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Not much of a cook? That's ok-because we're not *just* recipes. Whatever you're into, we've got it. This is a space for everyone - aka people who liked to eat more than they actually liked to cook: We see you.

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  1. Abby Hernandez

    You left out the cinnamon butter

  2. Macy Thomas

    I’m really confused because I work for roadhouse and the chili doesn’t have beans lol

  3. Shelovesmiso

    It makes me so happy to see another girl eat like me 👀

  4. Michelle

    So yall really have white ppl judging Mac & Cheese 😒 im sure they are both some fire ass mac & cheeses. Y que she feels violated 🤦‍♀️ girl bye

  5. A. S.

    Why do your producers actually hate you and make you do these theme parks in the middle of the summer?? It's so perplexing.

  6. Heather Hall


  7. Rose Jones

    Idk shes only having a bite of each dish. I feel like i wouldn't be thaaaat full.


    You RIRI,I knew you cook,I finished later..eat one later

  9. Taylor Mae Dean

    Whats the point of putting the text behind Antoni if we can't even see most of the letters??! He's reading the questions out loud..hmm interesting.

  10. Whythough

    We never see her finish the food does she waste the food?

  11. Miranda Gallegos

    We finally got a Texas road house where I reside, I’ve yet to take on the crowd because it has been jam packed for over a month lol I cannot wait to finally go though, best place I’ve ever ate they have the best steak in my opinion lol. We would go atleast once a month when we lived in Oklahoma. 😋

  12. Todd Cribbs

    Delish I love all your content it's very fun I enjoy it thank you

  13. sundae6969

    "You have to suck real hard in order to get that into your mouth" 🤣🤣🤣

  14. ayo hitman bang! !


  15. Brainsnap

    man they're not even subtle about how much they're selling out to make these garbage videos. try saying one negative thing julia

  16. jess

    iggys like the girl you think would bully you but she's like the sweetest person ever

  17. Gigi Dodson

    Dolly has the original right version of chicken and dumplings. Its called a sinker. Its the right way to make it. It plain good food.

  18. D J

    Delish is the gayest food show out there, I want to bash my head on a pole when I watch someone explain how to eat the whole menu

  19. Zarha Lyons

    I love blazing only one I order

  20. chaz neal

    I live in Texas and the best deal from this restaurant is the road kill 10 bucks with 2 side items and the rolls and butter on the side is the best deal in the world you feel like you stole a meal for free

  21. Bad gyal

    He said "it spilled on my formal shoes, my Tims" he aint lying either iam from N.Y too💯

  22. jazz johnson

    Yaaaaaay Tia!!! Great job also Joanna

  23. Asia Nicole

    everyone’s tryna find out who he slept w

  24. Bad gyal

    Less is more i guess😕

  25. Chloe M

    Pretty pissed she didn’t try the butter that came with the rolls. are you new?! It’s the best part of any Texas Roadhouse.......

  26. Brea’s Life

    What lucky fan did he hook up with

  27. heather cantley

    Ew don't ever try to give me Mariana that has only simmered for 5-20 minutes 🤢

  28. Eric Thomas

    I'm full after watching this video. :D jk lol I would eat ribs with you. just sayin.

  29. Clint C.

    Who thought this was bout to be a cook off between BRON and Chrissy? I I I V

  30. bpxl53yewz

    I think I would like Kourtney's because of the ingredients and is healthier. I use Vegenaise too. It just tastes better than mayo.

  31. JoeyMiamiSunshine 12

    I just want to punch the guy with the beard !

  32. Britanny Grace

    “Because, say it with me now, you don’t want gluten development”

  33. Cassandra Osborne

    I just want the cocktails

  34. Sasha Aridegbe LMT

    All that mmmm mmm on Chrissy's n they still picked LeBron's..yeah right! He even said I can't taste anything beyond the garlic salt..bologna!

  35. Bad gyal

    When white people call your food bland...you already lost! 😂hang your apron up!game over😳😨😬😕😔!

  36. julia koscianski

    After working at texas roadhouse for 5 years i am still not sick of their food

  37. duweydang

    “..I don’t want to work hard for my meat..” Uhhhh...you sure don’t need to, have read all the comments?!

  38. sehhi vooty

    They should do this show with peppers, but hooked to a lie detector test.

  39. damien claxton

    I felt like i would prefer lebron's more as well.

  40. Gabriel Beaton

    go to joe's crab shack

  41. ItzSnowQueen Martinez

    I been there and if it was hot I go to the rides that give you air hehr

  42. Ben Paul

    Gordons steak looks dry and bland, not seasoned properly and his kitchen is filthy.

  43. Tracy Bryson


  44. Jordan Carti

    “They have a baker always on site” I’m sorry I don’t believe that

  45. Katrina Jenkins

    What happens to the left oven food ? I'm just wondering because it's alot of homeless people in this world !

  46. Didi Sinclair

    Alison, you're the BEST. I could watch you 24/7.

