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  1. Lesley Plunkett

    They were so happy to be together today. Happy Birthday Link.

  2. Chris Nguyen

    This made me smile so much from all the nostalgia with it just being a small crew and good laughs. Happy birthday link !

  3. Zeus

    Rickey was #24 Jackie Robinson was #42 and MO!

  4. Traci Heath

    You guys should try putting icecream on butter toast!! OMG IT'S AMAZING!!!!

  5. Revathi Magesh

    Trevor looks like jonas kahnwald from dark series!

  6. Sarah Cupp

    I have an excitement disorder 😂💜

  7. Clanden

    If it cooks then it's definitely a cooker

  8. Alejandro Zamudio

    If Apple made the Forman grill the drip tray would cost extra

  9. Adrian Mendez

    Dangg can’t believe link is already 42 time fly’s

  10. Bonesidedowngoof

    Sheesh Rhett, Link got you your lookalike for you birthday, Link gets a half of a cookie dough sandwich?😕

  11. Makiya T

    6:36 needs to be added to one of those gmm compilations of Rhett being chaotic

  12. Bonesidedowngoof

    It’s a fantastic idea. Ring up George Foreman, NOW!

  13. Bonesidedowngoof

    The gimmick was that it slants to catch the grease.......yet the grease catcher is not attached......so any a saucer would also operate sufficiently?

  14. Dixie Rae

    I have to admit I haven't been clicking on as early since Rhett and Link have being coming to us from their homes. Somehow something was missing. Clicking on and seeing that hair behind that desk and watching them joyously touching each other like a couple of Newlyweds made my day. All is well with the world Rhett and Link are back behind their desk. Before we know it 3 days will be five. My fellow mythical beasts I think everything is going to be okay. I started watching Good Mythical Morning for the first time in January of this year. I have watched every single episode including Good Mythical More from the first season 2 the present loving every minute of it. And part way through their ear biscuits and their personal Channel. The problem with watching all of that good mythical content is everything else is a disappointment. Anyway a welcome step to normalcy.

  15. Golden Saddle

    I remember having those cookie dough packs, It said they had Chocolate chips in them but they had raisins.

  16. Ralph McCoy

    Damyell is basically just current Rhett

  17. Marcelo ,Marcelo

    Vi as notícias sobre os EUA no jornal, fiquei preocupado. Covid + revolta da população. O que vcs acham sobre isso? O oásis durar pra sempre não é agradável, a mudança vêm. Pt-br

  18. ToleratedToast6

    i watched this video at x1.05 speed and its beautiful

  19. LuckyMoniker

    LOL: "2 horns... just like my honeymoon" rhett: "I WAS NOT PRESENT"

  20. Jason Noury

    Trevor is adorable

  21. Andrew Shore

    Happy birthday

  22. Alexis Bell

    Omg me and link are birthday twins. My birthday is June 1, 99🙌🏼☺️

  23. Alicia Ballesteros-Mitchell

    "I have an excitement disorder!"

  24. Leslie Clayton

    I love y'all so much! Link...m where can I buy a tee like yours???

  25. Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    Happy birthday Link! You dont look a day over 24!

  26. caligogreywings

    I am 2.5 years behind y'all. Happy birthday Link!

  27. Julie R

    I'm soooooooo like Link about the the chocolate chip cookie dough. I love the flavor of the dough in chocolate chip cookie dough. Just without the chips.

  28. Trippin

    they are good actors obvioulsly.

  29. psychegirl

    Pound cake French toast.

  30. maxpower10k

    What a return! Haha 🍻

  31. Ani Peterson

    Another link bday in the books

  32. Emma Peguero

    If I’m ever in a situation where I need to defuse a bomb, I want Rhett to be there with me (or link for the laughs)

  33. Alicya Mayes

    Deep fried chocolate chip cookie sandwich Happy birthday link

  34. Ethan James

    Rhetts eyes are 7:45

  35. Maddie Gordon

    It is so refreshing and EXCITING to see these two back together in the same space again, cheers ❤️

  36. Moobs of Good Eats

    if apple made a George foreman grill u'd have to get a 5th mortgage on ur house to afford it... also it would have wheels on it

  37. Warriorcat04

    Link, u can freeze poundcake and it’s SO MUCH BETTER

  38. Wanupgurl

    happy birthday Link

  39. Camila O.O

    Just so you know, Rhett was singing in F# major

  40. kimikittiekat

    I missed thissssss you guys were so adorably happy

  41. cupcakexlindsay

    I don’t have a panini press but I have a waffle maker 🤔

  42. Christine Conrad

    I'm making this for my boyfriend's birthday in two weeks. Don't tell him.

  43. Gavin Falcetano

    can I cancel the mythical society if I want to? I probably wouldn't, im just curious

  44. bluecynic

    this was such a cute adorable episode i missed u guys oh man happy birthday link!!!

  45. Harmony Desroches

    Link: "Two horns!" Rhett: "I was not present." Me: LOL

  46. Christine Conrad

    So great to see you guys back in the studio and doing it safely!

