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  1. Leti W

    That is her. She’s not going to admit to it because she can’t lol. But I recognized her vocals. I’m almost 100% sure. I will be shocked if it isn’t.

  2. Evin Nazya

    Tamera looks so dainty and pretty.

  3. O Love

    I haven’t started the video yet.... but is Loni going to disappoint again? She often disappoints with talks about race.

  4. Meh M

    Go to an Ethiopian salon if you have one near by... I guarantee you will be happy! They’re used to all types of textures.

  5. B Nada

    I could never be friends with any female like Loni..

  6. Tyler Owens

    Currently listening to the audio book right now, Whitney had problems way before Bobby and it’s heartbreaking she never was fully able to find peace and courage to be herself. RIP QUEEN OF THE NIGHT 👑❤️

  7. Lauren Katz

    Cant and wont ever look at Jeanie the same!


    Why did the woman next to lil Kim boyfriend look like that?!

  9. ria75002

    16 minutes? Is this real life😍


    This is funny dude. They say Stevie is funny.

  11. Kiyattah Aaliyah

    Robin still looks the same as she did on Boomerang, still looks stunning🥰❣️

  12. stephanoTV

    Where was your team at the Pistons Game Adrienne?!? 😂

  13. Queenly Queenly

    It’s sick people can’t eat on trains

  14. Sarah Anderson

    They shouldn't have to post signs of everything that's illegal. Even if they do, people won't read them, or say they didn't see them. People will litter. I get why it's illegal to eat.

  15. Lavern Merriweather

    This NEVER WAS whose 10 minutes were up 25 years ago needs to STFU and have several seats!! All this withered up bitch does is crybaby about her failed and long over marriage to Mike Tyson who doesn't give 2 fucks about her silly ass anymore. Or brag about Brad Pitt who DAMN sure doesn't care about her dumbass she's never really been relevant but any excuses for these annoying cunts to whine about a black man.

  16. Paris Antoinette

    Loni looks elegant & beautiful!

  17. stephanoTV

    Adrienne, the way you and the House Cats sang at that Pistons game...sis.

  18. Daniel Vestholm

    I’m surprised they had him on the show. They only celebrate black people/culture and they are homophobic AF!

  19. Glenn CoCo

    I live in the bay area and this video is ridiculous! I grew up riding this train and honestly people eat on BART everyday! They just wanted to be assholes honestly.

  20. Her her

    finally a real man. black women get with men and drop the thugs!

  21. Sylvia Christodoulou

    Mrs Miller is more pretty

  22. Shannon

    She better get over it

  23. Laughter Talks

    Those women are too loud and chatter too much.

  24. NyEshia Blackmon

    Since tamar left I haven't seen loni laugh like this

  25. SimplyFoodByTy

    Oh I see whats happening now lol!!!! Loni is trying to lead the table!!! When the girls are making a point she cuts them off and turns the question to the guest but when SHE’S talking everyone must hush and allow her to finish her point 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂


    I'm glad you guys covered this💕👍

  27. Laughter Talks

    I love Tyler, he is an amazing young man!

  28. LesleyM

    The fucked up thing about this story is that that same police officer was up there originally looking for a drunk woman who was causing problems, yet chose to mess with the sandwich-eating guy instead.

  29. Helena cif

    K but im waiting for frizzy wavy cave woman/homeless bag lady hair to be in style cause that's what i have and i've been told by my bosses to brush my hair when i fkn did....

  30. Sparks Armstrong

    Nobody wants to see Stacey Dash. She is not what we want.

  31. J V

    I’m not eating bad food. Period.

  32. Zenyedia Jackson

    Jeannie mai your very ignorant. Do you guys not do any research before show. If you look up the medical professionals who have spoken on this they will tell you that the "hymen test"isn't a real thing since not only can it break but you can be born with it in various forms like horseshoe or creseant shape or it could barley be there. Also if you break a hymen it can grow back. You also don't need lots of physical force to break a hymen. Which means that by a girl going on a run she could break her hymen or falling down. That's why this is disgusting because it's an unnecessary and invasive procedure that could have possible psychological effects on your child. Such as your child feeling violated which can turn into depression,anxiety and even PTSD. Causing mental trauma just to make yourself sleep easier at night is horrific. How about instead men focus their attention on their sons and stop being so misogynistic so they can worry less about the types of pressures and language women get from men.

  33. Ryah Glaspie

    I don’t like this convo. The girls are usually so uplifting and do not body shame but this convo kinda sucks.

  34. Cherry Berry

    I never tip I’m living pay check to pay check but if I had it I’m tipping with no worries 15 percent

  35. Carmencita Davis

    They have to make sure they use that word allegedly.

