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  1. cdhinton77

    Y'all know good and well you should have gave him some claws to rock with his costume.

  2. cdhinton77

    Queen DID HER THING! best performance. second one john stamos. But Queen L! This is the part i keep going back to watch!

  3. ismael fall

    I am french and good doctor c'est trop bien, is good

  4. Random Poster

    While I understand why many felt that this was inappropriate, but they I took was this is a young kid who is about to be blind though no fault of his own. Being that he is "young" and who probably has a long list of things he wishes he could do/see before he is blinded. Dr. Morgan Reznick who throughout course of the episode is seeing how much this kids is nervous and scared. So she was probably thinking what can I do to give him a bit of hope and happiness before he is blinded, though no fault of his own, for ever. Then thinking of his list this was probably the simplest thing she could do for him. She wasn’t doing it because she want him, she did to help him in her own way.

  5. -Maria .0. Edit's-


  6. Leithel H

    she sings this beautifully!!

  7. Antonia williams

    Very deep

  8. Cami Jélvez

    sorry ;_; but I don´t like Carly, I prefer Lea... she made him to experience many things. I hating how Lea´s Role is dissapearing :C

  9. Rjay Esponilla


  10. maljamin

    bad tv is bad

  11. Elena

    barbara looks like a bad bitch that color is great on her

  12. KaDeija Dalrymple

    Shaun is too cute 😍😅

  13. mr000hunter000

    We've been doing this for years digging trenches for watermains

  14. avias seay

    I love her performance I just wish her body language was more Dramatic

  15. YNWA Salah

    She's real hustler.

  16. cadejo06

    so the audience could get crab claws but sebastian couldn't? lol jk jk

  17. Ashton MILLAY

    Amazing performance in my opinion better than orginal but she meesed up once when she said to this instead of true yes

  18. Cash Rules

    I honestly havent watched the about 2yrs.. and this thw 1st time in about 8-12months since I viewed it on youtube. The show has realistically lost all credibility.. more so about the personality of thr investors, whom are so extra because of tv...

  19. Bondy Aliano

    That Flounder just came out from The Simpsons

  20. Tré

    Look how she ate that.

  21. Stacy Rancho

    Seems more scripted but still cute

  22. Samantha Dorfman

    John Stamos DID an amazing job!!! This was one of MY favorite parts!!! I love you Uncle Jesse!!!😘😘

  23. Drkone Davis i have never seen this cartoon, but im loving this play version

  24. achola caroline

    "In heels--" that was soooo hilarious

  25. Lady A

    I like his name and hes so adorable. 💞

  26. Dibyashubhro Roy

    Lucky bastard

  27. Sam Latifi

    1:02 corny corny corny. I'm sure Nathan Fillion cringed when he read the script...

  28. Zephyr

    why the fuck would you stand in the open to get shot

  29. Ibrahim Hassan

    Lori reminds me of Janice from friends

  30. Mike Killagreen

    He should be with Chen

  31. Catherine McPhee

    Love it ❤️

  32. Crimson 9

    Renforcing the good cop culture they need to invest into good cops in real life

  33. Ummi umar

    Ugh! If I was the one in her shoe and gonna break up with him 136292692 everyday and then ask him out again every 2629292529 cause so cute

  34. Elizabeth Vucic

    She exposed herself to a minor! She could and should be arrested for exposure and pedophilia. If a male doctor showed a female minor their junk we would have called him a pedophile and riot but since the genders are reverse its suddenly ok? No, This double standard has to stop!

  35. Matthew Zigrang

    He didn’t look at her. Big deal

  36. Luke Aguilés

    Que príncipe Erick tan guapo!

  37. lane beeler

    This is a brilliant idea

  38. Sam Asher

    this flounder chuck-e cheese lookin ass creepy mother fucker

  39. Natalee Bailey

    Well done Shaggy. We all know it was Jamaica that inspired the voice Sebastian

  40. Keisha Murphy

    Her & that damn mushroom hairstyle sheeeesh

  41. Sane mind

    The cuteness is killing me.😍😍

  42. Alex McDowell

    I would have told her to f*** off I don't have to quit drinking because you are a drunk

  43. Traicia British

    🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 this warms my heart even more proud to be Jamaican

  44. Vanessa Yates

    They picked the perfect host for this show and could not have picked better!!!!!

  45. jesus wayne

    Lucky boy

  46. Cassandra Powell

    I was finally over all the deaths then they do this shit.

  47. Cassandra Powell

    Can they just do an episode with all the people Meredith lost. It can be like a dream sequence or something.

  48. Cassandra Powell

    Everyone else seemed happy to see Meredith like they were content. Except George he look like he was still looking for answers.

