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  1. Wayne Watson

    Ask all those Kalifornians that have all electric and can't charge em because of the power outages. Whatcha gonna do when you don't have power to charge it?

  2. Bill Kenny

    Love your videos, I have two expeditions a 2000 and 2004 bought brand new. Only problems were the cheep made blend doors.

  3. 91 Bravo

    Ok lot of inaccurate comments in the first 3 minutes of this video so I stopped watching. First GM's Hummer line didn't fail because they were bad. Hummer was shut down along with 3 other GM divisions do to the recession of 2008-09. GM went through bankruptcy at that time. The Military HMMWV or Humvee was a great success for 2 decades. I drove the M997 Ambulance for 10 years with zero problems. The Military Humvee (HMMWV) started having problems when it was used in a capacity it wasn't designed to be used for. It was a replacement for the Jeep and several other light tactical vehicles for moving people, supplies, and equipment. It was never designed for armor or to defeat IED's. The US simply didn't have any wheeled armor in it's inventory when we invaded Iraq in 2003. we started slapping armor on these trucks as a quick fix but we started having problems then. In time US Defense contractors start producing wheeled Armored vehicles to handle todays battlefield challenges . The unarmored M1097 Humvee will still be used on all military bases for basic transportation . My 2007 Hummer H3 is hands down the best 4x4 I have ever own. I bought it brand new and even after putting over 135,000 miles on it I still haven't had any issues. It tows anything I put behind it and goes wherever I want to go.

  4. ashes

    If this guy doesn't like your car, you'd pray it's not yours.

  5. David Knauss

    wranglers are awesome. most fun ive ever had.

  6. brembojoe

    I love it!!!

  7. Drex

    Does this video come in English?

  8. drewzy2008

    Scotty u r the MacGyver of Automobiles. Lol. I know nothing about how to fix cars but u have shown us how 2 do a lot. Wish u could teach a hands-on class.

  9. Spencer Mafukidze

    I hv nissan murano it doesnt show the engine check like after the cam position sensor wires shot

  10. Oscar Chavez

    Scotty I love your channel, just started casually watching and I've learned so much and you have such a cool personality! You're awesome, keep on going!!

  11. Coleman Sisley

    I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 110,000 miles on it and I've had no serious issues with it. I'm guessing the 2014 to present Silverados are the ones with lots of issues, as I see lots of 07 to 13 Silverados and Sierras out on the road.

  12. Michael Kazan

    Scotty you have helped me so much and taught me more about cars then my dad who was a mechanic himself he just yells to much

  13. Me Myself

    Everyone like the video :)

  14. Dustyrun96

    He has a lot of enemies from automakers. You'll be missed by your subscribers.

  15. Lung Dong

    It's about TIME.

  16. Lorenzo Rico-Juarez

    he should differentiate somehow between news videos, Q&As and repair videos.. well he's doing some of all in some videos..

  17. Wadyn Castillo

    I don't going to believe what a guy with this most stupid glasses saying About cars When I driving A lot different car for N long time Toyota Honda and Nissan the best Mercedes BMW Audi Are garvis

  18. Steven Hoehne

    Thanks Scotty for all the automotive help!

  19. Rockey

    I like the new behind the scenes. 😂

  20. Jay Youn

    Thanks for sneaking in some knowledge to the masses. Hopefully it sinks in.

  21. SammyFox 2002

    I just got my dream truck, Its a 1970 ford f250 Camper special

  22. blahblahblah blahblahblah

    We love you Scotty! :)

  23. My Ohana

    Had a 2003 vette and was one of the best reliable cars that I had owned

  24. mobes329

    Scotty it is a GM! I can not believe you like it! LOL

  25. Yorkie in NZ

    Keep it up Scotty, much appreciate all your advice.

  26. Len - Zeplin

    If GM Decided to Make Toilet Paper, They Still can't clean Up the Mess They Made with it. They Always find a Different way to polish a Turd!

