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  1. fried chicken

    0:52 Hold in?...

  2. i amissangel mua

    👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 basically teaching your kids how to kiss 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽soft porn

  3. TeamPaul17

    Okay, so those original emojis were yellow and blonde -- so the Simpsons got some representation. But no one is that brassy yellow color, Amanda. Humans are not bananas.

  4. devilshomie

    This isn't a question but I get the whole "you're too pretty to be gay" or "you just haven't met the right man yet" when I tell men I'm not interested in them because I'm gay. It's mad annoying

  5. Ashley Santiago

    I really wish that they can put full episodes on I just can't stop watching the show I love it.

  6. fried chicken

    I’m A as a parent. 😅

  7. J V

    Who in the right mind would not wash the underwear that almost every person probably touched at the store

  8. i amissangel mua

    These are things you do when you have a baby sitter when your kids are sleep when you have a off day 🤷🏼🤷🏼🤷🏼🤷🏼🤷🏼🤷🏼

  9. P03ticJustice

    If it ain't one thing it's another. Yall complaining about men giving attention and then men not giving attention which did you want

  10. Sheila Hollingsworth

    And,we know Amanda wasn't talking about the staff at the Real! Because everything is in harmony! We can tell the way it gels! Amen.

  11. Sheila Hollingsworth

    She's smart and photogenic! Now, can we have that set like that now that she is permanent? Or please don't cut salaries to get it! Get cheaper bids! That show is forcing her to be one way! When she is many ways! She can wear her hair straight sometimes, can't she? Love you production staff at the real! Jealousy is terrible! And, nobody who wears it is pretty! This is why some are behind the camera! And, not in front! I was one, once! So, break a leg! All you girls! Ysl are looking good! If this world could be like yal when living together! What a wonderful world this would be! Amen.

  12. Beck Cetera

    Why would you get more praise as you get older unless you did something new and did it well? We get praised when we take our first steps and while we learn how to walk, but why would we get praised for walking when we are well beyond the age of learning how to do it?

  13. fried chicken

    7:13 Shut up, Amanda

  14. Grant Franchey

    Women love seeing model men in movies....but can’t stand when it’s reversed 😂😂😂

  15. TheGr8Shogun

    Same reason I don't date women with kids. I don't need a 3rd party.

  16. Beck Cetera

    ...it's money. People don't have money right now. The pre-order stuff is cool, because those who are interested now can pay now but the big launch will happen when people have money. It's not about being "insensitive" it's literally to do with launching too early and not reclaiming the cost of production.

  17. XxtriggazupxX

    Is Adriennes dress supposed to be like that

  18. fried chicken

    Has Tamera even slept with another man before?? How is it season 6 & we don’t know so?? 🤔

  19. Rachel Jamieson

    I'm with jennie my mum has commented on my friends posts that aren't even about me and she's not friends with them and it's beyond embarrassing and writes messaged on my fb wall thinking it's my inbox and puts pics up and tags me that I've never seen and are butt ugly cause she sneaky took them. Blocked

  20. Jasi

    Iunno Tam low key looked excited about it when Jeannie first introduced the subject lmbo

  21. Jasi

    Iunno Tam low key looked excited about it when Jeannie first introduced the subject lmbo

  22. Shae Shae


  23. fried chicken

    Ofc Adrienne talks first. 😅

  24. Naomi Addai

    My name was changed after I was born, too

  25. Jaclyn Monique

    Um, is Jeanie Mae and Adrienne doing black face??

  26. Genesis Britz

    Well this is awkward....

  27. Jasmine H

    The hard bottom fact is that yes there are shy guys out there but 99% of women don’t want that. So to us you better get over that shyness bc a grown ass man ain’t shy. I ain’t never dated no shy guy and most shy guys probably haven’t either bc closed mouths don’t get fed. He may have been a little laid back but flat on SHY? NAh. So yes you can be shy but I hope you’re not expecting nothing with that attitude. You gotta get over that at some point. That’s just how most women feel.

    1. Beck Cetera

      I don't think it's fair to say that women don't want a "shy guy" (and definitely 99% is not a fact haha). I would say that shy guys just take more time to make a move and may go for the casual/friend route first and reveal their feelings when they feel comfortable. I'm not saying they get the date every time, I'm guessing especially for younger shy guys they get friend-zoned more often, but when they do get the date it's usually "better" because they are thoughtful a lot of the time and they aren't just going through dates the way guys that aren't shy do. Shy doesn't mean they aren't confident, and shy doesn't mean they will be shy after they get the date. Think about it like this: You just started a new job, you are a bit reserved for a while until you start to make friends and then you let more of your personality out.

  28. Cecilia Martin

    Whyyy do they keep posting old clips of them at the studios and using the title card that reads "The real from HOME"?? sooo annoying and sneaky! and then Amanda hasn't been in any of these episodes they've been posting the last week.. Why??

