Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era - the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.
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  1. ShitForBrains

    Aren’t alligator Gar and all Gar species counted as living fossils?

  2. Cuptain Amurica

    Pov:its 3am and you haven’t slept and lost yourself in youtube’s algorithm

  3. one sojourner

    On the next milankovitch cycle, when the earth's axis changes, the sahara may turn into a savanna again. And another strip of the earth will turn into a desert.

  4. All_Things_ Anim3 V2

    What the shutter this is amazing what the helll whagggggg. Legit this is mind blowing

  5. Micah Hanly

    This comment section is gold

  6. Keri Estep

    Honestly it's disturbing and kinda terrifying how much of the ocean we don't know about! Not long ago they found a blue whale washed up on a shore with a large bite in the side of it! How cool and scary is that!?!

  7. KanadianKhan

    I was expecting the colossal squid killed em

  8. Legend

    Everytime he says 'Megaloceros' you drink one shot 🥃

  9. Chase Swartz

    So, Deinocherius was basically a giant spoonbill with a tail, almost 4 meter long arms with sharp claws to replace is wings, and a sail on it's back. Also, it has short, robust legs. Just as weird as Spinosaurus. How many more weird things will we discover this year on dinosaurs?

  10. Chase Swartz

    Well, we have two heavy weight champions in Mongolia: Deinocherius and Therizinosaurus, and they will go up against Alioramus and Tarbosaurus.

  11. The Animator Of Animation

    So we just gonna ignore how lichens were just as impactful as fungus in making soil huh

  12. Dinosaur Hub

    From what I've heard a tyrannosaur could bench press over 400 pounds and a theory that I agree with is that it would use it's arms to pin down it's prey so it could take a bite

  13. Guy G

    This is great but I can't help wish more evolutionary biologists were courageous enough to address the abundant evidence for the contribution of naturally occurring inter-species transfer of genetic material via virus and bacteria.

  14. Shay Mayo

    if that big bunny got extinct, how come it's narrating this video?

  15. Brayden Sinwelski

    You cant just claim that something is extinct when we haven't even explored the entire ocean

  16. Amy Bahre

    23 and me told me I have 240/7462 tested neanderthal varients... it makes up less than 2% of my dna. Pretty interesting.

  17. Ryan L.

    Ah yes pbs using pbs to answer a question that pbs has

  18. Joe&Jaiden118

    Im surprised the dunkleoteus (dunk-le-oh-tay-us) isnt in this

  19. moth orchid

    I always wondered how the plant eating dinosaur's could survive on just conifers ferns. I think the scale trees were soft enough they were dinosaur's food then.

  20. SNoop420

    Dog:I luv u hooman Cats:Feed me or die

  21. SNoop420

    I just wished humans bred them to last a long age :(

  22. Rick Mason

    Sail possibly a radiator for heating and/or cooling.

  23. Guinevere XIV

    Barely answered the question you posed😭

  24. Diego Fernandez

    Gracias por los subtítulos en español!!!

  25. Joseph Eacobar

    Hmm sounds like a megaladon trying to make it seem that way.

  26. The Country Aether

    Humans act like they know everything.

  27. The Country Aether

    Something could have came that killed them off. You never know

  28. True Gamedogs

    Huh 🤨

  29. howyuan lok

    Amazing discoveries...thumb up

  30. CertifiedWinner

    Why was there a lion in the snow 3:12

  31. David Hallyburton

    I fully believe in bigfoot so imo we are not alone in the hominid department. call me crazy lol don't care ;)

  32. How to do Studios

    i thought this was a what if episode

  33. Te Matakitaki Winiata

    Whats the weather today, Wet

  34. Smallstudio Design

    Keep Vancouver wet ... 💦 (West Coast of Vancouver Island, that is)... some ecosystems thrive on it ... big trees 🌲


    Isn't Najash similar to the Glass Lizards? ( Glass Lizards are lizards with no legs and Najash is a Snake with LEGS?)