  27. Sam

    The guy that asked about the scion, he will have a very hard time finding one for two reason. One you were absolutely right were loyal, I've had mine for 2007 and I know the most of the people that owned scions and back then the dealers were only looking for younger market and which really beat the car up. So yes he may get lucky and find someone that has one and they were mostly in the military or a orginal owner.

  28. channel surfer

    DON'T DISS MY 2002 4.0 S TYPE!!!!!!

  29. Jamie Rife

    Don't change a thing, Scotty, and ignore the haters! You're doing a tremendous public service! I know that you've saved me a ton of $$$$$$ over the years.

  30. Adam H

    Thank you Scotty for everything I’m appreciative

  31. nick radoicic

    I freaking love Scotty. Next, he will tell us he doesn't know what MNsel is. 😂😂

  32. Davey

    Your videos are freakin awesome, just like my 3.5L Eco(or)Boost F150.

  33. Benjamin Abel

    I did this, but I still hear a slight clunk when I go over certain potholes? What should I do?

  34. Robert Fox

    Such a shame, the Suburban is such a nice people mover. But it's a total pile of dog poo. Had one and traded it when the trans at 90,000 started to go and it had lifter issues. To much Chinesium in them i think.

  35. R.a. Wheeler

    Well, let's just admit this. They're in competition with Fiat Chrysler on who can't amass the worst reputation.

  36. Renee Reese

    Please dont stop! I love your videos!

  37. Aju Joseph Kailath

    "Spit in the bucket" is vulgar?

  38. Tee Kay

    I kinda thought as much. Well done, not an issue with me.

  39. XPhaededX

    Scotty, you helped me by recommending a car diagnostic tool. That tool saved me a bunch of money by allowing me to diagnose my own problem and therefore give me the information I needed to fix the problem myself. In my case it was a faulty spark plug. You are awesome! Keep it up!

  40. Tacoma Dad

    Advertising genius, I see nothing wrong with it! With your subscriber base, I don’t think too many people complain lol. Keeping everyone on their toes 😂

  41. Checo80 Checo

    Stupid scotty 💩💩💩💩

  42. T C

    Just got a notice about a Nissan recall. Already said it’ll be my last Nissan, but still 🤬.

  43. naywahn

    Their new 9-speed is actually built particularly well and for durability (debuting in the new Titan), and is replacing the 7-speeds and CVTs, alongside their new upcoming EVs... Their cars are relatively solid, with CVT-free Infiniti being consistently present on most reliable brands' list. Their 4 cyl transmissions were the issue, there are people who swear by their 2007- Maximas and Muranos.

  44. Bruce

    Thank You Scotty

  45. Amanda Woolsey

    New Ford Bronco, any thoughts on Ford bringing them back?

  46. Murray westenskow

    Dude can even pronounce Porsche correctly - I made it only 50 seconds before I figured he was hot air.

  47. n g

    Newsflash... The 2019 Federal - Texan car of the year is a 1994 Toyota Celica...

  48. Stephen Lap Hin Wong

    Leave Scotty alone, I like his videos. Go bother one of those SJW channels =_=

  49. Ni Be

    Scotty. When you die, who will do your last videos? Toyota?

  50. Michael Piper

    I like your videos, learned alot. I know I'm not a smart person but I'm learning. So keep up your good videos.

  51. Randy Stegemann

    The thumbnails are funny. I love the money under the table thumbnail. 4:05 It explains our government in one quick image.

  52. miguel garcia

    I enter here just to laugh, Im not interested in any mechanic stuff

  53. Mr3nrico

    Save all of Scotty's videos.

  54. Mario Mosin

    Scotty thank you for telling about Nissan, I decided to get a Lexus instead and wow huge difference, thank you.

  55. Andre Williams

    Scotty gives you a lot of information in a short. Of time that you can use, every time you listen to him there's something you can either use

  56. craig schrader

    Once I started watching I was hooked, I actually have bought cars and sold on your info and found that you have been 100% right on the money. I have been a tech for years but not to proud to take advice from someone with more experience and knowledge. Anyone buying a vehicle needs to watch your videos, keep up the good work

  57. James Holbrook


  58. David Coupal

    I use to watch all the channels like alex jones Dave ike They were always in trouble with someone You are just talking about cars how to fix them keep them running man i have learned so much from you i hope your not shut down

  59. Oscar Reyes

    Me like knowledge i watch your videos all the time 👍🏼👍🏼

  60. skip luck

    Dodge ram is hiring spotty

  61. Samuel Jankey

    The most MNsel-savvy boomer on the internet

  62. The Drummers Club

    Scotty is Great!