  49. Jon B

    OMG. What do you say to that? 😩😖😔

  50. ami holonou

    The boy is allowed to dream 😎

  51. Queen Mercy

    I'm pissed what the what the

  52. Queen Mercy

    I'm cracking the fuck up shaggy

  53. TJBellamy99

    At first I didn’t get it..but my parents did the same thing when I was little😂😂

  54. toramihai

    I’m form Romania and I adore this show. The best for ever! Miss you

  55. Parisa Dixon

    I love Tiff with these kids 👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😂😂😂😂😁😍

  56. Adolphis Brown


  57. Girl of STE4L

    These comments are killing me 😂 😆

  58. JazzyStar 399

    Spike’s a legend

  59. ndonwie bruno

    Tiffany "That's when a man has no money" That took me out😂

  60. Tahereh Sharifi

    Her flounder looks like hay hay😂🐓flounder+hay hay =flouhay,moana+ariel=moariel

  61. cry bebe

    if i was her i would start crying there bro he's so freaking cute

  62. Phat Vibez


  63. Ravi Patel

    Promoting more obesity in this country yet Lori and mark say they promote health

  64. Phat Vibez

    That was cute

  65. Cher N

    Beautiful and talented, wow!

  66. Tahereh Sharifi

    Ha Ha!Moana be ariel!too funny

  67. Queen Mercy

    I would love to go to a live show.

  68. C. M.

    In real life she would be in trouble. So will she be In Trouble on next episode and being leaving show? She's cute but was a different person in this episode.

  69. Queen Mercy

    They under estimated the Queen babe lol

  70. get overit

    misfits!! 🥺

  71. Jayashina Parthiban

    3:06 - 3:08 sounded just like Ariel! As she's known for a melodious voice.

  72. Guntur Wibowo

    bronco is made of tinfoil

  73. Natalee Bailey


  74. Justin Hopkins

    Queen Latifah is wonderful as Ursula. I still can’t get over how terrible the actress is for Ariel.

  75. Marian Cabigon

    I commend the audience participation

  76. Filip Gasic

    But now if dr Andrew showed his penis to a female patient, that would be a different story...

  77. Shanoriya Robinson

    She’s really becoming one of my favourites

  78. Justin Hopkins

    Utterly cringeworth. She’s a mediocre singer, she’s constantly off key and fails to capture Ariel’s true essence.

  79. Lauca py

    Todavía no termino la primera temporada pero ya hay algo que puedo decir es mi parte favorita del show, la relación de Shon con el Dr. Glasmen. Me encanta como es el primero a quien nombra en si discurso a la paciente. Es refrescante ver una relación compleja, linda e importante en un programa así sin que sea necesariamente romántico. Eso lo hace aún más original

  80. Ms1Lancelot

    Was she in a hurry? This is so cringe

  81. Tulasi Mukunda

    that giggle at 1:26 is the cutest thing ever aaahhh I love her voice so much!!!!!

  82. TheLeon910

    I actually love his outfit!!!

  83. Damny Pham

    I live close to the Yard House in Austin. They aren't doing too well. Reviews are shit. Def a place where you go one time. Just for shits and giggles. Not that great. Mediocre.

  84. Mitchell Ries

    I had a feeling she would do that. Surprised Dr. Andrews didn't get suspicious when she closed the curtains (or even noticed for that matter).

  85. Amela Okanovic

    Tiffany is so amazing ❤️

  86. uofc57

    So not ok!! Why does everyone think this is funny? She’s exposing herself to a minor - she could get arrested!

    1. the invisible me

      Sooo... if this boy was at a public place and someone was breast, should she get arrested too?

    2. Official kingawesome113

      @C. M. The fact that it's on live TV wouldn't just affect my children, but other families as well. This show benefitted money from stupid scenes like this but they don't consider the audience in it. Public schools have no order or education. I prefer schools with moral boundaries.

    3. C. M.

      @Official kingawesome113 if your kids watch this episode they dont see any nudity. If your kids attend public school you might be surprised what they already know.

    4. Official kingawesome113

      @C. M. Seems like the chestnuts are separated from the mixed.

    5. C. M.

      But if in a mall and breastfeeding it would be ok, it's a mixed bag of nuts.

  87. kathia rosado

    Lmaoooo funniest thing I've ever seen lucky bastard

  88. 1yorknewable

    I love Shaun and Carly

  89. John Pabelloren

    You know Phil fucked up when he says "can we just travel?" instead of laughing at his own masterful prank.

  90. Brent Wise

    He was happy as long as his wife was happy that tells you something

  91. ηαєуα вαву

    hilarious lol

  92. Ina Omar 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

  93. just me

    Awe the doggy is so sweet he really stole my heart he was so cute just waiting for his cue.

  94. Ashcool

    Add the right background music and this could totally be sold as a trailer for a horror movie. Especially the first 40-60 seconds of this video clip.

  95. Be1smaht


  96. B. Africa

    An authentic Jamaican accent is mesmerizing 💃🎶🎤🇯🇲😍

  97. Manuel Guerra

    En castellano

  98. JA ! MEXI TV !

    Shaggy Boom Shot Jamaican for Life

  99. MidnightCry7

    Woah....what a switch up. 😍😍