The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. swagmoneybacon

    All the dislikes are kids who figured out their dad isn’t immortal

  2. Mark Wilson

    anyone watching this on this day 6/2/2020. oh boy this gonna be real

  3. Monique Garrick

    I like it personal😂

  4. ElectroTech

    Man, this was so funny.

  5. Aj M.

    Its weird to see Key with hair and Peele without it.

  6. DatAwesomeGamer

    I think he actually said the n-word they just cut the audio lmfao

  7. Moez Tounsi

    Sperm .. my testicles do not make !

  8. tony latrell

    “Serve by those Albanian mother bitches”!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m so dead over here right now!

  9. Taylor R

    Bruh why does Jordan Peele sound so much like him. LMAO.

  10. Darth Reven

    Another key & peele episode? Look guys we are great together but I need some time apart to work on are relationship. Your all up in my head with your humor and shit and it’s just not fair to me.

  11. Dalal Singer

    Poor lewis 😂😂😂

  12. Big Cat

    Who ga tha goo dee!!?, I ga tha goo dee ahh! aahh! aahh!

  13. Jordan Burnham

    Jimenez just cured covid

  14. Jonas Polsky

    The extremely fake sincerity, and the filthy, but well-groomed looks are what make this sketch so great.

  15. Zaliya Kennedy

    this is me when I try to retell a joke

  16. Akio

    I can tell you what happened on March 15th, my girlfriend and me got together :D

  17. Judah Rininger

    I loved the little rascals. It was an old black and white series and I think they handled black people well enough. The bill Cosby show and family matters where my favorite series with black families though. Out of all of the old series, I guess maybe I love Lucy or Little Rascals would take the cake.

  18. Limp business

    And across the street they do what?

  19. John Stratton

    Got the shirt in ‘93 and it look brand spanking new

  20. Kgalalelo Rakubo

    For Halloween, dressing up like a normal human being 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Well that certainly is unique

  21. King Of the Beast

    Play it at 2x speed

  22. chloe blackburn

    He knew all the words!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Andrew Wan

    I lived in a predominantly white upper class town and the majority of my high school teachers were trash and hated their jobs. Only college professors seemed to really give a shit.

  24. Electrical Smasher

    Is it just me or did Leslie sound like he was from Britain at 2:03

  25. tha Real Mike Zee

    1:09 haha when he says "what whaaaat?"...he sounds like a choo-choo train. 😄👍

  26. K9

    Apparently, these guys are *huge* Minnie Pearl fans.

  27. Tinjaz V

    They finally adopted a child that can tell the future lmfao

  28. Lauren Jeoffroy

    The skit is pure genius

  29. Virus21 _

    Im glad this popup in my recommendation

  30. shockofthenew

    "whereas I was not incorrect.."

  31. You KNIGHT

    *Wait till the Consequences* Robber with gun- hands up or your dead Child- I can't die... you cannot do anything hahaha. (Bullet goes through) (Dies) [SCENE END]

  32. The Gallifreyan Architect

    Took me a second to realize why it was black and white.

  33. Baroncea Catalin

    Making a total drama looking fun it's should be a new art among arts.

  34. Rosy Cotton

    Did anyone else notice the newspaper title at 3:14?🤔

  35. Elijah the prophet

    That was actually really sad lol

  36. Galenda Wagen

    Not funny.

  37. Film Toppings

    "U don't want someone slappin around yo Lil Homie" I understood that reference

  38. johan jimenez

    Heaven is for pusssies got me

  39. Tobi P

    What is he snacking on while preaching? M&M’s? Skittles?

  40. 9aL7

    0:58 What If you got killed by a police officer because of a wrong parking

  41. Alexander Valentine

    This is supposed to be comedy? disturbing

  42. Knowledge Untamed

    Support my new music video

  43. Allison Beeks

    That's a Korean flag in the background...

  44. Lord Leckatall

    I don't get it. It isn't hard at all tho like even watching him it was beyond clear that it would be very easy. It's like making a skit talking about how it's hard to walk up stairs.

