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  1. JazzYolo

    having watched almost all of these, I can say with confidence I'm a level 2 chef who hasn't had the opportunity to cook some of the things they've made but goddamn I can barely bake from a box

  2. Deborah Akran

    The Level 2 guy looks like someone off of Total Drama Island

  3. Sophia E. Anderson

    I've only ever seen people snap pasta in half (besides when using a small pot) is if a small child is eating said spaghetti.

  4. JazzYolo

    red potatoes for fries? something fucky is going on with professional chefs

  5. ThatSmartStone


  6. Benjababe

    Should've invited the level 1 chefs and see them bs some food science with their knowledge

  7. Allison

    I love blackberries and grilled cheese..

  8. Fi P

    Too bad a strawberry isnt a fruit..

  9. Georgi

    I wanna marry someone with Stephens personality

  10. Jae Sant

    Level 3 chef felt awful when put ketchup on.

  11. Simon O'Toole

    That crab was alive when he cut it in half. 4:11. He cut the live crab in half like it was a vegetable.

  12. dhelor

    Seafood? Oh god, no. That's not chili. No.

  13. Jerry N.

    "I just have my husband cut them for me" perfect solution

  14. Gordon Neo

    Am i a bad person for wanting the level 2 chef to just DESTORY me

  15. Nicholas Palmisano

    I didn't see no cherries or blueberries or regular bananas


    Seriously though, why does the cute black chick have to have the ghetto grilled cheese segment?

  17. rick kilonzo


  18. mojo risen

    Good god, Sour Cream on French fries, and AppleSauce. Damn.....

  19. Izerman YK

    Cheese is not really melting meeaan.... 😂😂😂😂

  20. LinkMario

    Eso no es un taco wey

  21. abhijeet dange

    The key to make a great chilli is to undercook the onions- Kevin Malone

  22. Jose Triana

    Chris’ was more like a seafood stew

  23. vaibhav prabhudesai

    How to cut an apple.... Just eat it with the skin. Also who uses a knife to remove banana skin. Wtf.

  24. Kacper K

    "it's going to help sear the meat and lock in those delicious juices" Oh no Lorenzo. I would have thought that a Level 2 chef would know that sear meat doesn't lock in juices.

  25. Colby Tyler

    Can we get rose to critique Gordon Ramsay’s videos

  26. Mai Li Palau

    No surprise Lorenzo's chili looks best. Then level 3. Emily has gotten better at level 1.

  27. Georgi

    I don’t agree with bringing Daniel back after he put black berries in a grilled cheese sandwich

  28. OliviagoPadilla

    the second i see frank i know it’s about to go down

  29. GothicBambi

    I wish there was an extra element to these...where all the chefs tried each others meals as well

  30. JazzYolo

    >Because my husband- and the internet's heart was collectively broken

  31. vega yolanda

    Lorenzo is back!!!

  32. Mark Johnson

    Grandma is always the master.

  33. Morris Code

    A new level should be added for vegans. Stay Woke

  34. Allison

    The texture of the level one chefs cake is so attractive. And I’ve got to try putting orange zest into cream cheese frosting- even though I’m not so sure how I’d pair it with carrot cake. Oh and that spice mix from level 3? Chai is a great choice! I’d love to try it.

  35. JazzYolo

    Is it just me or does the home cook's almost always look better? everyting the professionals make seems too trendy or out there for me. I don't want crab in my chili and I don't want my pizza to look like a fingerpainting

  36. Mai Li Palau

    And Rosemary too!!! I'm so glad she's back too!!

  37. Mai Li Palau

    LORENZO!!! I'm so happy he's back!!! I also am happy about Emily's back.

  38. robert juker

    i been using non flouridated well water from for my spaghetti all my life. also never use canned tomatoes, i recommend tomatoes from your garden

  39. TheSkandranon

    Lorenzo: it's all yumminess, yummy yummy yummy yummy 10:20

  40. 1truenamekian

    From now on when people underwhelm me I'm gonna say *NOT GREAT*

  41. Trey Barnes

    Not one of these recipes is chilli, NO BEANS!!!!

  42. war dragon

    Evaporate alcohol ok i might be wrong but before you can evaporate alcohol you have to evaporate water (basic principle of distillation right) Lol idk but lvl 2 chef plating always look better than lvl 1&3

  43. Bryan Assaf

    Lorenzo’s egg looks alot better than barb’s one

  44. Benj Williams

    This is the first video I've seen in this series where I think that the level 3 chef's dish actually looked the best (rather than just being gratuitously fancy)! Well done all three chefs on some DANG good lookin' cakes!

  45. Syntazer G

    Where is the tomato?

  46. Akanksha _S.

    "The trick is to undercook the onions. Everybody is going to get to know each other in the pot. I'm serious about this stuff. I'm up the night before pressing garlic and dicing whole tomatoes. I toast my own Ancho chilies"

  47. Kathy Fan

    I love how Lorenzo just maniacally laughs at everything

  48. Bronson Evertsen

    "If it makes you dance, you're doing it right" hahaha so true

  49. helium.hydrogen

    Everyone has their own likes and preferences, and so I'm not knocking any of their choices, but none of these felt like a real chili to me. Lorenzo's probably came closest, but I would've liked to see a more creative usage of chili peppers. In my own homemade chili, I make a paste out of three different dried peppers (guajillo, ancho, chipotle), which I think is a little more in line with the traditional "chili con carne" preparation. But chili has evolved in definition over the years as a food, and all in all I'm glad to see all three enjoy their creations at the end.

