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  1. Hellspijker

    hihi, oh no i crashed my M5, guess i'll take the Lotus. sigh... hard live....

  2. Muhammad Anas

    I think you should put the Latest Model LED DRLs, it will look Great.🔥

  3. 1Deezle

    Can you please post you driving and doing some burnouts and doughnuts please and some track footage and by they way this build was the sickest ever I didn't disagree with anything you guys did on this just wow

  4. Jay DKB

    Will these you tubers ever show the cars driving hard after they build them or is it just the build thats the focus. I'd love to see a Top speed or a road drive or POV of these builds in action. Never got to see Tavarish Lambo driven hard after watching the entire series was a little disappointing. Hope they do at least a POV drive in it.

  5. BANT3R

    Can we hear it now? want to see it on the motorway

  6. Chase Gambrell

    It’s not a car dumbass

  7. Nick Roberts


  8. MadCat

    B is for Stress

  9. stuccc

    Oscar looks a little bit like el chapo

  10. Siong C

    B is for Build: brings burntacan to SEMA. every other MNselrs: It's free real estate.

  11. Steve L.

    congrats man

  12. Grey

    Man, i feel like it is just days ago when i first saw your channel during World Cup with 300k subs. The Huracan was absolute a showstopper, congrats!

  13. Fogdude19

    Anyone know the name of the first song?

  14. gii SB

    a lil too extreme for my taste. would have like it more rounded out. an active aero kit*. didn't watch the whole build but your ideas are generally cool.

  15. Hessu55

    S for Salesman 💩

  16. Alexander Lele

    Dude needs a stabiliser.

  17. Igor DeCamps

    All I want to see before Thanksgiving is a tuned Dyno Pull! The whole point is will this engine build, out perform and smoke an Original Lambo.

  18. Pootsman

    OK, so I love your channel, I'm 5 minutes into this and the background music is annoying and apart from that I can't really be bothered watching anymore, not for 50 minutes anyway. Usual uploads are better, quality too I'd argue (sound and video). Just my opinion and the feedback you asked for. ;-)

  19. DKTAz00

    Now, for the love of god, please drive it! Take it drag racing, drifting, dune racing, anything at all

  20. Somebody once Told me

    Stop overselling your captions. How we built a 'show stopper' is pretty narcissistic.

  21. Robert Davies

    Really enjoyed this - can see why you’re so proud of it, and rightly so!

  22. Melwin William

    I miss the GTR

  23. Brian.K

    This filming dude doesnt even have a tripod?

  24. WARBY T600

    I wish the aero wasn’t just flat sheet metal and had some depth to it 🧐

  25. Krisztian Somodi

    Congratulations. B is for Happy :)

  26. Finan 7

    No glamour shots at the end?

  27. Alama Brown

    Damn that would have been 5 days no sleep

  28. ArtemKVAS

    What’s the song used at 5:41 ??

  29. Antony Pye

    @bisforbuild has come along way, but how the hell are you going to raise the bar for your next build after this??!!

  30. Tommy K

    The gear stick looks like in a very awkward position and it sounds like a truck. I’ll stick with my 370z

  31. Nikolai Dinero

    We legit watch videos of you building this car but not once we watched you made a videos of you driving it doing burnouts etc. why ? Make this whole videos seem like a waste of time

  32. 7ETRNL

    great documentary. Took me two days to finish watching it. I believe if you have a documentary for everyone of your build, you might be on to something big here.

  33. Aditya Tiwari

    Leagues above any other car build MNsel channel

  34. Aditya Tiwari

    Man the paintjob/colour of this car is theeeeeeee...... Bestttt ... ....

  35. DJA

    Car people are so awkward

  36. d p

    Great build, but disappointed that your time wasn't included in total build cost, bc it is a real cost.

  37. Kirk Sides

    Love that waterfall. What’s the name of it? Where’s it located?

  38. random-guy-from-the_Internet

    Love this style of content. I think it would be great to flash forward to see how certain parts looked after they were implemented and after the sema show. Starts great

  39. Frezzy

    Feels like its been just 2 weeks!

  40. Tom Diersch

    Congratulations. Love the adventure and felt like I was there with you. You did an amazing job

  41. humito768

    CONGRATS and thankyou for your inspiration guyz!!!!

  42. Javier Garcia

    Oscar is a beast he needs his merch

  43. Javier Garcia

    We need some b is for build boys merch

  44. Aaron Williams

    Watching your vids inspire me to work through my own hard times at work Chris. Loved this vid format!!

  45. R3d Rocket

    "Oscar did a great job" hahahahahahaha

  46. R3d Rocket

    hell yeah good job bro!!!!!

  47. haider ali Khan

    Video doesn't feel good quality as ur video are normally

  48. TheAppleXbox

    Man this stressed me out just watching again like the last few videos. You guys/gal are heroes and I love everything you're doing.

  49. Vauxn

    im your host, overexcited car guy

  50. Mark Span

    My wife and I are also big Disneyland fans, and when I decided to purpose to her I bought a $25 Pirates of the Caribbean ring on Main St and asked her in Blue Bayou. We upgraded the ring later.. unfortunately I could have totally helped you out with a Plaid at DL. Your proposal was just about as awkward as mine!

  51. Adam Wilken

    Love the shot reviews 😅

  52. David Taylor

    Congrats on the engagement.

  53. Steve Gent

    Absolutely loved the whole build, well done dude!

  54. Jørgen

    Dont belive the is a runner, drive across America and tell us what happened? Give the car a real shakedown and i think this car will totally back dovn.

