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  1. Chef Saúl Montiel Hey this is Chef Saul Montiel 😊 Subscribe guys 🌯🍻🥑🤟🏼

  2. FNthik burito

    Me watching this while starving

  3. TurquoiseKrayon

    admit it, you aren’t here because you want to know about every nut

  4. Bill Cosbey

    Why does food amuse me so much

  5. Zeref Dragneel

    The middle one in the thumbnail looked moldy

  6. Sirley Serrano

    Is my family the only one that fries the tortilla in oil and then directly dips it into the heated sauce?

  7. Chad Baudoin

    Please Epicurious, Never use these Level 1 and 2 chefs again.

  8. new slender man9

    Did anyone attempt to do this at home and if you did was it good

  9. Amaru

    Level 1 Chef: *Cut open tender* ”Yep that's cooked Level Three chef: Lets check the temp Grandma: *stabs it* ”Perfect!”

  10. Cambell Langmead

    Nobody gonna comment that the yellow plantain is basically a banana?

  11. insanity

    these kids are gonna be sad when they now they wont be able to be mac and cheese, fried chicken, and chicken nuggets everyday.

  12. crip gain

    American fish look nasty

  13. s3n0raw3s0meness

    My boi Frank dumps his whole pasta in the damn cheese wheel 😂

  14. andrea garcia

    11:43 you're welcome...

  15. Madeline Williams

    The way she cut up the artichoke was so weird to me, like, you just cut off the entire top and waste all those leaves? And underneath the fluffy bits is the heart, that's the best part, why would you scoop that out? You can peal the leaves off and eat the meat on the ends of them, they're not entirely useless. My family usually cuts off the prickly bits at the top of the leaves, boils the artichoke, and serves them up with a bit of butter to dip the ends of the leaves in. We eat the ends off of most of the leaves and once we get to the fluffy bit just scrape it off with a fork/spoon and eat the heart underneath. The eaten leaves can be used for compost and we give the stems to our dogs. She wasted so much of such a lovely vegetable, it makes me kinda sad. I don't mean to be harsh, but this is so confusing to me, why waste so much of the edible bits?

  16. Abril Gómez

    Only gringos dare to cook breakfast enchiladas, wtf is that??

  17. 21NotASavage Hah

    Emily: It’s a monster... it’s a monster Me look king at Lorenzo’s sandwich: YoOo gImMe SoMe

  18. AU Slice

    Level 2 reminds me of Andy from The Office

  19. Adam Krsnak

    Alternative method: place the nuts between my thighs

  20. Bill Cosbey

    Does anyone actually care about the level one chef

  21. progrocker2112

    Swiss cheese is terrible, and I used to rep Emily, sigh.

  22. M G

    Emily: Sandwich Me: And? Emily: Bologna Me Aand? Emily: Hot Sauce Me: Aaaand?!

  23. Glenn Hooper

    I want an episode on: Olive oil expert Honey expert Cigar expert Fish expert Sushi expert


    They are actually peeling the flesh and saving the seeds 😂

  25. 《L i l l y》

    still better than ninja

  26. William Lazenby

    Me: Horrified when watching level 1 and level 3...

  27. Ethan Hem

    It’s interesting how my family does it because we are Asian but we do something weird. We take the sauce of the left over crab and we smash it into paste and eat it with rice And the sauce is like the left overs idk y I said sauce

  28. Xe ro

    i think crunchy tacos are good but the real ones are fresh corn tortilla

  29. Gi Gi Mom

    I checked out after they said; “frosting.” Too much work. Keith had the right idea. I followed Daniel, cuz he’s cute. But expresso AND coffee? Then 6 STICKS OF BUTTER!!!! Uh-uh. Don’t care how cute you are. I need a nap.

  30. Alli Peña

    I could watch Saul all day every day. Love him.

  31. Ethan Hem

    Me sees him take everything out I’m a Asian btw Also me: *thats fricken good stuff I eat every thing I’m a proud Asian I don’t leave anything behind*

  32. Daniel Schmidt

    These recipes have slowly been getting less and less expensive..,guess they spent all of their budget on that $500 steak thing...😂

  33. doglover9754

    You still need a knife to cut up stuff anyways....

  34. M G

    Emily has a serious problem. Ketchup and rice?

  35. Enter Username

    I didn’t see goldfish

  36. Zo I

    I’m 13 and I can do all of these things I pity these adults

  37. evette

    he said “crumb-parison” THIS MAN IS FUNNYYY

  38. Erlend Hemminghytt

    But why dont they let all chefs test the different enchiladas?

  39. Vinicius Lazzaris Pedroso

    Don't call it "garbage", man... It's food, you killed the animal, you eat the damm thing

  40. Vile

    Longans are like grapes with there skin pealed and how I know is cus I pealed a grape before before I eat my grapes I peal them

  41. Vile

    Um is it weird for me to eat limes and lemons as a Snack


    Filipinos are the best in terms of having fun while cooking <3

  43. Markiel Pilos

    I love Julie!!

  44. Carsomyr

    Yea, but have you ever heard of Wusthof?

  45. Coolturtle Gaming

    Y’all know you gotta eat those right?

