Dog Reviews Food With Sister | Tucker Taste Test 16

Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn

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    Dog Reviews Food With Sister | Tucker Taste Test 16
    Tucker's sister Bubbles spent the weekend over for a play date / family reunion and Tucker told her she needed to join in on the taste testing fun! Bubbles loved every minute of it!
    What was your favorite part???
    Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!

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    1. Tucker Budzyn

      Henlo frens! Linda is still not feeling well, but worked really hard to edit this video. We hope you enjoy! Thank you for being patient with us ❤️ Also, yes this is my blood sister Bubbles! Her tail is pink because she is a therapy dog for children with autism and they LOVE it! Don’t worry, the color is perfectly safe for doggos 🥰

      1. Connor M

        Ima try that with my doggo owen

      2. Deuce Bergeron

        Get well soon linda


        Also get well soon Linda I love her too😭


        I love u so much😘u so cute

      5. CheerGirl! PomPom

        I was wondering that!! Also love ur videos! I watched this the day it came out and I’ve watched it so many times after that!!

    2. Carla Luna

      Thei are cleaning the pinutbuter of their fase,Not kissing, but I can understand beacose it dose look like thei are kissing.

    3. Manuel Chavarria

      Why does you dog have pink and purple on the tail or was it just there already

    4. Cecilia Doroz

      I love the highlights in their tails! Aww so cute!

    5. Lillian Thomason

      Wait why bubbles tail pink?😆

    6. Sienna Kim


    7. Ray-Ray_TheGamer _53

      2:34 WTH Well that’s not weird

    8. cupcake unicornuvu

      Dogs cleans each other's mouth with peanut butter

    9. Unicorns 8x

      I will die for both of them

    10. fireguyif74

      POOnut booter?

    11. Vienna Luu

      Why does she have a pigtail

      1. Vienna Luu


    12. Capri Rest

      Holy kekk oof Dudu they kiss oh GOD THEY LESBIAN -_- hate seeing tucker kiss someone

    13. Evy Bevy’s World

      Why does bubbles have a pink tail???

    14. Muzix Wrexer

      This ain't Alabama

    15. Stephanie Calderon

      Monkeys are related to us humans so it's like we're animals too but we call ourselves humans. Dogs can't put their paws on the plate but we can put our hand on the plate. It's pretty much the same thing

    16. wunna myint

      They where kissing I think

    17. cheng luo

      Wait I just realized loveee, intense kiss lol

    18. cheng luo

      Oh no Linda feel better, also u are so adorns, so funny. Oo ur sis have a pink tail

    19. Deuce Bergeron

      Get well soon Linda. We pray for you😥❤💖 and doggos

    20. Mas Life

      I was laughing so bad when they where liking each other after the peanut butter hope you get better Linda and hi Tuck

    21. Pierce Green

      Get well linda

    22. Pierce Green

      Nvm I was answerd

    23. Pierce Green

      Is the dog on the rights tail actually that color or did they do like a episode

    24. Invader Zim

      why is bubbles' tail pink?

    25. Vybez Arhmani

      Dogs are so cute

    26. Xxsodapop_ 27

      Why is the tail pink


      Omg this video is funny🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    28. Valentina Lopez


    29. ice Lotta

      Why is the dog's tall pink?

    30. Hemmy loves simba

      I like her pink tail

    31. Koen Saunders

      Wait why you s his tail pink

    32. Xx_YaBoy-Arthur_xX 6933

      Why is one of their tails pink?

    33. markkrahe

      2:29 QUIT KISSING!

    34. markkrahe

      1:23 pink tail

    35. Avacado

      2:36 are your dogs from Alabama?

    36. Lillian Tan

      Both: **licks each other’s tongue**

    37. Heather geruck

      They were having sex when they are the peanut butter

    38. Debra Benson

      Why do they have pink tails?

    39. DIY Abby

      Lol he so fricken cute with a pink tail, very gorgeous dogs🐕🐶I have a golden retriever pup, he is feisty

    40. Unknown Unknown

      1:28 Tucker Drooled

    41. ReXis T

      Rlly kissing

    42. Låzy Bøba

      Im sure the hair you meant is actually your carpet lol

    43. Tracey J

      Tucker is a big time humper and bubbles give you kiss

    44. Gacha COOKIE


    45. moya johnston

      tucker and bubbles are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute 😜☺

    46. ShadowSlayerz _

      2:45 - 2:52 how long was she holding that laugh for hold jesus

    47. Blue_Mask56 YT

      Why does Tucker's sister have a purple tail?

    48. minecraft is best Yeah

      2:38 they are kissing

    49. Hero Junior


    50. LittleDevil

      Wait... How in the world you can paint a dog’s tail?!

    51. GachaxzXloxserXzX XzX

      You should give them avocado 🥑

    52. littl boi d0g3

      does bubbles and ticker live in Alabama?

    53. Amber Duncan


    54. Plamobil horse lover 2.1

      Ooh that’s why she had a pink tail! Cause she’s a therapy dog! dog

    55. Sharon Mackinnon

      So cute

    56. Teagan W.

      Why is Tucker’s tail pink?

    57. Emanuela Lippa-Crawford

      One of them has a pink tale !!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    58. Felipe Nolasco

      PINK TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    59. Blizzard 76

      2:55 sweet home alabama

    60. Hector Saavedra

      Why is her tale pink