action/cheers/food-yum=distraction vs diversion vs distrustful=no more=fucking around(lol)=time wasted..........not sad bebe=anymore=you make me strong

  70. Chris c

    125 hayzues lol

  71. Jesus Christ

    I love this guy

  72. Wolfie

    wtf is that on his nails?

  73. Veronica A-M

    I literally freaked out when I saw this on my recommendation. After, wanting to rewatch it the one day and not being able to find it

  74. James Kon

    Hey, Sean. Big fan of the show. If you see this, I would recommend watching, "Train to Busan." Its a Korean zombie movie. 👍

  75. Veronica A-M

    Who else is here after not being able to watch it for awhile?

  76. Haider Karkamaz

    Anyone tried mixing tomato sauce and mustard if you haven’t actually try it pretty good

  77. Nadeshka Holmes

    I don't even know him that well but i would give my life to protect him. He's the sweetest human being.

  78. Bee Pall BeeKeeping

    dude . . .

  79. Club Astro Transcendental Motor

    Sean, 3 films from Spain. 1970's. Academy Award winners and nominees for Best Foreign Language Film. An Obscure Object of Desire by Luis Buñuel. Great film to watch while smoking. Cria Cuervos and Spirit of the Beehive. You are welcomed.

  80. Retrofern

    I'm so glad they invited Margot Robbie, onto to the show she's so attractive! 😍😎

  81. Queen Jen Jen

    lmbo oh you gotta love WIll!

  82. Ryan Mitchell

    Shoulda brought Johnny Drama out for a revenge remake of Gotcha, if ukuk

  83. Chappie L

    First time I have seen Stone Cold not actually being a complete dickhead

  84. Micheal Ryan

    Terry Crews is an absolute win for humanity

  85. ItsCheesy

    Came here from a Far Cry playlist

  86. seytet

    she is still our Bella 🥺❤️

  87. Blade

    Joel Embiid:”I’m a warrior” Me:no your not your a 76er

  88. Andrej Šándor

    oh god.... that distuned ukulele :D but hillarious as always. great show ! :) i love tenacious D. they are amazing.

  89. Rapha

    Man... that was intense.

  90. Federico Navarro M


  91. Josue Mejia

    Why don't the celebrities on this show eat the whole chicken wings? 🤔

  92. BurgerMax

    This comment section is filled with 13yo girls *Change My Mind*

  93. Kenenite The Good Deed Channel


  94. Thomas Brady

    This is actually the best one I've seen! Brilliant and was actually laughing out loud

  95. MR. SMALLS

    The humblest episode of hot ones