  50. Sadia M.

    Obama is that you? I keep hearing you

  51. mojo risen

    The comments for this video are pure gold. Laughed for 10 min straight. Thank you

  52. lce.

    1:19 shes a true lvl 1 chef

  53. JB Chen

    If it was a pomegranate, how did adam and eve bite it

  54. Jerry N.

    When you have too much knowledge and skill you start making weird stuff

  55. Aaron Duran

    "Chili" is actually spelled "Chile" GTFO unless you understand New Mexico.... ;) A black guy, an Asian, and a white girl... Definitely Chile masters. I honestly cringed and gagged while watching every single dish. Please, please if anyone of you think any of this is real "Chile" you need to take a trip to where hatch/chimayo/Socorro/(not Colorado) is grown. Stop calling it "chili" even the Texans can do better then any one of these horrible chefs..

  56. Ben Fletcher

    Lorenzo needs his own cooking show though! Then he can become a celebrity guest on the other videos 😂

  57. Charlie torrez

    Level 1 & 2 Chefs: "Let's make Chili!" Level 3 Chef: "You fools; we're making seafood gumbo!" "...& Cornbread"

  58. Laura Smith

    Dan is so wholesome

  59. Figgy G

    Sim's would piss me off since there isn't enough sauce. Bites with no sauce. And burnt.

  60. Maya Santos

    To be honest maybe the reason the watermelon windmill didn’t work like how he wanted it to was because he could’ve cut it in a better way

  61. Daniel Liddicoat

    Salt, pepper and butter

  62. Ben Fletcher

    “Salt makes everything better!” Me: *remembers middle school science where we were told that high salt intake can increase chances of heart attacks*

  63. James Edgar

    My therapist- how are you? Me-..... I watched a man cut fruit

  64. John Marston

    Ah yes, I'm already feeling that I wanna s l i c e s o m e f u c k i n g f r u i t .

  65. Dipshikha Kandel

    Thanks Obama

  66. christine ajing

    I love Lorenzo. He is so lively.

  67. PeanutSpawn

    Emily is getting more confident with these videos and it's heartening to see

  68. 8BitJay

    Am I alone in usually being partial to the level 2 chefs in these? Level 1 usually just makes something bleh. Level 2 usually makes something that looks good. Level 3 almost always tries to get too cute with their meal and ends up, with something like, say seafood gumbo instead of chili.

  69. Matty A

    Who was surprised when Emily's chili didn't include any ketchup?

  70. Connie Wan

    I remember when my brother read the very hungry caterpillar she said “but instead of him going through several fruits he just ate 1 to not be wasteful and because he knew kids were starving in other countries.” Being the stupid 4 year old me I believed it

  71. Rene Cu

    Im more of a level 2 person

  72. Ben Fletcher

    When I cook pasta, I wait for the colour to change (it’s just something I can tell by sight) then I start testing it by eating it

  73. Kalaika Allin

    I’m hungry now

  74. Damien Raith Is Still Coping With Banana Fish

    Wtf and I’ve just been chucking it on the stove and then eating. I’ll try some flavouring lmao...

  75. Julie Marie Ofenda

    4:12 "you know it's done when you feel it in your heart" haha

  76. Aman Kulkarni

    Lorenzo is fond of the fond.

  77. Salman Ghori

    Emily is like yeah sure...Chilli. Let’s do it. Chris sounds like Raymond Holt 😂

  78. I am learning Japanese

    I’m level 1

  79. Ashley Ritter

    Shout out to that guy he’s pretty funny

  80. n0_cash_m0ne y

    I'm diabetic ani I know how to make it

  81. Im Yo Senpaai

    Audience: Yellow Plantain Me: that's a banana and you can't tell me otherwise

  82. tushar sharma

    Level 2 chef: i'm Lorenzo Me: Von Matterhorn!!!

  83. ferniek5000

    ...Not one of them toasted the cumin? EVOO??? I call Shenanigans!

  84. BrolyMcnolly

    Vegans *TRIGGERED*

  85. Spook West

    Cut of both ends is the quote of the year

  86. Sarah Barnes

    21 or older make money as a wine guide

  87. Ciara Donegan

    It hurts my Maryland native heart for him to not break open that crab with a mallet

  88. celestial computer

    I’m apparently a level 0 cook but at least I got cornbread part right

  89. Cameron Aguilar

    they didn’t do guava

  90. Kai's PlayHouse!

    Emily Be like: Mmm.. I guess it’s good,, Lorenzo be like: MmMmMmMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Level 3 Chefs Be like: Mmmm! that’s gud...

  91. Jodi D

    The sound before she tries it sounds like Freddy Kruger

  92. Matthew JS


  93. Barbara Newkumet

    ROSE! I'm so excited!


    When Frank Says it's Not Complicated... Me: 🙄

  95. CyanidE

    As a New Mexican, this tex-mex gringo chili is delicious but nothing beats real green chile!

  96. Augie Mesa

    Anthony is the man.

  97. Im Nice

    Why does the level 3 chef’s chicken look kinda darker and burnt

  98. Jodi D

    I know the prices of the Rose cuz I’ve drank those 😂

  99. Ninjagrows GT

    it said 50 and you speel it fifteen, i know i"m a master

  100. Prash 0102

    “You have to go to Chile 🇨🇱 to eat chilli 🌶 “ Wise words said by Emily