The multi-award-winning comedy series "The Office" presents a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Based on the award-winning BBC hit, "The Office" is a fly-on-the-wall "docu-reality" parody of modern American office life that delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
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  1. PC-Broke

    Creed: Find out what language this is Also creed: *demonic duck voices*

  2. GhostlysmokeTony


  3. Ninjaananas

    I did not realize this was The Office until I saw Michael's face.

  4. Krista Johnson

    yang 2020 T-T

  5. steve the man101

    Jim's gay

  6. Andrew Stalker

    “That is our building. And we sell paper.”

  7. Lea Fredj

    Wow how did MNsel know I needed to see this before my vernissage 😭

  8. Christopher Michael

    The sweetest guy and such a true moment. I love this. Someone is your invisible cheerleader and don't ever think what you do isn't worthy of appreciation, admiration, and above all love.

  9. Ballerina7

    Can anyone get my hands on this ep’s blooper clip i’d love to see how many takes it took them lol

  10. David R


  11. John Manning

    Dwight is the BEST in this scene. Yes, do your part, Big DKS!

  12. Ameir Ateif

    I love the fact that Dwight joined in and play along lol eeehhhhhhhhhh

  13. Let's Get Real

    The thumbnail looks like the area below his mouth is bleeding Subscribe to my channel

  14. John Manning

    1:10, could be the greatest screenshot of this whole show.

  15. Yannick Naert

    I love how Oscar is confused but immediately cooperates when he hears a story of warehouse workers out of their trousers drinking sodas.

  16. Yannick Naert

    I have to admit Meredith would have been that friend from work I get drunk and have casual sex with.

  17. PrestigeGamer

    The standards every comedy show must have

  18. Lori Weinfurt


  19. Sean Haggard

    They might as well be flipping him off lol, thumbs stedda middle finger

  20. The Last Mamba

    Dunder mifflin would go up in smoke with out Pam there to guide micheal

  21. Dwight K. Schrute


  22. Lucas C

    I’m Dwight in this situation

  23. ashley ronsen

    This episode always makes me cry. I love their friendship so much

  24. josecanusee 12


  25. Leaiyy GachaLife


  26. Dazzling Don Owen

    Wow I'm teary eyed. Beautiful moment in this show

  27. fruitplus321

    The prequel was out before we even knew it.

  28. Pill Bug

    I always tear up at this point. And then she asks if there's something in his pocket and he takes out a chocolate damn it.

  29. Floflotintin

    1:24 you can see the "ayyyy" loading 🤣

  30. Vezelis

    Damnnn that sexy nurse🤤🤤

  31. Eli Andrade

    this song is actually good tho

  32. Samantha Sullivan

    I love that he doesn’t move his hand when he gestures to each side of the conference room

  33. Generic Name


  34. Mushroom1882

    Having not seen this show and only loosely knowing about it I was entirely prepared for a comedic uproar of Michael shitting over Pam's artwork in a way he thought to be not-so-painful but turned out to be detrimental. Instead I almost cried. :(

  35. Turdinator

    Not the last time he'll save her job


    James Spader is amazing

  37. Robin dhmis ・ ᗜ •

    My fav part: 10:53

  38. Deepanshu Sharma


  39. Colurzz

    The office is overrated idk how people find this funny

  40. Michael Roy

    Michael is so damn annoying and nearly everything he does makes you cringe. But then he does stuff like this, and you realize you can't hate him now matter how much you want to.

  41. Puzzle Enthusiast

    I remember that I really hated how Roy handled it. Something like "I have to go babe, but your paintings are the best ones here.". Plus, this was him after their break up; meaning Roy was trying to be extra nice to Pam. The worst thing is, most people in reality will act this way as well. I just don't understand how others can't see that someone is very passionate about something. Hell, I don't find art exhibits the least bit interesting but even I would have shown interest in Pam's paintings - just so she would feel better... Yeah this hits too close to home for me...

  42. Kiuji-senpai

    Wut wut wut dooooouuuggg

  43. VincenteIL Gaming

    "BEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" ... Did I do it right?

  44. Darth Vader

    Love this show

  45. Cindy Liberty

    Everyone says the show ended with Micheal's departure...and that is true....but Jim and Pam's wedding was the beginning of the end for the show.

  46. tallguycameron

    if you think about it, jim has saved her job twice

  47. Sven Haracic

    Eat your cereal

  48. jigmond

    I felt bad for the sales rep. He was just doing his job and came all the way out there just to be totally dismissed in an awkward way. :(

  49. CyberCheese

    Why would Pam want to keep a job that a phone system can do? She is happy about being dead weight?

  50. Poo ie


  51. daniel k. noguera

    dwight is a menace to mankind

  52. Captain

    Its weird and makes me love her more, Pam reminds me of my mom soooooooo much.

  53. BPDJR

    It's great that Michael and Pam's cars are the only two in the parking lot within the painting, and he is the only one who shows up at the exhibit. A nice touch.

  54. Eli Andrade

    Jim: JIMBO:D Michael: o_O.... :DD

  55. Jesus Villalpando

    His phone is in the box

  56. Elijah Stone

    Oh I steal all the time, it’s just sumthin I do

  57. k0walsk

    3:28 Michael: must've been the IT guy

  58. ComiXProvider FTW_02

    The Fonz would be proud.

