I make stuff. I really don't have a theme for this channel, it's kind of a place where I can learn animation so I do memes, music videos, and story times. I'm currently a college student so there might be a few months where my channel will go inactive but I'll always come back.
I am working on a cartoon series but it is delayed because of school.

Programs/software: Sony Vegas and Paint Tool SAI, Audacity, Blue Yeti

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  1. Вероничка клубничка

    Ну на русском лучше гараздо 🙄

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    i don't think it's a pillow fight...

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    Shgurr:cats Also her:_WIX.COM_

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    Stupid people not knowing what God really wants. It makes me cry

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    Lol can't afford one

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    Хм...Я единственная здесь русская

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    I know what your talking about I was just thinking are you talking about the rapper lucid dreams?

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    U where a furry?!

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    Я одна русская?😐😐😐а так классно!!😄😄

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    I've tried playing fortnite on my switch and it never works, even with pretty good internet :/

  11. wakreel 2.0

    Lol, I watched this translation video and I'm in shock. Do you have so bad attitude to the Russians? ( This text is translated in translator )


    20millions trees

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    Who else watches chadtronic?

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  16. Archangel Miguel

    Why does this keep saying that it was made "1 year ago" bruh it's literally 2019 now and this was from 2017

  17. Anonymous Boi

    My brother just told me, “ you know how cold stuff sometimes feels wet?” So I said “yeah” and he responds with,”what if water isn’t wet and instead it’s just cold”

  18. Virginia Spence

    I am so sorry, and I hope you know how much heavenly father loves you. As a return missionary myself I understand, I also had to go home but just from straight anxiety, I was fortunate enough for a companion who called the mission president after finding me trying to cope with it. He and his wife came and took me to the hospital then when I begged to not be sent home he prayed with me. I'm so sorry the people supposed to support you didn't.

  19. Eliza Mohan

    Getting sponsored by epic games - fortnite wow 😮

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    U had 12 wow we have 7 LUCKY 7 :)

  21. Owen 22018

    Do the orAnge justice in yo Dino costume

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    1. CaioTOPGamer

      Você é muito top

  23. Anthony Grooms

    This hit me like a semi truck an inspirational, eye opening semi truck I appreciate you found the courage to tell your story I'm not saying I'm depressed or anything but I'm definitely a loner, I also wear hoodies and jackets constantly and never wear shorts to hide as much of myself without looking suspicious. Probably normal teenager anxiety going on but I've been told by several people at school which are mostly staff members that I'm emotionless even though that's the only environment they see me in. I've tried to push more of my energy from home toward school and it seems to be working ok but I can't know for sure. I'm doing my best and I'm happy to say I'm still here too! Thanks again for sharing this helped alot.

  24. MonaAlicia

    That's horrible! I'm so sorry that those experiences happened. I don't understand why some teachers can be like that... They should be reported, and then told to never teach again. That's not why they're there. SMH.

  25. Ярослав Назаров

    1:16 Здраствуй

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    А твоя карьера ютубера началась отсюда

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    Who else is a person like me. Who have no emotions 🙂.

  31. Ryan Eble

    Ok I feel like since it’s November, it’s appropriate to pit this song on blast

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    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! 🥺🥰♥️

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    I expyrents it

  34. T_T

    11 year old nostalgia...(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

  35. T_T

    This video, has inspired me for my whole life, and had turned me into a furry :] 11 year old nostalgia, oof...

  36. Tahlia Williams

    You can't be public humiliated if you never go outside! -cries in antisocial-

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    Is it for boys to

  38. Fabian Nowak

    Jestem Polak xddddddxd

  39. space potato videos

    Man ... this ... Hit me In a spot that is a little painful .

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    0:40 Ok boomer

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    Two million now

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    Ah Memories Now I Remember My Dead Cat Mew Miss Him

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    No offense but...your so edgy sorry k?

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    At 1:00 omg so cute

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    Me umm is this the..... Bonnie:NIGHT!!!!! I BLEW AWAY EVEN .Y HPUSE

  46. Drowa

    Hello! I'm from Russia . I watched your videos with Russian voice acting, and I liked them! Please make more videos with Russian subtitles

    1. wakreel 2.0

      Ахаха я пришла сюда и написала похожий комментарий))

  47. MelloTheMarsh

    I wish I could get one but my parent's would kill me if I did ;w; (plus I'm in New Zealand so it probably would get lost or something lol) regardless, I love your videos!! 🙂

  48. its kitty

    No one suspected wix sponsored every animator

  49. HappyDrawingstuff

    She was the darkest point of her life here. I wish more happiness

  50. lewis plays

    Shgurr I needed this thnx

  51. Tilly SENPI

    Bobs bugers!

  52. alva nico

    oh god... i remember this... IT WAS YOURS?! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT INSPIRED ME TO START MY CHANNEL?! well, that's suprising!

  53. idiot noob

    i feel bad for u and all though this happens to u in the past us fans were still here just remember that we’re here for u girl and we love u all of us fans(unless this didn’t happen in the past but we’re still here for u girl)

  54. DeadShotYT Taze

    Watching this it makes me relive my life and I am going through this but I am healing and just watching this is helps me understand and connect on what I should do and learn from what you went through so Thank you for making these videos and I hope you have the best of your life

  55. Shannon Christensen



    Looks like you ripped your pants

  57. Kayley Davies

    bro its still not deletteeedd

  58. BOT Connor

    Shgurr : *_*sniffs at Snake_** Snake : Are you challenging me?

