Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.
Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios:

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  1. Gunjit Kumar


  2. PC TechTips

    My cat likes hunting, kills rats, birds and bunnies every day :v

  3. Ser Arthur Dayne

    Duuuude, please try to breathe in-between some words. This is unbearable to listen to

  4. AqWha Water

    damn! were strong as hell back then. now were wimps.

  5. Gypsy_ Heart

    Cat island sounds like literal Heaven on earth

  6. Mell Yea


  7. jjintheflesh


  8. maximiliano hernán morales johnson


  9. Prodigal Son

    LMAO we did not domesticate cats cats domesticated us.

  10. Rabi Khan

    The mitochondrial is the power full profile with cell

  11. 토성

    Anyone watching this on your cat? XD

  12. Ham Last

    hipster buried with his cat... yeah checks out.

  13. Giannis Dritsas

    In school we had a poem about how cats conquered Cyprus! Monks brought cats in Cyprus during byzantine years to fight the big population of mouses

  14. Keowar

    toothfairy investing in teeth 300k years ago: *STONKS*

  15. Krumple Themal

    No no no, cats domesticated us, twice. We had no choice in the situation.

  16. Menstrel

    @0:12 Feed the cats to poor meat eaters. I hate cats and cat people.

  17. Iman Ghosh

    Asia has Lions Tigers Leopards Cheetahs Snow leopards. Way more big cat species than Africa. Most of them are extinct / near Extinction, but that's relatively modern phenomenon, because of human over hunting, not natural Extinction. It's very much possible that big cats originated in Asia.

  18. Michael Holloway

    Human evolution (all evolution) is getting messier the more it's studied. I'd say complex, but this doesn't convey the right amount of random chaos. Right now trees are showing Homo heidelbergensis as the trunk for sapiens, neanderthals, and denisonans. If that's true all could carry the same Y chromosome lineage despite the interbreeding, but how likely is this when interbreeding and DNA transfer is constantly being discovered across what we define as "species". Genetic drift lineage assumes just one Y chromosome ancestor, but there's reason to doubt that. Multiple Y chromosomes in a messier Homo ancestry would have been highly related, but they wouldn't trace back to a single individual. The loss of this assumption would throw off age calculations.

  19. James Alaska

    My cat's breath smells like cat food!

  20. Alexander Bahn

    I want to move to that island!

  21. tina

    0:05 summer 2050?

  22. Squishy

    I have a book that shows and explains the entire evolution of a horse. To watch a video explaining how they took over north america is very nice. Thank you Without horses, we would have lost a war. Can't remember which war, but without using horses it would have been lost and some things would be very different today.

  23. 1joshjosh1

    "I like bats" Vicki Vale

  24. Hoodie Gamer

    Island with too many cats? Bruh I don’t have enough cats in my house send some over for a play date

  25. HamsterMC

    All I could think of while watching this was a video from my favorite suggestion-based drawing channel where the very first drawing was a crocodile horse. It was surprisingly close in concept... For anyone interested, the video is called "The Ultimate Animal Hybrid (ft. Katie Marovitch)"

  26. Furzkampfbomber

    While watching this video, I've stopped it three times, because my cat wanted something to eat and then decided to take a walk outside, only to want back in two minutes later, requiring me to stop the video and to get up each time. I really wonder who actually got domesticated here.

  27. xUdieToox

    Kinda reminds me of how women domesticated the male population lol

  28. Y E A B O Y

    So, oxygen is bacteria fart.

  29. Uriel Gilpin

    Read Genesis 6. Know that there is nothing new under the sun. Many of the myths and legends are more true than Darwins crap.

  30. xUdieToox

    600,000,000? *challenge accepted. Must pet all the kitties*

  31. SOGAR K.

    You say that they got bug because of eggs? Could we get taller chicken for KFC?

