Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Blu Shark

    I want to know HOW MUCH IT COST

  2. LunaFox 45

    13:37 So we’re not gonna talk about that Harry Potter reference then?

  3. InternetAsian

    "don't try this at home" _this warning can't stop me, because i'm deaf_

  4. Lacy Shelley

    You are so awesome!! I love watching you. Your cupcake soaps were amazing.

  5. Eggo my Leggo

    I feel poisoned from eat soap and pencil lead

  6. Jay And Ray

    Normal people: "were in!" Make up community: "were in 😈"

  7. Hello Pancakes

    Lyes it's all lyes! (Got like 4 minutes into the video then this thought popped in to my brain)

  8. Emma Smout

    I feel bad for whoever inherits all the candles when she dies

  9. Denisse Salazar

    I feel like safiya was the little girl who would make potions with mud and leaves in the backyard... now she lives her best life

  10. Addison Johnson

    I made a childrens version and it was decent lol it turned out decent but the leftover soap and pigmented soap helped make another thin bar of soap

  11. Addison Johnson

    I am a soap goddess too...may the best win lol she is way better i am using this video to help start with my buisness

  12. Addison Johnson

    I was at a store that was like a mall where I live and saw these becuase my 12 year old proud self is starting a soap and flower buisness and as I was picking up the soap i almost knocked over the glass jar of bath scrubs lol a moment I will never was gonna shatter across the floor and the store has a scary echo lol

  13. Missymandaful


  14. Naomi McIlvaine

    I really wanna know the siracha bottle story

  15. Bethany Dai

    Savory pocky = pretz imma Asian ;)

  16. ajpop2468

    They do look good enough to eat, but you really- REALLY should not. Me who at soap thinking it was cookies: *WhElP*

  17. Yomaira Gonzalez

    Love it!!

  18. thepianoandsinging channel

    As a choir student, i think that if Safiya sings , she will rock on the articulation. Because even when she talk , the articulation is so good❤

  19. Angela. Schrimscher

    Like the green dress so cute

  20. Dani N

    How about mixing every soap in bath and body works???

  21. daily art therapies

    I want eating

  22. Alondra Carreno

    I keep forgetting that they cant eat the cupcakes...i should probably never try to make these

  23. Carmen Williams

    Love you saf but I think it wold look better without the tinsel jacket

  24. Mitzi Robertson

    help me obi-wan ken-obi you are my only hope.

  25. shady potato

    who got the game/film theory reference XD matpat is shook

  26. Kathleen Pope

    I know I probably wasn't the only one, (there are thousands of comments) but I laughed so hard... hysterically, when you cut up those thick pads and stuck them under your eyes!!

  27. Haley Copans

    "sounds like a velociraptor" LOL!!!!!!!!

  28. XXX_FadedSunrise ExE

    Me: used to nibble on lotion and candles as a child Safiya: don’t eat the soap cupcakes Me: *WATCH ME*

  29. m82s01l

    I would buy those from you. They look awesome!

  30. Kosmetics Queen

    Do this again but with yankee candles and layer the candle so it can burn with different scents at each layer!

  31. Zhu zhu pets and more fun!


  32. Aine scanlan

    i got an add while watching the vid and it was for rome and then saw safiyas rome vid lol

  33. Screech Owl

    FRANKEN-SOAP OH MY GOD YESSS get every color/ type of soap from brambleberry and mix them lol

  34. Cupcake Games

    You know, first I came for the title and now I loved the video... WELL TIME TO GIVE IT A LIKE I GUESS

  35. NerdyGaming0

    Saf: “Now I’m covered in holo glitter. Didn’t think about that.” Cristine: “You should have thought about that. Seems like you need the help of a professional. 😉”

  36. YeetusTheFetus

    Scientist: DoN't ToUcH lYe It's DaNgErOuS!!! People: Oh oka- Also Scientist: *Uses Lye as soap on their hands*

  37. Cassidy Tait

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Safya: 🤟😝🤟

  38. Kosmetics Queen

    It would’ve been so cool if you had melted the categories/batches separately then layered and set them in a candle so you could have a layered candle with the different scents and colors on each layer.

  39. Chalise Ritz

    Can you do a house tour please

  40. Em chillin

    I like how every time they tried to do a retake on the first time seeing each other being fully dressed as groom and bride they kept giving each other new and nice compliments it was very wholesome

  41. This Nyc

    How would you even use that? I would just put it in my desk forever

  42. Molly Hewett

    peppa whar are you doing in the night market

  43. Alex Smith

    My style is “shit I found at the thrift store”

  44. Elizabeth Miller

    Try Zaful!

  45. FaithRobin Buchin

    You did a great job on them! With all that piping experience, try making real cupcakes. 💖🌷💍💎

  46. DaliBear

    Those are SO FLIPPING CUTE!!! if you sold those, especially around halloween or new years i would SO dec my bathroom and kitchen out with those !

