For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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  1. William Preece

    that was one of the funniest thins I`ve ever seen.

  2. playboymansion

    wagoo - sean

  3. La Grenna Grande

    She needs a lot of attention.

  4. Blake Bonecutter

    I just got Philled in.

  5. Shams789

    Shes cute. I like her smile

  6. abdul rehman

    Still isn't as good as ichiraku

  7. harry crevis


  8. Beartholdt

    let’s keep it simple, no crowd maybe!

  9. Mattmvn

    We need megan thee stallion on this

  10. it’s me

    Dude Shia’s voice FEELS like a hug

  11. Chicky Nicky

    You guys should invite Mark Weins for hot ones, that guy eats chillies like it's nothing. You should got check him out he eats almost anything with no problem it's amazing.

  12. David V

    Guy is a class act, and Sean's a helluva an interviewer!

  13. Stephanie Herr

    I honestly think Kristen took it like a champ


    you know, Hell is a whole lot hotter than DA' BOMB.......

  15. John Ny

    > "When you treat an animal with respect, this is what you get." > Shoots a bullet in its head I'm not a vegan - not even vegetarian - but the hypocrisy is quite staggering.

  16. Kimberly

    Am i supposed to be pronouncing it WAG-YOU? like that woman cause i say wag-oo in Scotland

  17. EyeToob

    No more interviews in front of an audience, please

  18. Jorge Perez

    Those are no angels the angels are Lucy,drew and Cameron. This is a woke failure enjoy your wing do they taste like defeat.

  19. Koala Kontrol Jr

    Is this show on Disney +

  20. Henry Gutierrez

    Phil, the centrist god

  21. Jackie S

    This episode was comedic gold for Sean he had me cracking up so bad

  22. Rebeca Ramirez

    " I took 2 bite's bitch"!😅😅😅

  23. Hamsa Fouad

    Why does that host narrate their reactions like a soccer or baseball match 😂😂

  24. Jessica

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I've missed "REEEEEEEIIIIIIINAAAAAAA" (I can only sing her name like Will did)

  25. Static Wolf


  26. Gil Asakawa

    Another great episode featuring Reina Scully, one of the best MNselrs in Japan. My one nit: None of the people in the video besides Reina pronounces "Wagyu" correctly. Wish Americans could spend a little time and energy learning correct pronunciations, and listening to how Reina says the word.

  27. Michael Patterson

    The edits on this episode were kinda rough...

  28. SeisSieteTresAWSF

    Objectively the best steak in the world... deep fried... and the only words Sean can say are "This is bomb". White mediocrity.

  29. mincraft and fortnite Clark

    You are the best

  30. Brandon Smith

    "you have a punchable face" lmao he's one to talk

  31. mincraft and fortnite Clark

    Be strong all the time

  32. Zach Werner

    Escape from Guantanamo is his all time funniest role.

  33. goldenage1978

    What a weakling, i've seen kids on this show being more a man than him.

  34. mincraft and fortnite Clark

    I lake your video

  35. JulioS

    Burger scholar.... Nice title.

  36. Jon Possom

    Sean Evans has had dicks in or around his mouth , fucking faggot

  37. Adc Main

    Bu karıyı o kadar cok seviyorumki sikesim var vallaha cok seviyom <3

  38. Leah Bailey

    I love shia always have always will... He seems like hes a fun guy to smoke pot or pop thizz with...

  39. whitemother of four

    Sean always does a taco variation of anything

  40. ConkerThePaladin

    Why was I smiling the whole time?

  41. rafa gar

    Can you invite jackson rathbone to this

  42. Sophie Cummings

    I dunno if it's because I'm tired but "I'm part aquatic" made me cry laugh

  43. Shaq Kush

    Real bay area

  44. 07YNWA

    Urggggh. She’s quite annoying. Think I’ll stick to hot ones.

  45. JW killz

    Why would you invite him??!

  46. Cody "U.S marine hyde" Cigar

    What's that girl's name tay zonday??

  47. Mimi Butler

    Jeff Goldblum is the very definition of enigmatic.

  48. JW killz

    Gordon: it’s too Saucy!!!

  49. TareQ

    he got higher on spice

  50. Natalie Torres

    Shout out to Texas and our whataburger

  51. Creepy Dingus

    Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup! Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup! Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup! Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!Sup!

  52. Pearl * Tears

    did he say 16 million for 2 lions? WTF

  53. NickSims

    so we just gonna ignore the fact my man took the hot sauce taste test like some blow

  54. brrcs

    Abstract chicken wing sauce, call it Jackson Pollo Loco

  55. Ed Pepa

    This guys restaurant was exposed for doing some shady stuff with the wagyu. Can't really remember what it was.

  56. Zuko Alone

    Please don't team up with defranco. I know he always kissed your ass but that's not that good of a thing.

  57. Hikaru ZPA

    No one: Absolutely no one: Shia: I’d look so sad right now.

  58. Qwerty178

    Nigga is you speakin Spanish or something?? 👌🏾👌🏾👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯

  59. Nam Sewman

    would be super cool to see you guys do more stuff with rogue or other creative brewers

  60. aedan murphy

    Remember when Steve Austin beat his wife and then served minimal jail time? Why does he get to rebrand himself and just never deal with the consequences he caused?

  61. JW killz

    This is how u get dem views

  62. lee lee

    Keke reminds me of my best friend Zoe. I love that girl.<3.

  63. Antonio Jackson

    Bring some fans of the show I'm ready

  64. fushi69

    get bad bunny

  65. Deanofog

    So so hot at 15:21

  66. Antonio Jackson

    I won't to try these wings

  67. Kaylee Brown

    I cant believe she’s only 17. She literally talks like a 27 year old

  68. ItsAMe Brinyoh

    Okay, when did he go from cute boy to sexy man??

  69. Kamiline Keshavarzi

    Calm down relax

  70. Rip van Winkle

    No wonder japanese dont grow to be over 5ft, they eat baby portions all their lives

  71. Kamiline Keshavarzi

    One of my friends cousin is Nika kunis her name is alexandra kunis lol

  72. Fisher Rivero Connell

    Does anyone know the name of the song and artist that was playing at the end of the episode?

  73. Justin S

    This Phil guy fucking sucks

  74. Christy Roche'


    1. Christy Roche'

      He put the #veg on the burger all

  75. Christy Roche'


  76. J Howard

    She was already badass. But this made her that more attractive.

  77. Dead Fox

    I like her outfits :)

  78. Fabio lima

    They shining like motherfucker ❄️

  79. ラベ

    Her eyes look super red in the beginning

  80. bigswordspikedhair

    I love how Reina gets really shouty when she gets excited

  81. K Jay

    Her style is hilarious now a days

  82. Taylor Bailey

    13:15 when that acid kicks in