  32. Faint of Hearts

    >(no tissues) EXCUSE ME

  33. HamsterMC

    Am I the only one who clicked hoping to hear about more examples of weird Triassic animals and less natural selection review material?

  34. James McHarry

    About the no violence part, I’ve read there is evidence in The Neanderthal caves in Spain of Homo sapiens killing and eating Neanderthals.

  35. Wendi martin

    Ummm. There are recent remains found in the NW that are 50,000 years ago. There are also recent findings of people traveling via canoe into South America and North America

  36. Cam RSR

    Tree leapers!

  37. Don G

    Do a video on the la brea tar pits

  38. Illya K

    Come on guys .. we don't come from monkeys .. that's why monkeys don't have baby humans

  39. azulgaia

    Well, thank you Hank Green!

  40. Billy Jackson

    Could the Neanderthals actually be the Anunaki in some languages?.

    1. rent a shill

      anunaki were group of deities in ancient sumerian culture

  41. global nonsense

    Cat's domesticated humans Thay got us doing all the work paying the bills and cooking every night

  42. Billy Jackson

    This is why we have found no missing link. We are the missing links.

  43. Ash Villain

    Somewhere, sometime, it involved "ks ks ks ks".

  44. Billy Jackson

    I find it unlikely anything off this world looks anything like us. Modern Humans are descended from 3 species

  45. Churlz

    So even with other human species, we screwed them over. SMH

  46. Brandy Zoch

    "Ancient Kitties" I giggled so much

  47. Matthew Dobbs

    Be nice if all dogs were extinct.

  48. Derek McCumber

    95% of all comments here are a variation on "cats are not domesticated" and every single person posting thinks they're the one being clever.

  49. Sam Ann

    that's why i love shrooms. mushrooms.

  50. Dustin Tinsley

    Being a hunter and being hunted are not mutually exclusive modern humans are still prayed upon by large animals like bears and big cats. Dismissing the possibility that these early hominids could have also been Hunters is bad science

  51. Bakunawa BenHierro

    back when elves orcs dwarfs hobbits goblins existed :D

  52. Bob Bowles

    I just noticed the date this was uploaded - day before Valentine's!

  53. spill n't

    Looks like women didn't exist in prehistoric times according to the pictures in this video 😂

  54. Billy Harold

    But the earth is like only 6 thousand years old

  55. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    Like now?!!! Hahahaha. Get them off me... c'mon dragon!!!

  56. Creativid Studios

    Jeez for a sec I thought I prob accidentally increased the playback speed. This dude should run an auction

  57. t3hb0ss

    》》 E X P E C T E D T H I S T O B E A B O U T T H E M O O R S 《《

  58. Luis Guillén

    Hobbits do exist. They leave in Mexico. We even went as far as having a Hobbit president called Benito Juárez and our nowadays most famous hobbit is Eduardo Manzanero

  59. Puff Puff

    Hopefully one day I'll have my very own cat :D

  60. Coochie Obtainer69

    This gives me ark flashbacks

  61. Awesome Wirama

    Death by Snu Snu.....

  62. How To

    I cant believe I’m listening to a women

  63. Colorlessie

    Cats>people Don't @ me

  64. KPalz Rhein

    Conclusion, you have a killer in your home

  65. Jay Arre

    There was no planet 4,000 years before Egypt. Cats are not domesticated, they can live in the wild without human support. PBS is...trash?

  66. kyler baumgart

    Is it just me or does anyone zone out the the guy speaking, anytime a cat comes on the screen ?

  67. Lerge Workman

    Only 600,000,000 cats? I hate that we outnumber them 10 to 1. Something needs to tip those scales.

  68. Dylan J.


  69. The Koran has scientific accuracy

    Allah made the world livable. See my channel.

  70. Cheng Wang

    I once brought a stray cat home. But then my dog got too jealous. After a few days still didn’t work out. So I moved the cat out and shut the door. After a few meows, it left. Then not long after, I saw this cat again in the street, it took a look at me and then looked away, as if it didn’t know me at all.