  29. Rachel Jamieson

    It depends honestly. I think everyone's personal information is theirs and it depends what happened but when it's couples who are BOTH out there on social media showing EVERYTHING in their lives all the time then go silent I think that's natural ppl are gonna want to know. Just give a short bland reason without going into details if it's painful and move on. Get your sister to write it she prob already knows all the details anyway

  30. Jannah R

    Soooooo... Should I keep pretending that she's pretending to drink coffee......

  31. Jerlisa Winston

    I think its okay for parents to show subtle affection but if the kid is uncomfortable then you need to stop. Sometimes kids just don't need to see mom and dad rubbing against each other and touching🤦🏽‍♀️💀. And i kind of agree with some who say it seemed like they were making the kid watch...just seemed a bit weird😂. But oh well if its true love, its true love🤷🏽‍♀️.

  32. aorellana628

    Not “Suavemente” lmfao I can’t

  33. Tshegofatso Chabane

    Game Of Thrones is amazing 🤣🔥

  34. Rachel Jamieson

    No f**king way would I let my future husband tell me to cut a parent out or leave me if the parent is not toxic to you or your family. Being ill in any way can be a burden on you and your family but you don't ditch someone in that case. If she genuinely needs help and has been a good mum you can divorce me before I ditch my mum. My mum is sick and no longer is able to work if she needed support in the future I'm not saying no. Everyone can chip in and help in your family.

  35. ZJ Richmond


  36. Victoria Coker

    Girl you must be tired because you have been running through my mind I would've replied, " I can't be that tired because I don't run that fast.

  37. bekah reidsma

    Adrienne just STOP. In all honesty you need to stop with your obsession of SEX is everything. Just STOP. YOU were not listening to anyone around you. Open your ears.

  38. Jasmine H

    I think ppl are missing Tamera’s point. It’s not so much about the person liking or not liking you. It’s the what do YOU do when you’ve given them the open and they don’t take it. They could absolutely be into you and not take it but that doesn’t mean you continue to remain open for that person. That means you move on bc regardless if he’s truly into you or not, if he’s not making the move then you need to bounce.

  39. Rachel Jamieson

    I think it's what was brought up that different people can have very different views on what that term means. If you're not for marriage then obviously you wouldn't like being called that term. It can be taken so many ways and people are too sensitive now! I've been called it by people who i knew well and knew they meant it in the old school way cause I was washin the damn dishes at the time and I took offense

  40. jyn88

    I had maybe 2 frenemies as a child. None as I'm older because I learned from the past.

  41. Fanrata

    Jerry Springer: “you are the father” Adrienne: 3:29

  42. Sonia Siddiqui

    I love adriennes top

  43. Mightyme. Makingitnew

    Love kourts 🥰🤗♥️💋👌🏾🔥💃🏾

  44. Mollysha J.

    6:38 is where I would've forgot I was on camera and told her ass off, if I was Tamera. They were really taking her words out of context on purpose. 8 was early I would push it to 10 because where tf we going at 10? My place or your place? Everything is closed or closing, and I promise if y'all at each others house he's going to.try and make that move so she wasn't wrong.

  45. Tazhie Nunurbusinezz

    I guess I don't give a damn if someone else has a cracked phone, if someone likes the clicking noise or what type of phone someone else likes. How is that supposed to effect me exactly? People are doing WAY too much, for real. I'm not all that brand loyal. They don't pay me to be loyal. I'll use something as long as I like the T & Cs. Once I don't, see ya. I always wonder why all these fan boys/girls are working for free. It makes zero sense to me.

  46. Sonja Payne

    L l cool j

  47. Rachel Jamieson

    Idc about passwords on phones you should trust the person you're with and unless they've given you a reason to not trust you I think phones can be private but I was with a man for over 5 years and he would get mad if I came to his house without a heads up let alone a key ever. Idk how I let that go for that long tbh

  48. Shasha Vengesayi

    Let's not get it twisted. It was not a fight, it was attempted physical assault from Retardi B. She's lucky Nicki didn't follow thru with charges

  49. Tia Tia

    I don't care if its individual or packaged I ALWAYS wash underwear before wearing it. I also wash new clothes before wearing it.

  50. Love& Light

    Why is licking bottoms to stay on top on here.. She is so irrelevant.

  51. Alex Amikiria

    As a conservative, I agree with this. I hear this all the time.

  52. nicole troz

    How r they still doing the show when its quarantine?

  53. Rachel Jamieson

    I think it can be stressful on either sex if their partner is moving way faster than you're comfortable with and it's a really touchy subject to bring up. You don't want to make them think you don't love them and want those same things but if one of you like myself was in a 6 year relationship that went very bad then met someone completely opposite and wonderful you wouldn't want to risk losing them by possibly hurting their feelings that you just need to take it a tiny bit slower then you are

  54. Mollysha J.

    I'm just noticing Loni was dying the entire time lmao

  55. Nono

    Why are they all look like they wearing wigs?

