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  1. S1deH0e101

    An old friend of mine was a descendant of john wilkes booth's dr that helped him.

  2. Full-Metal-Girl

    7:20 - 7:23 Adam <3

  3. Tara Pinto

    Based on the last ear biscuits, Rhett you missed the perfect opportunity to say facts!

  4. Primo Panda

    I just wanna know where Link got that shirt. Because I very much want it.

  5. Bee'zzz

    Rhett n' Link are lookin ole AF

  6. riblet1000

    Nothing like a warm pizza box my the lap...

  7. Nicola van Zyl

    Josh looks like he is related to a Johannesburg'er with that hair cut. Love GMM Food related anything. Greetings from Cape Town ;)

  8. stecky87

    I 100% relate to Jordan here . . .

  9. AmeagleWard

    I could have listened to 15 minutes of Josh venting about restaurant gripes. Basically more Josh, we love Josh.

  10. Lauren McDerment

    Adam fitted right in, so funny

  11. Valerie.221

    He's so awkward, I love it xD

  12. Andrew Spencer

    I swiped down to check the time right when Link goes “woah what happened” and it felt like he was reacting to the screen change😂

  13. Alex Leader

    Brb going watch Schmoyoho’s Charlie Sheen Songify for the first time in 8 years.

  14. Mon Steroids

    The first lift is called snatch

  15. Carissa Gonzalez

    I love how Josh knows all about food haha

  16. Emrys May

    Adam is so sweet! What a gem

  17. Profit Trump protégé


  18. Aaron Aguilar

    Why did I know that quote from Enchanted immediately?! Like, the actual scene and everything!! 😂

  19. Alexia Ruiz

    It would be funny if Charlie Sheen played this game because would he even remember saying this stuff

  20. mountopian 1

    Self or producer proclaimed queens shouldn't count.

  21. Cheyenne Blankenbeker

    I wonder why they took one of the cards away 🤔

  22. Aly Kelly

    Yanked and Ganked should be a game in the future.

  23. xXwolf_playsXx

    Where do i get one of these?!?

  24. Willosophy

    You guys need to get Jeff Goldblum on here. You all would have a blast.

  25. Niki Cartolano

    Was that ice cream scoop comment a subtle jab at Josh's failed attempt to create the worlds biggest ice cream cone? He did his best!

  26. Alex Ander

    All I've learned here is that Charlie Sheen is a Disney Queen.

  27. stevenp75

    Adam is gorgeous!*-*

  28. Kitrina Faulkner

    God adam Lambert is so pretty... 😍

  29. Alyssa

    I loooove cranberry bliss bars. I found a copycat recipe and I make them every year for thanksgiving and christmas. Mine are honestly better though lol. They're a huge hit.

  30. Melissa Berg

    I don’t think that these 3 realized how funny this whole episode was 😂😂

  31. KzCreationz & More

    queen/sheen: “They want to lock me away like some evil panda? Nuh uh I don’t think so!”

  32. seeingyouaround

    Adam Lambert is nothing like i imagined he'd be in 'real life' (i've only seen him perform), he seems really lovely!

  33. Golf Wang

    They didn’t have the lemon circles 😭

  34. Sandy Soe

    JoHanNesBurg???? I can totally see Josh strutting around at the food market if he ever did come over here to SA

  35. TCR 108

    Epic winning

  36. Isaiah_TGI

    I have HIV

  37. chad noles

    I really feel Josh's pain not for the double-decker boat for taco Bell doing away with great menu items specifically for me the volcano burrito

  38. Golf Wang

    Welcome to the party - PARTYNEXTDOOR

  39. Jessica Linzy

    Love you guys

  40. BoOniEDoTsShOw

    Adam is eerily reminiscent of Jordan.

  41. BlackPanaRican05

    I for one, would love to watch Adam Lambert get yanked and yanked by Rhett and Link. 😂😂😂 Just saying

  42. Andrew Stepp

    I was with Josh until he said Wing Stop should stop putting sugar on their fries. That's what makes them great!

  43. nickegbg

    Link is probably diabetic

  44. Stanna Unruh

    So much pretty on one screen! I can barely handle it!!

  45. Madeline Garber

    That moment when I knew the first quote and who she said it to immidiately. I need a life.

  46. Logan Vossen

    Hahaha ORaNgE MaN bAd

  47. Julie Hayes

    Get Kevin James on the show

  48. Kimberley W

    This is great 😂

  49. Hadeel alnobani

    S3 E17 rhett and link remember ..:)

  50. Perla Guerrero

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know who Charlie sheen is

    1. PyroNinja713

      Most likely

    2. Phillip [TEC]

      Pretty much.

