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  1. Ilahmae Cunanan

    What an awesome start for a new season of Press Your Luck. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Jennyfer Elizabeth

    I’m so sad this ended !

  3. Melina Gaines

    Welp.... my hatred for Tom just ended 😪 how can you hate someone after this 😭

  4. Oh Kun

    I love this one!

  5. Sarah Anne Miley

    Melendez is totally Jealous

  6. LindAlexa Nuñez

    OMG i did not have any idea that Charli D"Amelio was there!

  7. iiLostAndFound Frederix

    imagine they make a spin off with alex and izzie with their new lives now

  8. ¿Podemos llegar a 100.000k con un vídeo?

    Qué tiene que ver Charli con Disney? (NO hate)

  9. Elora Martel

    I can't stop laughing😂😂

  10. Layla Schoot

    Ok why is bad guy always he song that plays when she wins something lol?

  11. MrMisterman1

    As a wise man once said 'I'm not here to fit into your world, I'm here to make my own'. I live by those words and everyone that's of a mixed race should to. They're not one race or the other, they're both, they're their own person

  12. As YouTube Turns Edits

    My grand baby loves this movie. Great job! 🤗

  13. Paige Kitching

    Is cute

  14. Paige Kitching

    The actress who plays Merida

  15. Rajai Hylton

    Lizzo looking like a Big orange

  16. Mark Hutchingsfcwe

    This is what people should do if someone wants to jump of tell them to trust you and take them in a different place and tell them who loves them and cares for them

  17. felix121984


  18. Jeremiah Pasteur

    Can we get an clap

  19. Foolish Drunk

    Why doesn't she listen to him?

  20. raydon141

    Literally one of my favorite scenes in the entire show.

  21. felix121984


  22. kayleigh stafford

    After baker and the Beauty abc sucks asss they need to renew that one show that was the best abc show

  23. Foolish Drunk

    If you're not in your twenties, don't expect your man to be faithful. Why should he? 😄

  24. Moontime70

    S6 E13...What a roller-coaster ride from start to finish. Poor Caulson. He just couldn't stay dead for long. SHIELD keeps bringing him back from the dead in one form or the other. Now as an LMD even he himself have a hard time accepting this reality. I wonder how May will react when meeting Caulson version LMD.

  25. german gamer

    great episode

  26. Hasan Khan

    Fam they so old now

  27. sarah gonzales

    Worst rendition ever!

  28. leesuh

    asi quede cuando apareció charli :O

  29. Aliejha


  30. TardisInTheSkye

    *glad I’m not the only one who loves them but knows this song doesn’t suit their vocal range*

  31. Thien Hoang

    Barbara: I would make an offer, but I’m actually broke and for that reason, I’m out.

  32. Red John

    Lori looks like DW from Arthur.

  33. TardisInTheSkye

    Bonnie and frank dying really fucked me up. Same when Conner said he didn’t live Oliver

  34. TardisInTheSkye

    I just watched this episode today and it’s even more fucked up because he was right.

  35. Mark Dolfen

    I wish these asshole actors would just SHUT UP, accept the award and leave the stage. NO ONE is interested in their political views (which, by the way, are total fantasy since these clowns all live in a fantasy world anyway)!

  36. Sean Nisbet

    Seeing The Look On Nugget's Face Made Me Smile He's Like Nugget: What Have I Got Myself Into?

  37. Charles McGehee

    Bummer losing Alex. Man. What a reminder how beautiful Katherine Heigl is. (Izzy) Alex has skills but is not a people person and very cruel to dump Jo. She is a great character. The writers really do her role proud. That girl is very smart. She will land okay eventually.

  38. Mckensley Harris

    I love meg Donnelly

  39. Crazyweb343

    I know this show is to spark Chinese viewers but I still thinks it’s funny 👍

  40. Ray Ray

    Damn that was fast !! Was that edited to make it look that fast !

  41. Lance Du

    That's always a good way to say stay lol

  42. Axel Logic

    What about him not painting the house I’ll make Eddie do it 😂😂

  43. Vanja Mara Barbosa da Silva

    Dr .Glassmam introduzir Shauin na medicina é lindo.

  44. Richard Zheng

    Mack is like a gentle giant.

