Dog Reviews Food With Puppy | Tucker Taste Test 15

Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn

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    Dog Reviews Food With Puppy | Tucker Taste Test 15
    Tucker's puppy pal Flutter was recently over for a play date, and she wanted to join in on the taste testing fun!
    What was your favorite part???
    Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!

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    1. Hosep Khachadurian


    2. Lilly Nuculovic

      She got them "fermented Tucker" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. Clementine Abele

      I love flutter she’s so sweet😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    4. Verity Lindsay

      Dogs can’t have lactose ;-;

    5. Rebel Cerberus

      Nobody: Regular dogs: Tucker: *C H I M K E N*

    6. Dr. Lytle

      Me on a weekend night whatching tucker: *turns around in bed* *hears a sound and starts watching more* Oh ill stay up for 10 more mins! *3am stilll watching tucker

    7. Bradley Hoff

      Funny and cute dogs

    8. Laura Williams


    9. Sunhee Cho

      Flutter is cute. My roblox character is fluttershy33628

    10. Sunhee Cho

      Flutter was like "nope" and got out of the bathtub

    11. Sunhee Cho

      Wow so rude

    12. shortgrass03

      HECK that’s so funny and cute!!!🐶🐶🐶

    13. Maria Dalton

      They are halarios🤣😂

    14. A A

      Stop wasting food like crud its crude and your not a stud

    15. A A

      Stop feeding cats oranges you dummy

    16. Galactic Pug

      Look at the pups eyes 1:12

    17. Ivona Flakus

      Don’t give *milk* to dogs!!! 😩

    18. My Thought

      2:22. Flutter’s butt falls over the bathtub edge.

    19. UwU Potato


    20. david zoya

      That's odd, my dog easily eats almost anything I give her.

    21. A Lewis

      Tucker: *sees flutter* Tucker's mind: *BABY YODA*

    22. Kazia8

      Tucker: Ima ruin this pups whole carrier Puppy: HECk nAW

    23. Kenzie E

      1:23 the little pups face!!😊 That must be good!!

    24. Wendy Flores

      Everytime time I see ur videos u make my day good dogs and also very funny💗💗💗🥰😍

    25. SupremeBoss A

      This makes me want to spend way more time with my golden retriever now

    26. Red

      My dog name is flutter too 😅

    27. mommy's

      So many words out the why use thw word holy?

    28. Mackenzie does Likee Robinson

      I got you each some ferminy goat mi-....tucker...some goats milk

    29. E Santoso

      That puppy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute 😇😍👩🐶

    30. foxy bro gamer

      Double trouble

    31. Jordyn Ford

      This is the cutest thing I love you guys so much

    32. Nola Vongsavanh

      The way flutter got out of the bath tub to potty was soo cute 🥰🥰😂😂

    33. sweeto .e-girl

      They're so cuteee🥺

    34. pendant leaf

      when tucker rise up he looks like a giant rise up from a volcano

    35. Mike

      Why doesn’t she just have a kid instead... they do just as well of not better with views

    36. Talen Luth

      Tuck: I want MORE CHICKEN

    37. OGWuvzyy -

      Best MNsel channel ever

    38. Alexandra Burrowes

      Funny; carrots are my dog's FAVORITE food! ^^

    39. Amy Metz

      My dog is named tucker

    40. Xenos Kendo

      SO CUTE!

    41. Becky York

      I need another golden

    42. Code Red

      What’s the difference between goats milk and cows milk

    43. Faith Horvath

      he protecc he attacc but he most importantly he steal flutter's snacc

    44. elianna skywalker

      The dogs talk like Jar Jar Binks lmao so cute!!

    45. Saturn da lord of da rings

      :Tuker ima steal Baby puppy: Nuuuuuuuu ;-; Linda: TUKER Me:lol🤣

    46. Asila FAGHIRYAR

      Tucker’s is my little brother seriously 😂😂

    47. Jessen sim

      Who's pupper? Is Tucker baby?

    48. Otis Greene

      My favorite animal is dogs :)

    49. Civil Control

      Shut up puffer phish eatting Äugh

    50. Wendy Burachenski

      Who's the pup is that truckers lil sis or kid

    51. lipsmacker girl 1029088 part 2

      Tucker: "u already fat" Also tucker: * tries to eat other peoples food*

      1. Neva Girl


      2. Dogs are Savages

        lipsmacker girl 1029088 part 2 Wow

    52. Itz_Nerdy Gacha UwU

      He’s so cute 🥰 But most importantly He Would kill u with their cuteness x3

    53. Charmel Knight

      Holy hekk!!! Chicken!!!

    54. Nora Rosberg

      My dog eat to all vegetables themselves

    55. Alexandria Obado

      He protecc He atacc But most importantly He eats chimken

    56. Paul Mason

      Dogs are not vegetarians Tucker seems to be a little fond of his gnashers from my observation, but I don't own him.

    57. Lucia Sierra Cardenas

      Henlo frens :3

    58. Eric wang

      is fluxed a puppy 🤨🧐

    59. Elsa WANG

      Tucker before:Hnlo Mommy am Tucker Tucker now:HEKKK U LINDA

    60. Art_By_ Hails_76

      Why is tucker kinda acting kinda like flutter’s dad or maybe uncle lol