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  1. Alana Ludlow

    You should try making the whopper candy!

  2. Alana Ludlow

    You should try making the whopper candy!

  3. Alana Ludlow

    You should try making the whopper candy!

  4. Clare

    how could anyone NOT stan priya???

  5. Alana Ludlow

    You should try making the whopper candy!

  6. Vanessa Medina Jimenez

    Lmao!! "..this egg is evil. It is haunted. I'm not eating it"

  7. callie p

    Please gourmet some Butterfingers... I've seen DIY butterfingers vids on YT but I can't believe that it uses candy corn. Plus it always looks too orange if they use the candy corn.

  8. Colin Schostak

    I guess the G&E team forgot to show up today :(

  9. Clowd

    How long did she leave it on low?

  10. Koneko

    Why am I watching this as a vegetarian 😂 🤦‍♀️

  11. Khidirov Бурганов

    “This is where a MNsel video would be really helpful” Prophecy: you are the youtube video

  12. [Ecchi]

    You could probably use the leftover ginger for tea or easy ginger shots by boiling them in a bit of water to extract their remaining nutrients out of them

  13. Salt with a J

    PETA : 43 cows were Hurt plz turn veagqn

  14. Fio Dueck

    Claire deserves the world

  15. Jenn

    I love when he looks out the top of his glasses to the camera when Brad messes up

  16. Hannah Ryan

    I'm so mad! I walked by this place while I'm NYC last month and didn't go in 😭😭

  17. Guitar73 T

    I guess paying for youtube red doesn't prevent all advertisements

  18. M L

    Haha when she was singing, i wasn't really paying attention but it looked like she has no neck and just a giant floating head. Pretty cool!

  19. miklosl88

    Christina is my goddamm hero and I vote for future videos of her without Claire. Claire (I love her still) is clearly the overachiever used to working alone or being in charge of a team.

  20. S C

    You make a point to try and keep these homecook friendly but by the end of the video you're throwing in specially grown 898 squashes and pomegrante molasses. Sprouts dont look that pretty to me either. Id want the greens to be green and appetizing, not charred beyond recognition.

  21. Kevin Hansen

    I wanna see her make a chocolate orange haha 🍊🍊🍫

  22. Ursa

    omg Priya singing HadesTown <3

  23. Melissa Huerta

    I wondered what they did with all that leftover Turkey and didnt they get tired of turkey

  24. Joanne Hunter

    1:37 "grinded"??? Is Brad making the pop ups now??? 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Jonell Blackley

    You should make blow pops next. Candy and gum yumm

  26. Mike C

    Is claire single?

  27. AcrylictheGaymer OwO

    Brad even though you close your eyes it will still give you welders burn

  28. McFarvo

    18:30 this episode of History Channel's "Forged In Fire," we see our blacksmiths working on their ruffle mandolin blades...

  29. Rolodex Propaganda

    You forgot hot breath

  30. Jordan Leong

    Am I vegetarian? Yes. Am I still going to watch the vid because it’s BA? Of course.

  31. carol cox

    reminds me of that episoode of Friends and Monica's birthday flan. NOT a cake.

  32. McFarvo

    FACTS: cooking is chemistry and chemists make the best mass-produced snack food.

  33. conejita23

    this is just too good

  34. Hugo Bucci

    8463 grams

  35. miapia17

    How did you get the freeze ones? I cant find them anywhere!

  36. Josh Morris yt

    There big fish little fish cardboard box

  37. Kayla Villamor

    All I keep thinking is BRADS MISO POWDER IN THE EGGS

  38. Karen Tribbett

    It's her wonderful laugh at others and herself I like..

  39. Bree M

    Try gourmet Mr. Big!!

  40. FraucScrimpy

    Who else watching this with a bag of takis next to them

  41. Dlhard02

    Now I don’t feel bad about never reheating leftovers lol

  42. Connie Turner

    "squozen?" haha, we know what you meant.

  43. Kaira Portacio

    veggie chips

  44. Andrei Cristi Moga

    Only three ways to cook salmon: -furnace -smoker -campfire + maybe kill salmon with fire/ Flame-enchanted bow; never tried that one

  45. Eeka_Gymenez

    2:26 look at claire, and shes the visual representation of me when I get forced to do someone I like with someone I hate.

  46. Cami Robinson

    cabbage asmr

  47. Brien Elwood Washburn

    Steve @ 00:45: how do I stand? What do I do with my hands?

  48. diamondflaw

    I know I'm still at the beginning, but they're talking about crispy and creamy potatoes... and I'm trying to figure out why nobody's mentioned put-back potatoes.

  49. Salil Barua

    Good? You were great Queen Claire...

  50. Tommy Præst Møller

    Clearly not a worked through recipe. And the browning with moisture on the meat is such a fib.

  51. barkevvv

    "im no selena gomez" is my favorite soundbite on this entire channel

  52. xylene

    I loved how chill Claire was about making these that she stopped to make drinks for her friends. Gabby just lit up when she was handed her drink! :D I love seeing how utterly sweet Claire can be when she's not totally stressed out by these challenges. :) <3

  53. Joe Leonard

    Quote of the video: "Nice, pillowy, unctuous, fatty bottoms."

