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  1. MsRoz1957

    Right. You can overthrow a dictator but can’t change a stubborn guys opinion with even the cutest dogs eyes or wagging tail.

  2. Jack Raisher

    Left. The world don't need Dick-tators. John Wick can handle the other ...

  3. Brian Bradford


  4. Aka Verox

    Left. No more Venezuela like 3rd world countries. They kill people and destroy economies.

  5. Lord Skulleye


  6. Ryan Duffy

    Right: if you kill the dictator another one will just replace him. We can replace the guy on the right with a dog

  7. Diego Sosa


  8. MNDarkfire !

    Vote left. The third world dictator most likely prevents people from getting enough money to feed their dogs. He’s preventing a whole country from being able to rub the bellies and boop the snoots of the goodest of boys and girls. Poor hungry pups.

  9. androo _28

    Right, who doesnt Like dogs

  10. austin leep


  11. Zeldomnyo

    left dictators kill dogs too

  12. Coco Mina


  13. RT 66

    Left if he’s a mass murder!

  14. Johnathan Brown

    right cuz he don't boop

  15. Riley Bello

    Left, I’m the guy on the right and I deserve a dog hating rest of my life (but seriously I actually don’t like dogs in real life, I don’t want the guy on the right killed)

  16. Valters Plūme


  17. Hihi Haho


  18. Ostrich


  19. Nejc Tomsic

    Right! How can you not like dogs :)

  20. Korb Borb The Dream Star

    Left: yes a dog hater is a gay, however the dictator probably tortures dogs too.

  21. Alex Moore

    Right: you’ll most likely never have to deal with a ruthless dictators, but not liking dogs is worthy of internet death.

  22. Shy Mike

    Left, the dictator probably wouldn't hesitate to kill a dog to gain more power. The guy on the left probably would at least hesitate to kill a living creature

  23. Dark Light Games

    Left: I agree with the guy under me


    Left. I genuinely don't like dogs so that's a rip for me

  25. Kaung Chit Naing

    Left, the dogs shall rise into an army and smite down on the dude who kicks snoops.

  26. JiJ

    Right: One rando who doesn't like dogs is just a petty twat. Not a megalomaniac that drives an already struggling country asunder.

  27. rippingstone

    Right i dont like cats

  28. blackdog1701

    Even Hotter liked dogs and started animal cruelty laws in Germany that are still in place today. What I am saying is to pick right, not liking dogs is a crime that needs the harsh punishment.

  29. Jaime Gomez


  30. Raven Abilori

    Right: do I even have to explain?

  31. Gunner Grunt


  32. Nekro Neero

    Left! People have the power to punish that dog-hating right side on their own!

  33. mukk gaming

    Left because he doesn’t care about he’s people

  34. Aaron Kuhlman

    Right: I'm sure the dictator is a nice dictator, like Mao or Stalin.

  35. OneAngryGinger

    Left: he has both dick AND tater in his title

  36. John Platypus

    Left: Because of the Dictator, so many dogs are left without owner

  37. Krhodes02


  38. Shanethefilmmaker

    I pick right. The world can handle Dictators. They can't handle John Wick's wrath.

  39. StormTrooperEX

    Left I'd say the dictator crippling the economy of the country and halting its advancement.

  40. Dogmadestroyer 87

    Right: long live to dogs

  41. wisnubimantoro aji

    Right: we need a dictator to kill the guys who doesn't love dogs

  42. Jaden Von Bat

    If I have as good a grasp on the zeitgeist as I *think* I do, this one's a coin-toss. But, I pick left. Give the third world some love!

  43. Thinh Tong Gia Pham (Thinh)

    Right: at least he still have a chance of liking dogs

  44. Vincent Ordas

    Right: cause hes from the Kobayashi Dynasty

  45. Neerav G.

    people who choose right actually don't know what a dictator is...

  46. Benjamin Kristiansen

    Defently Right. People who dont love dogs Dont deserve to live.😠😡

  47. Reboyo

    Neither. Sneeze or something and kill all the dictator's subjects instead. That'll appease the talking sunbeams behind the cloud.

  48. CQ Chase

    Let go with the left, there's enough people who like dogs to go around.

