David Dobrik Confesses His Crush On Natalie In This Sour Candy Challenge | Suck It Up



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    MNsel stars David Dobrik and Natalie Noel visit Delish to play Suck It Up. David answers "Never have I ever..." questions about his MNsel pranks, vlog squad, if he'll ever change his hairstyle, and his crush on Natalie-all while eating Warheads, Toxic Waste, and the most sour candy in the world: a Delish creation 😈.
    “America’s Most Musical Family” premieres Friday, Nov. 1, at 7:00 p.m. on Nickelodeon.
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    1. Delish

      Who's brave enough to try this next?? 👇

      1. Disasterfb Reviews


      2. Owna Lumapak

        liza koshy maybe???????

      3. Averie and Renae Aka besties


      4. Emma Graybeal

        I love sour candy

      5. Infinity1342

        Meeeeee I want to try this just for the last candy

    2. yosh rosalda

      honestly LIZA KOSHY is better :) *facts* i still cant get over that the fact that they broke upppp

    3. lindon petch

      Toxic waste isnt sour

    4. Robbie Mcleod

      Toxic wastes are nothing there nice

    5. Salvador Mendez

      Dude, Natalie is gorgeous.

    6. Theodore Villapeña

      This is like a mix of "Spill your guts or fill your guts" and "Hot Ones" but sour lmaoo

    7. Nia_rd 17

      Anyone else like do NOT ship david and natalie

    8. Eleni Georgioudakis

      i love how this was posted the same exact day the video where he had a blind date with a fan

    9. JuanDUB

      Man I have eaten so many toxic waste and never effects me

    10. Rocky Longhair

      but im still waiting for him and liza to get back together, you know find the mayonnaise 🥺

    11. OBEY -_-

      Is it just me or every time david does his sour face gets uncomfortable when they zoom in in slo-mo?

    12. Simone Dawson

      Do you want to date back liza

    13. Grace da Costa

      David’s gag refer is really working here

    14. Brayden Lorentzen


    15. madison

      Lmao Natalie just looked confused

    16. rachey .

      Okay but like I’m really sorry, but for some reason I still ship David with Liza-

      1. rachey .

        MJ I absolutely support them! But I support Liza with David mostly. David and Natalie are great as just friends, and as workers. :>

      2. MJ

        It is what it is just be happy for the both of them. Support them.❤

      3. Georgette Paul

        They don’t talk🥺

      4. Amy Brown

        Don’t apologize hun we do too😢

      5. Jenna Yesha

        I still ship them so hard and hope for them to get back together but I'll be happy if they're both happy whether together or with separate people (just would be happier if they were with each other)

    17. Zoey Kidwai

      "Have you ever been forced to pull a video down" Me: Danielle Brigolle (or however you spell her name)

    18. xXSOOWIEXx 925

      Spitters are quitters 🤣🤣

    19. Heather B. Denture DiVa

      Him and Natalie will get married one day. It's obvious

    20. Xx Crystal amigos xX

      how do you think liza fells

    21. FroDBun

      Dave shot himself with a paint ball gun

    22. Kalpana Chadha

      The pic at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> looks like Cody ko

    23. Daniela Alejandra

      I love sour candy so much that I salivated the whole time 😂😂😂 I wanna eat them 😭😭

    24. Dj tigersharky

      Spitters are quiters so what about during sex😂 (sorry for bad english

    25. Addi Elizabeth

      If him and Natalie get together I will be sooooo mad because I’m still waiting for him and Liza to get back together Edit: omg thank you for the likes

    26. Alberto Rodriguez

      These two are definitely in love But they also share a great frienship Wich they both cherish and wish to keep

    27. Milk Sky

      So is no one gonna talk about Liza?

    28. Elizabeth Owens

      David and Liza for ever!!! They need that mayo to spread!! Ppl come onnn

    29. a.m Fahad

      Can someone tell me names of sour candy in video. I love sour candies.