  36. chaseingcheddar

    And thus Squidward was born

  37. camilo montes


  38. Herbert Fawcett

    The plates are not PUSHED apart, they are PULLED.

  39. Willy Won

    Take away, date someone from other countries.

  40. lчnхgαmíng хх

    So dogs in that year are like cats

  41. antwan1357

    i pose another theory , what if certain birds never evolved flight ? i mean not all birds fly now why not in the past?

  42. InfinityDagger

    yo mamas house

  43. André Benites

    I'm not sure if the question sounds dumb. But what are the difference between blood vessels and the plant vessels that carry nutrients all around the plant? It has almost the same function, carry nutrients to all the cells. The "pump" is kinda diferent, animals have a muscle and plants use pressure caused by the dehydration of the leafs and such. I know they are not composed of the same thing, but what are some of the differences and similarities they might have that are interesting? I know our blood has iron (not sure why) some animals don't and they don't have red blood. What are the ingredients to the "plants blood"? I know the magnesium makes the color of the plant go green and helps photosynthesis, but I'm not sure if it is is contained in their vessels. Is there anything more interesting? The similarity should be that both have a lot of water, but not sure if anything more interesting. Any nice info help! Thanks

  44. Paige Tyson

    I still think they are living somewhere. Until all of the ocean is discovered and no meg was discovered thats when I will change my mind. So much of the ocean hasnt be discovered so who is to say what animals are living there..

  45. Василий Мельник

    Yey, Russia) jk, I'm not that patriotic

  46. Tanakrit DD

    looking delicious🤤

  47. warpoet

    My question is who wrote all this down back then an passed it on ?

  48. parinita choudhary

    I always wonder how tall the trees were which these Dino’s ate.

  49. Banana Mukbang

    Killed by pandemic? Oof

  50. Tak Tak

    5 million years ago wasn’t late Paleogene it late Neogen

  51. Mayday

    Enormously interesting! I love the Ediacaran period for its mysterious and weird creatures. Wonderful video! More of this, please!

  52. Kingsmithgaming

    Why is this MNsel channel better at teaching me than teachers

  53. FreeRealestNate

    “How did these extinct animals compete”. They didn’t, they died you dork

  54. Dan Boone

    Imagine thinking you can look at a couple of bones from one incomplete skeleton and then definitively say liver will poison you 😂

  55. Lute The Mage

    Aren’t there 8 human herpesviruses? The other ones are Varicella (Chicken Pox), EBV, CMV, HHV-6 & 7 (cause Paediatric condition called Roseola Infantum) and Kaposi Sarcoma-associated virus (in HIV pts).

  56. supersho

    my 6yo would love an episode on Alicorns!

  57. Viji Levero

    Intelligence and interesting

  58. TinyTeacup

    My life goal is to confuse scientists this much when my body is found millions of years in the future.

  59. Lem Manalo

    Can modern humans interbreed with homo erectus, Neanderthals, homo habilis, other hominin species? How far back in the evolutionary lineage can we interbreed?

  60. R E.

    Now I don't have to wear sacks with sandals. Because in my toenails are the building blocks of life 🧦

  61. Bruce D.

    How wonderful!

  62. Uri Weill

    Can you make an episode about the beginning of multucellularity?

  63. Abdullah Yunus Ahmed

    this is accurate! nice!

  64. Justin Kang

    No you’re wrong. they became immortal

  65. Michael Nobrega

    LOL, she's wearing a shark pendant.

  66. Maria Evers

    *Megladon* : * watches this and is laughing and his family also laughing in 95% of the ocean * *Her* : IT'S EXTINCT BECAUSE WE HAVE DISCOVERED 5% OF THE OCEAN! *Me* : did you know that something called a red wolf was "extinct" and it returned in an American village 75 years later?

  67. Housel

    It's actually surprising how many predatory theropods couldn't really use their arms much. Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Gualicho shinyae, T-Rex, Tarbosaurus, Albertosaurus, to name a few. The only predatory dinosaurs I can think of off the top of my head that could use their arms while hunting were Spinosaurids, Dromaeosaurs, and Allosaurus

  68. ??