    3. CopperValentine


  51. Joshamous

    Valcano Burrito or box was my fave and took it away :(

  52. Mandy G

    Josh is right they need that caramel apple empanada back! Lol i loved that thing

  53. darkspace74

    Taco Bell, bring back the B.L.T. soft taco!

  54. Jacob Loving

    Rhett and beans

  55. Dolly Gregory

    this is like holt or not holt

  56. Heather Hogan

    The correct answer is: whatever Link didn't choose.

  57. einat1622

    Adam is really cute.

  58. Kathi

    Damnyell could play in George of the jungle 2

  59. Lauren Vignola

    This is kind of funny, but whoever did the captions for this video spelled Mexico wrong (they missed the C)

  60. Yuwa Yawa

    "Did Charlie Sheen or..." Charlie Sheen... its always Charlie Sheen

  61. TakodaRA

    Y’all should get Charlie sheen on.

  62. Elijah Donoho

    The sumo form is great tho…

  63. Kathi

    Quick question...Is Damnyell single?

  64. Han Solo

    I was hoping for a Freddie Mercury quote.

  65. madison machen

    I haven’t even watched game of thrones and I knew that was Cersei

  66. Dillon Phillips

    This was the greatest game ever.

  67. Kathi

    Watching this in 2019 and Rhett’s real hair almost looks like that 😂

  68. vanessa.i.r

    cersei said that to septa unella ahah

  69. Salt Tea

    Yessssss wing stop..... STOP putting sugar on your fries!!!

  70. s lloyd

    Adam Lambert is absolutely amazing! Love that guy!

  71. Jacob Foreman

    Now that is a brilliant game. Also Doug Heffernen was 100% right

  72. JustinPayton

    8:35 to 8:46, just.... wow

  73. Gabrielle Masone

    Getting yanked and ganked is the only reason I watch the show

  74. Kayla Mitchum

    I forgot how obsessed I used to be with Adam Lambert when I was younger until I watched this. 😍

    1. Miss Misery

      Yes! The inner Glambert is reemerging.

    2. Myste Smith

      Same girl same!😍

  75. whispree Griff

    Adam was such a good team player and very funny, great episode as well. Great job everybody.

  76. 🦇🎃Jo🎃🦇

    "I've seen the inside of your underwear". "Dolce and cabana"

  77. vonlipi

    I love Adam Lambert! Great show guys

  78. Nick The AntiClause

    The only reason to ever go to an IHOP is to get the Butterscotch Rocks pancakes.

  79. Elizabeth Shogren

    I would not have expected Adam Lambert of all people to fit in so flawlessly with yall but he looked right at home!

    1. A L

      ACTUALLY!! I really enjoyed seeing adam with them

  80. LittleRedHaired Girl

    "There is no limit to Charlie Sheen's whimsy."

  81. Courtney Dean

    Sharlie Cheen 😂 6:22

  82. xydoit

    The logic os obvious through the video.

  83. xydoit

    I am a bad fan. Almost no merch

    1. The Iron Sea

      I only have the OG GMM cup I bought 5 years ago I might buy something else eventually, they have some cool hoodies

  84. Brynn Roemer

    Josh, I’m sad with you about the double decker. It’s always been my favorite. I remember when I was a kid, every Friday after kindergarten it would be lunch time and my mom would take me to Taco Bell and I ALWAYS got a double decker supreme. It will be missed 😭

  85. Jared Frazier


  86. Panda One

    I’ll forever like Charlie WINNING

  87. Forest Taniguchi


  88. Channel Happiness

    Yanked and Ganked 👊 *noice

  89. Dillon MacPherson

    I feel like Adam Lambert is Dave Navarro's non evil twin

  90. Jamie Rios

    Josh is the best I love him

  91. John White

    For the love of god know at least the basics of lifting

  92. Mycon

    good jerb linking the wrong video .. always

  93. jOvz Gaming

    Here everyday

  94. jOvz Gaming


  95. Bee Mama

    "twitter" - Rhett 2019

  96. ShesBlessed x3

    Josh needs a fun random facts segment lol.

  97. Poppa Cap

    Now I need to go listen to the Schmoyoho song with Sheen.

  98. Rob DuBois

    I don't even know Charlie Sheen...

  99. Cheyenne Tulak


  100. luufia

    Link tries to win the game : get 0 points. Link tries to get negative queen sweep : wins his first round.

    1. Thegaming crazes

      Rhett try's to have pity on link, link fails immediately