  47. Yui

    Lmfao her eyes being red from all that alcohol 😭😂

  48. Queen KGR

    Khloe’s is more like a pho than a ramen 🤷🏻‍♀️

  49. Julia F

    if David ever quit MNsel i actually feel like i wouldn’t be able to live

  50. Camille French

    She's annoying...

  51. JandT Furman

    All these comments about white people don’t like spice or flavor - that’s not me. I hate bland food and I love hot dishes! Probably why my spice cabinet is so full! 😃

  52. JandT Furman

    Dolly’s no question. It’s more basic which is what chicken n dumplings is. The other soup is a chicken/potato soup with biscuits. I don’t care for carrots in all chicken soup recipes either.

  53. Tonya L TV

    Looks delicious 😋 😋 yummy. Great video

  54. Emily Caterina

    I get such Anna Sophia Robb vibes from her!

  55. Emalie Davis

    In love with these videos! Please keep making them and never stop!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  56. Ramsey Gilbert

    Good job with chop sticks

  57. The Winningest Duo

    Spend it mnsel.info/video/video/0q6-nXTdoqGsZmk.html

  58. Taleah M

    They need a new person for these videos she’s so unlikeable and tries so hard to be funny like just stop please

  59. YomeAmo

    Hands down Mango Habanero is the best!

  60. Charlene Ivey

    Can we do a eastern style bbq? vinegar base no ketchup. would love to know how to make. can make the pulled pork but the sauce is more trouble.

  61. Allison Whittaker

    You are one of my new best friends. I could not stop watching this video and drooling. You seem so cool! :) New Subbie here for sure! :)

  62. Erin Quinn

    The guy in the back at 7:20

  63. Alexia Mone'

    Wow my favorite place in the world

  64. Casie Silverman

    She low-key looks like Cher. Must have the same plastic surgeon.

  65. thorkim33

    Both looks a mess

  66. Nathalie lh

    Bigger bites girl! Don’t be afraid to make a mess 🔥

  67. It’s Miickey

    You should try hot ones is better !

    1. sehhi vooty


  68. Fast doggo

    Have never been there

  69. Flying Bob

    That gave me wood.

  70. Tony Starks

    You can tell Chloe watches Naruto

  71. 770megaman

    Go to knottsberry farm and try all the boysnberri stuffs

  72. Beauty And The Vape

    Texas Roadhouse is my all time favorite restaurant

  73. Gamer831crossfire

    trust me you dont have to work hard at all for your meat, lol jk

  74. Shadowcat107

    I hope this girl saved some of the left overs. That’s a lot of food for one person.

  75. Karri Hovinga

    Can’t wait to see more :)

  76. Silvia Gonzalez

    I Am A Legendary Roadie From Union City Texas Roadhouse in California 🤘🏼 i Love My Job ♥️

    1. Silvia Gonzalez

      Follow Me on IG : __flakitagee

  77. cody baggett

    David was like "spitters are quitters" and then spits them out.

  78. MrDixie12

    She's gotta be from the Bay Area. Between the accent and the nutritional yeast on the popcorn...(which yes, is delicious)

  79. Bobby Shmurda

    Don’t call pasties calzones please

  80. Daisy Dejesus

    Who cares

  81. Amour Jackson

    Girl if you don’t mix them with your hands 🤣

  82. Benyikoko

    I love applebees. Theres one right near my house and go there every week

  83. Emmy M

    The Indian guy: I hate anything from anyone I might not like. I’m totally unbiased.

  84. jaxrl58

    Is it me or was this a lot faster than usual?

  85. wesh asawi

    Show us how to make those preserved lemons

  86. Anna O.

    Ew noodles with water, i let the water boil put the noodles and let the water to get absorbed by the noodles

  87. nourane najar

    Best series more episodes please thank you

  88. Niamh

    rihanna’s looks so good though

  89. Ian Davis

    Natalie still wants David ❌🧢

  90. levi mata

    Yeah I’d gladly marry her lmaoo

  91. Marina R

    You can tell that mozzarella stick was never fried at that Applebee’s. That cheese pull was microwaved and it looked so nasty

  92. Cortney Erisman

    She is so pretty, and her teeth are amazing LOL

  93. jay palmer1

    she is the girl of my dreams

  94. mokoix tea

    am i the only one who loves sour things and can't feel nothing?

  95. XØ TW

    YO THIS PLACE is my faaaave

  96. Susan Trudeau

    Your grammar IDGAF is horrible. Christmas can start anytime

  97. Peaceful Painting

    I literally don't even flinch when I eat toxic waste. I mean, I eat lemons whole and rip all the lemon flesh right off the skin and don't even squint.... Bring it the fuck on!!!

  98. Lex Lou

    That first soup looked like something you give to old people with no teeth who can’t have no seasonings or salts

  99. Lex Lou

    I can’t with white people “ it looks spicy” bitch...

  100. Eman Al-Qadi

    Can I have the recipie