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  1. SnglTrbo 2JZ

    Scotty’s next video: “Here is why Honda are the most reliable vehicles.” 🤦🏻

  2. George Manifase

    Noing what's right is all the difference in the World.


    Great! A hug from Brazil! Frederico

  4. John Cipolletti

    This adjustable suspension in the Vette must have improved . My car had this system but I couldn't really feel the difference when it was on or off.

  5. Keith Jackson

    My wife and I own an 18 SI. It's fun but not perfect. It's AC is being repaired as I write this. It also has mild whine coming from the left front wheel. I think it needs wheel bearings. The phone entertainment interface is mediocre. Doesn't always connect to my phone. This is my fourth Honda. I've never had problems like this with the others. I rate the others at nine. This one's a seven.

  6. Gantzuka

    Like Volkswagen with Bugatti

  7. Viktor Zguro

    C8 looks good. Needs some aftermarket wheels though. I hope the Z06 looks more aggressive.

  8. Roberto Davila

    Supra or BMW roadster same thing

  9. symmetry08

    The things that Corvette would be exceptionally good [ value ] and better expensive sports-car is that it is mass produced and they guarantee quality through higher number consistency. Ferrari is exclusive few vehicles that cannot give tested quality through many years and also through many regular customers - let's say in many climate conditions and inclement weather. If you divide usability vehicle per dollar amount Corvette is Winner and, makes sense, since it can be driven in many places with its reparability ( cost & ease ), including abroad. Or lets say, if you order parts for, even, Lambo it will take long time and repair is questionable, plus tires are hard to come by. Not many will bug you if you have Corvette.

  10. Gord Elliston

    Love your reviews, you have a lot of energy so why don’t you clean up your garage🤣

  11. enforcer law

    Thank You! Scotty 🙏🙏. Just tried it out on my 2001 Audi A2.. WOW it sure works 👍👍

  12. flacoface

    That brings back memories. I'll look for one.

  13. Bart Wagner

    I would love to win the tester and thanks for sharing. Worked for NAPA a long time ago wish youtube was around then.

  14. Randall Davis

    Good advice Scotty 👊

  15. Alberto Barreto

    Scotty what happened!!

  16. Mr E

    Great video. Can see why you have millions of followers

  17. Garfield Smith

    They will make money on the service and the options. Priced one out in Canada and taking the base model and adding the packages/options just about doubles the price.

  18. michael mendoza

    I like how you use the Tin Man picture funny

  19. enforcer law

    THANK YOU! 🙏🙏 SCOTTY, just tried it on my 2001 Audi A2, Wow it works 👍👍

  20. AwakeDude911

    covid has scotty like all of us looking a little shaggy !!

  21. The Adventure Auto

    It's easy to argue the point of not putting the money into developing it when you only sell 2000. Well, if Toyota had developed it properly like the old Supra, it would have sold a hell of a lot more. Nobody wants this BMW "Supra". Mazda is designing an inline6, but I guess that's because they're bigger than Toyota. Wait...what?

  22. donny_s18

    Nice video! From my personal experience with several Honda's I just replaced the gasket on the VTEC solenoid. Costs a few bucks and works perfectly.

  23. enforcer law

    THANK YOU!🙏🙏 SCOTTY, just tried it on my 2001 Audi, Wow it works 👍👍

  24. H M

    It takes a man to admit when he’s wrong

  25. TheJoeMB

    Buys a Toyota with a BMW engine

  26. I M D I R T Y D A N

    That supra is sexy

  27. basil abedallah

    Doesn't work with my nissan

  28. Rob Lockhart

    The new supra is such a disappointment. Its one of those cars where the concept gave you so much hope, only to be let down by the production version. Just ugly, imho. The concept was beautiful!

  29. Kenneth Kenneth

    I'm looking to buy a second hand Toyota corolla 2005 model (VVTI engine). Do you think its a good idea?

  30. Doug Terhune

    82 may seem like a small statistic, unless your one of the 82.

  31. Roblox_craft guy

    Eyyyyyyy that Supra

  32. Yeti Vanmarshall

    Does it have a lot of drone?

  33. Robert Denby

    Admit it Scotty. You are a closet Corvette lover. Just treat yourself and buy one.

  34. Xabier

    I thought a supra was a gran turismo coupé, not a roadster...

  35. Val Sagaon

    A Scotty Kilmer car review channel would be really really interesting. He would have to recuse himself from reviewing any Toyotas though (insert laughing horse)

  36. Kenneth Iman

    I'm only goung to say this 10 more times.