  54. Bilkis Ahad

    Thats not pav that not how u make Bahji thats how u serve pav bahji and that not how u eat it but its different and looks good

  55. Osher A

    Did you seriosly just said that to a WWE superstar??? 7:31

  56. Mollie LaFavers

    Come to Louisville, KY and try a bunch of Hot Browns!

  57. Alexis Baker

    Why hasn’t bon apetite just taken Claire’s recipe and branded it then sold their gourmet versions of food. Everyone at Whole Foods would go crazy for that no cap

  58. Heidi Baltom

    Im glad im not the only one with the mash. I think it needs more potatoes in the mashed potatoes.

  59. Hannah D

    at 11:14 brad turns around to ask people behind him if they remember rocko but nobody is paying attention :(

  60. Jessica Cole

    Boneless skinless chicken breast is like the most expensive part of the chicken

  61. derick

    I can’t believe I flinched at that snake 🐍 🤦🏻‍♂️

  62. baba BZNZ

    4:11 cutest thing xD

  63. Russell Washington

    It kills me how these people pretend to have invented stuff that's been around FOREVER. This exact recipe can be found in dozens of cook books.

  64. Rita Mulcahey

    Omg they are all so different now

  65. MAGPIE

    Wow, with that flourish of potatoes on top, who could resist.

  66. PopDisplay1

    Pull your head back over your torso.

  67. Stick Man

    Who else thinks that potatoes should be in their own food group?

  68. Jean-Sébastien Jacques

    Hello there! Would it be possible to have a link/place where I can find the exact model of some tools your are using? I am mostly thinking of your Anolini stamp and your Chitara. Thank you for your time.

  69. keeperofthegood

    ... really inexpensive. Here in Southern Ontario currently skinless/boneless chicken breast runs 17$ to 20$ per kilo compared to 4$ per kilo for legs/thighs. Where does she live that they are really inexpensive?

  70. vonlipi

    You missed La Frite a Brigitte in Vaudreuil-Dorion. Outside of Montreal but definitely worth the drive!

  71. rudeminnesotan

    Rick has super fabulous nails. I'm sitting here painting my own while I watch this and I'm kind of jealous of that color...

  72. hubridnox

    i love burnt hot dogs :P

  73. Ryan 350sx

    please stop slicing onion or shallots horizontal. think about it the onion is naturally layered that way its not necessary

  74. J WS

    Well that was rubbish! Check out Chef John for a great meatball recipe.

  75. Kreo

    poutine is according to google, the second best food in the world, where nachos is number 1... I need to go to Canada :I

  76. Bishop Corva

    I'd like to see Claire make Crispix or something close there of. Best of luck.

  77. Coffee Fox

    Really? You were rude and pushy in regards to the poll. Then you post about how your mashed potatoes were the perfect consistency. Because 'surely' everyone in the comments section is wrong. I guess I'll stick with watching Claire. Also, to the people saying MSG is horrible for you? It isn't.

  78. m1garandisthebest

    Jimmy Diresta is the coolest dude around

  79. m1garandisthebest

    This is the greatest video on the internet

  80. Jordan G

    13,860 grams

  81. TouchyBanana

    >Makes the easiest item out of other stuff Pathetic

  82. useazebra

    The answer to basically all these questions is: "Sous vide your steak"

  83. roynelson96

    Anyone know what pizza oven it is they're using?

  84. Sif Snorradottir

    Do italians just search the internet for carbonara recipes to spam angry comments?

  85. Escapist

    I'll never be as attached to my family as Priya is to hers.

  86. Swordless Mimetown

    When’s brad gonna go to the garlic farms?

  87. FortisFortuna Adiuvat

    2:31 Why are they blue. Bcuz they are fking amazing! lol no srsly they are hella good.. Id pair them with the red ones n eat them together with my Tortas. Also idk about other ppl, but when i hear Claire always stating that she will knock this down in a day cuz it looks "easy". I go take a look at the time line n how long this video, then i pause it n go get me snack, cuz ik this will be good. lol

  88. daizahxo

    I swear they ate edibles before this. 😂

  89. Food Loves Company

    Pasta is life!

  90. Mikaila Daniel

    May be the fact I go through two gallons of hot sauce in about two to three months but those chips are mild.

  91. seokjinsyaah !

    i like this guy bc he kinda sounds like travis mcelroy

  92. aidan fensterman

    Can yall make this a playlist

  93. thejetblackdog

    am i the only one who hears "look at the big brain on brad" in samuel l. jacksons voice watching this show when brad gets something right? also, claire is gorgeous. how is she not modeling cookware?

  94. Darthmauls ghost

    8953 g

  95. G S

    Ah.. i love you Chris 😌

  96. Cedric Junor

    Rhoda is our unsung hero

  97. Dana Vargas

    I love how Brad always looks like he's perpetually on his way to go drink a Bud Light Lime.

  98. ANP BNP

    The meme starts at 2:25

  99. Nathan Tankersley

    Now just add a dash of fentanyl and watch them sell out in seconds

  100. Brandon Wentz

    Thanks Chris for fighting for what is right. Salad at Thanksgiving? Also, I want Claire and Brad on a project with Chris acting as the referee/instigator pouring on direct and piercing criticism. Please.