  45. Karthik sa2

    Why would they want to kill Alex character .. he should have been till the end .

  46. Daniel Gomes


  47. SA SA

    This hurts soo much more after George Floyd 😔

  48. Karthik sa2

    Alex and Christina best in greys anatomy

  49. Chioma A


  50. AnimeGirl4891

    I love the long haired one. 😍

  51. NJgamer

    No, I am your rabbit.

  52. denisse rodriguez

    I know it’s completely off subject but hearing Hallie sing like this gets me more excited for the little mermaid!!!! 😍 all 3 of these ladies are amazing at what they do! And their voices are AMAZING! 😍💜

  53. Ni Ai


  54. Danaya Jackson

    We need a season 3 pronto

  55. Farid Yasir Huaricancha Huaman

    that beautiful

  56. Soukeye Seck

    This episode had me all up in my feels tho🥺

  57. Darniece King

    I like Ariana verison but keke's was better 💞

  58. lark

    Their boxers got all twisted in their asses. Must be nice to have a networth of millions or billions cause no one will fault them.

  59. Luana Moraes

    God bless you, que Deus abençoe vocês

  60. Flor Fernández

    como la cago charlie amigo

  61. red baron

    Regina was amazingly written and gave complex layers that were relatable and this scene was one of many that turned out to be the best in the overall series.

  62. Chris Peplinski

    Emily had a terrific game

  63. Claudio de Souza

    Minha nossa mudou😍

  64. moviegirl

    Are they lip syncing that?

  65. Maya Moji

    Anthony (the dad) was a little annoying to me 😔

  66. Ivo Byrt

    188 people didn't lived with a Modern Family

  67. Wayne Hoxit

    Sometimes Steve Harveys rage can be extreme at times on family feud

  68. Wayne Hoxit

    Was there a main reason Steve Harvey felt a lot of extreme rage at Antoni

  69. SMDK Chile

    That smile...mmmmmm

  70. it's Natalia Reyes the twin

    there was charil dmeilo milo, meg, dove boo boo, sofia , sarah and more

  71. Presleigh Estes

    i miss her so much

  72. The Temperance

    I love this bitch

  73. Violet Sheffer-Stevens

    I started balling when he was yelling at his dad omg

  74. Arcadia

    I love dean thomas

  75. The Temperance

    I love Morgan!!!

  76. EthanDaBest


  77. Kayla Jean

    this doesn’t seem like a role john would like to play. but yet, he looks like he’s having so much fun

  78. Raj P

    i would be excited if they brought back tony stark the same way

  79. EvilQueen

    Schade,Deutsch wäre gut

  80. Teven Urbano

    I want to watch Michaela‘s life. Could there be a spinoff? Omg.

  81. Jian Li

    Now we know women good job even though it suck

  82. Xuan Nguyen

    Anybody sad that Stan lee didn’t left Thor’s hammer in the Thor movie

  83. Xuan Nguyen

    Who else was sad when Stan lee didn’t lift Thor’s hammer in the Thor movie

  84. Jessica Gonzalez

    how can I missed these 😭

  85. Alexia Zamora

    And he’s still hot...

  86. J. C.

    She deserved that for betraying Roseanne.

  87. TheRedRetroRiot

    This speech needs to be played right now. Powerful.

  88. Sondaes world

    Stop it Katy 🤦🏾‍♀️🤧🤧🤧

  89. René Vázquez

    Carly is the most patient person in the world.

  90. Sondaes world

    Omg cryin 😫😫😫❤

  91. Fernanda Blunt Krasinski


  92. Jerry R

    That’s so funny

  93. Zaka Osnat

    So...anyone else thinking Tom and Helen Willis from The Jeffersons? (My fav 70s show) ❣️

  94. Jade Aubey

    I love kids to say the darndest things And Tiffany Haddish

  95. hothotheat3000

    He called her mom mademoiselle. Married women are addressed as Madame.

  96. Romina Rasmussen


  97. Christine Clarke

    The return of Kermit

  98. Valery Lopez Gil

    hello i love you

  99. Bhawani Jain

    This reminds me of The Big Bang Theory. Dr. Murphy is similar to Sheldon while Lea is like Penny. They are cute together.

  100. Some Random Gamer Animator

    That 4th whammy was just heartbreaking