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    Welcome you are on my vlog channel not my main beauty channel which is Laura88Lee.
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    1. Laura Lee Vlogs

      updating you guys on my life ILY YOU

      1. Jenna Mann

        LOVE YOU

      2. Connie Haun

        Your so amazing and down to earth luv ya ❤️

      3. Stephanie Gunnison

        Laura Lee Vlogs ily2!! ❤️❤️❤️

      4. Cynthia Heath

        I love the family feeling of the way you guys are videoing now days!

      5. Aishwarya Gupta

        I love the old good Laura stuff

    2. Andrea Zeron

      I totally agree with how you said you generate positive vibes to us by posting your videos!! This happens to me after I watch your videos I feel so hype and pumped. Lol idk why!

    3. Rachel Sabo

      I'm just watching this video and this is my favorite look ever!!! I would wear this everyday. Would you please please pleaseeeee tell us what makeup your wearing (especially eyeshadow) and tan 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 You look so gorge ❤️

    4. Guadalupe Pina

      Omg I thought the beeping noise was coming from my house!!! 😂 tiny panic moment considering I’m alone 😂 I’m catching up on your videos I’ve somehow missed!! Love you Laura ❤️

    5. lana stanberry

      Good for you laura.Its great that you are doing you and your family.No shame in that girl.I think you are great.

    6. Leslie Thornton

      I love the way you rise above all and set your focus on positive family vibes...when you can help you obviously do!!! Love you eryn!!! God’s speed y’all!!!

    7. P. Williams

      Why don't you do comedy on here?! I'd love to see!

    8. Michelle binion

      I know this videos old but O My Goodness you look absolutely stunning. You always look beautiful but this whole look just fits you so well. The hair, the makeup, the top, sooo pretty 💕

    9. Amy White LTC

      Cant wait to see your journey with Erin💜💜💜

    10. Leanne Smith

      I just got my eyeshadow palette from Laura lee.its called party animal.i love it so much.

    11. Marichela

      Wow I really like what you said about Law attraction. 👍

    12. Liz Hernandez

      I would love to see you do the brenda and shirley show again

    13. Rita Callahan

      I am a Virgo as well!

    14. Veronica Rocha

      You did a little camio on Manny's Feti you look beautiful like always. Luv u muñeca chula*;0)

    15. savage chick

      Your life is my dream awww i wish i knew you💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

    16. Sher Bee

      I loved this video. Laura you are so darn pretty!! I have loved the videos focusing more on you and the family. Does your family ever get to come visit you in LA?

    17. Adrianna Reyes

      yesssss #VirgoQueens

    18. Jenna Mann


    19. Donna Rinehart

      Thanks Laura, I enjoyed getting to know more about you!

    20. Marine lab

      I love the brown curly hair, so "Italian" glamour!

    21. Myreebytheway Okayy

      Comfy Sunday don’t like u y’all got 🥩

    22. Emily Hall

      Virgo ♍️ crew

    23. Jessica K-B

      Yes, can you please do a video on why you and Tyler adopted Erin. 😘 xoxo

    24. Diana

      Great getting to know you!💕 What lashes are you wearing? So pretty! Love the eye look as well

    25. Heather Hernandez

      Great getting to know you more

    26. Candi

      “Are you a MNselr” 😑

    27. Chelsea W

      ugh need to know where this shirt is from

    28. Maria Del Cid

      This video made me love you more ♥️♥️ I know God will keep on blessing you! You have such a beautiful goofy soul!

    29. Patita


    30. Joanne Wall

      you should write your own book cause you said you like writing

    31. Danielle Maynard

      I'm so very proud of you, my love!! You have come such a long way! Love you!!

    32. Jazmyn Avila

      I love you Laura!!! You're so amazing 💗💓

    33. Miranda Mangino

      When’s your birthday?? #virgos❤️

    34. Blue Poca Erica Faith

      My husband and I are happily married for years and no children. Its just not for everyone. And thats ok.

    35. Stephanie

      Please do the story about Eryn living with you! 💝

    36. TatiLoveCakes C

      Laughing Everytime I hear the beeping sound from Ty. It should be a drinking game Everytime you hear it take a shot/drink haha

    37. Laura Mann

      It's great to see you focusing more on yourself and your family! This whole video has such a sincere and genuine vibe to it and your heart is being clearly seen! Keep sending your positive vibes out, more people need to see and feel that!! 💕💕

    38. cretia layton

      I like that quote... thanks 😊

    39. Brandie Adkins


    40. deathbat babe

      I love the message at the end, girl!

    41. beverley steele

      a virgo gurl you are a total control freak as well as all the what will be will be attitude I know virgo lol from a scorpio gurl

    42. beverley steele

      Ross Geller PIVOT,PIVOT I love that word

    43. Brookelyn Wilcox

      Girl, look at that tan!!! 🔥😍

    44. Tasha small

      next to shopping your brand is a soundcloud link lol

    45. Melissa Rubeo

      Hi!!! :) does anyone know what kind of hair extensions she wears? Clip in/tape etc? Thanks :)

    46. Taylah Freeman

      What are those lashes you're wearing in this video?! They are gorgeous!!!! 😍

    47. April Snow

      I personally think you and ty would make wonderful parents one day if you ever change your mind about kids, you both seem like such naturals with Eryn🧡

    48. Liliya Deryabina

      Love you Laura ❤️

    49. Mariah Simonson

      I really want to see a video about Erin! And a video about all four cats stories!

    50. Angela Torres

      Awesome Thank you Beautiful

    51. Amby TheTruth

      Ur message at the end tho!! 🙏🙏 I wish everyone on earth could UNDERSTAND this...not just HEAR it but UNDERSTAND really internalize what that means!! Ur thoughts create ur change ur thoughts! Think positive and positive WILL happen for u!! 💞💞💞

    52. Jamie Woody

      I have three cats and my house is carpet I can’t vacuum enough

    53. Sweety Pie

      "A butterfly is proof that you can go through darkness and still come out beautiful" my fav quote :) from one Virgo to another

    54. Georgette Castillion

      Love you Laura! Spread that positivity girl! -xo

    55. Michelle Guerra

      Love your vibe ❤❤❤ love you so much!!

    56. Merna Banoub

      Absolutely loved this one and i love you lauraaa It made me want to meet you in real life and joke 24/7

    57. Zainab Aguilar

      Your wedding story is literally me and my husband that’s so weird

    58. Alexis Naylor

      Holy crap you look like the laura from your first videos in this video.😐

    59. Katt Taylor

      You seem so much more you in this video than I have seen you be in any main channel video in a long time.

    60. Sabrina_Marie

      Didn’t even know you had a vlog channel but glad I found it. Can’t wait to binge watch videos now haha and I love how honest and open you are. Loved getting to know you more with this video 💘