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  1. Jamie Bloor

    This is how many people are bored so watched all ksi vids I I I

  2. Diego Navarro Rodríguez

    Who else worries about them getting coronavirus

  3. Jack Matthews

    Guys, we found Babatunde's father

  4. MR_T_D_O_G_1_ Y_A_R_H_A_M_

    487K likes and 3 years and I’m still waiting for when Deji and ksi play scary games together as a series

  5. truthfully da kidd

    This was recommended to me after his album didnt get no.1 and we didnt get baldski back

  6. Gamescharles

    2:21 imagine how much people lost there appetite

  7. Isaac Duncan

    Who came from recommend

  8. Johsun24 _-_NRG_-_


  9. Neil Gheyi

    I miss when they loved each other and had fun together 😭

  10. Xavior Rivera


  11. bourtdragon

    ksi been rappin

  12. JG

    Most of those kids are in there 20s now... Let that sink.

  13. Glitch Prince

    i got this recommended and i was like BALDSKI but then i saw it was babatunde

  14. Frozen Gatorade


  15. TH3_Cum_ Bender

    I pledge myself to your teaching master

  16. Colin Edinam Blewu

    This is very accurate

  17. Robloxian Void

    Babatunde takes over ksi?? DAM BABATUNDE YOU GoOOoOOoOOOoD

  18. Jonathan Jd

    Fire fire fire get out of the house jeez my Brada why is your mixtape so hoy

  19. Theo

    No one: JJ: drops 60k Hublot on the floor

  20. Uno Reverse card

    I wonder what Simon would’ve done if jj really left

  21. Ciaran

    Anyone else on for you page 2020?

  22. Voltic Shotz

    this was back when vik was unfunny, he’s sick now

  23. adam

    i was 9 when this released and listening to this for the first time when i was 10 holy shit time flies

  24. JK views

    So basically this song sucks sry

  25. Garbo

    Anybody here in 2020

  26. Rossa Lennon

    Doesn't even seem like the same person

  27. ZzSDLzZ ZzSDLzZ


  28. adam

    i remember first listening when i was 10 im now 14 and still remember all the lyrics

  29. ta no

    maroon 5 girl like you lyrics

  30. Ollie J456

    Bru JJ definitely high😂😂 I can tell

  31. mimi & moo

    9:14 I.DIED!

  32. Nicole Anggela


  33. Deja Love

    You can't fight


    Who else came here after KSI's most recent video?

  35. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

    It’s funny how he changed the whole song cause of this after

  36. Deja Love

    Logan Paul is better 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  37. LR72

    AND S-X

  38. StaelTek

    remember, he isn't gonna do it. you all have been tricked.

  39. Liberator


  40. Frozer

    Who else watched this so many times in quarantine so now they know all of it or is it only me

  41. Josh Taylor

    Miniminter taking piss outta Weller but Weller would smash simon up

  42. The Dave

    Still think this is his greatest video ever

  43. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

    Who ever says last has aids

  44. Green Bullet

    KSI and the worlds biggest r/woooosh

  45. Jana T

    Why is MNsel recommending this now...

  46. Lestat Patabon

    Am I last

  47. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

    Who ever says last after me has aids

  48. DemiGoat

    We all know Jj and Sommer hit it off

  49. marc sarouni


  50. Scareard

    *recommended in 2020*

  51. Faris Piar

    Look at the woman's face hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 5:36

  52. IceMan2630

    It makes me really sad to know I’ve known of this man for years and I mean years, and I will never meet him or talk to him and it’s really sad because I watch his videos all the time I’m always in the first 5,000 views per video and I just want jj to know we all love him and to keep up what he does because he deserves everything he gets and will get in the future !!

  53. GHOST RG

    I am going to rob a store

  54. Kaot!c Xeno

    Gadamn bro this is actually a good ass beat with da vibes

  55. voes on 60fps


  56. Hyper ZCWT


  57. It’s just Kenzie

    Potato olatunji

  58. dvng

    Was this Philip Schofield?

  59. Kian Selby

    Yes jj

  60. Mitchell Selvidge

    Hes come a long way😂

  61. just your average human

    This day was the day where a legendary meme was created, and a good memory

  62. Codullah

    Nobody: Literally nobody; Vikk: LeTs gEt tHe DiAgNoAl fAdE oN tHaT

  63. ɐƃƃᴉN ǝʇɐloɔoɥƆ


  64. Ty Yt14

    Football challenges have died out Lol

  65. Liamroberts03


  66. Shoop E

    I love your parents accent

  67. Judyxbh

    2020 gang

  68. YK Sanchez

    Simpler times

  69. Joseph Matthew


  70. Adam DZ7

    Iam A White African and Im Proud💚💚💚Africa

  71. Ohhh Boiii

    Everybody: WhOs HeRe DuRiNg QuArAnTiNe

  72. Strik Z

    All these fans are crying after the second fight after ksi slapped Logan up

  73. Benji_Man_7

    I dropped a diss track on LazarBeam lmao. Go check it out if ya want

  74. Soullessproto

    Look at BALDSKI so inspirational

  75. abdelrahman mohamed

    Rip baldski 2018-2020 lol

  76. Adam Duong

    Welp umm....

  77. Code lazar Yeet

    But this got 1m likes

  78. Sam Heppenstall

    I’m last

  79. Heitor Araújo Andrade


  80. FizzilWizzilPop ?

    Weird to see this in my recommended rn

  81. Joscar Productions

    Who's watching rn along side me ?

  82. MI Gamez

    I’m last haha you

  83. Pasha Zavari

    That one dead pixel

  84. Random Dude v2


  85. Dan_JM _

    Should be on dissimulation

  86. Cj Gonzalez

    The dad was eating them

  87. CLAPZ_Elite11

    who else here trying to find a og comment lol

  88. Aniternity

    Don’t know why this is recommended to me now but I’m not complaining

  89. Earthquake

    Roses are red Violets are blue I searched for this And so did you

  90. idek 62

    Oh when times were simpler😥

    1. Alex Gonzales

      Fr 😂

  91. Chakib Bassam

    Honestly and I am not a fan boy jj's verse was fire of them all

  92. xBronzezzZxHD

    *Alternative Title:* 3 retards nearly kill themselves with mousetraps

  93. Lucas Santos Silva

    JJ and Deji being brothers for almost 10 mins

  94. Teme

    1million likes crazy lol