  63. jagrimer

    Hey Scotty I’m thinking about buying a 2020 Honda Civic is. What do you think?

  64. Andre Williams

    He's not like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi the guy is giving you the truth

  65. Angel Myers

    I love Nissan your annoying!!!and I upgrade cars evrey 100,000 miles never had problems with Nissan don’t believe this guy and he talks about every car maker except Toyota and Honda .

  66. Andre Williams

    Make your own website Scotty will always come to see you

  67. Tim

    Money pit at 50,000 miles. What a bigot.

  68. OriginalOrigins

    Scotty should work for EA instead of surprise mechanics it just "grabs your imagination"

  69. Roger Chandler

    Nice job Bro!

  70. Andre Williams

    What it is Scotty is that the people that you're dealing with now, don't have the common sense that they had in the past oh, anyone successful these are the people that they're attacking if you're telling the truth brace for impact that coming at you, and if this is successful I'll never trust this channel again

  71. Tyler Collins

    Honestly what car brands are still good?

  72. Kal-El Ward

    You're the best! Got me laughing in the middle of the night. Thank you! 😂

  73. Joshua Kelly

    We love your videos scotty ive learned so much just tuning in. Lots of love from the east coast tristate area.

  74. SiglundR

    Yeah, that rumbling is that giant air conditioner you installed in that little car...

  75. Albin oxcide

    When Scotty gets salty

  76. David Caldwell


  77. Oneal Jones

    I LOVE you man!

  78. Michael Howell

    Pitiful YT policies. You've saved me thousands of dollars! Screw YT!!!😂👍🇺🇸

  79. Cesar Tejeda

    MNsel messing up !

  80. Lincoln Fong

    excellent basic checks, thanks ~

  81. ahverlodt01

    I'm here for entertainment not education. Wait. No. Both

  82. benii

    We need local Scotty Kilmer in EU, just looked this car costs 47k€ 2007 model used LOL

  83. Cannondale2019

    scotty and Francis o Rourke should have a wavy arm flail off

  84. Rick Flint

    Scotty is a great guy .!

  85. burquetap

    9:33 "what the hell's that rumbling...?" :-P

  86. David B

    Thanks for the chance

  87. Pedro Ramirez

    I thought you where honest, shame on you. It's just a matter of principle

  88. Leopards Spots

    Only Scotty would look UNDER a car to see if it was AWD. The rest of us look on the back end for the AWD emblem or on the dash for the AWD switches/bells/whistles.

  89. wiener dogs rule

    Did you really just tell us that Ford is better than Mazda and Subaru?? (sigh)

  90. Gerardo Amador


  91. buszero1

    Does Scotty know that Mercedes tires is the preview commercial for this video?

  92. Funwithdrones

    I've learned alot by scotty if he loses his channel I'll leave youtube and I'll take alot of people with me

  93. Pedro Ramirez

    No no no no no noooooo stop the sensationalism save your channel now

  94. Almadala


  95. Pedro Ramirez

    Thank God finally, lol, yes too much is too much

  96. Dodd Garger

    I think it's a great design however it's a nightmare waiting to happen for those that use quick lube type places Our 12 Camry was an adjustment, but easy enough to drain the filter first.. BUT SOMEBODY tightened the stinkin drain to about 75 ft lbs! On a car I got with 18k so only took 2 oil changes to screw up!

  97. Phil

    F150s are TRASH

  98. Justin Campbell

    Scotty your great!

  99. Sativa Smurf

    i dont know if u read these or not but id love for you to do a video on what u think of old 70s jeep j10 or j20 trucks went threw Ur old videos and u got nothing on old jeep trucks at all

  100. Jenny Titus

    What was THAT at 3:06 ??