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  1. Rgjrunner

    So....I can keep my GTX 1060 Turbo 6GB?

  2. Isaac Madhavan

    I watched this without skipping anything! It's only when Linus mentioned that David had been holding the camera for over an hour and a half that I looked and realized how much time had gone by.

  3. Mc Flüüüry

    2500 Dollars and not even 240hz

  4. A.S. Chethan

    Watch this...

  5. ISOHaven

    LOL @ Next Level 1080p gaming. Come on AMD!

  6. Wthy

    why is it only on amazon my keyboard i will buy from the money from christmas and my birthday is not on amazon but it costs 30dollars its called tracer stinger 87 gamezone

  7. David Trevathan

    in Singapore you haggle, full price is for tourists..

  8. Robert T

    Only 384 gigs of ram....

  9. SuperRoggerRabbit

    I love VISTA ... after all the patching ... it kicks assets ... let me put it this way, Cent OS 7, runs slower on the same machine....

  10. Angel A Grant

    Nice build

  11. Barbershop Reviews

    CLICKBAIT!!!! It was only $15!!!!

  12. eqgmrdbz

    Best thing Linus Corporate did was make their own workshop, so many new ideas have been realized and it's been awesome.

  13. Mustafa Mejric

    I love creative products i have speakers creative i wish i had such a sound card creative ❤️❤️❤️

  14. SpunckyJew6969

    7:39 John Cage - 4'33"

  15. Pintax

    Most people in China older than 16 are not living with their parents. They are studying in the big cities will the parents are working elsewhere.

  16. Beaks 1312


  17. Maxwell Jacobs

    What was his second phone.

  18. Memetologist

    I built my girlfriend a PC with a Ryzen 5 2700x and a GTX 1660 ti. Works great!

  19. Ashley Henderson

    here almost 2 months later yet still no addtional content on this CPU? :0

  20. slayerr4365

    Must be nice to live in canada. Something like this is literally only a reason for people to trespass into your garden and try and steal your stuff in england lol

  21. huguberhart

    ..but can you watercool a ridge wallet?

  22. Ricky Hill

    Okay thanks for finally uploading part 2 guys, it’s taken long enough, but now I don’t know why your not building this into the fake- Mac Pro Dune case you guys reviewed two weeks ago....????

  23. notthere83

    KDE neon, alright!! The first time my distro of choice gets mentioned somewhere! Not sure that's a positive thing here though...

  24. stick is good

    Make your own computer os

  25. Seif Zakaria

    when linus got a smartphone

  26. hoseja

    Where is the second part of the Minecraft Server build??


    g bra when are you coming around my town?

  28. Alexei Batrincea

    Cortana will take over the universe, halo have told us but we didn't listened we are doomed. Someone call the master chief

  29. Claudiu

    Your eyes are quite red. Are you doing boabe, man?

  30. Supernatural

    Well done lads, great project! Random and fun!!!

  31. Luke 2954

    Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

  32. streamdungeon

    What's the difference between a Macintosh and a Hacintosh? The Mac has one digit more cost and one digit less lifespan from all the planned obsolescence (aka horrific cooling and other scams).

  33. Oscar Orozco Jr.

    7:07 sprinkler mode activated lol

  34. dan smith

    potaters gonna potate

  35. Pål Kvalvik

    Sorry i get : The WG code is not valid. Please try again. when i try to youse the code : TANKTASTIC in World off tanks.. :-(

  36. Vito Drofenik

    linus at 2:25 getting copyrighted by thanos

  37. notthere83

    As a front end engineer: Please don't encourage people to use this! This Chromium-based version apparently still hasn't been released and Edge 18 lags quite a bit behind in compatibility. Safari is still better in this regard... Data from Chrome 78: 373 Firefox 70: 359 Safari 13: 320 Edge 18: 277

  38. BProduction222

    Can it run Red Dead Redemption 2 though?

  39. A 360

    Ifix it tool kit now only 10 dollars more than when I originally got it

  40. P0w3r Clan

    3:38 TRY AGAIN

  41. storm snow

    Lg gram would support my monitor, it would have working usb ports and it would last more thean 30 minutes on a charge

  42. sxnpxpi

    people are complaining but I don’t complain because my pc definitely isn’t his, but is reallly good. I have an RTX 2070 Super i7 9700k so I think I’ll be fine for a while :p

  43. Orias X

    *Y E A H*

  44. Pegasus Seiya

    Petition To Make A New Video Of This Type

  45. r2a3867

    I'm guessing that secret is an unreleased thunderbolt cable

  46. mig man

    its okay rich linus we forgive you as well

  47. Jon Donnelly

    Love the hardware, but not the case. Do the build to prove a point test thermals etc, then relocate into something decent like a Corsair 1000D. Everyone loves the D.

  48. mehmed akif ay

    Is there a way to cool your PC from outdoor radiator. (With powerful pump). It would be great to watch if you do that.

  49. Jordhi Obdam

    Who else is listening to this with only one ear?

  50. Fellzer

    Who da new thicc boi?