  49. quan reza

    Right so there is more crack, i just want crack

  50. Annoymus

    Right:If you don't like dogs you gotta head out

  51. Red T

    Left: dictators always cause War they don't deserve to roam around

  52. BigKevSexyMan

    Left: Hopefully it's maduro

  53. kenten 356

    Right: whoever don't like puppies deserve to die

  54. Sheidan5569

    Not all dogs are good. I know a very good person who got attacked by the dog in childhood for no reason and this person still has scars. Left. Let the dictator get it

  55. Nathan Baldridge


  56. Zigmantas B.

    Left. Dictator rule over the world.

  57. 7yrOld GameR7

    Right the doggos need to be likes

  58. loser bot

    kill me pls: live

  59. alexander mc fry

    Right: Because there is no way that anyone who doesn't like dogs is human

  60. TheDevil OfMetal

    Right: John Thicc will look upon you and smile

  61. Gerardo Otero

    Go John Wick on the Right guy.

  62. Navdeep Mohanta

    Right: Coz I genuinely wanna save the dictator. I wanna see mayhem. And dweeb on the right doesn't like dogs. DOGS!! Its pretty clear.

  63. Caleb connor

    right. if he doesn't love dogs then he is an evil human being. you can't NOT love dogs. they make the world worth living on

  64. medaguerrerocat

    right, el pueblo se hará cargo del dictador

  65. Bakadere

    Right: he looks like my dad

  66. Narupup9654

    Left, even as dog person I don't see why that's all that bad

  67. Dragonnight1221

    Kill the dog hater!!!!(right)

  68. Elaf -


  69. Daze The Casual

    Left. Some people don't like dogs, but as long as they aren't abusive, which he doesn't appear to be, then that's fine. Some people just aren't dog people, or even have legitimate reasons for not liking them, such as some kind of trauma relating to dogs. But dicktators are a dying breed, and rightfully so. They put the needs of a single individual or a small group above the legitimate needs of entire nations, then sprinkle some powdered sugar over whatever bullshit they try to feed the people so they can appear to be the "good guy". Or some skip that bit entirely and just genuinely don't give a shred of a shit about their people, or the rest of the world for that matter. So, in summary, dictators deserve death.

  70. Alexander Michael

    Right! Everyone would live better under a true dictatorship!


    Left: while not liking dogs is a horrendous crime it isn’t actively bad

  72. Michelangelo Oster

    left: dogs need love

  73. AssassinNut

    Right: The reason for my reasoning is clearly the reason because my reason is so reasoning that you will feel extra reasoned with reasoning reasons. Dogs rule.

  74. Man in wheel chair


  75. Watcharaphan Choonpicharn

    Right: I like dog

  76. A A


  77. Skylar Bloom

    Kill the Left. At least right doesnt kill unlike left. (Would change if right killed dogs.)

  78. Steven Peyton

    Right: the guy who hates a dog hates god if you look at the word backwards.

  79. Naamloos

    Left: if you choose right you kill the dog. And the dictator will kill all the dogs

  80. Felecity F


  81. Magnus Rasmussen


  82. yathartha malik


  83. WingZero172 a.k.a SilentCobra04

    Left. I agree with @goofier brute Let John Wick handles the assholes who don't like dogs.

  84. lollolkod

    Left is not that Big of a deal the guy dosens LIKE dogs there is nothing wrong with that

  85. Arjin Cap

    Hello trolly Tom here

  86. sordcooper2

    Right, the dictator will just leave a power vacuum in the wake of their death that will be filled by either a new dictator that is twice as ruthless or an ineffectual puppet ruler for a larger world power

  87. Unknown Person

    Plot twist, Vote God and have Tom take over Heaven

  88. Glitter Daddy


  89. Mark Wilson


  90. Savinator

    Right:Who the hell, oh, I mean, heaven does not LOVE DOGS

  91. Gudam diddler

    Left : Because I also genuinely believe that John wick will kill anyone who hates dog

  92. Toxic Skeleton

    Right the dog hates is much worst then the dictator

  93. Axion explains and retells

    Right: that dictator has a great handlebar mustache and just fuck people who don't like dogs

  94. mark

    you should pick left because cats are superior to dogs

  95. Proto


  96. Springster.

    Left: At least Dogs can fight back, tf is the third world country gonna do? Starve themselves?

  97. Christopher Anderson

    Right: If you kill the dictator without a suitable replacement that could just lead to a power vacuum that could be even worse for that country. Just imagine it. Dictator 2 the Rise of Mega Stalin!

  98. Tekai Masami

    Right smite him for the doggos and the boops

  99. Finn Mulvin


  100. Daniel J.Patton

    Right: A person who cannot love gods one true gift to humanity out beats a third world dictator any day.