The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  1. Douglas Harley


  2. Jose M. Molina Ocampo

    Did I hear "son of my b*tch"? Lol

  3. Amber McCobb

    Lmaoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 😆 lmao

  4. Robbie Rennaker

    Bompton all i know who wanna play games? I was thinking nobody, really catch a body. I don't fuck with these niggas just to be fuckin with these niggas

  5. trigcove129

    Watch so much of these I forget to like.

  6. Hector Hawthorn

    How the hell you call em love to be able to return their calls

  7. rkochamp07

    Ive never really been a big fan of Strike Force Eagle 3. They should have left it at the first one. The sequel had its moments but couldn’t capture the magic of the the first Strike Force Eagle. And while 3 had some solid acting and good action scenes, the story just felt rushed. And i just wasn’t feeling the romance, especially how it ended so abruptly. Strike Force Eagle- 9/10 Strike Force Eagle 2- 7/10 Strike Force Eagle 3: The Reckoning 4/10

  8. AsuhDood

    Thought he was gonna call blue falcon white or that wouldn't have been funny?

  9. Robbie Rennaker


  10. Douglas Harley

    these dudes are geniuses.

  11. Douglas Harley

    "hamilton" is so dope!

  12. Dog Wizard K9

    Could you put the "Brotha, brotha, brotha..." skit on here? That one's hilarious.

  13. Echo

    Damn it be like that

  14. John Doe

    McCringleberry (Ped State player) in shower 😂

  15. John Doe

    Seminole rap vs. Miami 7th Floor Crew. 😂😂😂

  16. Tasha Ella

    "It all started with THAT MUTHAF*CKA RIGHT THERE" had me in TEARS 😂😂😂😂

  17. Bryson Humphrey

    They kinda biting off rappin for Jesus

  18. Zoey Khalifa


  19. Chase Dorman

    Got Dem TTTittiespoppinout

  20. R

    i love how the extras in the background are just minding their business like "yeah just another day in church with esther and georgina"

  21. Douglas Harley

    2:31 "yeah, let's zoom in on it...WWWHHHOOOAAA!!!!!!!" O_O

  22. Bloodybleeder

    Impeccable Spacey.

  23. Jordan Uy

    Is this a new season????

  24. Ben B

    This shit is deep too

  25. PriusRaj

    I hung up on a guy, blocked his number, and he called back right away from a different number to ask me why I hung up in the CREEPIEST tone. Yeah I hung up again but I was pissed. Waiting for callbacks when you're job searching fking sucks because of this...

  26. Griffith Guts

    Lol 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Cambodian Viral

    They keep changing the titles!

  28. Claudette Martinez

    What's the song though at the end?!?!

  29. Bobby mickey

    thats prolly in my top 5 Key and Peele sketches

  30. Ben B

    This is some deep shit right here

  31. Angel Lopez

    I'm drunk and only liked for the vhf title

  32. Roman A.

    London Tipton!

  33. Pablo Aguilar

    Is Eddie Thundercloud making a comeback? Those skits were hilarious. 😂

  34. JP Raps

    Can we have more skits with Brenda Song please?! She’s so funny! 😂

  35. devilpupbear09

    Check out racist Zordon xD

  36. shiebler2

    I wonder how many people watching this have never actually seen Usual Suspects, the movie they are spoofing

  37. RICKY YO

    Please make new episodes plsssssssssssss

  38. George Clinton

    I die every time Jordan does that little headshake.

  39. Isaac

    "Tell us how you really feel." Had me dying lol the fight to turn his head is just great.

  40. Patrick Butler

    they always salty bout something 😂

  41. Jon Uncensored

    How the fuck does he come up with all these ideas

  42. Religionfree

    Jimenez would of made a better "Terminator" movie.

  43. Religionfree

    I want to meet this Jimenez!

  44. OrangeNBlue

    Pro Tip: DON’T watch this while you’re high

  45. angelmushahf

    Ali: What do you think about refugees who are moving to Greece after being deported from Europe? Peele: Hercules

  46. Kaef Black

    Power Rangers was low key racist tho.

  47. Princeofcups Poc

    "Oh, you mean BLACK Debby." "Why don't you call the other Debby 'White Debby'?" "That's be stupid."