  46. TheBeast798

    L...level 2 didn't make hotdogs... she made bratwursts

  47. Coolturtle Gaming

    My mom would yeet me if I wasted that much fish

  48. josip krešo

    8:01 not angled chopping, gordon is shaking

  49. Ama Sarsah

    Why am I seeing people I don’t know? Not that I dislike them but I’ve missed our usual😭❤️

  50. Paul Na

    what Stephen says at 6:33, but without context

  51. AlexJustPlays YT

    I just ate homemade garlic bread and your making me hungry again

  52. Sharky

    This comment section has me crying🤣🤣🤣

  53. Marie-Soleil

    Teflon causes cancer and birth defects, you should absolutely avoid it!

  54. Eric Birchfield

    Those pigtails are working for you Emily

  55. Katherine Deng

    I was today years old when I found out that there are more than one kind of salt.

  56. bitter loser

    Why does this have so many dislikes?

  57. K. Sa

    Let it ADHESE, he says

  58. Rieley Hill

    beer expert : *uses bottle opener on twist off*

  59. Hydrabyss -

    Genuinely enjoying mayo on French fries is a sin against mankind

  60. Miranda Doughty

    I live in Maine and the way we do our lobster is just throw the whole thing in the pot

  61. Mr. Crumbly

    1:13 She knows what's up.

  62. MillikanVersuch

    I really don't want to see the chefs, I want to see what they're doing!

  63. Jordan Mitchell

    His laugh is killing me😂😂

  64. ausom22

    Can you guys bring on a level 5 laser lotus on here?

  65. Julian Hewlett

    Ok im dominican not mexican and in mexico is there such thing as a breakfast enchiladas or is that like the americanized version

  66. bigoof 25

    7:58 " Before you cook it, you have to kill it in the most humane way possible. " Performs a Mortal Kombat fatality.

  67. Munkle _

    Every home chef level should be babish.

  68. mariee

    why am I watching this? I’m a vegan lol

  69. litkid08

    Anthony giving us strong Zany White Dad Vibes and I'm here for it. And let's not even get started on how adorable Saul is.

  70. Jhony Joel Saavedra Tineo

    Eso no es ceviche peruano... Una mala preparacion con insumos y tecnicas ajenas a la peruana.

  71. Iron Siega

    I REQUIRE LASAGNA... JOHN!!!1 Frank: Don't worry Garfield!, I'll have your Lasagna ready in 7 weeks approximately ...

  72. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Finally one where I can’t talk smack because I don’t know how to make it. 🤣 Also 1:28 lmao

  73. fall3n

    You need to get an external unbiased person or set of persons to taste the three dishes. It doesn't make sense having them taste their dish.. of course it'll taste awesome 🙄

  74. ScotchWhiskey23

    Love wustof set we have had for over 20 yrs

  75. Sam Gerard

    Dr. Ian Malcolm, an origin story

  76. Kim Namjoon

    but, who the heck wants to slice a grape

  77. Anbu

    im not french idk if she butchered it

  78. Sky Rollins

    That episode when someone made a poach egg instead of a soft boiled egg in a different episode.

  79. Sky Rollins

    I couldn't do this episode because I'm allergic to peanut butter but it's also true scientifically that diagonal taste better because it gives the apperence that there is more to eat.

  80. Samuel Carpenter

    What? It seems your *Lorenzo* is evolving! Congratulations! Your Lorenzo evolved into a King!

  81. Sky Rollins

    Isn't the guy at 1:47 on an episode of Atlanta with the little kid that gets his pizza stolen.

  82. Znuc ...

    There’s so many things wrong on this video. SO MANY THINGS!!! That level 3 enchiladas must be enchiladas suizas, porque en todos los mercados de mexico lloraron al verlo. Also, that level one chef burrito ahogado y gratinado debe estar interesante, pero no es enchilada. Also,

  83. Ali Alsnauer

    I got the scissors as a joke gift but I will say that they’re useful for when you order pizza and they don’t cut it all the way through. Other than that he’s right they’re pretty difficult

  84. Sam Spencer

    I don't like al dente pasta fight me! :P

  85. Jeremy Brown

    this is what happened to Mr. Krabs after he stayed in Larry's sauna for too long

  86. Yunavik


  87. GrizzlyKrux02

    There are so many conflicting flavours here. Simple is key when it comes to breakfast sandwiches, theses are not breakfast sandwiches. Too much going on, too many different conflicting flavours. Very disappointing

  88. Art of Anarous

    no one: Frank: So to start off im gonna make my own pot to cook in

  89. Worm Tv

    *SNIFF* sea bass I smell? Edit: this is my second time watching this why is it so interesting I-

  90. Angelo Natividad

    Dragonfruit is the definition of being beautiful inside and out.

  91. lilli

    I love Beth’s pie 😍😍😍

  92. George Webb

    why does the level 3 chef always look straight into my soul edit: frank would never do that to me

  93. Aiden Wills

    Wow I cant stand Keith

  94. Jimmitheasshole

    Make a small slice in the side of the Bologna and it will cook better


    It's 3 am I'm quarantined and this is how I spend my time...

  96. eleloy

    I don’t even know Saul’s mom, but I’m afraid of her.

  97. Jhope’s chicken noodle soup with sprite

    Anthony seems like someone who reads all of his emails from beginning to end everyday, even spam ones.

  98. Daniel Trevino

    Did emily win?

  99. Jelly Darts


  100. Daniel Trevino

    Dude they are using emily more! Our prayers have been heard