    I live in New Mexico!

  69. Vipaa004

    •Laughs in 95% of the ocean•

  70. spookay crafter

    3:01 maybe those were the ancestors of both lizards and amphibians,just putting that out there and it's probably wrong

  71. DeRaY

    Yes, I know. It's always hard to read a German's name.

  72. The Universe Undressed

    As star wars was a long time ago in a galaxy far away, but they had hyperspeed starships... Could Earth have been Hoth?

  73. The Universe Undressed

    Such a wonderfully weird place!

  74. The Universe Undressed

    I have been waiting for this episode! My Favourite weird squishy thing! (After my dog...)

  75. Ava Jeruzalem

    isn't that Jebel Irhoud near the eye of Sahara that people think the spot of a meteor that wiped out Dinosaur? what if that wasn't meteor at all, but it was us, human, colonizing this earth, but we forgot how to operate our spaceship and ended up become apes again? lol

  76. XXX yyy

    I always enjoyed histology pictures, but knowing there are even some of dinosaurs... Wow, I need some as Wallpaper. Thank you for sharing!

  77. Lyhtix


  78. Sean Relph

    Typical American centered world view when they showed the map.

  79. Ava Jeruzalem

    Dogs 16.000 years ago: i protect human settlement from threat and will call for help from them if the threat is out of my league Dogs now: i'm scared if my human will be going outside to work

  80. Yellow Submarine

    This man's knowledge can be an astronaut.

  81. Eyedubya1001

    Another delightful video

  82. LuckyV _

    What is the meaning of "epoch"?

  83. Christina Keenan

    Looks like a pre-trilobite

  84. Jaymel Dalusong

    One question: how do they reproduce?

  85. JUN LEE

    After the next eruption, Archeologists in the future will wonder why so many strange bipedal creatures died holding up their hands. Remains of plastic and chips what seemed like am ancient recording device was found in their hands

  86. RImA H

    What an amazing and informative video! I love it.

  87. JUN LEE

    “How here got here”

  88. RImA H

    I love PBS Eons, but the rate of speech on these videos is almost always a little too high.

  89. Magzie ForfunJ

    Dickinsonia would have been massive *chuckle*

  90. Evan Lonergan

    Me: Lipids, also known as fats... TV: 1800 TeLl RoBeRt!!!

  91. Blarcus was here

    11:40 12 year olds when someone eats a hotdog

  92. Cereal Killer

    When ppl say hamsters they say hampsters

  93. Paul Bourdon

    Thank you for posting. This is a brilliant presentation! She has to be one of the best I've seen. Very nice ground-breaking work by Bobovskiy. The Ediacaran is so interesting but so inaccessible. All major phyla are represented in the Cambrian so must have their ancestors in this period.

  94. chief eloy

    There's some really nice authentic fossils for sale on Ebay

  95. BroliYTwins

    The Ediacaran and the Cambrian are so interesting era, we need to know more and see the big picture of the evolution maybe some of the Cambrian lifeform have ancestor from the Ediacaran.

  96. Layers

    Are dimorphodons and dimetrodons related?

  97. moumous

    how did I miss this?! coool!!!

  98. sᴛᴏғғᴇ

    Until we've explored the rest of the 95% of the ocean and discover the rest of the 86% rest of the species in the ocean, we CANNOT say it's extinct

  99. CHEN HO TIN 陳浩天 Alumni

    It made upset me every time scientists and documentaries told me that prehistory predictors went distinct. That our knowledge about the ocean floor is even less than that we had on the moon still cast a fantasy to shark fans. What if megalodon still exist in somewhere deep down the ocean? Some miraculous phenomena may happen just like in the movies so that Meg may make it today. I still say it is too soon to say Meg definitely went extinct.

  100. Tobias Cains

    I would love to see a video about all the different times eyes evolved.