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  1. Pepe Von Kek

    Millennials.... their grandfather was in war and father was hard working man... This millennial lesbian LGBT "footballer" can't even walk in the room...

  2. Hercilia Moreno

    mejoren algo hablen en español porque vivo en suramerica

  3. emir Sarı

    Please add subtitles in different languages, then watch worldwide

  4. Ansel Bryant

    this video should be called: Messi humiliating everyone.

  5. Paul Kapertoni

    Can someone explain to me the cantona references please? I think I miss a lot of referencesfrom this episode.

  6. And D

    Soccer players 🥱

  7. AdriaSporting

    Commentator: ,,That's the game over!" Brych: ,,Hold my beer!"

  8. Артём Хасьянов

    I think what answer is obvious.

  9. Sopita Ramen con Apio

    I seem to be the only one lost; where do I play this game?


    The paqueta is best

  11. iLoveCakkee

    U should push them while they are on the plank

  12. G Xare

    "Give me some spaces to interprent"

  13. superbowl super browns

    Stupid.. it's not real. It's a game.

  14. Zg Pro pro


  15. Killer XCX

    Mf don’t make fun of neymar

  16. c4binF3v3r

    That's what you get from playing fifa.

  17. Malcolm Appiah

    "If he can take a man's wife, he can take a man's life And he does it with a knife And causes all this strife" ahahaha greatest bars ever

  18. Gjorgi Gjorgiev

    Definitely one of the best things I've done. More content like this please 🙏


    Should of put them on a real plank on an edge of a building, if they fell off at least Fulham would have a better team.

  20. Mr.a scratch

    Good vid have a nice day

  21. ali talib

    and i thaught iran was only exporting terrorism.... 😂

  22. Pull Up

    The people that don't accept it was a robbery are just Barcelona fan's turning the other cheek when you try to tell em it was a robbery or people that just don't like Chelsea

  23. saurabh ram

    Feel bad for that guy who has to hold the wire the whole time 😂😂😂

  24. Michelle Green


  25. The Super Saiyan

    Maradona demonstrating the Alaskan Snow Dragon.

  26. eastside ant

    Can somebody cash app me a dollar pls $askant

  27. Raynonn Suerte

    2:49 his butt is clenched so hard hahahahahahahahah

  28. Faded 420

    Isn't that one of the best ref at the time as well? Or am I confusing him with someone else

  29. Marexx

    Basically I am playr in 2019

    1. Mateo Galvez Arrascue

      That was the Best game of all time

    2. Marexx

      @Nacho Moreyra yeah it was a banger

    3. Nacho Moreyra

      Remember that game? That shit was awesome

  30. quang nguyen

    the Oasis vibe is focking strong in the MC's part.

  31. Robin Mason

    What a fun game!! Football, Football, Football :)

  32. chinojarjos

    Man the Turkish side could have at least look like they were trying!!! All the goals are pathetic!!!

  33. B/R Football

    Your interactive football adventure starts here. To enjoy #YourCall, make sure you are playing within the MNsel mobile app or playing on desktop so you see your options at the end of each screen.

  34. Guy Fawkes

    I love B/R

  35. Viktor Vasilik

    Ever heard of uefalona?