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  1. MISSX1313

    Rocky Mountain race week ...girlfriend co-pilot !!

  2. Joe Nagel

    Please make it a parody of Rob ferrettis Vette

  3. snaproll94e

    James, "your not going to have to worry about it failing".......have you met Cleatus? The destroyer of everything mechanical.

  4. Alejandro Srougo

    And this guys do this for a leaving!!!

  5. Jimmy Jr


  6. A10warthog

    Cars paid for grass is not LMFAOO 👍🇺🇲

  7. JDaniel248

    Been here since you slapped a supercharger on ypur leased ram 1500 lol

  8. Manuel Hernandez

    if coups car isn't that monster supra imma be kind of sad

  9. Greyyeti24

    Of course yet another corvette

  10. Brandon Poindexter

    That's funny u said u were 15 years old and was in Omaha Nebraska cuz I live in Columbus Nebraska which is only bout 1hr or so away.

  11. mundoracer

    enjoy a couple days off

  12. Justin Shaw

    Living the dream this poor man wishes he could have. Right place right time. Still cool to watch and keep up with.

  13. PatonB

    Seen the 'Vette and was like.. "They need to hit up Taylor for the angle kit".. Camera pans and there is the Sideways bearded wonder! If the add Adam Bodie in for paint, my ytube video per day would be done in 1 video!

  14. zaciere bickle

    Giant burnout in neighbor with the blue and red smoke would be the perfect introduction

  15. Aussie Shane

    👽👽👽You should MOVE your "Work Shop" to the FREEDOM FACTORY. Also, next time you cut the Grass.. Place some of the Clippings over the LOW PLACES. The Old Clippings will soon turn to Topsoil and will LEVEL out the Ground.

  16. NHiter

    Will Leroy get fabric body panels for Race week? Or will the cardboard roof make a return?

  17. YouTube_review_guy

    Cleetus: Oh I know what the problem is..... there is a hood on here. Takes the good off every car

  18. Race Rawlins

    It was only a matter of time. Blue is the best on sports cars!

  19. Element Custom Innovations

    C8/girlfriend reveal!

  20. Evan Gibson

    I’ll give it 3 weeks before the body panels are gone

  21. Cliff Anderson

    Thanks for being real, bro...you're an inspiration.

  22. bonz424


  23. adam rodenberg

    Hey Cleetus, I was wondering is you've ever heard of a song called "Dirt track date" by a band called Southern Culture On The Skids. At the end of the song, you'll hear the sound of cars racing in the background, goes on for awhile. If you listen closely, eventually you'll hear what sounds like a spectator say "Look at Leroy" while still hearing cool engine sounds in the background. Anyway, heard it, and thought of you and Leroy. Check it out.

  24. ZeroTwo

    This is why you should not do this, in foggy waters, you can’t find a way out and drown so please never do that

  25. Art Mchugh

    New title !!!!! MY "EX" girlfriend learns to drive stick !!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😄😄😄😄😄🍺🍺🍺🍺

  26. Weens Dad

    Let your girlfriend dive in head first but she needs to start out as basically a female version of cleetus i think that would be badass

  27. Andy P

    KILLED the intro ☠☠☠

  28. Fabian Bourne

    Nice car it nice I always wanted one but in Barbados that a big no

  29. apex Timelines

    Disclaimer: Cleeter McDoofus is Thomas Spears the 3rd who use to grow Sea Monkeys before he got funded by the “Counterfeit Millers” + #DuckDynasty beginning @ 124 Citrus Tree Ln Longwood FL 32750. Tripper tell your mom and dad I said hello! GO #SeaMonkeys from Nebraska City, Nebraska!

  30. Alexander

    Been watching you since whistles in the exhaust and mini turbos... love your channel and love that you haven’t left your roots like some channels... keep up the great work!!!

  31. Gunnerchris30

    I'm guessing coop is taking kater tot

  32. Drift4Life

    🎶Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside Blue his house with a blue little window And a blue CORVETTE And everything is blue for him And himself and everybody around 'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen🎶 🎶I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa🎶

  33. Nate

    Should have turned a C8 into a drift machine, then you could have had a C5 drag ripper, a C6 auto drag ripper, a C7 daily ripper, and a C8 drift ripper

  34. Jody Barrett

    Donny, Ruby, Leeroy, Mullet and Toast..... If that family doesn't sound violently Floridian to you, you've probably only been to Miami.

  35. Sam DeWitt

    Right on dude!! Mad respect for protecting your woman. You do you brother. Love your story and super excited to see where you go from here.

  36. Shawn McCroskey

    This was great! You had something poking your butt 😂😂

  37. OregonNative1

    Name the new car Sapphire! Ruby and Sapphire!

  38. Travis Hartley


  39. Grease Monkey Garage

    It needs a Donnie off wild thornberries sticker !!!! ... !!!!

  40. Ethyn Drenchko

    You need to do anither month of freedom for july 🇺🇸

  41. Jon Lejcar

    Donnie Wahlberg the z06 sponsored by wahlburgers

  42. Rich K

    That thing is cleannn

  43. Legendary Ghost

    I think you should get a trans am next.

  44. Keegan Pock

    Need a burnout with the red. White. And blue vettes all at the same time

  45. JTorvik

    Literally my dream car when I was a boy. Fuck ya boisss

  46. Jim Conklin

    Month of freedom was great!! But now we are in the real month of freedom! Only fair to keep it up!