      1. Y Something

        a.m Fahad tell me too

    30. Waylon Elliott

      My mouth felt sour watching this

    31. ioicrissy

      My sensitive ass teeth could never

    32. Kenzie Williams

      👍👍👍👍 David whisper it's not bad 2 second laterahhh it got worse

    33. Nugget Normore

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> most nervous laugh ever 😂

    34. xxhersheiixx

      I'm sorry but...nooooo!!!!!I love you David but nope...I root for K+D

    35. james Hua

      I am asian try Citrix acid next time

    36. Angelo Bonilla

      Natalie is so pretty

    37. i V

      Please please please tell me you can get that last one in a store. I love sour things I want it so bad!!!!

    38. Joshua Garcia

      they should date

    39. Kaia Posner

      liza is punching the air right now

    40. Baller Boys

      Omg I love David do much

    41. lo lo life

      David : spitters are quitters <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="359">5:59</a> spits out candy

    42. EX0S0FT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="222">3:42</a> wth

    43. Reese Ortega

      How bout Liza!?

    44. ItzRoyalNate

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> when my crush says hi to me during lunch ...

    45. Sara Kristensen

      I have a heat cover., its all orange bc ive watched all his vids ;)

    46. Nothingto seehere

      when David said spitters are quitters I thought of Corinna. Does that make me a bad person?

    47. Optimus Bryce

      why is david such a pussy?

    48. joaquin fernandez

      is it just me or can u feel the sour ness

    49. Smash Bro

      He should’ve had a miracle berry before the episode

    50. Arely Hernandez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="373">6:13</a> swallowers are followers

    51. Zach Powell

      spitters are quitters he said that after he just spit toxic waste

    52. Halima Mughal

      The entire time I watched this, my mouth felt like I was eating the candy like it kept watering and I----

    53. Levi Conners

      THEY DIDNT ACCEPT HIS SHOW?!???!????!? netflix=retards

    54. R_lork

      idk if u belive me but i eat warheads candy like normal candy

    55. Lee Naeyon

      L I Z A

    56. Carol Santos

      I'm crying I miss him with lizza

    57. libby mae

      since when have they known each other for so long

    58. libby mae

      this must’ve devastated liza 🥺

    59. Niall O’Boyle

      I’m pretty sure I would eat all them sour candies, sour candy is so good

    60. Katherine Kenya

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> “ David: “Haaaalp”

    61. Dylan Rees-Coshan

      He’s so bad at sour candies

    62. Phimploy Reuanglit

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a> awwwwwe Toby!!

    63. Matthew Fox

      Rip 14 y/o fan girls

    64. Joe Wingfield

      David: hooked up w a fan 14yo girls: *SO THERES HOPE*

      1. Ashlynn Terrana

        Illegal hope

      2. Marlo Solowiej

        I'm deadd

    65. Shottgum

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="224">3:44</a> poggers

    66. Daain Muhammad

      I ate two packet of sour skittles last night, there actually sweet to me, I love sour food, #corona #stayhome #staysafe

    67. Boombooms

      is anyone else mouth is watering? no? just me? ok.

    68. Ngesur Victor


    69. suheidy vega

      2020 Natalie and david are dating

    70. Odie The Spanglish Macaw

      You too will end up together I think whats stopping you guys is if it doesn’t work out it will ruin the friendship!

    71. Azahara Jorgge


    72. tori taylor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="189">3:09</a> brooo that look she gives him....

    73. l i l y r a m a

      *shes in here* ~nervous laugh~

    74. Allison Hu

      nobody: david when eating sour candy: is about to throw up natalie: trying to figure out what is happening in her mouth

    75. ochiain3

      the slow mo sort of just killed it

    76. Spence •

      He has shot himsef with a paintball gun

    77. Brke Boy Kuso

      Yall should sell that candy yall made

    78. YTN AARON

      My mouth got really watery 😂❕

    79. Ryan Ahrens

      I don't think they've ever hooked up, but I think they want to, but don't wanna risk their friendship

      1. Maxxnake

        Ryan Ahrens have you watched the most recent vlog???

    80. Ryan T

      He’s a pussy