The multi-award-winning comedy series "The Office" presents a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Based on the award-winning BBC hit, "The Office" is a fly-on-the-wall "docu-reality" parody of modern American office life that delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
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  1. Pete E

    No more knock knock jokes!

  2. Tajianne Kaiser

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Angela just stopped dropped and rolled😂😂😂

  3. Gaurav Singh

    Michael is the best boss. Sadly his employees don't recognize his importance.

  4. Peaches EVY


  5. Emanual Zastrow

    If I can't scuba then what's this all been about?????

  6. Karter Jack

    One crisis at a time -Dwight schrute

  7. Mike Dragon

    B1gb0oBz If I could, I'd definitely set up that password on the server of one of my clients. lol

  8. Joel Rowe

    Patrice o neal!!

  9. Israel Hernandez

    Who else yawned when Dwight did ?

  10. mattyg55

    Hardcore Parkour should be on here!!

  11. Rocky Top Sports

    The Office US Channel: Makes videos and gets millions is subs The Office Channel: Starts uploading videos

  12. SplinterAce

    Creed's blog actually looks sweet :(

  13. Demoness Futa

    Lol Dwight;s funny

  14. Enchant 22


  15. Kerlange Francillon

    I wonder if Meredith's actress really went bald...

  16. I'm a Stud

    Stanley noticed everything he’s just so used to the randomness that goes down in the office that he is unphased by it

  17. MaCs dRiVe LaCs

    Toby just has the most punchable face

  18. sYrup

    im surprised that there wasnt a stronger reaction to dwight and his knife

  19. Megan12

    STAY ******* CALM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Star2ThePowerOf100


  21. Star2ThePowerOf100

    3:09 I love how Jim just cAsUaLlY runs up to Dwight and rips his suit off and runs away 😂

  22. Star2ThePowerOf100

    3:08 Don't worry, you'll thank me later 😉

  23. Amelia N

    I don’t know about love...

  24. candife perchment

    The kid is from my wife and kids first seasons



  26. Hi Me

    *I D E N T I T Y T H E F T I S N O T A J O K E J I M*

  27. T C

    Then i realized i was being silly

  28. Steven Pierce

    😭😭 when i saw this I almost cried

  29. Justin Hubbard

    Count how many times they say no.

  30. Has King

    He acts similar to Max from First Take

  31. Matt Smith

    I wonder if Dwight still thinks Jim’s a vampire

  32. Matt Smith

    The small details like Jim looking at Dwight’s next and then snapping out of it like woah when Dwight reacts is amazing lmao

  33. Giggles4692

    When Jim pranks, it's funny. When Dwight pranks, it's cringe.

  34. Bill Buttlicker

    3:44 Jim's face when she said love you to stanley😂

  35. Renas Kik

    More people should see this. - That's what she said

  36. Shukae

    Pretzel day is April 26. You're welcome. Have a great day! :D

  37. Jack K

    I really hope they didn't harm the bat irl

  38. kishan

    Dwight is a psychopath

  39. ScOp3zTapped

    I was sad when the office ended

  40. userdetails1

    0:31 fart in her face!

  41. tommyt1971

    I can see Dwight in retirement at the end of a tributary of the Mekong River in Cambodia, sitting in a ruined Buddhist temple lording over a bunch of beet farmers. One day he receives a visitor, it's Michael Scott, who has come to eliminate Dwight's command...

  42. Mohan Azad

    The confidence in which Michael says "Dare I", makes the scene even better

  43. Wat Doin

    I wanna know if Jim drove Dwight crazy of set just to stay in character

  44. tommyt1971

    Just occurred to me that Jim really should be more careful about showing symptoms of vampirism... let's not forget how Dwight slaughtered the resuscitation dummy when Stanley had a heart attack.

  45. atrimme


  46. Titanus Ghidorah

    Just name it the tri-desk

  47. felipeson

    the cold open of this video about cold open>>>

  48. Beron the Colossus

    The clean intro plate was great, the transitions were smooth. Nice compilation!

  49. Luke Hunter

    If Bob Vance,Vance registration really cared for Phyllis,,, he'd go stand in the back of the line with her,,,,shwing!!!

  50. Marvel/DC/Star Wars Fan


  51. 51AR TVN

    Jim , go home, Dwight the best !

