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  1. Xx Eden P xX

    i thought this movie was gonna be about depression tbh but i love it anyway

  2. JamesTheMVP

    Okay! This is interesting! A movie about a man with a normal life but then turns into a chewed gum!

  3. DeathlikeSilence

    Solaire Of Astora needs to be in this movie.

  4. Mix Zoe

    Theres a manhole there yet the motorcycle pass through easily

  5. Remy Hobo

    AJR !!!!!!!!

  6. glory bee

    Aw this looks fun

  7. Loved By Acoustic

    Disney, doing a real progress?

  8. Cringed Momo

    The song is "Overture" by AJR

  9. Olivia Ramirez

    This is good gg pixar

  10. Milo Unleashed

    Trailer reminds me of La La Land

  11. Aubrey Ford


  12. Anonymocha

    Woah *F E E T*

  13. Dark Star

    One day... One Day!

  14. Phantom Prime

    wish the best of luck for those who wanna work here.

  15. dusty Deadtape

    Норм выпилился

  16. God of Evil

    It's about time Pixar got a bit more adult. And it's also about time that they actually genuinely made a film (albeit a short one) that dealt with themes that are a bit more modern. It's a shame women are treated like this in the workplace. Gender equality and racial equality needs to start happening in this new decade.

  17. mazda9624

    The movie looked so beautiful and different from anything Pixar has ever made, then he turned into a little blue blob and the character design instantly looked like generic 2015 onwards Pixar character #4926302

  18. Dimitri

    That's a lot of people

  19. Derp Commander

    That AJR in the beginning

  20. Degeneracy 101

    They brought Dori back... again

  21. Hayden Benesh

    I love the song in the background

  22. pewpew pita

    Well Pixar, you were good to me in my first half of life but I think it’s time I say goodbye.

  23. Maype Star


    1. Maype Star


    2. El Chaneque

      Te quiero wapa

  24. Sagar Jadhav

    At least somebody's doing a good job. 👍

  25. NinjaFire908 ._.

    I swear evertime I watch this I get in the feels

  26. It’s ya boi Skinny Penis

    As soon as I heard that Piano I knew what that song was

  27. Esports Games

    looks pretty boring tbh, not much to do, just lots of open space.

  28. PuppyLuvU2

    I watched Float and honestly disappointed with it. I thought he was worried the goverment would find out and take his kid away for experimenting but apparently it was him worried about being judged. Not losing his kid, what a cop out.


    This is what happens when Thanos snaps while there's an odd number of people.

  30. Doggucitoru

    If the movie doesn’t have to much of that Inside Out vibes it might be a really cool move from Pixar Also, his voice doesn’t fit at all with his booger version

  31. Theroist

    AJR 😍😍😍😍

  32. Cristian Tassone

    Had me in the first half

  33. Nithin C Babu

    What's that red color dressed kid doing?

  34. WarLead2792

    Please god, let this movie just celebrate what it is to be black and not criticise what it is to be white. Please, please, pretty please.

  35. josi

    but the music's AJR

  36. Michael J. Luna

    Pixar Animation Studios is a creative and innovate company co-founded by the late Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple. Unfortunately, it is owned by The Walt Disney Company that has a reputation of micromanaging everything which is why Disney is unable to keep much of their creative talent at Disney Animation, and Disney Imagineering units. Pixar Animation was better off being an independent company and has done very well financially, and producing quality full length computer animation films.

  37. Thomas Skaria

    Water reflections, deoth of field, path tracing, dynamic lights and shadows Pixar: yes

  38. Matthew Chua

    They had us in the first half im not gonna lie

  39. ne0nZchr0me

    That.. place.. is.. BEAUTIFUL 🤩😍😍😍so much of my childhood and i'm 25 so you can imagine the feels😭

  40. Viridian

    When a ball of yarn can make more friends in one day than you could in your entire life

  41. KidMxgma -

    Got my hopes up for nothing smh

  42. Hashir Beg

    Disney and pixar one of the most amazing collab in the world

  43. Oscar Cp

    Yo quisiera ir a pixar para ver todo ya que quiero ser diseñador grafico ya que la pelicula los increibles fue mi inspiracion

  44. Aniket Jhariya

    Lala land animated version

  45. Lê Anh Tuấn

    Anyone knows the song on this movie?? Please

  46. Viridian

    Calm down, Pixar

  47. alexis enrique salmeron hernandez

    Wooo the best trailer

  48. Beryl Lemana

    Plot is when he fell in to the sewer he got knocked out and the second part of the trailer is just his imagination while in a coma

  49. Sariah Rangitoto

    Hi william

  50. Viridian

    So touching. It really got my heart beating fast. A true masterpiece, I’d say.

