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    Rotary 80mm twin turbos

  2. Rich Marengo

    Hellcat, or voodoo engine swap!

  3. Justin Rojas

    4 rotor!

  4. Monday ENT

    Srt 10 twin turbski

  5. James Tello

    Quad turbo Rotary?

  6. monteur85480

    volkswagen v10 tdi its an diesel corvette!!!

  7. Greyspacealien


  8. traebotheskybo

    What about a dodge viper engine for ruby?!?!

  9. Sweet Dreams

    Viper V10 motor into Ruby.

  10. Dwayne Staley

    RB30 bored over

  11. Dave J

    Make it a mid engine 2JZ

  12. William Walton

    6:20. You know the feeling where something you love, sends chills down your spine? Yeah, that's the feeling I got from that beast of an engine revving up on the dyno. It sounded fucking heavenly.

  13. benellihunter21

    Put a blown hemi in ruby

  14. eric branson

    How about a turbo Viper v10 in Ruby? That would be insane and make the power you want

  15. Aaron France

    GM 3800. 1500hp may be tough but the FWD record is somewhere mid-8's.

  16. Dibs Daily Too

    Diesel swap it

  17. Atzog 1

    Oldsmobile aurora v8. It was a monster when they hit Indy. Nothing touched them for yrs. The top Indy cars litteraly had to use this motor to even be competitive. After loosing for 4 or 5 yrs strait. Strongest v8 Chevy ever built in my eyes.

  18. brian shrock

    To hell with a budget, srt10 engine

  19. Phillip Nigro

    440 or 426 hemi

  20. Andres Garcia

    What about the iron block 6.2 that was in the vortec max's theeen ya stick with the "truck" motor lol

  21. Carl Ross

    It was spinning backwards as he was revving it up and probably after he connected it too

  22. David Lawler

    Viper V10 twin turbo. Iconic and stupid powerful. And it’s still American💪💪

  23. scrape98

    Leave Ruby alone!!!

  24. luke schmitt

    Atlas ll8

  25. TheeSatan 666

    Do a RB26

  26. PMC John

    Put a big block in ruby. Now onto jokes, out an eco boost or power stroke in ruby

  27. ramon21arlington

    Srt-10 with 2 turbskies! Look up Dean Karnage, his set up would fit perfectly

  28. travis vencil

    Twin turbo rotary

  29. paul gronski

    jeep 4.0

  30. ShakeNBlake

    VIPER V-10 please!

  31. rik femff

    Something with a diesel would be gnarly with ruby, maybe like an om606 superturbo diesel or a 6.6 duramax.

  32. Ramlaen

    The more I think about it the more I agree with the folks saying 6.6L Duramax. It keeps Ruby with a GM motor, it keeps her with a 'truck' engine and it goes with the tractor flap.

  33. Dane Van Pelt

    Rotary Vette...nuff said!

  34. Tyler Lowhorn


  35. Layne Huffman

    See if you can fit an lbz duramax engine in

  36. Troy DeRoin jr

    Y'all haven't did a twin turbo blown motor yet why not a 454 big block or bigger

  37. James Robson


  38. Greasemonkey Dad

    Completely clear body for Leroy so he keeps his naked identity.

  39. Jayson Fosnaugh

    4g63 swap.

  40. Catfish

    V10 would be sick in it.

  41. Brad Biwer

    Go 4 rotor turbo and take on Rob Dahm!!

  42. caleb n

    Volkswagen VR6 engine would be amazing! Were made decently strong stock. They've gotten a lot more options for more power now and it's shorter than a 2j. Also would have a better sound.

  43. twomattl1

    K-swap ruby with the BoostedBoiz and pfi

  44. Fuse

    It kills me to see engine cross breeding on engines. Please keep it in the family. Video wasn't boring , it was informative.

  45. Viktor Butnaru

    For ruby the v12 Mercedes I bet you can't lol they have like 730 torque from factory

  46. Justin O'Kelly

    DO A Q&A!!

  47. Shawn Ubrey

    4.3 vortec for fun. lsx 454 for raw power

  48. Donte Jackson


  49. Jay Russell

    SB2 swap Ruby! NASCAR!

  50. Michael Extance

    I just want to see a hood on something....

  51. Justin O'Kelly

    ford 5.2 from a gt350

  52. Gary Eland

    Yes i agree go with a GM 6 cylinder, add turbo maybe even a blow thru throttle body.

  53. Nick Spindler


  54. Chris Wyss

    Hey when ya'll put a turbski in coops talon please post that on one or your channels.

  55. Jean-Michel Vaillancourt

    Ruby need a Duramax or an Old 6.5 Detroit diesel .

  56. Lyle Adams

    Cap off two pieces of square tube, drill a hole in each cap, lag screw through it into an oak 4x4, weld the pipe/spline ends of the drive shaft to the caps, drive forever. The square tube will use compression to turn the timber instead of direct force like a bolt running sideways through it.

