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  1. DarthOliptius

    Is that an HD DVD player? Wtf??

  2. SK

    now all your neighbours can share your wifi

  3. banana joe

    Your internet is about as good if not better than mine normally when you are at the 100 meter mark

  4. NetKing The Official Channel

    windows 11 features its so wonderful must watch

  5. Eric Ford

    Linus, can I have your old junky wifi setup, I need something old and out of date to tinker with.

  6. Arcomador

    "watch as i Irradiate the neighbors going down the street!".......

  7. Luis Luna III

    If only we could do this in the United States. The fines that would show up in the mail. Makes me want to find a good house system when I get one

  8. KanataSD

    Linus is turning into Red Green confirmed.

  9. Danny Potato

    Man I miss my cheap $80 a month wifi with 400 mbs good times good times

  10. Gilbert Mendoza

    Am I the only one in Washington USA who has 200+ mbps

  11. ThaReal CLo

    Awwwww dislike for no tear down... lamesauce I wanna see its INSIDES!

  12. Joe :

    If Linus' kids get into gaming, they'll never be whining about bad internet unless it's the ISP messing him up...

  13. HalfAsianboy


  14. 3DPrinting247

    @Linus Tech Tips Sooo... Minecraft Server stress test???

  15. Butt Buddy

    Hes such a chad

  16. Dennis Freemyer

    Why do you still run separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5ghz? Your devices will jump frequencies when they need to if you just run the same SSID across all radios.

  17. Eric Ford

    Sweet blasting the whole neighborhood with your signal... oh your poor neighbors at least they know a guy who can configure their networks to avoid interference.

  18. Daniel McKenzie

    Anyone see an official pulseway ad before this video? Anyone else think LTT does better sponsor ads than Linux in their ad?

  19. Poop Jones

    The factory looks like some medicine factory it looks so damn sanitized and satisfying

  20. David Mc Ken

    Am I the only one that cringed when I heard him say he was crimping a cable... Especially after last weeks WAN show...

  21. NorthernLeigonare

    I find this stuff both stupid yet, interesting. I can learn more about networking while also having an exam on Wednesday, but also, I can just complain why he can't use repeaters if he has poor signal in his back and front gardens or just another WAP.

  22. Marco Paganotto

    I would love to hear what you would say about the Pimax Artisan VR and Nolo controllers! 2 weeks later and I've just about learned how to set them up where I'm able to play a game for more than 5 minutes before having to recalibrate! However, all the negatives, the RAGE and the STRESS, are well worth it when you spawn for the first time on the balcony in Half Life Alyx. It's absolutely mind blowing....

  23. khrom

    7:05 Linus buying all of his own water bottles

  24. Léna

    Linus is the best ^^ but... i don't speak english very well

  25. Heroic Beats

    linus: 90mbps is not too great me: *crys in 5 mbps*

  26. outsideredge

    "Quick. Justify your existence to this workplace. On camera. Oh wait, you stole that shirt, didn't ya? OK go!

  27. Mostefa Laoumir

    *Linus's kid gets sick* Linus : honey bring me the watercooling kit

  28. Medium

    Nobody Linus: doodad

  29. Guardian Arias

    speed and range is all good but what about ping? I have plenty of range with my router but on all my devices I get pings from to 2.0 ms to 40 ms with an average of 20 and no matter what settings I try I can't stabilize it at any range

  30. khrom

    Lemme know when you move out and sell your house Linus.

  31. Song Lyrics HD

    Wow Linus 5 WHOLE YEARS!!!! I've had my one single wireless router for 10 years now, even then I never use wireless except for portable devices.

  32. Sathyanarayanan Somasunder

    Who else caught the line on the go pro videos

  33. SkenderTV

    I thought gopro had image stabilization... Wuhh??

  34. Pierce Sutton

    linus: *throws house party* neighbors: Whats the wifi password? neighbors: *continue to use his wifi in the comfort of their own home*

  35. Antonio Jackson


  36. Eli

    When his wifi is more expensive than your computer **sad broke noises**

  37. SlipKnotRicky

    Thumbs up for the Ichthys!

  38. Qoitz

    Linus: B) asus: :O Nvidia: bruh Corsair: :OOO how dare you

  39. Itz_Sythe

    what happen to his garage tv setup

  40. T salas


  41. John Clere

    Given how Wifi signals have to compete with each other... isn’t it kinda lousy to point a high-powered antenna at your neighbors’ homes? I’d be curious to know if some of them started having connection issues after this.

  42. Heroix

    Oh yes Linus I was probably thinking that 2:55

  43. ThaReal CLo

    Thats an automotive High pressure clamp lmao. Super overkill. No way in hell under normal use would that ever come loose or fail... until it rusts lmao.

  44. Michael Morgan

    I just switched to all ubiquiti equipment it has been amazing

  45. kwinzman

    When you (1) get free WiFi and network hardware for your house, (2) the video is paid by Ubiquiti presumably, and you cash off your (3) Squarespace and (4) Honey sposors, (5) MNsel adds and (6) you still find time to plug your merch.

  46. Thes Fox

    The jumpscare at the end killed me

  47. DigitalIP

    WIFI 6 really isn't all that impressive compared to AC imo, but then again I don't transfer files with it. The speed and range of Verizon's WIFI 6 router and extender are great though, over an acre of coverage.