  36. fatoumatta camara

    My mum gave out my wedding dress without my permission 😔

  37. Sparks Armstrong

    An ad for Robin’s TV show popped up before the video came on.


    Khloe sure looks like OJ!

  39. Earth Qween

    Omg i ADORE Robin Thede & her work. I subscribed to HBO just for her show. I hope to act along side her one day

  40. Hadi Yazid

    Among my real friends are from those ghetto careers. Loud but damn real.

  41. Michelle Hood

    Hey what dating site was that...I want that...im joining another site

  42. gospelgirl88

    Thank you Loni. I was waiting for someone to point out that TI daughter is 18. Like, he's being waaaaay extra

  43. Q Howard

    I'm so tired of hearing about Adrienne wedding let's talk about something else please. No shade!!!

  44. Niharika Prasai

    it's pronounced caroLEEna - she's a venezuelan designer :)

  45. Yeni Taylor

    What’s BART? I’m irish 🤣

    1. Sarah Anderson

      Bay Area Rapid Transit- California Rail/Subway system

  46. Daniel Vestholm

    Santa is white. He was created by white people and will always be white. He “lived” in the freaking north pole 🤷🏼‍♂️

  47. Hope Martinez

    Ayeee the Bay Area got on national news! BART is scary place....

  48. First class

    Nobody said silence there is a difference between normal and over the top

  49. Regina Euzebio

    All ya gotta do is hand wash it in the shower, the line dry.

  50. Chelsea D

    Loni doesn’t like her lol it’s weird watching her talk to her 😂

  51. Apostle Cynthia Hendricks

    This all she wanted anyway fame! Spot light Crazy woman!!!

  52. Uppity Unicorn

    Kwanza was founded by dr. Maulana Karenga- the snitch who got the black panther leaders shot in their homes under cointelpro Also Kwanzaa precepts are all in Swahili that’s an East African language and African Americans are from west Africa and native Americans Do not honor that man by keeping his holiday please.... you don’t want huey p newton blood in your hands.

  53. heatsd

    How are laws against eating on the platform or Jaywalking racially profiling Loni? It sounds to me that you’re race baiting.

  54. Swaroopa Khandekar

    Just saw a new episode where Jeannie says she wants to donate the dress. Ok..

  55. Shay Simmons

    This literally broke my heart

  56. Pat Ram

    I think she should donate to all the Public Schools in California. Yes Adrienne thank you 🙏

  57. Tay Britley

    Rihanna damn

  58. C. J.

    Oh gawd yall really made this about black women vs. black men. Fucking struggle Olympics

  59. Daniel Vestholm

    Why would you even support him? He clearly is a homophobic jerk (like most black people) but I guess you Ladies don’t care about that

  60. christy capers

    I was all about the letter until I saw the grammatical errors... 😒

  61. M Oz

    Having a bride ball seems kind of insensitive considering loni isn’t married and Jeannie is divorced.

  62. Dian Wulandari

    I would feed my mom first, then my baby, then my hubby

  63. Sheila Hutchinson

    50 cent have nobrespect

  64. Chelsey Harvie

    It’s pretty ridiculous that I’m just singing along to a song and I get ridiculed. My boyfriend is black and he doesn’t understand the problem either. I honestly think that if they don’t want people to sing along then stop making music.

  65. Black Girl Magic

    Stacey Dash is married to a white man and she is in jail for domestic issues. This segment is to giggly and fake. How dare you bring up clueless and stacey dash when she is locked up. And quite frankly deserving of it for shoving Blacks under the bus.

  66. Check It Out!

    Jeannie had two dresses. One was ombre blue which her childhood crushes grafittied on for her Vietnamese wedding ceremony which she sold on eBay. The one she is talking about here is from her Christian wedding.

  67. muna abdu

    Us Muslim do it every year for a month it’s not a trend it’s a part of our life and I’m glad that people are realizing it’s beneficial

  68. March Showers

    OMG what a time to be a Kardashians. Jus one week to see and feel how it is to be a Kardashians

  69. Nunya

    I’m sorry like a previous poster said I can’t get up in arms over anything that happen to black men until they as a whole start giving a crap about black women. I’m tired of getting angry and defending them only to have them dog us out and call us hair hats and ghetto. Nawl I’m good beloved

    1. Jessica T

      But not all black men are like that some like my husband brother uncle's and father will and do stand up for black women how do you pick and choose from the good and the bad because there are some great black men out there

  70. RubyBanks


  71. Brett Alexander

    She should donate to scholarships helping underprivileged people getting into school

  72. Yazi Love

    I'm so confused why you have to say something it's none of your business. Your have to be honest with yourself

  73. MB

    Sorry but to me in a country such as the US black men or women should be very careful about certain situations. If it's forbidden to eat on the platform, don't eat on the platform!!! Don't put yourself in a situation where you might get killed or arrested because you know they will come for you if you're black.