  55. Justin Olson

    Why is this only 13k likes?

  56. Matt D

    Badass. Weather you know it or not, you’re an inspiration to anyone with basic tools in a normal garage.

  57. lemster101

    This was really cool. It was great to see a behind the scenes and how you guys interact with each other. Great that you had this made. And again, massive congratulations to having built such an awesome car and congrats on the engagement!

  58. Diego R. Joubert

    What is the color code of this car???

  59. ostelo84

    Dude that is an amazing looking car!

  60. Nick Kautz

    Oscar deserves an Oscar.

  61. Randopalooza

    I watched the episodes like "Of COURSE they'll finish, why wouldn't they??" WOW, didn't realize JUST how close it came!! AMAZING job.

  62. Mc Reacher

    Great vid!

  63. Terry McWilliams

    The Crew from B.I.B has done an Awesome job building one bas ass ride.

  64. wompsify

    This just goes to show how much work goes on behind the scenes. Chris - after this build you really need to take some time and reevaluate how to make this sustainable. You need to start looking at this like a proper business and outsourcing the parts you don't enjoy so you can continue making crazy builds! And most importantly, we would really like to see you using your cars more!

  65. Emrah Sinanovic

    Your next SEMA build should be a BMW i8, put in an actually engine into the car.

  66. David Rose

    Great documentary! Loved to see and hear the team. I thought you were crazy when you revealed the burnt shell, but you and the team built an amazing car!! Looking forward to your future projects. Love the channel and thanks for sharing! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  67. 40Glassman

    these guys did something amazing . the car is [email protected]$%^ing awsome. i just hope in the future they play around with the color scheme,maybe make some more of the black parts white to connect the paint job and give it a better flow..idk, thats just me ...does anyone else want to see a less checkerboard look

  68. Kevin Crumpler


  69. Kevin Crumpler


  70. Kevin Crumpler

    0.57 just get a JBL flip 4

  71. Danny Ellero

    Only been watching since GTR Build, this channel is SO GOOD!!! You all did a “Great Job” :)

  72. DD___DC

    1st time i hear oscar say a word

  73. DD___DC

    Did ya see da fridge is say B is for Beer 🤔🤔😂😂

  74. mclarkson78

    He got a case of the Colombian sniffles right there at the end of the build.

  75. Ashir Abdurahiman

    When's the Burntacan Dyno video coming out?

  76. Kareem Meerak

    You're still a nice guy even when unhappy 👌🏼👍🏼

  77. Aldo Sanchez

    Awesome job ! you were keeping me on the edge of my seat trying to see if you were going to make it to SEMA or not :D :D. Next year please get started a month or two earlier!!! lol !!

  78. Nesta M

    Maybe also get tavarish involved in the shoot out with his twin turbo huracan.

  79. Christopher Reinholdsson

    Holy cheeze, this is amazing!

  80. r4dius

    Good doc man

  81. J washington

    You and the team did a lengdary build. Appreciate the hard work.

  82. Joseph Barnes

    You have a great team, great build so what's next?

  83. Vincent Vega

    Show Stopper..... Really? I mean, maybe when its really all together and running..... Ive just seen every episode and im not to sure about anything you have done on this thing!!! I def. would not buy this thing!!!!! Good try tho, made alot of content on your channel!!!!

  84. Ryan Zimmermann

    Dude, do more of these!

  85. Saul Paxton

    I’m so proud of this guy, when I first met him he was working on the brz, and then now he has built himself a one of a kind vehicle. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him 🙏

  86. Grzes Dubiel

    dla mnie jest to jeden z najlepszych kontentow na yt. Czekam z niecierpliwością na każdy następny epizod. Serdecznie pozdrawiam z Polski . pace

  87. omar perales

    Dude can you change your face i and your voice

  88. Zachary Foster

    You all did amazing for it being such a short build to go from the pile of scrap it once was to this in like 3 months is nuts take a little time to rest then wheel this thing into the garage and finish her the way you wanted to it’s an amazing build regardless and at least it’s not a Supra

  89. Invisible

    This is what a rich ricer looks like

  90. Jonas Åhgren

    I must unsubsubscribe now! I can't handle the addiction :-) I have a Komto-tec 460 Mansory Evora. Please do a 1000hp Evora!

  91. Jason Mccormick

    Wow, what an epic journey for you all, let's hope this is the first of many like this, road to Sema, how about Goodwood reveal in UK?

  92. TeemoPwnstar

    Great to hear from Kyle and Oscar - nice documentary - congrats again on success!

  93. r4dius

    You'll need to get the shop bigger, and some sanding / polishing stuff, the carbon clear coat would be perfect avec some sanding / polishing :)

  94. ydswd2003

    I Realy like this format, better than de regular episodes!

  95. Nesta M

    With the amount of work put into this car it would really be a shame if it wouldn’t go racing.

  96. Team Ghast

    I hope this car takes y’all to 2 million subs.

  97. DuartJansen

    Hell yeah! This is what everybody was waiting for, a nice more in depth docu about the build and the crew!! Awesome!!! Grabs 🍿 And in the end you guys made the deadline and turned a lot of heads at Sema, f#ck all the haters!

  98. Sleeping2day

    Those things in the back look like somebody welded jack stands to the car

  99. Dom Draper

    Is there footage of the car actually driving etc?

  100. Antonis Kapsalis

    Really enjoyed the build and the documentary! Awesome build! One question that I wander all the time since the beginning of the build.. Where is Eric? He would be great help.