  47. Jacob Allen

    happy barthday

  48. gabby goodson

    I feel like cotton candy Randy wrote those notes for Rhett

  49. Action Kid

    Link: babyish Rhett: mountain man

  50. PleaseDontSubscribe

    And it's good for you!

  51. Gideon Bowman

    I laughed so hard at the cookie burning Rhett

  52. Karlee Collins

    And I say it again: today’s episode is amazing!!!

  53. Liz McDaniel

    P.S. I wonder how many viewers get the Pete Rose reference? 😆

  54. Skeleton Baby

    Awwwww she is so cute! Baby fever alert!😍😘

  55. Liz McDaniel

    I really thought that Rhett was going to slice the dough in thin slices to distribute on the sandwich instead of smashing one huge piece haha

  56. Elizabeth Jane

    Gosh, this was a good one. Their excitement was contagious. Love it! So happy that they’re happy.

  57. Michael De Tie

    If Apple made the grill it would attach with a magnet, but it would also be obsolete every 2 years and need replaced.

  58. Tim Gillam

    I love David

  59. Anne Whiting-Kapsoff

    Happy Birthday link

  60. Nick Poverman

    We used to take my grandmothers poundcake slice it and put it in the toaster oven. Then put butter and jelly on it. You guys should try that on a show.

  61. kittyy conundrum

    please say something anything about the blm movement

  62. James Pollard

    Hey guys. I'll be over here having an excitement attack. Okay cool.

  63. Levi :0

    It is so good to see them. omg.

  64. George Apple

    The soccer moms are now our good mythical moms! So cool!

  65. Jonathan Tiller

    Take a shot every time they say “George”

  66. Gabby Gellerman

    Also today would’ve been my grandpas 82nd bday he passed away March 1 2019

    1. Chloe Nguyen

      Gabby Gellerman Sorry for your loss

  67. Gabby Gellerman

    Thanks link I had my Golden Birthday in Quarantine.. April 24 and I watched the nfl draft and had an awesome meaningful zoom call and we had close friends over and my brothers FaceTimed for singing happy birthday

  68. Triston Tharp

    Elli is 😍😍😍

  69. Kalin Wydick


  70. Sara R

    Ya'll gotta try grilled PB &J, that so awesome!!

  71. Future Artist

    Rhett and link look like they've been in a jungle for 6 weeks

  72. Layla Ellis

    Happy Birthday Link 🎉💞🥳

  73. Kaitlyn Burch

    You guys really should make it land on gifticality daily like you’ve done before but have the charity be one that helps the BLM movement

  74. kozmik__WZRD

    Fun Fact: George Foreman was the second athlete that was approached to be the face of the grill. Initially they wanted Hulk freaking Hogan but he turned it down.

  75. Frida S. Klüver


  76. Daphne Loose

    that cookie dough paninis looks oogey gooey delicious!! it would be amazing with peanut butter cookie dough too.

  77. rubyfehrify

    Guess what I'm making tonight

  78. Raptor's Treasure

    "I don't do a lot of wishin' and blowin these days..." -Link Neal, 2020 😂😂😂

  79. Kaile

    Why does singing Happy Birthday always turn into a dirge? Happy Birthday, Mr Neal

  80. Brittany Wallace

    Happy Birthday Link!!! It is ssssssooooo awesome to see you both back in the studio!!!

  81. my praystation

    "I don't do a lot of wishing and blowing these days. Link Neal 2020

  82. Kristy W

    I'm so happy to see you guys back in the studio!!!!

  83. The Anime Gamer

    Is it just me or did Rhett trim his beard a little

  84. Kaiti Gorrell

    Just now realized Rhett is pulling a 2014 Harry Styles with that hair

  85. Darby’s Disney Dreams

    LINK! You dork! I love you ❤️🤓

  86. Crispy Chrispen Chrispers

    Yeah I knew Link would never steal 😂

  87. andrea_20306

    Link and I share a birthday, so I'm always excited about Link's birthday episode every year 😊

  88. Malakah Bishara

    Thanks for clarifying you weren’t on link’s honeymoon, Rhett

  89. PotionBird

    " i BuRnT mY fOoT oN mY gEoRgE fOrEmAn GrIlL "

  90. Kian Tobin

    Happy Birthday, Link!!!

  91. Sir Frederick

    another 7 years, Damn were old.

  92. Carol

    With all of this *gestures wildly around* going on, I will never take an studio episode of GMM for granted ever again.

  93. Mr. D

    Happy birthday link 😃 🎂

  94. Dory Explory

    Barbara literally looks like a puppet. She doesn't move or act like a dog it's so weird. Anyone agree?

  95. aninvertedtoaster

    It’s a thing!

  96. Jessica Sutherland


  97. Crispy Chrispen Chrispers

    June 1, 2020- Happy birthday Link! 🎂

  98. MrShenhai

    Happy birthday, Link!

  99. TGabrielC13

    What a fantastic reunion episode. Made my day

  100. Mike Provenzano

    ... will disappear after a certain time. They may still be typing