  45. YouTube's shit hole



    1:50 Now ladies, it's gon' get really intense today. No matter what happens.. I WILL be groping your breastesses as if you were being attacked by a real attacker

  47. Augusto Severini

    I wonder. Was this recorded in an actual helicopter? And was peele actually piloting it? And did they actually crash?

  48. High Flyin

    2:13 I don’t know why I loved that part so much

  49. Emma B.

    He actually has the gay lips in this video

  50. Sid Howard

    Stanley :)

  51. RED Racoon

    Someone got an erection during this video most likely

  52. Jessie lumpia

    0:26 just realized they are showing power falcons and one at a time from their previous skits as movies.

  53. Kelsey Bollig

    It's so goooooood

  54. Nathanr016

    With mah prayers

  55. futureclean

    He is delivert

  56. Passport Rav

    might be the best one

  57. b10rain

    Might want to get back to preaching...

  58. BigBurger 69

    The woman at the beginning of the video is Dr.Morgan Reznick from The good doctor This is my second time seeing this video and this time i realized this I love her so much

  59. Suresh Chouksey

    Watching this while the George Floyd murder tragedy unfolds. seriously sick man

  60. Bouré

    yeah let's zoom in oooooOOOOHHH Fuuuuuuu..

  61. Monique Garrick


  62. specialparadise

    As a Greek. I approve this message.

  63. Leyonnard

    In my day we made coffee ☕️ hot 😂

  64. Scott Wauneka

    TV CC

  65. Sjaak Kielzog

    "What are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence?" "Big Hero 6"

  66. Turnupthetoaster

    Oh hey dad

  67. ljcd 11

    I'm not from America so which one is key and Peele

  68. Ani

    Even the echoes were censored lmao

  69. shockofthenew

    This is the first Key & Peele sketch I ever saw, back in the day :')

  70. Monique Garrick

    Looking at the Black Pilot😂😂

  71. Jacob Schiller

    Well, THAT didn't age well...

  72. Swaddles The Great

    0:51 it didn’t know that Mr. Ping expanded from that ramen shop in China .

  73. shwasey


  74. sandile sithole

    I am theeeee brother theeee goood one. Brother.

  75. Ogewu Agbese

    Anyone else get a mattress ad after watching this? #algorithm

  76. Sam

    Haha i got this on my suggestion feed today. Shockee

  77. Jeepers 032

    "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" Korean flag in background "Sensei"

  78. Ben ediktions

    Bro is his dad goku

  79. Diego Ramírez

    I thought the answer was Rock Hudson 😅

  80. Nick Martin

    I don’t know how they keep a straight face! I’m dead! 😂😂😂

  81. Amraya Baptiste

    Yes Peele, think positive 😉

  82. Tom Pick

    Sounds like the cast of impractical jokers

  83. David Gaudette

    feel like they are saying life is like taking a bunch of ball shots... pretty deep stuff

  84. RED Racoon

    Why do I feel like a learned a valuable life lesson

  85. Carter Rutherford

    Why are they reuploading these? This isnt a month old, its a pretty dates skit 😂

  86. RED Racoon

    When he says “I know you’re right abouttt it” I don’t know why I find that so funny 2:30

  87. danicharyce

    They need to repost this.

  88. Muhammad Hanzala

    He should do Nick fury.

  89. jintaro97

    We need this in full movie length, like right now.

  90. Tragik X3rx3sツ

    D E E Z N U T Z

  91. devon johnson

    Rule #2 Always double tap

  92. Shubham Chaudhary

    This was waaaaay too hard to watch man! Still funny but I feel bad for Peele's character.

  93. Devin Sumera


  94. Devin Sumera

    Vegeta can Goku

  95. Ryan hollar

    “Hush baby Forrest Whittaker.....mamas gonna buy you a mocking bird.”........

  96. tha Real Mike Zee

    Lol why would the ghost care about a Linked In invitation

  97. tha Real Mike Zee

    0:22 LOL I luv that look on Peele's face

  98. The Chiefferr

    0:53 is when the nightmare began 😂😂🤣🤣

  99. Kenny Gilliland

    When you catch your new ex cheating. True story.