10 Most Powerful Mastiff Dog Breeds



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    Majestic. Massive. Muscular. Mastiffs are among some of the oldest breeds known to humans.
    They feature in legend, as well as recorded history,
    and were among the first canines to accompany humans on their migrations across the globe.
    Mastiffs have been used as guard dogs, war dogs, and fighting dogs throughout the ages.
    The mastiff family is full of powerful breeds, each with its own unique personality.
    Today They come from all over the world, and although they are similar to each other in many ways,
    each has subtle differences due to where it originated and the purpose it was bred for.
    in this video we have listet 10 of them that are Most Powerful and Most Similar to their Ancient Ancestors
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    1. ayoub 04

      The presa cannario is the best 🔥🔥and boerboel ❤❤

    2. David Duthie

      Good list on the whole but you can't please every one

    3. Sidrung Kapun


    4. radu florin

      I have a cane corso and a rottweiler.

    5. Carole Adams

      Cane corso

    6. Chuy Garcia

      All of them but the bull mastiff

    7. Phantom Imobility

      Were the 🇵🇭Mastiff 😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Loveneesh Ruhil

      French mastiffs # 1

    9. Manny Rodriguez

      Boerboel's is a breed of different mastiff's brought to Africa by Europeans

    10. goofy t n u c

      The Boerboel and Tosa are the heavy weight, the pressa and cane corso the middle weight champions most of the others are family pets inbred unfit ..

    11. Ophiophagus Hanah

      Change the titel to My choice of Mastiff Dogs! Funny that your ancient history start with roman empire thereof the breeds of ancient mastiffs, study more exhibit less!

    12. J Martinez

      Boerbel,then Presa Canario, then tossup between bull Mastiff and Cane Corso!! Tibetan Mastiff are huge!!! But I'm judging on agility with pound per pound!! Brut strength is not what wins fights or enables protective ability in dogs! It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog!!

    13. Johnny Simmons

      DOGO Argentina...K9 perfection. But I get the logic behind the content of the list. The amazing DOGO has only been around since 1929 and just recognized here in the States by the AKC this year. Always like hearing some of the history behind those older Mossler breeds..Very well done.

    14. Naitik Gandhi

      They forgot Indian mastif the bully kutta

    15. Akvaryum Dünyası


    16. Yung Kills

      Presa Canarios are the best

    17. Ben Dover

      I own a cane corso, she is very overprotective and spoiled plus clingy but she is my buddy


      Where is argentine mastiff

    19. Mike Eaton

      I once read an experts opinion who said “ no matter your dogs breed the Tosa Inu will dominate it in a fight. He also said the Fila is the best personal protection dog. Not my opinion. I’m not an expert.

    20. Harmony Vlogs

      Like if you are italian and you have the cane corso

    21. petre nikolov

      Where is rottweiler hello? 3d most powerful dog in the world I have a rottie and i got hurt by not counting in the rotties

    22. Loki_Cane_Corso_ Italiano

      Majestic beauty in deed!! ♥️

    23. msgottaneedtoknow

      They forget the Caucasian Mastiff. I have two Cane Corso’s- great dogs.

      1. Rakesh Singh

        What is ur whatsapp number ?

      2. Rakesh Singh

        msgottaneedtoknow I LOVE CAUCASIAN SHEPARD DOG.

    24. CUP HEAD

      Man... WHERE’S ROTTWEILER?????

    25. Eleni Papadopoulou

      Presa Canario!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Albany Galloway

      Boredoel, Corso, Bullmastiff. In that order.

    27. andrew19682008

      Boerboel, presa canario,cane corso, dogo Argentino.

      1. Mustafa Bey

        Awesome Family!!

    28. Harry Spaans

      Cane corso is the favoriet for me

    29. Rahul Kabir

      Tibetan MASTIFF..SS are the best.. They are 💪powerful most active and fearless dogs 🐶🐩

    30. Ish The Fish

      One day I was grooming my American Akita, and there is a Pitbull next door, the Pitbull jumped over the fence and lunged for my Akita. But luckily his long hair saved him. And he absolutely wrecked the Pitbull after the Pitbull lunged at him.

    31. Graham Stewart

      Personally i like the Italian mastiff

    32. Gaming Stars

      Make a vid about the american bandogge pls

    33. Tyrone norfleet Norfleet

      I put my 160 pound PRESA CANARIO up against any DOG ALIVE

      1. Loki_Cane_Corso_ Italiano

        That's the most absurd shit comment ever. Id put my dog up against, no dog, i love my dog

    34. Ty Diezel

      I own 2 year old Dogue de Bordeaux and I wouldn't have any other breed it's is a bigger APBT the best breed you could have

    35. Zachary Williams

      My bullmastiff was the best dog I ever had. Poor guy got really sick and had to be put down.

