Black people will say anything while roasting



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    1. PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS


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      2. FlickerTip 1

        @Joseph Vernon bro chiiil it's just comments

      3. Joseph Vernon

        You don’t deserve the 13k likes you literally laughed😡

      4. FlickerTip 1

        Brooo this man funny it's true tho

    2. angelisland


    3. Aaron Carr

      Word lmao. That vibe though lmao

    4. Michael Kristman

      Ummmmmm ok

    5. Foue

      shrimp scampi

    6. Benjuicy

      Black people logic

    7. TheTruth 7


    8. iona stovall

      I swear this how me and my brother roast sessions be...nigga be ready to fight when u hit em with the cough..😂

    9. Basket Of Kisses

      This is dedass 😂💀

    10. Anthony Saldivar

      We gonna ignore the fact that this nigga lowkey got vocals

    11. AtypicalWeirdo

      “I’m on yo Industrial Revolution, Great Depression, Missouri Compromise lookin’”

    12. LeonTheSavageMage

      0:35 and 0:47 are the best ones lol

    13. CuddlesCareBear

      "Boi I know you not talkin' " is the correct way to engage in a "Lookin' ass" Battle

    14. Slangin7.62

      That nigga said Missouri Compromise!!!!


      Me and my friend

    16. EmperorOfDance

      Wtf this is exactly how my hispanic friend roasts people

    17. Lilxayxay 1400

      When he said Y=mx+b y-intercept looking ass. I Felt that.

    18. FDNY101202

      That knife hand went hard. Lemme find out Griffy is prior service.

    19. MaddyFlipz

      2+2 not knowing wtf it is having aaaaa


      "Dont let me get on yo 😮😮😮😮😮😮 lookin ass"

    21. Batos

      Why say personal insult shit when you can confuse your opponent with random words in a argument

    22. Android -

      The guy who wear glasses he singed am I right

    23. izet hoxha

      You gap teeth having ass 😂😂😂

    24. Alan Reyes

      True this black kid said toaster strudel hot Cheeto lookin ass

    25. PsychoGames HD

      So does he do all the rolls as one person before changing or does he change to the other person after each roast?

    26. Jonathon Toney

      Dont let me get on your 😐 face looking ass

    27. Brian Thorne


    28. Hashir Haja Mohideen

      Y=mx+b The heck is tht doing in a roast convo😂🤣😂🤣

    29. Noochy

      This guy can spit facts about anything

    30. beeeennnnnnn

      This is how it be sometimes lmfao

    31. Christopher Torres

      Similes and comparisons are the lowest forms of comedy that everybody enjoys...

    32. Adam Grace

      me: Uh, dude your name in fortnite is looking ass. My friend: oh 0_____________________0 right u, I was uh , I was uh, uhhhh, errr lets do duos

    33. Adam Grace

      Me:hi looking ass. My friend: blue whale tomato town landing taco bell eating dusty crusty musty looking ass

    34. Tom's Gaming

      Literally everyone at lunch

    35. lock heart

      If you don't git cho 2+2=4 lookin self...

    36. Dormio Vibes

      The only thing missin from this video is the crowd in the back goin OOOOHHHHH

    37. Cory Mathews

      I understood it all lol

    38. Spiritual McCalla

      Y=mx+b....i hated those school days 😂😂

    39. Tyson Nelson


    40. Ignacio Acosta

      This nigga funny as hell 😂

    41. Huncho Tee

      This really how it be

    42. Ryan

      Lmao my friends and I used to that shit we used to be looking around the classroom like sayin shit off of posters💀

    43. Toni Odejimi


    44. cerberus

      how to speak black end your sentences with ass

    45. Kay 2kray

      Thee accuracy 🤣 this is how they sound in Chicago 😂

    46. Koba TheDon

      I'm telling you #Griffy is a #GENIUS 😂😂😂💪💪💪💪💪

    47. HxA California

      The last part was funny.

    48. Michael Moye

      Bro when he said 🗿 I felt that

    49. Sparrow Dart

      Taking it too far now...WHAT?!😂😂

    50. Enchanting Mariã Spirõt

      🤚Black people will say anything while roasting, face ass

    51. FN rxked

      100% accurate

    52. David De La Cruz

      Mcchicken head ass hold the lettuce 😂

    53. Falcon2Point0

      Noww this is a story all about how LongBeachGriffy would saying anything while roasting

    54. Joachen Busch

      Lol I legit use that y = mx + b as a roast too

    55. Michael Hill


    56. is that a chicken?


    57. Big Mo

      Y-intercept looking ass 😂😂

    58. D F

      Oh dont let me get on yo nick at nite fresh Prince of Bel-Air after 11 o'clock headass

    59. Big Smoke

      When he said y=Mx+b I felt that

    60. Project K

      “You must have thought you were safe?” *these words terrify me*