Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. Gacha Karen

    Is it free?

  2. Mia Hinojosa

    Mauve + Benana =Maubena <---- my opinion of the nailpolish ❤💛💙

  3. XXbatgirl Xx


  4. lil tee

    4:57 same sis

  5. lil tee

    2:27 sis I was waiting for u to show stray kids lmao

  6. Ginger Turquoise

    LOL well someone watched Dollightful

  7. shawana waseem

    Frankie mauve

  8. Ace _TheLynx

    it should be called "wild fire"

  9. Maisha Maliha

    Franklin polish

  10. PinkyShayArtz 44

    She likes the ring!

  11. Susan Davis

    Very fun! I love you sense of humor!

  12. Jo Z yt

    In the mauve

  13. Billie_Eilish 1012

    tyler: my butt's shaking me: -concerned-

  14. Schierke

    i love how you featured dahyun several times <3 dubu is my kpop goddess also, for those ppl who are new here, saf's the research queen y'all

  15. High Jinx

    Now here’s the real question....#1: do you use it now or back to traditional products? And question#2: is anyone else disgusted by the yt ad that pops up for a similar product with the Asian girl sayin how she “likes to F%#*”? That was just too much for me, maybe bcuz I have an 8 yr old daughter that I would freak if she saw that ad maybe I’m just prude but I’ve never been modest or ashamed of my womanhood, I just think it deserves more respect than that.

  16. Billie_Eilish 1012

    i would wear jessies outfit without the jacket and the hat and safiyas with jeans and a hoodie. (basically just changed safiyas whole outfit besides the shirt lol)

  17. Caryss C

    Shane is so ugly

  18. Evan/C/A Trask

    Francen polish

  19. briezy

    8:14 did that really say mongoloid lolol

  20. Daphne A child of MEEE MOTHER

    I thought of : Frakenmauve 😅 idk..

  21. Bulvr In Roblox

    Am i the only one here for cristine?

  22. Minata Firiai

    Can we get an all blue eyeshadows, red eyeshadows, green eyeshadows and purple eyeshadows??..... that way we can have the frankenguru rainbow eyeshadow kit

  23. Xenarie cayabyab


  24. Jade Manzo

    Me realizing. Why would the shirt catch on fire irons were made for clothes

  25. Bailey Regier

    Lol the way y'all day Toronto

  26. Asriel Kolfinnsdottir

    I think Mauverry Berry sounds good but don't @ me with that.

  27. Emma Larson

    Franken polish

  28. Michelle Gillis

    It should be called Mauving, the franken polish!

  29. Sleepy Kitties:3

    Move for the Mauve

  30. Hillary Hunter

    I KNOW IM LATE BUT I GOT A NAME: Ahem "I'm mauve-r it"

  31. Christie Lee

    The frankin polish

  32. Ann McMo

    Madam Mixture

  33. Randomness

    Day one: *sees video in recommended once* meh Day two *sees video after Leah Ashe vid* maybe later Day three *sees video 6 times a day* OMG STOP Day four *sees 15 times in one day* FINE ILL WATCH

  34. KimmAY

    The canned bread and the soup were the best ones!!

  35. Ashy cat


  36. TheWolfQueen


  37. Gacha Alexandra

    My name is Elina too!?!?! I feel like the name Elina is like a rare name

  38. Squad Girls

    Freakishly mauve

  39. bruce padgett

    Wheres the James Charles plattet?

  40. Cat Wimberley

    Mauving On Up

  41. Destined to Prosper

    The all in nail polish should be called "mauvstrosity"!

  42. The anime girl

    Frankie nail

  43. RainBowPanda

    What we’ve learned from these videos: All the colors together make brown purple *Period*

  44. flavia cerreto

    Mauve Over

  45. Elizabeth Wright

    Just because I didn’t see it mentioned... you should never use anything used in soap making for food or eating. They should become soap only tools because of the lye.

