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  1. Arnasaa

    what a fucking, beast

  2. Vanda Vaňová

    Here after that Let's go CHAMP guy said that JJ can't skip rope 😄😄

  3. Leo Gustavsson

    Logan loses Shannon: LET'S HIDE CHAMP!

  4. Elana Venter

    Play in 1,25

  5. Neon_Elite23

    KSI vs Bradley Martin 😂

  6. Nick 766

    God damn

  7. The king of Bros

    Right let's get this straight none of you are last there's still gonna be many people that are gonna watch over many years ,you're not special so shut the fuck up.

  8. Bože Jeličić

    Who is here after KSI beat Logan? Like this 👇🏼

  9. Masih Siyall


  10. Vishesh Jaisi

    Who is here after JJ won the fight

  11. Ebony Kniveton

    it’s hit 1m so 🤔🤔

  12. Millie Arif


  13. Vilizz

    GG u won but... that guy (ed sheeran) wasnt the real one lolololol get ornaked homie

  14. GNARO

    Yeah bro

  15. منوعات

    KSI the GOAT

  16. Pp Init

    Why are all the comments soo recent

    1. enlightenedgoof

      Switch to "top comments" you're currently in "newest first".

    2. Gucci masta

      Why do u think lol

  17. Allen Danielsen

    KSI: knocks down Logan Referee: it was just a slip KSI: *I WANT THAT KNOCK DOWN!!!!*

  18. Pp Init

    Why are all the comments soo recent

    1. Gucci masta

      Cause the fight

  19. muhammad ejaz

    Mad song

  20. Ishraq Islam

    20,000 +7 Years 20.7 million

  21. muhammad ejaz

    Going let me down like that

  22. Elana Venter

    Best part 0:00-3:31

  23. Tamara Taktakishvili

    You noob o not your bot

  24. Faris Puljarga


  25. Puppy Lover

    KSI YOU make me mad

  26. Roa Gamer.

    The thing is that I really wanted to Logan Paul to win but Ksi really put it a little more of effort in to the training and into the fight. I really hated that Logan was like wayyy more confident if he felt that he really was winning

  27. Elana Venter

    Best song ever

  28. The Truth

    Why does the first part of the hook sound like Vidal

  29. Phil Assad

    Who’s here after Ksi won vs Logan Paul 2

  30. Soruban Vigneshwaran

    Jesus Christ. 8 years from making weird videos to making millions for boxing. Hats of to KSI.

  31. Nagy Tj

    this is pure humor lmao

  32. Marcus M8

    For real why does the intro sound like rodeo by lil nas x?

  33. XaiverX

    Lil baby fucked up the whole song

  34. Hydro Gen

    I wish JJ and Deji were still like this

  35. N0.3l

    Shannon: he got legs Logan: *falls* Logan: I’m actually sick Shannon: he got cramp

  36. No Username!

    Is this the guy who beat the vine/ japan forest guy on a boxing fight?

  37. Elijah Triminio

    This shit bangs

  38. Izzat Danial

    ksi just beat logan's paul ass

  39. Jean Elysees

    Logan Laul

  40. David Almborg


  41. Ultimate Shack

    Logan loses: Also Logan: I lost cause I sneezed Me: Why you let me down like that?

  42. Omid Mesgarlou


  43. TX7A Grieve

    All the dislikes are from Logan’s fans

  44. da bird

    Dragon ball z feeling right now

  45. Bull Lew

    he was watching one punch man on netflix

  46. Alex Williams

    No-one: Absolutely No-one: MNsel: Recommends me a random 5 year old ksi video

  47. KIRIANxtalia cc009

    Who's he dissing harry or logan

    1. Grace Pennington


  48. worlds best fortnite clips Fortnite

    Any one who thinks Logan balls should quit MNsel and boxing and his life

  49. Acerry Reborn

    Yo this shit slaps!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  50. sarc

    20k to 20 million 😬

  51. Salman Adam

    Who's here after the 2nd Match? 😂

  52. Jed Fenning

    The people that hit the diss like button hit it when vibing😂😂

  53. Clash Royale-Funny moments and Glitches

    After 6 years I'm here again ..😂

  54. YouTube Extinctz

    This is some heat wait who is here after that fight that Logan got F****ed up in 👇🏼

  55. Jakub Kutta

    Who is ksi going to fight next?