  48. Thais Santos

    If they wanted to rename these skits why not just edit them instead of reuploading them and losing all those views? Smh lol

  49. Akilah Jones

    😂😂😂😂 that was hekka funny

  50. Byakuya Kuchiki

    I woulda been like....Shit what number is the chicken

  51. Demon Fox

    "Black Falcon brother.. I understand what your going through" XD

  52. Haha Ceejay

    I go to that that theaters, damn

  53. A Ko

    Lol my white co worker asked me where my accent is from but before I could speak she said “Oh, cuz my Uncle was a priest in Angola” seriously I was born and raised in a north east America suburb with an accent to match, I’ve always hated it cuz other black people say I “talk white”. So hearing her say that threw me completely off. Idk if I’m tripping or if she was tripping lol

  54. Timothy Kim

    code Geass, key and peele edition

  55. Supine Wolf


  56. Melvin Walker

    They perfectly displayed what that Badu did to Andre 3000 lol



  58. Shahzad Khan

    Highpoint North Carolina 😂😂😂

  59. Earning Attorney

    Yo it's that chick from suit life

  60. jocelyn frye


  61. PoseidónPlz

    I just need a name...

  62. TheSpookFish

    We just gonna ignore the fact that London Tipton isn’t dead

  63. Casityny

    better tha cardi b tbh

  64. Ampwich

    A black person pretending to be native? Interesting

  65. M Diesel

    LMAO😂😂😂 ... but wheres the play clock?🤨💯

  66. Ross JP


  67. trigcove129

    This is my favorite one.

  68. admiralofcuteness

    Poor Lewis. Gets asked to help, tries to, and then is told he's making the problem worse for doing it. Been there too many times.

  69. FDD 103

    pure gold.

  70. ECLECTIC 361

    So that's how Liberals and Democrats do their research Interesting

  71. Kenyetta Ready

    my god he sounds like Jason Momoa lol

  72. holydrones

    "you're quite welcome" *lights up some crack*

  73. tomgio1

    He had me at “Baldie Tall Man Coffee Coop.”

  74. Gilbert Perdomo

    This is like if the Japanese 80s cartoon vol-tron was live filmed in America. Showing my age a bit with that, but true story.

  75. Yebo Screbo

    That was dumb

  76. Ted Rowland racism here. Sad

  77. M Justinien

    These Power Falcons all tried to "All lives matter" the situation, and when Black Falcon individually spoke out, they thought he was being too sensitive, lol 😂😂😂, sounds about right with the climate were living in.

  78. Jack Sparrow

    This is Key's best work. Fuck "A aron".

  79. Villa Donetsk

    We're still waiting on Black Falcon to report back

  80. C Mac

    The villain robot should have destroy them for spending so much time talking 😆 😆 😆

  81. Artemis

    Brenda ♥️

  82. admiralofcuteness

    What language were they speaking?

  83. Morgan Smith

    0:50 GASSSPPP! I haven’t seen her since the sweet life!!!

  84. Twitter Glitter

    Omg.....A Key & Peeele I haven't seen!!!!!

  85. reciprocating social lobotomy

    Damn, no one even notice Brenda Song was in this.

  86. Randizle Peregoy

    I’ve been approached by people DEAD ON exactly like this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  87. Caps NZ

    These nuts passed away on your chin LOL LOL

  88. irvanm87

    Key and peele are geniuses goddamit

  89. irvanm87

    Key and peele are goddam geniuses

  90. Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez

    Key's battling the guy from Rush Hour ?

  91. Noizy B0y

    Anyone else wondering where the ambulance is?

  92. TheUnintendedchaos

    Praise God Satan girl 😂🤯

  93. TheSycaman

    Destructo watched Green Falcon leave during the battle.

  94. Darakaa

    That was close. They almost discovered his true identity, Big Blac-khawk.

  95. Aleksandrs Nikitins

    stupidest sketch i have ever seen. Stupidity 99%, humour 1%

  96. exas4791

    Black falcon’s right about the real red falcon and yellow falcon.

  97. Carib 4 Life

    I'm laughing before I watch this....unbelievable

  98. Jake Nothanks

    I get why rob is in this but why is brenda song in it

  99. Peter Mcdougall

    Man that ice t dog was funny af!!!

  100. Matt B

    2:34 I’m surprised he hasn’t lost his patience by now