  51. Wild man1314

    The music is outstanding

  52. your neighbor jeff

    Yay it went from toys having souls to black people having souls.

  53. I ama disco dancer

    animations dope


    They never showed animators working.

  55. queen_ KÃRMÃ

    *Oh My God, this looks good.*

  56. Golden Monarch

    How about this... do what the Sonic movie did. Don’t.

  57. sabrina Henrie

    :32 Me in math class

  58. hanya nama

    Isekai ver Disney

  59. Lucas Gómez

    As soon as he fell, so did my expectations for this movie 😔

  60. LeviTGKツ

    Congratulations Cats! You ruined Movies! First Sonic! and now you!

  61. Winistan

    This isn't a "Day in the Life Video" .. it's a timelapse guys...cmon... show us what it's like for one of your artists to spend a day in there itttt... pleaseeeeeeeeeaahhhh :(

  62. Redwan Kabir

    Dame son, look at that Ray Tracing!

  63. Eldritch Hollow

    Yo when that scooter went RIGHT over the open manhole lol

  64. Tom

    Oooh my little heart

  65. Nick Monforte

    You had me until the goobers showed up

  66. CGI Future

    Person: I am animator at pixar Me: *SO YOU ARE A ROCKET SCIENTIST*

  67. Michael Pescador

    Alil mad that the dad doesnt sound Filipino.

  68. Xeno Watashi

    I was excited in the first half as it look like Pixar was doing something new. But once to second half hit I now know how my parents feel about me.

  69. Spicy Noodles

    Very good animation

  70. 17 Sailo

    Any AJR fan?

  71. Nicholas Davis

    Why DreamWorks?🤔🕌

  72. eleanor nielsen

    they got us in the first half boys 🤦🏼‍♀️

  73. Hey Eaglet

    That powerful start made me wish its not a movie about souls

  74. Shaq eel O kneal

    0:54 *00f*

  75. Grace Playz

    Did Pixar edit all of their old videos to mention Disney+?

  76. Yinyin Li

    This is such a nice place for work

  77. Zane Seegers

    0:21 the dude straight up destroy his computer. Which most likely caused the stock market to crash.

  78. Nacho_ 2045

    They look like rejected emoji movie characters

  79. skysg

    Me: ok great, a struggling jazz boi Pixar: lets put him down a manhole until he trips enough to become a booger

  80. mad3ddd

    wait... who's joe?

  81. Ranural

    _i cringed at the cowboy dance.._

  82. Ramzy Tarek

    0:48 !!!! MUST WATCH !!!! the young child in the pink outfit that keeps falling on the ground. LOL! DID YOU MISS IT ?

  83. Maryfer M. E

    ;-; qué bonito! PIXAR si que sabe de emociones :c

  84. Snowball the bunny

    Everything was awesome...until my homie went down the manhole But hey, it ain't 2020 yet, I'll still watch this

  85. Arthur Lopes


  86. Fearless 512

    I think they should've just kept this movie in the real world, would have been more interesting.

  87. graham robinson

    Go to 2x speed sounds amazing

  88. panda_bug_ gacha

    Omg this is so sad. Great job. I hope no one ever treats any animals like how they did with that dog

  89. Jwanie

    Always love these types of videos! Very helpful for those who have any interest in working there

  90. Luca Davies

    0:48. Anyone else see the girl in the red dress jumping on the ground and then getting back up and doing that again?

  91. Brooke Elyse

    Looked like a cool movie Until the main character became an inside out character

  92. El Casco De Hades

    No Disney, this is the Pixar's color hmmmyeah


    whats music name in start? i heared this before but forgot name (sry for eng im rus)

  94. Griffin Chalem

    The animation of the human world looks amazing. I really hope we actually get to see a lot of it in the film.

  95. Chicken nugget Lord

    So cute😁

  96. baconboi

    i want a full movie about this

  97. Sydney Renee B.

    Ajr ajr ajr ajr ajr

  98. William Torres

    I like cars 3

  99. Zain Awesome


  100. Kyley Cobb

    His character design is... Boring. I'd like for a little more creativity to be put into it! Hopefully this movie will exceed my expectations