  56. Believer Christ

    How bout you challenge Connor Mcgregor to a boxing match since you have a better record.

  57. Osian's Marvellous Creations

    You don’t deserve that win enjoy your fame while it lasts

  58. ItsFinn

    no homo

  59. Robert Turner

    Stop acting

  60. Hani

    Dude I bet every pair of siblings relate

  61. Groovy

    Who is here after ksi beat logan in the boxing match

  62. ralph daher

    It’s sx and I thought it was nas x bruhhhhh

  63. Leo Gustavsson

    Shannon puts on Logan's hood after they lose. Shannon: LET'S HIDE CHAMP

  64. Sir Gaming

    Lyrics Get hyper Get hyper Get hyper Get hyper Get hyper Get hyper Get hyper I wanna get hyper Get hyper Get hyper

  65. Kenzie

    2:25 everyone send this to jj😂😂

  66. thanos gidopoulos

    Hahahahah that was uploaded 2 years ago and we still hear it

  67. vJokerzs 313

    Who’s here after JJ Won the match against Logan?

  68. Prashyanth V

    By far the best song

  69. Maliha Waseem

    This video gave me a good laugh 😂

  70. Ibrahim kurdi

    Who else is here after ksi beat logan

  71. Dewansh Vaghela

    So why everyone calls him 'JJ'?

  72. PoZu

    Who's here after KSI fought Logan Paul. Let's go champ

  73. ek ke

    The dislikes are from logans legs Because he just fell *DOWN LIKE THAT*

  74. yepitsstillalfie !


  75. ItsAndrew2x

    Shannon and Logan only reacted to parts where Logan did good. Ksi owned up to his mistakes and things he shouldnt have done. Logan just said " i lost energy'. Like come on bro.

  76. Shush Calm

    Bruv why are people complaining about the recommended yr the the one watching it

  77. Nics boi


  78. Destin Igbinokpogie

    2020 anyone?

  79. D4RkI 1

    Lmao imagine if this loser becomes a MNsel champion or something 😂

  80. CampiagnerGamer


  81. TheLegendary_Almond Shaq

    I like ksi but damn Harry was right

  82. Jilvo

    Did he really just hit the woah 3 years ago 0:48

  83. The Conspiracy Trifecta

    This guy is now a professional boxer....

  84. Allmund

    Ksi hits worse than Logan.

  85. Unknown Soldier

    My house burnt down 😖

  86. A96oaye

    Next video: How to be better at boxing

  87. Anonymous Killer

    Fire man

  88. Kalem Paintin

    Who used to eat h kso before he Evan made music or half the shit he on I remember his old fifa vids with his black moheckan haircut lol the

  89. Jake 12

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Segathemega 9898

    Me: JJ be living the life JJ: taking a dump Me: still living the life

  91. Don’t look at my profile Picture

    And who would ever think this man would become a professional boxer.

  92. Aladaris City

    At first when I watched this back in 2013 I found it hilarious. Now it seems so weird to how JJ acts now

  93. YED


  94. YED

    KSI vs DDG

  95. what’s up 124

    40 days later.. “and the winner is.. from the United Kingdom”

  96. Yagami Sama

    Here after the rematch _______________________ From nerdy kid to pro boxer

  97. Riz Switheral

    Im a logan supporter, he fought well especially with the uppercut. But all is square, KSI Won. Re-Rematch my paulers?

  98. יוסף חורי

    Ksi After the fight can you do a video about what we’re thinking in the fight

  99. Kwame Dokolo

    best song that ski has made so far

  100. ivann.11

    They’re all off beat 😐