    Fords are junk! My 08 Yaris got 189k miles before I sold it and only put brake pads and water pump which I easily installed myself.

  38. Time Traveler

    Sorry , but GM Sucks , ( This is coming from a loyal GM owner ) Nothing GM makes will last very long today . ( Some are nice looking YARD ORNAMENTS ) ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS !!!! They put all their Energy and Engineering into looks and Gadgets . Just look at the review sites 1-3 stars .

  39. Davin Peterson

    The sub-compact cars are less safer and since the manufactures make them cheaper they don't have the advanced safety systems that bigger cars have

  40. Davin Peterson

    Just like Shania Twain's song That Don't Impress Me Much.

  41. D V

    You’re wrong about everything

  42. Wes Troop

    I swear I saw a "head to head" supra vs Z4, and the supra walked on the Z4 Yep, Carwow on youtube put them head to head. Supra smoked Z4

  43. Juan Del

    I'll give you 5bucks if you keep your hands still for 1 video.

  44. Daniel M.

    Great video again Scotty. Thanks for the great tips.

  45. Pete Bennington

    Two questions, why did i look and what made you this way?

  46. rustinpieces1

    Play at .75 speed, really accents his drunkness

  47. nic6147

    Hi sir, will the bluedevil head gasket sealer or other bluedevil product work the way at-205 works? Thanks

  48. Vanneker

    Is this what middle life crisis look like? Lol jk enjoy your supra, Scotty!

  49. Tareq Jawdat

    But Scotty this is completely wrong, the Supra is a pure Japanese designed car, nothing at all is shared with Z4 except for the chassis when it comes to the body, the rest of parts is all BMW correct, and how come you didn't mention that the bmw engine used here is a BMW b58 that was entirely revised under destructive tests to the tiniest bolt in the engine and only when it met the Toyota standards it got the approval to be installed in the Supra? Moreover even the Toyota Supra MK4 had a Getrag transmission which is German! lets look at the new Supra here; you have a body assembled in Austria which is 6 times stiffer than a Lexus LF-A super car? Check for me! I get a perfect aerodinamic body with one of the best air resistance cars out there? check for me! you get a way superior interior materials to any Toyota/Lexus vehicle? check for me! I love it and looking forward to the 2021 A91! regardless of the content, this is a masterpiece that wouldn't have been ever made in a Japanese plant, look at the GTR for exmaple, the body is an embarrassment when it comes to rigidity and quality of build, the interior is cheap synthetic leather in combination of cheap plastics.. at least in a Supra you get something way higher in quality! with the coming years we can determine the durability of this car as again it had to pass all Toyota's quality checks prior to being released to the market! Toyotaz engineers spent good amounts of time revising and refining this machine! so hope it pays with time!

  50. IanRB26

    Yeah special vehicles and they don't make a lot of them which still has stitching coming apart at the seams lol

  51. Kiweel Tyler

    Scotty why’re you wearing sunglasses in your house? I was laughing at the part about GM losing money then I noticed the glasses lol

  52. gsxellence

    Only way I'll ever have a Corolla is in XRS trim only. My mother purchased a 2014 taurus limited for $600 with 26k mi (did she do good?).

  53. doge dog

    4.7 is the best motor by toyota

  54. Stephen Contreras

    How could you!!!!!!!

  55. cameltoast

    So it's NOT Coke...he's just mainlining Redbull

  56. The Patient Wolf

    The hellcat engine is a great engine but Dodge needs to figure out a way to get the car under 4000lbs. If they do then the hellcats will be unbeatable in the 1/4 mile.

  57. seriously???

    How many times has someone told Scotty he sounds just like Joe Pesci? Especially from Casino. How does a guy in Houston sound just like a New Yorker?

  58. Nathan Wright

    It's so strange how Renault is still selling poor quality cars. I had a friend with that 0.9L engine and it was turbocharged... Broke down all the time. What an interesting design...

  59. Repeat it with me

    @Scottykilmer ever heard of the Toyota Crown? Pretty zippy little cars

  60. Raymond Savage

    I got the upgrade Honda civic 2 year old I have no problems with it

  61. Nakić Avdić

    Offcourse it was Benz, they invented the engine!

  62. Chipper M

    Could have done better without the doughnut stuff. It cheapened an otherwise informative video.

  63. Garry Marin

    Honda cr-v 2005 by far the best and most reliable and bang for your buck car ever made....

  64. John Rogers

    How many years have you been a mechanic Scotty? Not sure if I've heard that yet.

