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  1. Gymnastics Flamingo 57

    Are u in Florida or Paris Happy birthday for yesterday

  2. Toyota Limitless

    Who else Liked The Singer's Voice and wants to make FaZe Rug Upload a video in which the Actual singer who sang for him That FaZe Uploads Like Here..

  3. BJ Bertin Irie


  4. Sirius Black

    I have a theory, u know that woman the woman saw when she stayed, that was probably the girl, i mean the girl died a few years ago, doesn't mean she doesn't age, so that's probably her, u guys saying the girl is behind Brian when its actually a woman

  5. Matteo Dicicco


  6. Raphael Aubert

    11:41 a girl says “I’m here” like if you heard it

  7. Ady Awty

    Hi I’m a MNselr and I watch your videos all the time

  8. Lety Zepeda

    Tried the galaxtic burger before i got food poisen

  9. Simi csatornája

    Hi RUG! Can i get 1000$? Pls i really need it to buy a gaming pc! To play really good to join to the faze clan!

  10. itz_kayla_ 06

    Y’all played twister wring

  11. G money Nation

    This a amzing video we love it and keep up the great videos and happy birthday

  12. walkerwhere

    I loved the movie theaters when still more common thing that take me back only listening to new rock bands like the delta parole gives me the epic movie feelings.

  13. Raja Chowdhury

    Wish u a very Happy birthday dear faze rug and thank you for Making so many entertaining videos

  14. LemonPanda

    Last one to copy mr beast gets to be him

  15. Rasim Goyushov

    My name is urus

  16. Jst -III

    I went to disneyland California, i saw the Castle in person, it was amazing and i love the rides too

  17. semih sezer

    enes baturdan çalmış hain fedöcü reportlayın şunuda aklı başına gelsin

  18. Its Juiice

    Love the camera mans vibe, couldnt have chose anyone better brotha, keep up the good vid ideas and stay blessed

  19. Movie Ninja

    4 to 10 and 10 to 10

  20. Shy Fiyah


  21. Kevin 010

    I'ts santa !

  22. QM 46

    You Host the competition? And you Also Compete in it? And you win the competition? Execuse me?

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    Bro me b day today and I wAtching November 20 and your b day is the 19th

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    Who’s watching in 2050 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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    Happy Birthday to you I am I hope you have a good day on your birthday

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  29. lane Webb

    This was the funniest video i ever saw😂 sorry i am late

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    I like disney land but I like universal studios more can you make that same vid but in universal studios

  31. Low Ground

    Orbez in the pool

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    My birthday is on the 24th of November

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    Who else never been in disney land?

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    My favourite is shrek

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    Happy bday ruggg

  36. VloggerNo1 1


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    Why do you put cheap gas in your Lamborghini.....

  38. Spark mrbig557

    Kaelyn so dam annoying

  39. Shy Fiyah

    😄 😄RUG : Are you guys like going in here too? BELLA: Well yeah , because we like have to go too 😄 😄

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    Faze rug my birthday was so on November 18

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    Who still watching:( I was so young

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    I'm year 4 so yh

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    This sucked

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    I like how bradis helps rug

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    I wood let Mike live with you if it's ok with you , please let Mike live with you please😦😢😢😯😯😔😭😔💔💔💸💸

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    I've been all of the rides that FaZe rug went to

  48. pop2u1

    You should make a video with MR. Cheezypop

  49. Aηdγ ΧαγAdΣτh

    Tampa FL

  50. Minecraft Mythicstar

    Rug says they can’t talk he never said they could laugh or make a sound like hissing

  51. Sinha Dede


  52. Karen Oliva

    I've been on the teacups with my mom and my sister and my mom's friend

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    if ur waching this in 2020 press this l l l l /\

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    Who's still waiting for rug to move to LA?

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  56. Minecraft Mythicstar

    Isn’t this weird cuz the phones look same

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    I felt bad when i saw her cry

  58. Minecraft Mythicstar


  59. Minecraft Mythicstar

    The house bathroom is cleaner than my whole house

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    Go visit that site I your trying to test video games

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    I was so hungry when l saw this video

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    If y'all weren't realtid y'all make a cute couple

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    no offence but ur girls fucking uglyy

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    unliked people doesn't have mother.

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    Faze rug made my day 😁♥️♥️

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    They shaved my head for free at basic so fuck it why not 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

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    you better check out our Calamari here in the Philippines, its called Calamares.

  73. Sebastian Rokicki

    “We can share” the food that Rug paid for and most likely paid for your entrance fee into the park itself

    1. Mr osman 89

      Who said we can share?

  74. subscribe for good luck!

    god please protect me and the people who watch this video. Amen.

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    So your just copying mrbeast

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    Faze rugs gonna win believe in your faith

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  81. Hur Hassan

    Do your car review

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  86. Staff Shmbvtpost

    My question is wheee do these people that give free stuff live. Like wtf.

  87. Staff Shmbvtpost

    My question is wheee do these people that give free stuff live. Like wtf.

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    food is food

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    At 8:40 tanner and donlad were talking way to fast

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    Smash the LIKE button cause you love this VLOG! Also, SMASH the LIKE button if you have never tapped the DISLIKE button! Let's Go Y'all!!! :) :) :}

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