I make stuff. I really don't have a theme for this channel, it's kind of a place where I can learn animation so I do memes, music videos, and story times. I'm currently a college student so there might be a few months where my channel will go inactive but I'll always come back.
I am working on a cartoon series but it is delayed because of school.

Programs/software: Sony Vegas and Paint Tool SAI, Audacity, Blue Yeti

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  1. Richie Animation

    I also want a cat

  2. Jane Adkins


  3. Werido_loves_anime _cuz _why_not

    Shugrr: I love that one *mad babby on screen*

  4. SadMallow N

    Sugar being salty? Impossible.

  5. Patty Sponheimer

    i have no friends yaaaaaa! that is actually a lie i have 2 friends

  6. Ali Şahin


  7. •Toxic Monitor•

    I use to do this but with salt- no wonder why I am so Salty and moody

  8. R Gitcher

    I’m a boy if anybody gets toxic to me i I will do nothing I’m to socially awkward

  9. R Gitcher

    Hay shgurr are you gay if you are I support you........................ ........I’m gay so ya I love you ❤️

  10. Lily Fino

    I looked at the stuff and I saw I didn’t get it should I be happy that I can relate to that but I still love going outside anyways if you’re reading this I just want to let you know I love your videos and a whole new friends in the future past I hope you can make a better one I’d be screaming watched all your videos

  11. z_gamer465 gameing

    And odds 1 out

  12. z_gamer465 gameing

    Half of the animators I know like domics,tabs,let me explain studios,ginger pale, jaiden,Alex clark

  13. Ashanti Anthony

    That was so cool

  14. ZeActualPineapple

    When u click on this but you don’t get cave town 👐🏽 👏🏽 👐🏽 👏🏽 I feel your pain But I like this vid anyway 😃😄

  15. Rebecca Sharpe

    ahhh this almost made me cry cause im going through depression, its not as bad as shgurr's depression but it hurts to live sometimes and wih all that's happening and my family telling me things that I don't need to hear is kinda heart breaking, this really helped me, thanks! :)

  16. Nightmare blue

    This is also the first music vid I've ever watched from the mangle song

  17. Alan


  18. Xitlaly Rodriguez

    Childhood ⬇️

  19. kharly neely

    the man behind the slaughter: does nothing only does his job chickie: DIE IN A FIRE me: uhh wut?

  20. Nightmare blue

    How did I not know you made this Also this is the first music vid that I've heard from just gold

  21. Nightmare blue


  22. Áine

    This brings back so many memories of my fnaf phase💜

  23. William Brown

    Wow can't you all respect her first she had a hard time all of her life so why can't you guys be more supportive ? Shguff I know that your having a rough time so get well soon or is already and God bless you

    1. William Brown

      Ed not ing 😅

    2. William Brown

      Also watch that1weeb his channel is Under rating 😁

  24. Xeomnite animations

    your videos are really good you are my favourite MNsel

  25. dragontraitor 145

    All bad teachers are carbon copies of katsuki bakugo without the explosives change my mind

  26. UwU_ letsplay

    lol title updated number two

  27. Your Fun List

    So, this didn’t happen to me, but it happened to my friend. I didn’t have this teacher, but he was known around school to be super energetic and he’s usually really nice to the students. But apparently the period my friend had him (the last perios of the day) on was really loud. I think he was also stressed from his other classes before she got him, so he was different. Near the end if the class, he apparently yelled at my friend for being too loud even though the whole class was loud. I don’t know what he said to her, but she was CRYING when I found her. I get that he was stressed and all, but he shouldn’t have taken it out on one student

  28. Anime is REAL


  29. pumpkin the demon

    Back in 2018: omg this is such a good song 2020: this shit still alive

  30. Puppy stitch Kawaii

    Bully:bully’s you Teacher:does nothing Kid:sticks up for her self Teacher:detention!

  31. Kaylyn Pitterman

    I’m so sorry this happened to you and Im so glad you are better today. Like guys imagine life without our favorite youtuber’s videos😱😱😱😱

  32. Springytrapsart

    Hey shgurr I have an idea for your next video, why not remake a FNAF animation you Once made?

  33. Animate!AtTheDisco

    Uhmm what does "map" mean? Sorry I feel dumb

  34. Lego Jax

    Also dae in google is DAE

  35. Lego Jax


  36. Sofia Kukhta


  37. My Ferri

    Uhhhh.,,what did I just watch

  38. Connor McCartney

    Invest in some earplugs.