  65. BaTTle CAt

    I'll take his Celica over that BM Supra any day 🤣

  66. Romero Bryan

    They should of just kept it dead, the reason this isn’t selling is because it’s not Toyota built if this was actually a Supra it would be crazed about like the GTR was and still is

  67. Eli Baez

    In 2020, what is the best year Lexus to buy used / things to look out for?

  68. SamSon P

    Take off those stupid badges, steering wheel cover, put a better intake, and it’ll look pretty good. 🥃

  69. Gregory Robinson

    Yea I have the ZF 8SPEED in my Chrysler 300s

  70. john g

    Scotty, the history of the Corvette would make a great video on your other channel. Thanks, Johnny

  71. Vereena Williams

    You know Scotty, I am always laughing at you constantly picking on BMW and general European cars, and so bloody often I disagree with you. But you always have an upvote from me for being painfully honest, even if you are wrong (😜 🤣)

  72. mark sgarlata

    That looks like a Coleman AC unit

  73. john g

    I've been waiting on Scotty's review of the mid engine C-8 Vette. It's a special made car by GM. In a normal year, they may produce what, maybe 35,000-40,000 Vettes, it's the only vehicle made at GM's Bowling Green KY plant. If course this year, they had the UAW strike, then Covid-19 shut them down awhile. It's a long time dream of Zora Arkus-Duntov to put the engine in the middle of the car. Harley Earl was the original designer of the Corvette.

  74. mark sgarlata

    Wow the propane door has a key lock you can tell that’s old by law they can’t have a key lock anymore

  75. Barry Sadesky

    This man should be canonized as the patron saint of mechanics

  76. George Ski

    My brother got an old fifth hand , vw that had an oil filter that had never been cleaned, had about 2 inches of oily dust inside the filter just under the top level of the oil . The foibles of your first car... also was armoured up with a minimum of 1/4 to 1/2 inch of bondo over the entire car...

  77. Nevermind

    Gimme that Lexus Scotty.

  78. Andrew Nowacki

    A hard top roadster is a coupé

  79. John Villagomez

    My mom's 1998 toyota camry. The automatic transmission when it's cool you can drive it around and when transmission get hot sometimes it won't shift to drive or reverse and sometimes when your driving all of sudden the transmission just wouldn't shift at all but if you wait for a while you can start it up and drive it again. What should I do? Thank you.

  80. Tom Quinn

    Corvette has always been the best bang for the buck sports car in the world. Competition for Ferrari for 60 grand? Hey..isn't that the cost of the new Toyota/BMW sports car with the plastic engine?

  81. Skyler Holmes

    Not nice to call people stupid...

  82. dabegmister

    They're not selling well because they're not a true Supra

  83. AutoBez 313

    Scotty got a free c8

  84. Hawken Samurai

    FACT : its cheaper to own a Lexus FA v10 for three years than any Mpower for a few months.

  85. Bitnik

    Lol when I saw that RedBull and the text saying +30HP I died 😂 Scotty your sense of humor is just gold

  86. LRulesTheWorld

    Doesn't sound good at all. That shifter is garbage as well. Im just not a fan. Too much tech in a car that was supposed to be simplified for the people who like to drive.

  87. Paul Smith

    Hey Scotty. I haved worked on cars and trucks and airplanes for 40 years and I always learn something new from your videos. Keep up the great work!

  88. melchor hipona

    they make car that will last forever and afordable price wow its so amazing

  89. cjd jdm

    Hey Scotty what would you say about the engine reliability as the new supra uses a bmw engine and you in past videos have started that bmw engines can be money pits to fix and use cheap plastics would you say the same for this car

  90. Adrian Cygan

    Supra only with JZ engines for me. At least it isn't an SUV like Mitsubishi eclipse now.

  91. Inquisitor Federov

    Scotty, what is your opinion on the "Pontiac" G8? GT?

  92. Ali Jafri

    How many cars did you buy this year alone?

  93. cheesefruit200

    It looks cheap imo but I guess it is. Great idea you can work on it yourself though. Oh and terrible steering wheel!

  94. Not A Piegon Pecker

    Scotty please change that intro to a mustang or corvette NOT supra

  95. jack Dan

    I have kia optima 2004..

  96. sandery87

    Damn! Scotty hit the ole baggie a fair bit before this video

  97. Kayvan Shadpour

    Somebody tie this guys arms. I watched 2 minutes and it got me dizzy

  98. gom jabber

    Red Bull +30HP! LOL!

  99. Susan Louis

    Did he buy this car ?? I thought he said never spends money on new cars.

  100. David Grissom

    I need help with my jaguar Scotty!