  47. Abner Rosado

    You got it brother you been had it , I’m one in the millions that has your back like a crack !

  48. Bird76Mojo76

    After the first 3 minutes of this video my first thought was *"why isn't Chevrolet sponsoring this man?"* It would be a win/win for them. They donate all of their secret super squirrel stuff to Cleet for a while, and he takes all the risks making awesome content for GM and you and me..

  49. Angel Rojas

    Would be dope to see Kenny slides in there with taylor ray and you

  50. worthypoo

    Exceptionally excellent intro brother 😎

  51. santi montoya

    buenas noches, estaría muy bueno que pudieras agregar subtitulos en español, al menos en este tipo de vídeos, veo todos tus vídeos aunque no entiendo nada de lo que decís, un abrazo

  52. 21lprice

    Need to try to get a Great American Stocks race at the freedom factory

  53. Luis Tejeda

    My respect to Kyle of 1320videos!!

  54. T taufatofua

    How much did you pay for that car that is my dream car

  55. Luis Tejeda

    Your face says it all. Congrats!!

  56. corey 4c

    My favorite z06 they made

  57. corey 4c

    I don't want it to end

  58. isaiah saunders

    Seen the car at showtime speedway on Sunday, who was driving???

  59. 15k subs no videos challenge

    If you guys get married she’s in for a wild ride



  61. Lucus Hoover

    You should do a burnout competition part 2

  62. mike rahoi

    watched 'em every day!

  63. RBKathletics

    F*n perfect

  64. RoliePolieColie


  65. Isaac's Garage

    You followed your dream and look what happened. All of these people that would have never know you as a lawyer are loving everything y'all are posting. Keep it up! Maby one day you can start a practice that defends racers are burnout enthusiasts :D

  66. hunter carlino

    nitrous tf out of it

  67. Capt HorsePower

    When you introduce your girlfriend, you could have her start off by doing a burnout on the burnout pad and just LET HER RIP TATER CHIP!

  68. Michael Stentz

    Do a live feed and have people ask questions to we can all get to know her

  69. CVPI222

    Exoskeleton tubular bumpers?

  70. Adam Patterson

    Love ya garret keep up the badass hard work man! DO IT FOR DALE!!!! AND ED!!!!!! LOL

  71. Dylan Hedges

    Anyone else watching old vids post month of freedom

  72. Andru Backos

    I’m with you for the long haul. Keep up the vids

  73. turbskibrz

    Maddie learns how to drift? Maddie learns how to drive stick maddie drives the sid by side tons of easy videos to introduce her !

  74. Dakota Johnson

    Should totally do a battle of the sexes or a couples competition at the factory!! Sxs , drift, and oval race, may the best couple win!

  75. Mario Alvarez

    "Look at those animals wallowing in their perfection their own superiority will be their undoing" - Timmy's dad

  76. Taylor Bird

    put a tube front and or rear bumper like neighbor

  77. apex Timelines

    Tripper Thomas Spears the 3rd + #DuckDynasty funds allowed Dorky Doofus to buy ffudge packtory! GO #SeaMonkeys

  78. Pun King

    damn, you know its amazing how fast these drones can move

  79. Tim Pruner

    Anyone here after the month of freedom? This man has changed so much and not at all at the same time lmao

  80. The Amazing Gamer

    You should keep up the videos everyday, seemed like it was effortless for ya, keep up the great work👍🏽

  81. OMG MOTO

    Great story brother! Success is born through passion and hard work.

  82. Dean goldfishhhification

    Driven the Z-06 on the road course many times. Amazing base car. Love it.

  83. Forrest McGuire

    You just have to be comfortable brother jus bring her in and let her get down with the boys man as long as shes not afraid to get her hands dirty then shes good haha

  84. JM Enterprise

    Looks like it has the square setup. Might want to put on the factory setup up front

  85. TN12valve

    In case anyone was wondering... Approximately 570 YEARS worth of Cleetus videos watched in the month of May! Congrats Garrett on your successes! Keep up the great work!

  86. GoldsPersonal

    Full name Donnybrook? Nickname Donny.

  87. Adam Audet

    Is the car gonna be the GT500

  88. Ryan O

    That giraffe is superstrong!!!

  89. Darthmoto224

    im not sure i can go back. but yall deserve the rest lol

  90. psob1

    Maybe you could have a "partner's " video where the wives/girlfriends could have a race at the freedom factory, but with full face helmets like the Stig from TopGear for the first race and for subsequent events reveal a little more as they feel more comfortable with the whole idea.

  91. italiandude321

    My fiance says you should name this one sapphire since you already have ruby.

  92. Needmo940

    WTF what are you doing with Fasterproms Miata?

  93. Andru Backos

    Donnie 2020 🇺🇸

  94. Reality Scopezz

    Nice Mullet.

  95. brady scholl

    Taylor yessssssssssssss

  96. J. Granger

    However you managed the front in shot @3:00 is awesome! 💯

  97. Scott Dial

    That has to be Bruce Wilson’s old Corvette. HAS TO BE!

  98. Forrest McGuire

    Man my mom is about to loan me the money to buy a car and watchin you beef around in this makes me want one so freakin bad brother! Lol damnit man

  99. Heavy_Haul_N_Fool

    James - can I put nitrous on it ? Next week we rebuild the engine

  100. Chris Gage

    So I'm assuming this is the car you got pulled over in