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  1. Madison Wuertz

    As a barista, isn’t the “milk tin” called a pitcher?

  2. iicxkyyy

    When they were making pores on the head and the robot thing started, i couldn't hold my phone 😂 my hands were weak just watching this

  3. Juli P

    I'm so sorry for Zach, he's trying so hard

  4. Ash

    So satisfying

  5. Jessie_d06

    zach being tortured is so upsetting

  6. T. B.

    Keith’s whiney meltdowns were a little humorous at first, but now are just plain grating and almost completely turned me off from this otherwise great video. Get a grip, dude.

  7. Theresa Bullington

    Why... why are they chanting at the coffee? Cause that's how you get caffeine demons.

  8. Forget Me Not

    As a Capricorn I can confirm taht I'm constantly depressed

  9. Abigail Richmond


  10. Zoe Smith

    Ned at 17:20 really showed me how good the food is

  11. Jerms Silver

    All I can think of is Komugi from Hunter X Hunter...

  12. weaselbees

    i know this isn’t brand new but this is my first time seeing it. i knew he was gay but im kinda new to the try guys and just never watched it. can i just say i sobbed. im bi and trans and this hit close to home, i wish you the best eugene <3

  13. Piper Lockwood

    I try to talk to birds ahhhhh sorry

  14. Via EM

    cut to 2:04 and listen to what eugene says. asians out there, i relate.........spanking....

  15. Piper Lockwood

    Via try to talk to birds ahh sorry

  16. jasmine devine

    ben could get it tho

  17. BEAR

    Americans: OMG I HIT A DEER Australians: OMG I HIT A KANGAROO

  18. Jordan B

    Use a fecken backpack

  19. DIY ISI

    I’m an aries. Now I feel sad😢

  20. King Jahseh Prince Gekyume


  21. Rachel T


  22. ɪxɪᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ ʙʟᴜᴇsᴋɪᴇᴢ

    Eugene is right and Allison is wrong Sagittarius (Me) Are Amazing and A Capricorn is my bestie so I agree with Engene

  23. TheLionhearted 13

    Keith trying to get a very shy maybe afraid animal out of the tree : " GOOOOOOOORDOOOOOOOOOOOON"

  24. Luka Animations


  25. DontReadMyName x

    Now we know where eugene get his sense of style from "Wow look at all those boots" BAHAHA

  26. Felicia Rodriguez

    Keith said “🕷”

  27. Roxanne Côté-Russell

    As a Canadian, im so glad Eugene finds Ceasars better than Bloody Marys !!

  28. weaselbees


  29. DontReadMyName x

    Agreed with zack almost, fast 5, is the best cuz when they pulled the safe around, then 2 tokyo drift, 1 original, then 7, 8, 3,6, and 4 is SHOT cuz leti "dies"

  30. Zoey L

    i liked that one of their criteria wasn’t appearance, they focused on character development and personality more

  31. Jessie_d06

    i fully thought a urethra was the dangly thing at the back of my throat oh no oh god no

  32. Adulting Poorly

    “I love Halloween because it’s the antithesis to Christmas.” “All I want is a knife.” So relatable. ❤️

  33. Mei Morales

    Not gonna hate but Keith should tone down his sarcasm. It's not fun anymore.

  34. Philianne Bugeja

    Eugene's christmas gift Sitting on Keith's lap OwO

  35. MissMandy25

    why do they look like they are gonna go bust some ghosts in a sewer

  36. Wrap Fn

    Who else is watching this with back pain

  37. Rosanna Pansino fangirl for life, ilhsm

    I don't knit, but I do crotchet, yes I'm only 12, but I'm working on a potholder for my grandma and I literally did this while watching this video and I even do it at school, and kids are like *"What are you knitting?"*, or *"Why are you knitting?"* and I'm like *"It'S nOt KnItTiNg!!!"*

  38. wt f

    I had to watch the whole thing twice😂 Only if you understand


    hol up....when did zach get girlfriend

  40. Bailey Madison

    Zach killed that shit!

  41. Nightra

    Interesting for me to watch this as been working at Starbucks for a month now...I still don't like coffee

  42. aloha hello

    love it. u guys are so into it.


    15:52 Keith praying in the background 😂🙏

  44. Ivy Ruonakoski

    Dammit Try Guys. Thanks to you I got a lot of weird looks in the metro...

  45. Shir Arbel

    OMG Cristine! Zack is a Homosexual!!!💿💿💿

  46. Sailaja kl

    The lady at the Samosa house was like their Indian mom❤️

  47. Rhiannon Millar

    Hi guys I love you. Let this comment be a testament to our friendship.

  48. Sarah Bell

    I’m basically flipping out when he pour these medicines into toilet. I was like, “WHAT THE FUCK, NED?! THESE COSTS SHIT TON OF MONEY!” I don’t know why I reacted this way, tho.

  49. Rosanna Pansino fangirl for life, ilhsm

    I was just thinking you guys should try potato carving, I would love it if you do this, but I would go insane if you guys actually read this and say hi to Maddy, plz, for a try guys superfan?