  56. Yonyona

    There’s different places for everything and is good to show but there’s a limit in my opinion 👌🏼🙌🏼

  57. Danya

    The term “lit children” is so cringeyyy

  58. Hana

    when i was young i have a twin in highschool people would call her pretty funny and call me quiet and not funny and not as pretty twin it hurt because they gave me a label and i couldnt show myself because they already called me something however with my close friends i was funny and pretty so it was good but i hated how oher people i didnt know well already had an opinion. The worst time was when i made a new friend who i walked home with one day and we had funny and laughed the whole way home i was making jokes and she said i was really funny, however the next day she walked home with me and my twin we laughed and she randomly told me i wasnt fun and she thought my twin was better i always insercure because people compared us so much it was annoying i had low self eestem and i would recommend people to not compare twins in the future it really effects them and its depressing how would u feel to be compared your whole life with family and friends and teachers.

  59. Fedricka Bailey

    I love Loni❤❤❤❤💯

  60. wowskaterchick

    Are these older episodes? Where is the other host?

  61. allison lucas

    I've never known it to be against black people. It has always been a term to describe a white woman who is rude to ALL retail/restaurant workers and treats them as dirt beneath her feet and doesnt see them as human because they are serving her or wearing a uniform. How this show turned it into an offensive term to ONLY African Americans I dont know. But having worked in retail/restaurants for 7 years I've met a lot of Karens in my life and they are the worst🤦🏽‍♀️

  62. Bre ME

    It is 100% possible... I don't know about a young couple, but if you've been married for a long time, it is 100% possible. You love the person you're spending your life with regardless of what you get from their body

  63. C Ratcliff

    The girl at 1:58 is gorgeous. She looks like Alicia Keys and Scarlett Johansson's half-sister.

  64. Andy Kense

    For sure, like me, my best friend is female but I’m gay she’s lesbian lol😂

  65. Jojo

    I don't see where she compared being called Karen is worse or equal to the N word. If we're being honest, right now everyone feels entitled to hate and mistreat white people because most people feel they deserve it.

  66. Katie Stevens

    There is only one race - the human race. Colour as a race is a social construct generalising attributes that go far beyond skin colour (hair, nose, even how you carry yourself & lingo). Being ‘black’ or ‘white’ is a class issue - tied up in socio-economical divisions bred by slavery. We that navigate fine in the black community (as part) fully know someone can ‘act white’ or ‘act black’. I could hear the pain in the voice of some of the hosts when the point of Rachel Dolezal possibly taking a scholarship away from another ‘black’ person was touched. I felt that but would it have been different if she was from some uppity ‘black’ family or was some ‘black’ girl who was adopted by a ‘white’ family? This pain I think might be being misdirected. Also, I don’t think Loni Love and Tamera Mowry, or even Tamar Braxton experience life the same way. The hosts are great for a myriad of reasons, especially their bond, but I think they didn’t really want to understand her. Like did people blaze Whoopi Goldberg for selling out w her name? No. People saw her as bold. This woman could have easily been seen as a deeply devoted comrade (experiencing discrimination when she didn’t even have to), standing with the underdogs to the fullest. Like dig deeper. If she was a dude, maybe this would have even been deemed kind of sweet bc he would have went to such great lengths to be 'black'. Like Rachel was the only 'white' woman in the room. I understand the injustice of the scholarship bit only to a degree though (the part that she’s more likely coming from more money/possibilities being ‘white’ from the States but note --the same would need to be applied to an adopted ‘black’ person of a ‘white’ family). It could however be argued that if she passed for ‘black’ then who cares -The black ppl who look like her (and there are thats why she passed fine), will see themselves in her and see things possible for them (envision themselves), she’d also be in a place of power that levels up the playing field through the more likely chance of her naturally providing opportunity to other ‘black’ people when she lands a job that puts her in a position of power). I get the pain but the hosts were so angry they didn’t even give her a chance. She must have lost privileges living her life as a ‘black girl’, she certainly wasn't riding high on her white privilege. All of Howard and loads of people saw her as ‘black’ so it speaks loudly about there being far more to being ‘black’ in society then was acknowledged on the show. Also, it would have been nice to hear bit more from Tamera Mowry bc her marriage and kids were a hot debate at one point surrounding issues of colour. What does she call herself and is it the same as her sister? Would her kids be 'black''? We seriously need to start navigating through this world enriching ourselves with knowledge of cultures rather than plopping people into groups based on some dated, racist construct. These labels were built on hatred, anger and fear.

  67. Ken

    Is Loni funny or an attention seeker?

  68. Fernando Garza

    she actually deserves more

  69. Love& Light

    Lizzo needs to stay covered up.

  70. PrettyD

    I feel like I don’t get praised for my awesome mom abilities. But my husband just simply holding our baby gets the recognition of being a dedicated father. Drives me crazy.

  71. Tshegofatso Chabane

    Adrienne was eating so much here, I wish I was her😅

  72. J S

    If you've never had a frenemy look in the mirror

  73. Love Hyorris

    I'm not black but we Polynesians are also especially picky about our Potato Salad, well at least I am lol. If i dont make the potato salad i won't eat it at other places coz its never done right! hahaha

  74. G S

    I agree with A.if somoene did me or anyone I love wrong that is it. I can't be friends with that person.