  74. angelina angel

    Did she get baked in the oven

    1. angelina angel

      Cough cough fake tan

  75. Sun Flower

    So it's illegal to eat on the platform near the train?

  76. djaries328

    I'm curious why Tamar needed to apologize. I feel like they playing innocent. Because we all just wanna know why she left and here we get nothing but ppl that feel like they did nothing. The host probably had nothing to do with it so why they doin this?

  77. Alexa Lopez

    Also, I can't even imagine how the must feel on the bus when they're approaching their stop, knowing she's out there waiting for them :/ This sucks! It's not okay. She needs to do that to her grand babies not these grown men.

  78. machinedrum17

    The extension cord is like the final boss in video games that’s the hardest to defeat 😭

  79. Haley Kauffman

    It’s cute that 1. They think there is Holiday Pay and 2. They think you can choose whether or not you work on holidays. Where I work they put a sign up that says you are not allowed to request off from this week to this week so it’s about a two week period that no one can ask not to be there.

  80. Shaneza Haynes

    no disrespect but cursive is something we learned in kindergarten in my country

  81. mermaid

    They did not even know where Armenia was located on the map just a few years ago LOL

  82. Grace B. Addey

    Her communication skills has improved; but what in heaven's name is going on with her lips???? Is the puffiness an allergic reaction?? Hope all is well with her

  83. Lauren Harkin

    I've never understood how you can be arrested for resisting arrest when you wernt getting arrested in the first place, it literally makes no sense.

  84. Monee’ Money

    Omg my heart warmed hearing everybody DNA results. I need to get mine done.

  85. Nads Y

    Haha Adrienne and Isreal can have a party for two 😂

  86. RoyalMasterpiece

    Donald Fiason is so fine. 🔥 Loved him in Scrubs, too.

  87. iloveu85

    So Jeannie lied about selling her dress? Maybe she bought it back from the person?

    1. iloveu85

      @Check It Out! Nah, go back to the old video, she said mermaid-shaped gown. Which is the one she showed in the old video.

    2. Check It Out!

      One for each culture wedding

    3. Check It Out!

      She had two

  88. Bx Chelle

    My cousin has been with the NYPD for almost 10yrs and he's mixed Puerto Rican and Mexican and I remember him telling us how they want them to specifically profile minorities and they are responsible to meet a certain quota it's sad some of these officers are literally forced to do things that they themselves know is morally wrong but they have to follow the rules that's why I don't like nor trust cops at all they do now is just abuse their power theirs no more protect and serve the community

  89. kathy khan

    I don't even know who she is. I feel like The Real should only have people that could bring value to the conversation. There's so much going on in the world, that this kind of content just ain't it.

  90. Anna Gleason

    Brokest thing I’ve ever done was call a restaurant after eating there and tell them it made me sick so I could get a refund. Bad I know.

  91. Jenna Latan

    What’s shocking is that a dude is getting arrested for eating, while there’s people in the bay doing drugs out in the open and shitting on the sidewalks in the middle of that day, and that doesn’t get addressed. Shaking my head and everyone in authority, esp the lawmakers.

  92. Alexa Lopez

    AWKWARD! Um it's just weird. Just watching it makes me uncomfortable!

  93. Shantelle Shand

    Can someone explain in detail what law this man broke? What is the Bart System?

    1. Sarah Anderson

      Bay Area Rapid Transit- California Rail/Subway system. It is is illegal to eat on it.

  94. Ana S.

    Mauricio is Mexican from the Housewives of the Beverly Hills

  95. Selelo Mamabolo

    Didn't Jeannie sell her blue and white dress to a man who bought it for his wife?

    1. Check It Out!

      She had two. One for each culture

    2. Joanna Aniela

      That's what I thought ?

  96. Confettifun

    The irony is that the cop who arrested him was called there because of a belligerent drunk woman(who could have hurt someone or fell down on the bart track and get ran over).

  97. JasColeWood

    This happened with my cousins. My one cousin was pregnant and her and my other cousin started talking about names. Cousin B goes, "I love the name Ava Marie. Thats what I want my daughters name to be." Cousin A goes "Oh thats cute." 9 months later Cousin A popped out Ava Marie and my other cousin was furious.

  98. annette garza

    Despite this Tamar Drama I can't help but stare at Adrienne nose contour

  99. Bria

    I love this Kim!

  100. Ruby Grant

    All due respect, I had to change the channel, this co-host sounds too much like Kathy Griffin... 🙉😖 noooooooo thanks!!!

    1. Lessa Manzambi


    2. Derrick P

      Bye bitch!!! 👋

    3. Dear Peyton

      THAT'S who she reminds me of. I couldn't put my finger on it.