  39. Genesis Medrano

    I'm so happy you made Bonnie SpongeBob SquarePants I love bonnie

  40. JGHK 10

    Ending sugarr is now a black cat

  41. funtime foxy X lolbit amry

    To weird

  42. Hazel Weber


  43. SlashFN

    2015 Me: This Hits the Spot 2020 Me: This still hits the spot

  44. Salty Web


  45. Ghotax

    Do you have a face reveal

  46. Shmeb Doge

    Hey...this video was made the day before my birthday!!!!!

  47. El Gato Felino Denme Leche

    you remember this video? =mnsel.info/video/video/v9Tdr5K5hJhrhJQ.html is a cool video ♥♥♥♥♥

  48. чел

    Русские титры

  49. чел

    Хмм почему на канале видио называется просто золото

  50. gn


  51. Gloria Langford

    OMG I just found your channel you are so pretty ,and talented at animation!💖

  52. Gloria Hancco Atamari

    Jajajajajaja mejor hagan así a Nackels

  53. Pacho Thompson

    *sponge bob be like*

  54. Pacho Thompson

    MNsel: exists Shgurr: *PERSONA!!!*

  55. Wren studios

    I won a choccie milk carton drinking contest once I got a cow pencil

  56. Elliana Belcher


  57. April Derwinis

    You better get your ass out kid

  58. Pacho Thompson

    Excuses... everyone who you shouldn’t be with calls it that...

  59. Breezy The ninja

    Uganda Knuckle’s are apparently immune to lava

  60. Elliana Belcher

    I can do that! I can also dream what I want to dream about..🤔

  61. Elliana Belcher

    Sneeeek~ snake ima slithery little snake~ ahhhHHhhH I’mA SnEEEEeEEk!!!~

  62. Pacho Thompson

    *top 10 fights in anime*

  63. Fire-Heart Creates

    Ah, jumping into volcanoes. *Religion*

  64. caydens rants

    I'm really glad ur doing so much better

  65. Samuel Ebright

    What a weird fever dream

  66. Pacho Thompson


  67. Pacho Thompson

    Ah yes, smol rat bois

  68. Pacho Thompson

    I mean... u r a good mommy! Any good mommy would to!

  69. Pacho Thompson

    I have a watch and a phone... for school... and it’s being under used

  70. Pacho Thompson

    Shggar’s dad: watches sports on tv Shggar: oh your- *WASTED*

  71. Kayden Becker

    Its been five years oof

  72. Pacho Thompson

    Wow... this video was just about people being silly... I LOVE IT THANK YOU!!!!

  73. Pacho Thompson

    If it’s cuz u want to have a cat... then you DID get it for a family! XD

  74. Pacho Thompson

    *lemon boi*

  75. cherry poptart93

    I showed this to my friends a couple years ago shortly after this was made cuz i would spam them with things i found funny or cool and they still listen to it and everytime i come hang out they blast this song.

  76. Pacho Thompson

    I LOVE cats!!!

  77. Zaper Ziz

    Thank you for the lesson

  78. •Eva•

    I know I’m late, I watched this when it came out but I rewatched it. I’ve been going through some dark times and this really helped. Thank you.

  79. Gamerlife3254

    *c* *c h* *c h i* *c h i n* *c h i n a*

  80. TheOnlyViper

    Where's shgurr????

  81. Jim Stoesz

    This has absolutely no right to be this cute I *CAN'T*

  82. Just Some Sentient Potato

    Who else is watching this during quarantine and wanting to see your friends

  83. Just Some Sentient Potato


  84. Leaf Leaf

    I thought this was a cavetown animatic...


    There was no jaiden in this video

  86. dragontuber m

    Ahem 4:48

  87. GalaxyGirlina Hoodie

    1:13 Snake : w h e r e d i d i t g o ? ? ?

  88. Erika Arana

    ill be your friend

  89. Noob noob Master

    Look at 5:00 lol

  90. Peachy likes artz

    This is widely aggressive

  91. dragontuber m

    How adorable 😍😍

  92. Rebecca Mcwilliams


  93. Rebecca Mcwilliams

    O I saw this in the draw my life she in da depressed srage

  94. dragontuber m

    What a frickin coencidence 2:14

  95. Just some magpie with internet access

    Awe yes. Childhood,what a lovely thing.

  96. Lightscamera Action

    7:11 my teacher is just like that TwT

  97. dragontuber m

    I am actually not afraid of darkness but I just feel uncomfortable sleeping in a dark place

  98. ernie dado


  99. Kyle Martinez

    We love you all

  100. Kyle Martinez