  71. Daniel Brooker

    My family has owned many cats over the years, and never once have we had a litter box. They all have always asked to go outside to do they're business.

  72. Scucci Mane

    So the cat was buried with a 9500 year old hipster?

  73. N20Joe

    They ended that warming period by forcing all surviving creatures to give all their money to politicians, exactly the same way they propose to end the warming this time!

  74. Casual Killa

    Who else checked their playback speed when the vid started

  75. Lead Guitarist

    Am I the only one that loves the fact cats seem dark and uncaring?

  76. Ron Lawrence

    How did dinosaurs get so big? Easy. And I didn't even watch the video. They lived in a time with much, much, much higher levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere (plant food), creating much higher oxygen levels and much warmer temperatures. A smidge of global warming never hurt anybody.

  77. Matthew Balderama

    meanwhile on some part of the planet, there's a cat laughing and thinking "bold of these humans to think that they actually domesticated us."

  78. Bayek Of Siwa

    Did Ancient Egyptians domesticate the cat? i know the Aryans domesticated the dog.

  79. Thiru Navukkarasu

    CATs : How We Domesticated Humans ...

  80. Xander Zyle Bercasio

    'what are you doing stepnean? '

  81. Chris Woodford

    Sounds like England.

  82. Andrew Oriez

    Pretty sure cats domesticated themselves........

  83. Santiagoaway

    why did they give the cyprus guy a man bun lmao

  84. Rescz Gélic

    Right meow...

  85. WizardOfAus

    Happens every summer

  86. Luis GO V

    So this is how men where catificied.

  87. Bridgett Backer

    Cats self-domesticated. They saw a free meal ticket and a warm bed and moved in.

  88. Andrew Ongais

    See "prairie dog".

  89. Birdie 5

    More like how cats tricked humans into thinking they domesticated them. Twice.

  90. Freelectron

    get your facts right. cats are the only pet we keep that we have not been able to domesticate. they just choose to live with us.

  91. pauldh62

    We know that the Neanderthals were not made extinct, they were assimilated.

  92. Sea_Air_Ahhh

    All my life, I've been pronouncing Neanderthal incorrectly? NeanderTALL? I won't stand for this.

  93. Resshuken

    study shown that cat people have higher IQ than dog people. well of course cat's choose the smartest servant while Dogs choose a dumb Master.

  94. Rusty Nails

    Why does Batman not have "echo location"???

  95. R VW

    video starts at 5:18

  96. Mark

    JFC! Antarctica isn't 2 separate words. It's not Ant Arctica. Please stop mispronouncing it!

  97. Xeonophon

    cats decimate bird and rodent populations.....and anything they cat catch and kill.

  98. Queen Chy

    Unless someone was rapped by a Neanderthal

  99. Newby Ton

    Cats: Knocking stuff down off counters since 6000 BC

  100. ゆい714

    Does a species have to be domesticated to be compatible with humans in a household? The wildcat seems pretty compatible with no further evolution at all. You can't even find videos on the internet comparing wildcats with domesticated ones. I'm sure some domestication has occurred as adaptation (such as a decrease in aggression), but that it wasn't necessary for our interspecies companionship. A household isn't exactly taking anything away from their wild lives if the cat has freedom to go outside as it pleases. Cats cooped up indoors go stir-crazy like a lot of species do (ourselves included). They don't evolve from vicious predators who kill people like dogs do. They don't need to change much at all. We didn't domesticate them. y There wasn't an effort to change them. We simplchanged their environment so they could be in our lives and a side-effect of that change was evolution. Their survivability and reproductive success in foreign human habitats automatically favors the traits we want. It's the same way humans continue to domesticate ourselves in society and gradually lose less favorable traits in regards to reproductive success (survivability being guaranteed outside of chance in first-world society and is no longer a factor in our evolution of a species in these regions).