DJ Khaled - Jealous (Audio) ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big Sean



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    "Father Of Asahd" available at
    DJ Khaled online:
    (C) 2019 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. Kelby Gunwall

      Y'all out here for the vocals, but I fw Tay Keith on the beat 🔥🔥

    2. Marii _

      So who else came here for Chris brown????

    3. Linda Stav

      Who here in 2020 🤪🤩

    4. Aqueelah Faulkner

      Chris Brown voice tho sexy asf lol lil Wayne just cutie 💯💓

    5. Palmieri

      Is no one gonna talk about big Sean

    6. Trey Gachette

      3:13 🔥

    7. Palmieri

      I’m here for Lil Wayne and Big Sean

    8. iAlpha Zero

      Justin Bieber instead of big Sean would have been better.

    9. odds ins

      I told my girlfriend to listen to this song when her friends be hating it didn’t work

    10. Catherine Victoria Vellucci Fleissig

      Salve do Brasil

    11. Mann Jassi

      Need to collaborate

    12. blee

      Who's here for weezy f baby🤘

    13. julius Allimant

      i love this song its fire i listen to it when im happy and i dance to this song

    14. Eduardo. P Pereira

      Sou sei fã Chris

    15. Marty Harris


    16. Alijah Brownlee

      I came for lil Wayne part🙌🏾🥵

    17. LiangHuBBB

      we da best

    18. SidTV25

      Khaled dropped the hottest song of 2014 in 2019.

    19. Zoe Klaput

      super leuk liedje Jealous

    20. ExtraordinaryIAM

      Wayne make songs lit

    21. shandy shand

      Chris Brown is the Mother fucking best ❤️

    22. Zoe Klaput


    23. Chris The Inkling [MDC30MUSIC]

      Am I the only one that thought this was produced by Mustard ?

    24. Drip Too Hard

      Well produced song

    25. Charlsie Stevens

      Dope song

    26. จู จูเล๋า อาดัม


    27. จู จูเล๋า อาดัม


    28. Janessa Bostic

      Yo this song is 🔥 lit

    29. LiangHuBBB

      we da best music aight

    30. June Bell

      Nice Name Sean Taylor

    31. Jaylon Griffin

      CB you're my profile for a reason

    32. Binish Babu

      iversely proportional

    33. Justine Wade

      Bad song 💕 dj caled

    34. Mx of MFK

      Why is Dj Khaled putting some of his music videos off youtube ?

    35. Arcangel Brown

      My new song “Todo Cambio”

    36. iqra rashid

      love chris 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷💏🤰

    37. Irina Miklashevskaya

      hahaha jelosy is dessis you can die mad hahah what the hell :/ hahah

    38. Jazlyn Ricks

      My favorite part is the begging shen chris brown says:jealous jealous ohhhh dont wanna together gether u need somebody babe u need some body babe

    39. BrainyBombShell

      Big Sean sounds like he hates his life but does this for fun and money!

    40. Rugiatu Kamara

      Asahd is so cute 😝

    41. TonyPlaysYT x

      ? I’m gonna was I’ll

    42. jake Pavao

      I would so fight dj khaled 😈 and win

    43. Indy Nasya


    44. mia castillo

      chris brown is just the goat tbh 🤩

    45. Mira Bombar

      Another one !! 💯

    46. MrVolcomclassic

      Go to Vegas Drais. Sounds lit as shit when they played it.

    47. mahina mclintock

      I Luv Breezy, Weezy & Big Sean DJ KHALID REALLY BRINGS THA FIRE

    48. Q the Pharaoh

      Waiting for some one to do a mash up to DJ Khalad "Jealous" and Tupac "Sucka 4 Luv" now.

    49. eugene smith

      I can hear Bieber singing this instead of breezy for sum reason.. 🤔

    50. Robbie Wyatt

      Shouldn’t g easy be a feature next???? Or no?

    51. Franz Muriel


    52. Akanesi Aisea

      CBreezy and Weezy

    53. Deus guia


    54. Alvin Ranglong

      My bs song 🤘🤘🤘

    55. Chris The Inkling [MDC30MUSIC]

      Sounds like a DJ Mustard beat

    56. นวพร สุริย์วงษ์


    57. lauren


    58. Samuel Goggins

      DJ Khaled ur a GOAT 💜💜💜💜

    59. sikhumbuzo kunene

      The same squad from "How Many Times" (2015): Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Big Sean! Shit's 🔥

    60. Noah Weaver

      This song is sooooo slept on man.. this should be a hit like "You Stay"