  59. Chris Redfield

    Just watched this episode yesterday and I thought, would michael have really replaced pam for the machines. Hell no. He's a gift basket over website guy.

  60. Yash Malik

    Michael wouldn't have got it anyway Pam's too precious

  61. Terrell Pablo

    This one is one of my favorites

  62. B. Moriarty

    No ninjas cutting onions here, just me crying

  63. Abraxis

    I've never seen this show; Is Micheal is pathologically reductive?

  64. God Emperor Pepe

    The Jim vs Ryan arc was one of those rare circumstances where the Anime was actually better than the Manga.

  65. Джон Малкович

    Humanity likes paper. So paper companies are here for a long haul.

  66. Aditya Kurdunkar

    i am not crying.

  67. Karine Cavalcante

    Mmmmmichael Scott

  68. Hanvin Gavnah

    Greatest show ever!!!!!!!

  69. Epic Boss

    Though these may be funny, when it comes down to it, Jim has a lot of time on his hands

  70. R. A.

    This scene was really well written...they could have kept the chocolate part out

  71. LightingMC


  72. fieryalbino

    beautiful scene

  73. Abanish lal

    "I love inside jokes. I'd love to be a part of one some day" -Michael Scott

  74. Henry Chapman

    Eat your cereal

  75. The No.1 Guy

    And Toby gets stuck recording. Everyone plays their part

  76. PC Peasants Gaming

    I love Pam. I love Jim more.

  77. Garin Sparks


  78. Syed Mohammed Nomaan

    How tf is this saving anybody's job?

    1. Steve Smith

      @Syed Mohammed Nomaan you realize you are wrong and just want to change your argument to Michael wouldn't fire Pam cause he's friends with her...........a swing and a miss their chief. Thanks for playing. You win nothing. Better luck next time.

    2. Syed Mohammed Nomaan

      @Steve Smith are you serious right now? Knowing Michael, you think he would replace pam? It seems like rocket science to you cause you really thought of this wrong.

    3. Steve Smith

      @Syed Mohammed Nomaan .....uh Jim scared away the salesman. (Or annoyed away really) The dude who came to sell Michael the system. And now the salesman things the office is full of idiots and won't come back. Obviously this is a comedy show so Michael could get him or someone else back......but come on man. Why are you being so picky. Jim was originally planning to pretend to be Michael and say no to the guy, but real Michael show up so he switched gears and stated acting silly, Michael joined in, and then Dwight and then Pam. And the sales guy left. Its not rocket science

    4. Syed Mohammed Nomaan

      @Steve Smith what does that have to do with anything jim did? DID JIM MAKE THINGS WORK ANOTHER WAY AND NOW HER JOB IS COMPLETELY CHANGED?

  79. CChorselovr N

    Kevin's the coolaid man. "OH YEAH!"

  80. Imaproshaman

    This scene is just so good. :')

  81. Jaskirat Singh

    0:32 underrated 😂😂😂😂

  82. Quick Dimwit

    Dude blaming Jim for ducking after he kicked the soccer ball into Phillis’ face is the kind of thing that makes me lose any and all respect for an individual. Weak little worm. Take responsibility for your actions. You disgust me.

  83. Irvine Brooks

    All the office except angela: Nobody, Nobody Dwight Schrute: No bodies, no bodies

  84. Joldsaway

    Here’s a challenge for you deep fakers: replace Jim in every episode of the office with Asian Jim

  85. vibhor vaish

    I wish I could work in such an office. Such a friendly but weird family even with low salary would be worth it. Also we can mess with dwight then lol.

  86. jordan hicks

    Fuckin love creed

  87. Indiana Outlaw

    When yall just gona stop posting old vids and revive the show😭

  88. Jazz Heart

    I love how Michael couldn’t believe he’s included in something at 1:04 - 1:12 Eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh 👍🏼

  89. Lethal Zex

    This is my favorite scene from the whole series.

  90. KB Collisionヅ

    I clicked Like and the count went from 3.9K to 4K. This is perhaps the greatest contribution I will ever make in this world

    1. KB Collisionヅ

      Lori B 👏👏👏 YASSSS

    2. Lori B

      It's like getting the colored cube in the corner of the TV during a meeting... congrats!

  91. Moki

    Goddamn this show is fantastic

  92. Ferdinand James Parker II

    stop @1:29 the girl in the backround is playing games :D

  93. Josh Gomez

    Ayyyyyyyyyy !!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

  94. Cullen Cochran

    Dwight swooping in on the action XD

  95. TooReal

    Who knew before becoming an analyst for the CIA, Jack Ryan was as sales representative for a paper company

  96. Merrick Esparza


  97. UrsusArtifex Colfuck

    “95% of my job” were like 20-30 years from eveybody saing that

  98. Auggie Doggie

    Hands down my favorite scene of the entire series.

  99. Bob Sciascia


  100. wb6162

    All the stupid stuff he said to her over the years and she just forgave him for all of it. Great scene.