  47. Ginny Weasley!

    K to the went to all this trouble and it ended up..... well..... bla

  48. Jacie Jackson

    Honestly I love her cause she is so confident

  49. Kaleigh Cato

    TYLER'S MASTER OF DISGUISE REFERENCE!!! That's like my favorite movie I can't...

  50. Britney Romero

    When you said soaring and flying I immediately thought of high school musical

  51. Mama Jin

    Just imagine sitting on a counter waiting to be dismembered

  52. Savannah Robb

    My 6 yr old who was watching with me said it looks like Vampirena. Huge complement

  53. Olivia Durand

    I love Mrs. Jung so much! She is an incredible stylist and she is so funny!!

  54. Jenavie Admonis

    Those are soooooo beautiful. I would totally buy them!

  55. m82s01l

    Watching Saf and Tyler make soap watching the lady make soap

  56. ivy potato

    Daing! The sponcer and intro took over two minutes┐( ∵ )┌

  57. Si.d828

    To the man n the speaker stfu party pooper a** bi**c lmao

  58. Assasin Crew

    Safiya in pink looks really odd! Good odd I suppose!

  59. OceanStuff

    Palm oil? :(

  60. Heidi Wiener

    Kandace predicted 2020

  61. Laura Takagaki

    “I’ve encountered an entire category of s*x* suds, that really buttered my muffin” -Safiya 2020

  62. Sunny Sunflowers

    Check me out I’m a small MNselr :3

  63. Alice Damiano

    It's a (questionably) fashionable alternative to a plastic poncho. Good for a rainy day. Good for a water balloon fight. And that's about it.

  64. Bailey & Chloe

    12:36 look at whats on the fridge...🤣😂

  65. Crawford Plays music

    54 dollars for two pairs of shoes?!?

  66. Carlos Vieira

    3:42 Safiya and NileRed is the crossover I didn't know I needed

  67. Ginny Weasley!

    “So now I’m going to let down my hair and DYE slowly” Safiya- 20??

  68. Bridget C.

    Safiya: ...we will be able to have 32 flavors, which is obviously not every flavor imaginable, but when it comes to conventional cake flavors, it's a good chunk of them. Me: you mean it's a good *piece* of them...haha... **spare me please**

  69. Crispy Bacon Kazoo

    More like soapia nyegaard

  70. Cassidy Tait

    Every time the Mexican music plays is when the game plan is being said. I don't know why. 🤨

  71. Braden Hedrick

    The tube looks like 80s abstract art

  72. Brandon Jaimes

    Just imagine going to the bathroom and seeing a cupcake

    1. Crispy Bacon Kazoo

      :/ Why is there a cupcake on the sink?

  73. Darling wJEO1HfcK-0

  74. Johana Ocampo

    Safiya: "You smell like a roasted ham" Me: I smell like beef, I smell like beeeef

  75. gummmybearreina

    I, a holo sexual, am appeased

  76. Brianna Sweeting


  77. Darling q-rzMP94vcc?t=20

  78. Gerald Eggh

    This sounds like a 60 minutes special for some reason

  79. Chuck Youngman

    I know that you are way past the naming of this. But it should have been called Into the un-mauve!

  80. Natalie Trimble

    Where’s Chuck E Cheese? Lmao Sorry

  81. S T O N E D

    Yes she finally used royalty soap's footage!! If u like satisfying soap making she has the best go subscribe

  82. Acne Water

    Me:Oh this is a newish video of Safiya's Also me: Sees its from almost a year ago. Oh.

  83. Just The Weirdos

    I was very surprised to see that James Charles was not involved. Although he was probably sold out.

  84. leavemealoneplease

    Have you thought about making a video where you donate the ad revenue to BLM?

  85. rose rose

    Why am i watching this at 4 am?? Idk But am i stilk gonna watch it?? abso****lutley!!

  86. Ati Herrera

    the people who disliked this were probably from Buzzfeed

  87. caroline sottile

    who else is here during quarantine bc they are bored lol

  88. Hailey Korver


  89. Darling QMg-EIw9LLE?t=112

  90. Emmaline Kim

    I want saf to go visit the weird parks in Jeju so badly

  91. Nutty Insomniac

    @Safiya, where is Sara from, please?

  92. Lauri Branson

    Safiya: and we can definitely not eat it, Also safiya: all right let’s try making some cupcakes me: yum yum😏

  93. Sandee dee

    Their basically sailor moon cupcakes haha

  94. Megan Smith

    i love how supportive ty is😭

  95. Courtney Evans

    You piping the frosting cracked me up so bad! You are insanely talented and willing to learn new things. You underestimate your awesomeness but Tyler knows what’s up.

  96. Mariam Rouby

    Quarantine tingzzzzzzzzz

  97. Random Kooks20

    It looks like a type of jeans that slenderman would wear lol 😂 🤣

  98. Nutty Insomniac

    Ohhhhhhhh Safiya, TARTAN beret!! Lol

    1. Nutty Insomniac

      And that was my favourite look for you, trousers 2nd, and sorry - very sorry - NOT that green thing!!

  99. exitstrategy

    Why must you make me crave desserts, Saf?!?! <3