  57. Blake Fries

    Barra swap

  58. Toxic Peanut01


  59. Marty Murillo

    You should put a cutting brake on the front wheels for control

  60. Jeremy Rocks

    BBC 572 Whipplecharged for Ruby! Old school 7 second car

  61. Dont Assume My Gender!!!

    Honda swap with a huge turbo

  62. Jesse Kastl

    Cleetus u should bid on the Hoonigans s10 truck make it a project truck it already has twin turbos cylinder 5 lost compression that’s it it’s already built and all and for James it has a little bit of nitrous running through it too

  63. Mark Lindsey

    Put a Ford 6.7 diesel in Ruby

  64. Lake Hill Motors & Marine

    You should use a "heartwood" post. That means the post was cut from the center of the tree and you can see the round tree rings complete circle in the end of the post. These pieces are stronger and should not split as easy. You can see in the video your post only has a section of the tree ring or grain on the end.

  65. John Datema

    427 boss

  66. VeezyDaMan300

    If your not going to use that elco frame once u take the body off I'll buy it

  67. Michael Mansour

    Rotary drag vette

  68. Phillip Slaton

    Putting an import engine in Ruby would be blasphemy.

  69. canyonrunner331

    2j would be cool, but a Barra would be even better.

  70. Mikael Fortin

    swap rubie with the new 2jz slash bmw ;)

  71. Shane Olsen

    I'm voting a V-10 of some kind viper v10 would be bitchin!!! side note: would love to see a ford 300 i6 build not in ruby but would still be fun

  72. Daniel Rupeck

    Hey I have an Idea for mullet. To keep the theme of business in the front and party in the back, you should make him rear engine.

  73. Foundatol

    Barra the world, full send with a barra

  74. Barry Porter

    Cleetus, Ruby needs another truck engine!! Duramax! Keep it GM

  75. Shasty The Nasty

    I was going to swap my E46 with a 2JZ, but i went with an LS3 instead, do the 2J Vette!!!!

  76. 94XJ

    I feel like a 2JZ is the wrong engine for Ruby. It'll hit your power goals with pretty minimal work like an LS but they're such heavy blocks and just not the junkyard mess that Ruby represents. An old Audi i5 and AWD would be crazy and unusual but a lot of work. Rob Dahm is already doing a rotary Vette. 4g63s are almost boring nowadays. A 3800 would be really unusual but would be hard to get even close to hour power targets. An old 2.3 quad 4? Oldsmobile was ripping over 1000hp out of them for their Aerotech back in the day.

  77. Djay Chason

    Buy hoonigan S10 and drop ruby's motor in it

  78. Jordan Johnson

    That cut was trocious bro

  79. Brad Purcell

    Mullets + Barra it's a no vote needed kinda deal

  80. Kevin Hibbard

    "Every 80's GM car that sat outside smells like that." so true, Idk about you guys, but I could practically smell it.

  81. Jayme Wininger


  82. Jesse H

    Cleetus, on the el camino, your bad rust areas are going to be the bottom of the rear window and under your wiper motor. Also the 1980 grill is not reproduced anymore so finding a replacement will be tough. I know from owning one. A good source of info on them will be Elcaminocentral.com. Keep up the amazing content!

  83. Jayme Wininger

    Why not conventional sbc 434 dart block and some spray?? Turbo?? Big a** procharger??

  84. dropping Hertz

    People are sleeping wen it comes to the Barra motor I no 2jz make sweet power but the Barra with the New Haltech elite Ruby will be stright freakin Nasty & another thing every other youtuber & man on earth has a 2jz swap it's been done everyone takes the ls and is swapping it in their mustang's & what not but I cant say I no anyone who has a Corvette swapped Barra it would be so freaking sweet people check them out do your research not to mention cleetus has lot of connects with Australia and the car community to be able to get his hands on the best of the best ways to set up his motor to make it stright I'm all 4 it will be different & so Awesome just to be able to say u were apart of the swap movement 🐌🐌🔥🤘💪

  85. Hennie Swart

    The Barra can make truly monstrous torque figures compared to hp. Here's one making 806HP and 1184lbft on the wheels in good old ozland. mnsel.info/video/video/4KatlpiqqHxtg5g.html Edit: Here's one making even more power 907HP and 1295lbft. mnsel.info/video/video/4KatlpiqqHxtg5g.html

  86. TheEnemy

    ruby needs a 440cui magnum engine

  87. Mikael Fortin

    LIMO BURNOUT !!!!!! :D:D:D:D

  88. Will Fowler

    You gonna name that El Camino Ellis?! 😂

  89. B Jones

    Drop a 6.7 Cummins in ruby

  90. E.P L.G.I.

    HONDA POWER !!!!!! KA

  91. Jake Weinant

    Barra the world!!!

  92. KaoticFdr1

    I wish you all would do something with a Mercury Racing SB4 setup (DOHC LS) and a flat-plane crank. Else, Duramax.

  93. James Brown

    Put a Honda K series in Ruby!!!!!! That will ruffle some feathers

  94. Kristopher Lewko

    Top alcohol hemi in ruby

  95. TheEnemy

    floor with rear defuser and a rear spoiler will be all you'll ever need for the top speed. I don't believe aero will make any difference till 4th gear is in, but as you said its all about the fine-tuning of the 1/8, of course, depending on the track, track conditions temp, etc.

  96. Zachary 3V Blum

    Put the Red Demons motor in Red Ruby

  97. cliff hudson

    GTR engine and drivetrain

  98. Jeffrey Cronk

    Or go back to corvettes roots and use a gen 1 small block

  99. Manuel Damian

    V10 engine from a viper or dodge 1500 SRT10

  100. Mixh Canyu

    Put a Civic motor in the vett and Featured the boosted boys Hell yeah 🤣😂💯