  46. Dooniya Neeazee

    When Tyler took your shampoo I died like literally

  47. Daria Lesmerises

    19:50 the girl looking at them loll

  48. I Love Beebo

    Who’s here in November of 2019?

  49. Katney37

    berry blend

  50. Mulattopapi

    “You look like lord farquad” 😂😂😂😂

  51. Just Jacquilyn

    Love a Saf video no matter when it was done! If i haven’t seen it, then It’s NEW! Lol ❤️❤️❤️ November 15 2019 time of this comment! ✨ Always subscribed ✅

  52. Sock Monkey

    Dollightfull is way better than you guys, XD

  53. Emily Cemer


  54. Kittene Exe

    Mauve a long

  55. junko teriyaki sauce

    You should do a franken liquid liner

  56. Holla Sloth


  57. Holla Sloth


  58. Tilly Brawn

    My patronus is a frickin Sphinx cat

  59. Holla Sloth


  60. Lena Jazmin

    good fun

  61. Syerra Sweeney

    I love you lip stick

  62. Syerra Sweeney


  63. Syerra Sweeney


  64. Auddy Doe

    Name ideas: Simply Safiya Frankennail Simply Franken Simply Frankennail Simply Berry Berry bats

  65. Claire Paul

    My name is Claire! I feel honored 😂

  66. Ruthlessnoodle

    THis is the DUMBEST low value shit I have ever seen.

  67. Chloe Hale

    The franken polish

  68. nova tills

    Hey llook I HAVE A LIKE wait way is it blue?

  69. L H

    I think that “Safily Mauvelogical” would be good since it’s a mashup like the nail polish and it’s got the mauve in it

  70. Ruthlessnoodle

    FREAK SHOW: 7:20 I would NEVER buy anything this thing suggested. NOT being "mean". Just being "real".

  71. Marissa Leyanne

    This is the number of times Safiya referenced Jafar’s shoulder pads

  72. Aurora M

    *WhErE iS jAmEs ChArLeS*

  73. Natalie Ewing

    The franken-mauve

  74. Alisha Yousuf

    I like to mauve it, mauve it.

  75. alyssa hain

    i’ve always thought that the foundation you used was always to dark but this was perfect!!

  76. Mickey’s World

    who else thought she was bounding as marry poppins cuz of the thumbnail

  77. jacqueline landa

    Call it warm fuzzies.

  78. Zoey Seltrecht


  79. Maya Heart

    I almost cried I was so so happy!

  80. Braelynn Away

    Mega mauve !!!!

  81. Sharla Bickel

    Call it “Orly only”

  82. Ashlyn Briano

    This again ans the name because as Sofiya said this color keeps showing up.

  83. That One Crazy Cat

    "I like to mauve it"

  84. Kaylei Alcock

    Ummm "its a look but not with a W just the 2 oo

  85. Chicken Noodles

    These girls make epic best friends I swear

  86. sunflower Gacha

    I like to mauve it mauve it... I DONT KNOW OK-

  87. Niya Miller

    Name for polish is all or nothing

  88. Sha[Na]Leaaa

    Why do I enjoy the word “gusset” so much? 😂

  89. Olivia Myers

    You should call the one. pretty not so Cool

  90. Mike Krzywicki


  91. jacqueline landa

    I can't believe it only took you 20 mins.

  92. Ikittydog H.

    3:08 - 3:14 is me and my boyfreind

  93. Gaia Antonini

    Why are you fat if you go to the gym

  94. spacegirl draws

    Simply hey im doing my homework, not my math cuz i left it at school but tbh i just pretend its hard so my classmates dont hate me for finding it pretty easy

  95. Jenelle

    When Safiya predicts the conspiracy palette/collection

  96. saholmes12

    Little did she know 2019 has the “snatched weav” Please like👍🏻🏳️‍🌈💛

  97. spacegirl draws

    Thinking bout this i relize that my main outfits are black leggings winter boots and a hoodie

  98. Anxiously Doodling

    I’m watching this again because why not then realize that the wedding may be new month. I’m freaking out