  52. The food Hut

    You're not going to Paris🤣🤣🤣

  53. Ryan Carrion

    What would’ve been funny also is showing him sneaking out to the bathroom scratching desperately at lottery tickets

  54. Bradless09

    When you brake reversing the momentum would force you into the seat not away from it. Bad physics here.

  55. summer77


  56. summer77


  57. Jorda n

    This is called a hot open..

  58. Caleb Mullis

    This hurts.

  59. Justin Gray

    Asian Jim and the billboards being defaced should’ve made the cut

  60. Art by Galen

    Putting his tie in his coffee always gets me. My favorite ever in the whole series.

  61. Dassie Schuster

    Gabe at 4:30 actually scared me a little

  62. Rohaan Sunil

    No God! No God !Please No! Nooooooo! One of the best cold opens ever!

  63. sockondik12


  64. Emma Ray

    6:07, so no ones ever gonna ask how Creed got blood on him?

  65. Emma Ray

    3:07, it’s MACGYVER MICHAEL!!!

  66. wells borie

    No Dave?!?

  67. phil emard

    So much happens in this scene but are we just gonna ignore what gabe just did.

  68. Joshua

    You look cute today Dwight

  69. Mezbah Uddin Evan

    This is like a dream wedding, u got a squad like this ❤️🎉😍

  70. Jeffrey Cox

    How is Jim gift wrapping all of Dwight's crap not on here

  71. Plxton

    This was the natural ending for the show


    Stanley is the type of guy that goes to work, does his thing, and goes back home.

  73. Thomas Urben

    I’m happy to be living in a world where the office posts videos on MNsel

  74. J H

    The Best 10:41 of my day

  75. PatientZeroPoint5

    "Dwight, get the door" in the knock-knock joke scene, is maybe my favourite line of the whole show.

  76. Ethanol 6565

    When Dwight is talking about attacks from the front being easier to block and Jim just slaps him

  77. Jacob James

    Why the song and dance?

  78. Mustafa Feroz

    Everyone who hasn't seen the office is a Toby

  79. dankee lapaipa

    Why did Michael Scott leave at the end?

  80. Vedika Jha

    I love how this video about cold opens had a cold open. One of the best ones everrrrr!

  81. Pollo Frito

    7:05 Jim is definitely not Jack Ryan.

  82. Chaos Lord76

    I wish this show wasn’t ruined for me for two reasons. One being my boss is exactly like this to the point of I got yelled at for forgetting his birthday and having a door slammed in my face. And two is the same man is obsessed with the show and loves the character of Michael

  83. Pollo Frito

    In the opening scene of this clip, Steve in the background in Michael's even though he's not written into the scene. That's some commitment to the product!

  84. 『Sinッ』『Giverふ』

    Creed is prepared As frick..

  85. Darrell Kloosterhuis

    me at 6 am lol

  86. Wp Plus


  87. Taylor Allen

    Jenna Fischer can literally shimmy infront of me all day.

  88. Yyasemin Ssabanci

    My cheeks hurt from all this smiling this video made me do. I love this show to bits

  89. Ace Fury

    The Lip Dub = one of the rare moments, if not the only moment, Michael smiles at Toby

  90. Un- Deniable

    I just realised that Jim was distracting Dwight from telling Charles how much longer Michaels business

  91. 』『

    I binge watch The Office starting from Season and was sad when I realized "Michael Scott" was actually leaving for the show and not returning

  92. hanshal sethi

    How is this channel still running U-n-bee-lei-vable

  93. lazyartist Last

    Im surprised dwight didnt think to just use more grease through the mouth of the pumpkin to get out.

  94. Ag Ga

    Fucken annoys me that Americans have to remake a show to understand its humour. When the rest of the word hears mph we translate to kmph. Why can’t they do that with comedy LOL

  95. Angel Martinez

    I NEVER noticed angela praying at 1:06 Thats funny

  96. Mad GAV

    Why does this office have 171k subs and the other has way more

  97. Daniel Middleton

    Battlestar Galactica : Dwight's Revenge

  98. RB23

    Where is the “Ayeeeee!!” Opening?

  99. michaelscarn

    don't talk to me when you don't look back at Micheal the same way he's lookin at you at 9:39

  100. oswjim

    3:52 Lil' Sebastian!!!!!