Chris Paul Dives Deep on Getting Traded, Lob City, and Donald Sterling | Laugh Out Loud Network

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    Chris Paul is finally NOT the shortest man in the room. That’s right - Cold as Balls is back just in time for banana boat season with the legend CP3 himself. Watch him tell Kevin all about the Donald Sterling saga, the end of Lob City, coaching Kevin’s son, and what really went down on that banana boat…
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    1. LOL Network

      Season 3 is HEREEE!! Who do you hope is on this season?

      1. Martin kitos Hermosillo

        Kobe Bryant

      2. Cory Smith

        Stephen curry

      3. Martin kitos Hermosillo

        The rock

      4. Martin kitos Hermosillo

        Kobe Bryant

      5. Martin kitos Hermosillo

        The rock or Kobe Bryant

    2. M . E

      Here after Chris Paul snitched

    3. TheFlyWahine

      You could ask Zlatan Ibrahimovich european sockerplayer. cool kid etc.

    4. Coltyn Dominguez

      Kevin Hart has more MVP's than Chris Paul

    5. Jonny Era

      Kevin needs to get LBJ on here

    6. Young June productions

      Kevin hart and Chris Paul are in good shape

    7. Greg Skinner

      i thought i really got em 😂😂😂

    8. Greg Skinner

      pastor jenkins gave us 47

    9. Javier Martinez

      Lmao bi-racial hand

    10. Iy0ndK

      chris paul or eric bledsoe for fantasy??

    11. Edward Nguy3n


    12. Matt F


    13. Wale Ah

      Career you had over 15000. Nooooo!! Oh i mixed them up, pastor jenkins had 15000. Hahahhaha. Man how people not talk about the best part.

    14. maniraho didier

      invite dave chappelle or travor noah

    15. Hüseyin İşçemen

      Please can you meet Kobe Bryant and after that lebron james because we wanna watch this

    16. Patrik lagoni

      I cant stress this enough... Bam Bam and Darrol are KEY to this

      1. Veon Ray


    17. Low Down

      I thought he was saying White Hen lol

    18. Roni 5st

      Charles Barkley and Shaq would be cool show lol 😂

    19. Alex Bratcher

      Biracial hand. Where's white hand??

    20. Jennifer Graham

      "Mixed hand" 😂😂😂 Looks like White Hand got fired.

    21. Kristian Williams

      Chris Paul went from being nipple deep in the tub 2:55 to waist high seconds later 🤔

    22. Kyle Withter

      Get lebron james on the show

    23. SPFCasual

      1:33 i thought he said "who is this mick's hand back here" and i was dying laughing

    24. Vinh kopa

      Kevin hart bring lbj to the show

    25. Mandela The Man


    26. Drew Bravo

      3 years ago I'm at a golf tournament in Greensboro N.C. minding my own business, having a smoke break. Chris Paul driving a golf cart (by himself) parked it next to me and asked where Tiger Woods was. I asked him to sign my program, which he did without any attitude.

    27. Mandela The Man

      I can’t do the banana boat either way, lord knows I’d love to....but I couldn’t, it would be contrary to my intended long term goal at this time....

    28. dD Lithuania

      Imagine if white guy had a show like this one and he had black hand as a joke...

      1. _ Deonta

        Does white hand offend you?

    29. Humberto Martin

      I can't imagine why players have a hard time getting along with Chris Paul...🙄

    30. broth6

      Kevin: how are you doing today CP: I can't *complain* and yourself? Everyone: 😏

    31. Chilli Dawg

      for some reason when seeing Chris Paul was in the video i was thinking they were the same height

    32. Ross Sherman

      Chris Paul is so competitive that he managed to get Kevin to get all the way into the tub. I don't think Kevin has ever gone that far in before.

    33. Conor Mageean

      10:14 “I tell you all the time about me in the church league. We made it to the finals against Christian Bale.” Lmao

    34. Isaac Alston

      The Pastor was moving weight in the church. Lol🤣😂

    35. Jay Young


    36. Chrstiana A.

      I still don’t understand the banana boat story 😂😂

    37. Kevin Douglas

      You don’t rush me I run this 😂😂😂

    38. Aeron Peets/ APKM Studios

      Mixed hand today and whoever decision was that is fking fired 💀😆🤣🤣

    39. DrewHustle 2


    40. DrewHustle 2

      Can yu please do Kevin Durant