      1. msgottaneedtoknow


      2. Tyrone norfleet Norfleet

        Bull Mastiff barely live pass 5 years

    36. Master Tiger

      Do kangle vs chow chow

    37. Bert Hendricks

      If had 2 mastino napoletano dogs and I'm getting the 3rd Wan this may. If you want a loyal friend and family protecter the mastino napoletano is a great dog they are very friendly to other people and dogs but they will defend your home and family with their life. If you are an first time dog Oner don't take this dog. They need a an experienced Oner that has been having big dogs before otherwise they can be overprotective of the family 👪 and the other dogs and pets. They are yently giants if raised in the right way

    38. Victorious7 One

      I own a Boerboel who's 150lbs solid muscle and Amazing. His name MONSTER I don't want anything else.

      1. Victorious7 One

        How old is your Boerboel??

      2. Victorious7 One

        No , I don't feed raw because I don't want to risk him of getting any food bacteria in his system. I also have a Bulldog mix pittbull, he's only one years old and weighs in at 90lbs. He's also Amazing.

      3. Elena Dejesus

        Hi Victorious, at 150lbs. your Boeroel sounds like it could run a marathon. I like that you're happy with it's weight. Alot of people want bigger and bigger all the time at the expense of the animal. Not very good for the animal. At 150 lbs. He or she should do almost anything! Good luck with your baby. Do you feed raw???????

    39. Victorious7 One

      South African boerboel #1

    40. Stephen Nicholson

      Love my bullmastiff, and my sister has a South African mastiff, they are great to watch when they play.

    41. L B

      Being South African my favourite is the Boerboel because I think it's the most balanced dog but the Cane Corso and Canary mastiff are equally as stunning imo

      1. Daniel Butler Kelly

        Gotta Agree with you there

    42. sergioreinert

      You totally forgot the Brazilian Mastiff / Fila Brasileiro ! It's a real old bread and very powerful

    43. Ryan Myers

      I love my Cane Corso.. I was interested in a press and boerbel, but the day after I decided I wanted a Cane Corso, I found a 6 month old puppy dying I'm the street. So fate made my choice and he's amazing!!

      1. Lonely Af

        Ryan Myers Thats so nice of you , take good care of it ❤️

    44. Antowne Mercer

      For me it's only two i would own on this list. They are the most intelligent of the Mastiff family. Cane Corso and South African Boreboel.

      1. Antowne Mercer

        @TYLER1_PLAY_VARIETY Bye Felicia 🖐....


        @Antowne Mercer Your first original comment states, '' They are the most intelligent of the Mastiff family. ''

      3. Antowne Mercer

        @TYLER1_PLAY_VARIETY My comment clearly says "On This List" it's ok though. I'm over it and i hope u are too.


        @Antowne Mercer Ah, you said mastiff family rather than in the video.

      5. Antowne Mercer

        @TYLER1_PLAY_VARIETY U are correct Rottweilers come in #9 for intelligents of all dog breeds. I've owned 2 of them personally and they are a fantastic breed. I was speaking of the list of Mastiffs on this particular video.

    45. Karen Mullen

      You asked which is my favorite? I could not tell you which is my favorite of these dogs... I just love a big square headed, muscular dog, that's all. Oh, but the Neo is out definitely, because he is a dog that just has TOO MUCH SKIN and I never could stand hugging and patting a dog that had such an excess of loose flesh. I would certainly help one if it needed me but I wouldn't choose one for a pet

    46. Da calculator Kid


    47. Adam Jaki

      Were is ca de boo??

    48. dino S

      I lived with a neo and it was an absolute gentle giant

    49. dino S

      French , South African and bull are my favorites. Love the coat color on the French especially

    50. dino S

      Where is the Kangol that's the most powerful bite force in any dog

    51. Mike Jones

      Pitbull and dogo could kick half of these big dogs ass on the list sad

    52. Alberto Campos Campos

      you forgot to quote the brazilian mastin (Fila Brasileiro) . Considered the best watchdog in the world !


      The Dogo Argentino is missing definitely, this breed is the perfect combination between power, heavy bones, muscles, agility, self confidence, afective dog, and courage! It has the precise size for the function as a catch dog. In my opinion actually the neapolitan mastiff is not anymore a functional breed, to slow, and a lot of skin problems and diseases.

    54. cheapest dogs puppies

      Birileant video ossm sir

    55. david caplan

      this video actually showed Kangals , but, did not include them . worthless

    56. Anarchsis

      My Neo had less skin, big bones, quick reaction to unusual noises and a bad attitude, and I loved her and miss her more than any of my other dogs.

    57. TONY Harris

      I like all Mastiff I like, I mean Corsos the best but bullmastiff boerboels longest are in the Mastiff family they are all the same to me good job I like them all

    58. Timur Lenk

      Top de 2 bani

    59. Stewart Clercent

      African mastiff is the best to me

    60. Kevin King

      Biggest mastiff, ENGLISH. Meanest mastiff, Tibetan mastiff. Tibetan mastiff my favorite. It can reach 200 lbs. English mastiff can reach 300 lbs . That's just too big.