  59. Triston Youens

    I’ve always kept to myself

  60. Ζέγας Παρασκευας

    Wtf man

  61. packedgoku

    i fee alot better all the stuff i've been trough thank you

  62. Mr.M TRON

    I think she was depressed in this one too😐

  63. Mr.M TRON

    If you are wondering the music is Dizzy by joakim karud

  64. Raine World

    People like this made me stop going to church. I just took spirituality as a personal thing.

  65. Jose Guillermo Juarez Reyes

    Who want a remake of this masterpiece

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  67. Majin Buu83

    I love that Dino costume

  68. Wasting Time Inc.

    Please get out of moromonism it is deeply toxic for you :(

  69. Wasting Time Inc.

    Girl- I am SO sorry this happened to you!!! The LDS corporation is toxic. My family in the 1800's were mormon pioneers and I was born and raised LDS in Utah and just... from PERSONAL experience, I just want you to know that this is all just CULT behavior from horrible, pious mormon mentality. Please please please look into exmormon.org and read the CES letter, and for solace and vindication go to r/exmormon. I'm so sorry they did this to you, and I'm sure you are aware of the higher suicide rates among LDS youth... girl. I have lived what you've gone through and so have 100k+ other exmo's. You are amazing. Your are just fine the way you are, and please see their mind games for what they are. Thanks for sharing your story <3

  70. Eijiro Kirishima

    Lol the My Hero posters totally me 👌

  71. Player 4

    BAH! Humbug!

  72. Toucanly Stanly

    These people need to get their snobby “religious” heads out of their asses and act more like Jesus. They always act like you have to be perfect to be worth anything, but that’s not anywhere in the Bible. These people should actually read the Bible and realize that they aren’t religious at all. They are just like the Pharisees. They were one of Jesus’s many enemies, and they act just like them. They are just hypocrites that are too stuck in their ways to admit that they’re evil.

    1. Toucanly Stanly

      These people have to stop mucking the name of Christians. There are good Christian, but there are just so many bad “Christians” going around persecuting people for being different.

  73. Wasting Time Inc.

    Mormonism is a cult avoid it at all costs necessary look what it did to you

  74. Cat Animates

    I think you were the key for me. I have many bad experiences and hearing this knowing that there is a brighter future helps. I don’t expect anyone to read this this lol. But just wanted to thank you ❤️😅

  75. Daniel Shrestha

    Random girl: hugs shgurr: ... who you Random girl: So you have chosen war

  76. VvBlueDragonMastervV

    Felt salty, might delete later.

  77. pug addison kneebone

    Fortnight sucks

  78. Dinah Fey

    Johnny Johnny eating shgurr?

  79. GlalaxyFam

    How our you me the exact same depression me wanting to die until my hero

  80. Ashley Gachaz

    now that its november I can listen to this without being judged UwU

  81. Siddhansh Vidya

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly... *He want his candy bacc*

  82. Tenzlie Nelson

    you deserve over 200 million!!! <3

  83. Annabelle Lopez

    Find da wae it’s at da lava

  84. YoItzRoxy5 7

    AJR Fans : “Life give you lemons at least it gave you something” Cavetown Fans: “There once was a bittersweet man and they called him lemon boy”

  85. Phoenix Westfield

    A yes the wonders of the world

  86. Will

    I want to congratulate you shgurr your officially the frist youtuber I've actually bought merch from cus damn i love the design of the salty hoodie

  87. Iceboy 4200_gaming pg

    Your like me but i am little

  88. Not so epic Gamer Girl

    This series honestly saved my life I was suicidal for months I come from a church where lgbt stuff is frowned upon. I was preached lgbt people should be punished with death so dealing with dysphoria and internal transphobia pushed me to the brink. I lost everyone’s respect including my best friends and parents. Music kept me going I had planned to take my own life about a week ago this video reminded me there is hope, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m still very dysphoric and internally transphobic. I doubt shugurr will ever see this but I really hope she does. Thank you very much

  89. -*Peachy Heart*-

    20% of comments: amazing video! (Or other) 80% of comments: THERE ONCE WAS A BITTERSWEET MAN NAMED LEMON BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  90. Iceboy 4200_gaming pg

    Please stay clam you were not doing anything wrong god wants you to be good i am sorry for how much you went threw please get better

  91. POODEPI Pepsis

    God this has not aged well

  92. Phoenix Westfield

    Blame saintin for your problems Works for me👍👍

  93. ShadowWolf_SCK

    I beleive that spirits roam the world but not as ghosts or anything, but as angels and demons who change the course of life in invisable spirit forms. That's why people see "ghosts" it's actually an angel or demon who took temporary physical form to complete a task.

  94. Geovanna Freitas

    Wow thanks. Ive been living something very similar in a way. Even in the faith we're kinda similar. This video made my day a little better. 💖

  95. Phoenix Westfield

    Blame saintin for your problems Helps me👍

  96. Allen Lowensky Germain élève

    The dinosaur costume is still popular till this 😂😂

  97. Beans½

    *oh my childhood is restored!*

  98. Acenamation

    Peolpe who beg for likes are stupid. Like if u agree plz.

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    I love the video and congrats

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    You made this then i watched you since I was like so young