  48. Tommi Hirvonen

    Anyone else become a pro a clicking the exact point that skips the sponsor and the intro....

  49. Pocketbike freak


  50. Schmecklez

    A"soos" ?

  51. Super TV


  52. William Helbing

    Literally using a Core 2 Duo system right now to watch this video lmao

  53. Dominique Richardson

    unifi for the win!

  54. Dimv

    Hello Linus Can I get your old 1000 dollar wifi since your not using it anymore not everyone is multi million dollar rich like you ;(

  55. Timothy Brown

    Overlapping your keyboard on your mouse pad, you disgust me... /s

  56. Tom S

    "I can't operate my smart garage door from the end of my driveway." I'll take "Things that Us Peasants Will Never Say" for $500.

  57. M4RZY

    Wifeysauce would love this

  58. Jacob Jennings

    Use a sound meter!

  59. John Carr

    Well, the $1000 wifi setup was worth it for how long it lasted. Bet the new setup didn't cost a penny. Wish some company would sponsor me some tech stuff :D : D

  60. Jason Neri

    me over here with my 50 down 2 up... god i hate my area.

  61. Alamin Parves

    And here I'm using internet in 512 kbps Wi-Fi 😂

  62. crug76

    Hey Linus on the ookla speed app keep your finger on the go and watch what happens let me know if you like the surprise 😃

  63. Matheus Harb

    watch out for the next month series as Linus upgrades his family for improved processing performance

  64. Tad Saxington

    An AP in the attic is one of the dumbest things I have seen. I take it Linus does not have his CCNP Wireless. The outdoor unit should be outdoors.

  65. monster hunter dude

    Lies. The beard Improved performance it improved efficiency it improved everything! And the beard also has a name, it's Francis

  66. Charel Peffer

    You know the card is absolute shit when the screensaver is lagging

  67. Smokin Man

    If you're paying $1000 for WIFI you're doing it wrong.

  68. Tom Douglas

    I’m not sure who this homeless man is, but I’m glad you’re giving him a chance.

  69. this random stuff

    High school cool kids are gettinng crack pc builders are gettting ebay thermal grease

  70. Klaxz

    This is 1000x faster than my pc

  71. Nick A

    the beard changed a lot dude, you look like a hipster now instead of whatever that was before

  72. mannhimself

    My i7-2400 build from February 2011 still runs fine even after going from 8 gigs to 20 gigs and updated ram a few years ago plus replacing the original 1TB HDD with a 240GB SSD plus a 3 TB HDD. would like a new motherboard due to a Couger point SATA II controller defect of raw material. Also remember playing with Windows 8 beta around 2012 i think with my Intel Core Solo laptop and that ran better than Windows XP that came with it.

  73. Eldon River

    Linus, please tidy up your desk.. and make a video out of it.

  74. Nicolas Hernandez

    I hear the neighbors hate him because of the slow Wi-fi speeds

  75. Jorge Junior

    If it wasn’t for AfterEffects I would have quit Adobe already.

  76. Lester

    Totally looks like a ray fish

  77. Moises Ridderstaat

    But.. but I AM ! Shopping now!

  78. XshotX

    Linus at 50mbps speed: "it's slow" Me watching at 2-10mbps max: "bruh"


    Who need another review for the galaxy note 9 after android 10💚

  80. play Boi

    Damn linus lookin hella manly with that beard

  81. Nicolas Hernandez

    This dude need to give some of his stuff away or sell it. Low key where does it all go?

  82. Abhinand A

    Linus on a vacation trip to the Antarctic. Hold up I'm just getting 50Mbps from my home WiFi here. Such poor reception. Gotta boost the router strength

  83. Michael Ibiam

    dude you are literally going insane

  84. John geezee

    Linus is getting that {sorry Edit: Discount} Euin McGreggor look.

  85. Viral PooPoo

    I have a 2mb connection

  86. Robert T

    Everyone is complaining about their wifi, but the better question is why does he need those kind of speeds on his phone?

  87. e1337H0b0

    In the first 7 seconds of the video that was a freakishly good Red Green (Steve Smith) impression.

  88. VoidBlackout Xpgrinder808

    I read the title and I thought it said water cooling an Nintendo switch

  89. Ben Norton

    Why do Americans not just use the router that the ISP provides. I don't know a single person in the UK that doesn't use it and generally imo it works fine

  90. Cody Phillips

    New water bottles! 😍

  91. Thes Fox

    What's that darling...? A seagull? Oh look it has the LTT logo on it...

  92. Jack orlando

    Chrome book users: 👁👄👁

  93. Raven Harris

    1:45 OMG he didn't drop it!

  94. Sabiduría Divina

    wich one should i buy for 10900k 5.2 5.3 24/7 oc? Z490 master or z490 rog hero? Coming from 9900k+Formula XI. PD: Here in Argentina aorus master its more expensive than rog hero

  95. H- G93422HN

    Gigabyte fan boys starter pack

  96. Dave West

    Does Liinus need Wifi 6? No.

  97. Jeffery Stroud

    FYI, Ubiquiti (creator of these Unifi products) have been busted several times with a phone home data logging (which was apparently quite extensive) and they literally made their products unusable for a time if you blocked that phone home address. They apparently did this a few times. Combine that alongside the cyberattacks they apparently suffered and now these datas are out there being taken advantage of. (And their products had some serious vulnerabilities at times too). I recommend you look these up.