  51. 123 456

    Are the galaxy buds still a good choice now ?? In terms of sound quality plz help me


    I still have the first motherboard and CPU (an Athlon XP) that I bought with my first paycheck. It doesn't work anymore but I just couldn't throw it away. Haha!

  53. Ganesha Sharma

    The People Are Demons

  54. jamie watton

    Needs $500 case to fit.... Claims cheaper than water cooling.

  55. Matias Blomqvist

    Might want to run a separate ground wire along the power cable from the AC outlet to the case

  56. RadPlayz

    I don't think that can be called a laptop..

  57. Hussain KeN'De

    no one : YEAHH ( In British )

  58. Kevin Boulter

    Gaping flamer lol.

  59. SomeRandom Guy

    Why does Edge always crash? That's the main reason I gave it a strong nope.

  60. Dynamic Mobile Audio

    For once I'd like to see linus build everything including the script and product by himself. I bet he's forgotten how to do it all with everyone telling him what goes where.

  61. Gatorkissman


  62. Hover Boi

    🦀All our data is GONE!🦀

  63. Felixkeeg

    And this is how I found Louis. One of the best discoveries I have ever made

  64. Craig Conway

    It's never $5 ...

  65. Khozima Salem


  66. Rushboard Technologies

    I guess it's fortunate the internal spec is not actually on display. Ideally, the best expansion you could do is more storage?


    dennis tech tips pls

  68. Ryan Schmohe

    Maybe dont have the PSU fan facing toward the RAM?

  69. NGeoHP

    so GPU image sharpening is the camera notch of its class

  70. Todd Lack

    Meh, I’d wear my galaxy buds at work which was around 90db at all times and they did a solid job cancelling that noise out. The Apple ones look like a ear tampon, cool for those edgy hipsters that want attention but not for me.

  71. YT Gameplay

    i reinstall my windows regularly so i keep my pc fresh and i keep downloading games so im alredy using this

  72. The People's Bayonet

    \*scrolling through youtube on my M570 trackball mouse* oh hey, how bout that

  73. Doc Holliday

    What if you put the NH-U12A on the radiator and measure the fan speed on both to keep the same temperature. Also you forget that the 3 fans in the case which keeps its internal ambient temperature down so the fans on the CPU cooler works. So essentially you have 5 fans vs 3 fans + pump on the water cooling solution. I think a Fair compare here would be to turn of the fans which moves Air into the case. Now with water you also get the ability to move the heat somewhere else like outside the case.

  74. Mariusz J

    2 years ago I managed to buy an i7 7700, GTX 1060 6GB, 8 GB RAM, 24 inch Samsung IPS monitor and it's served me pretty well for 2 years and I expect to make a change in a year or year and a half. I underuse it though since the most taxing game I played on it was Metro Exodus and the rest were games that I could easily max out at 80-90 fps. Triple A gaming these days sadly is disappointing.

  75. iExpertxC4x

    I've got these orange tools its works for me

  76. Worldly

    i mean it was better than the roast

  77. Harris Khan

    ok boomer

  78. Zachary R Brock


  79. Joel Jacobsen

    if it's branched into 4 it is actually quadfurcate

  80. Dumb Comment

    if your husband doesn't let you play on minecraft in 100+ FPS he does not love you

  81. Alexandros Aggelakoudis

    8:22 why you’ve got to do us like that ?😂

  82. HellishGrin460

    Terran secretly does nothing...

  83. Brandon

    2:43 actually scared the fuck out of me

  84. Str3x

    linus: FINALLY we got 10gb internet me: *cries in 2mb*

  85. Prem Kumar

    Best price to performance pc build right now (since date of comment) : Ryzen 3600 GTX 1660 Super Gigabyte B450 DS3H Adata 3200mhz 1x8gb Corsair CX550W WD Green SATA 240G SSD WD Blue 1TB HDD Any mid tower case Total - will be under 900$

  86. Ruxe

    Who else watched the whole thing but don’t know anything that he is saying

  87. Aoi Sakurai

    what kind of engram is that

  88. Mr. House

    Lick test? WTF, why would you lick your system to test it?

  89. Kilo Mack

    Kool but still looks like shit!, should of really thought it out more

  90. SaimonSSL

    All right Linus lets talk. You had one job which is to help your fried stop tech hoarding. You ended up making a series out of it and most probably made the hoarding worst.

  91. Arnoldo Silva

    Huahuahua and i want to mount this with a 621 sage ws 😅😅😅😅

  92. kentoriyama

    "It's one thing to CAD out a model..." classic engineer vs mechanic dilemma

  93. danmar007

    It's well-known that the tech industry throttles back it's new products in order to ramp it up to its max performance by bringing out new iterations with incremental performance updates. Why do you think there are so many effing tech billionaires and so many perpetually broke computer enthusiasts? :-)

  94. Alchemist7887

    A lot of people using gaming laptops because of cuda. And num pad is very handy

  95. Dhanan Bhim

    'Quadfurcated' is most definitely the proper word!

  96. Diego Sandoval R.

    3:17 Ah yes, the sound of my people