  50. Mansi Bhimani

    I love how Matt is so confused and the try guys are giggling at Eugene’s love confession to Leuca the Koala lol

  51. gman9tree

    Pap Johns is the best fast food pizza place

  52. Farina Alam


  53. Amy Park

    love how during the python feeding scene, keith, the tallest person in the group, gets to stand on something and tower over even some of the wall cabinets

  54. Heroic Pandaa

    I’ve always hated acupuncture, I’m scared I’m gonna fall and the needles are going to pierce me

  55. Gungun More

    Aren't the try guys manifestation of the modern marauders!!?!?💕

  56. Emily Swartzendruber

    im a very angry cancer :(

  57. Moon Mun

    Eugen's idea of forcing the baby to like a color... *Looks at our nephew who is nicknamed Red... and we are surrounding him with the color of red* UHHH...

  58. MarkThePinkLad

    1:13 is Eugene gay cos if so same

  59. Jonah Grillo

    4:25 girl walks behind camera, sees camera, flees

  60. Olivia Rowley

    I, a now 18 year old female, owned that same Jonas Brothers shirt that Zach was wearing, when I was 7 years old

  61. Tijn Ruiten

    it's unbelieveable how Americans can make delicious food into disgusting fatty shits

  62. ReApEr's WaRlOrD

    Of course Zach is from New York

  63. Munchy Rose

    western people most of them like getting tan while us asian be like " i can literally get tan by just walking outside for two minutes"

  64. KittyGacha_ Life


  65. Tea Chan

    “It’s not about the destination, it’s about all the humans you sacrificed to Satan along the way” -Eugene 2019

  66. Sunny xy

    Omg I'm a pisces and first I Thought They started from from best to worst and was sad💀but then I was like😍🎉but the the other Ranking came on😐I mean Everything is right so...

  67. •Googlea •

    Wtf happened to keiths eyes in the thumbnail?

  68. Samuel Cho

    Try Guys Swap Daily Routines!

  69. Gatcha Gay

    I think Moana sould have been higher

  70. Catie Putnam

    hey why doesn't this cafe just use... thermometers... in their steaming pitchers... not to say the cafe I work at is better because we're not that fancy at all but why hurt your hands like that!!

  71. Mel

    Im from Melbourne!!

  72. Anna Olivia

    I saw this video months ago. I wished in my head that I could go to the chiropractor. Like I wanted to go so bad. Then I was diagnosed with serve scoliosis, this video is cursed. edit: i go four times a week now

  73. Ananya Pathak

    3:42 The try guys: 20 mEtrEs?

  74. Devin Holbert

    But nooooooo I want Eugene lol

  75. Sophie Richardson

    Caffeinated Zach is everything.

  76. Turd burglar

    Eugene babysits if anybody try's to hurt him I will murder them🤣

  77. PK Cat

    8:57 i love them

  78. Like pls

    Vegens left the chat.

  79. Maegan Waggoner

    Cinderella is a garbage princess and deserves to be last. Rapunzel is a waaaaaay better princess than where y’all ranked her.

  80. Abj V

    Buzz feed did a big mistake

  81. Curc Matthew Cachero


  82. Thomas Huntley

    ok boomer

  83. Merzee Mata

    I love try guys, but hey putting the 🇵🇭 flag in the thumbnail and not even including anything from the country is so low. 🙃 it's a very white thing

  84. jongup guppie

    9:24 dbz fans unite ! Lol , piccolo is my favorite too.

  85. non komasiah

    I thought your grant

  86. Emily Harding

    As a Starbucks barista, I feel attacked but they’re totally right 😂

  87. Curc Matthew Cachero

    You were scared of dogs because your a Rooster.

  88. v.Priyanka Murty

    Is it me or zach is sheldon

  89. Turd burglar

    Keith's wife is so beautiful

  90. TheDrawer

    16:52 what the fuck Keith is doing

  91. Elisa Netzer

    Lol, Everyone knows that the best way to befriend wild animals is to scream at them in American

  92. Mable Luo

    Ah I got flashbacks to my former barista life. My hands still don't feel heat LOL

  93. Silas Ulvestad

    Ok boomer

  94. Mi Tran

    Wow they did that, and still got 8mil views xd

  95. Cindy Williams

    Thank you for this video. It’s amazing! I’m not gay but I am trans. Still tells the same story

  96. Okami Wolfee

    Aw Ned & zach 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

  97. Ruby Lynn

    Zach: Barking is the most unforgivable thing a dog can do. Me: I dunno.... my dog barks a lot and it can be annoying but she does it to consistently remind me to take care of myself so... it’s probably not the /worst/.

  98. Jara Botelho

    Mary to Zach "Yo, Fuck yo ankles"! -Wombat Mary

  99. Shelby Frappier

    3:16-3:31 just make sure Wes doesn’t see this video then

  100. Angelos Procopos

    Mock your bad words!