Dogs Frozen In Time

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    Beach: barryudall_
    Flip: pB5rwWZUBRC3/
    Box: pB4p4cJiI1KO/
    Gorilla: pB5iZQy6gyNw/
    Cat Phone:
    Hiding: pB5p0pPNgMU5/
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    1. RH Disc Golf

      Dogs trainer: Exists Squirrel: I’m about to end this mans whole career

      1. Respect X

        @Swords Man Moonlight who tf is risky

      2. MysticTerror394

        rayan ! R/ihavereddit

      3. Galih Indra

        37k likes in 1 month.

      4. Kuana Kekoa

        for all the jojo fans the owner:Za waldo

      5. Jr Pinargote

        Set wtf? He ain’t even self promoting

    2. BreadPanther

      1:00 LOL😂

    3. Krishna Verma

      Hopefully the dogs were not tortured while training to remain still

    4. luc g

      What kinda dogs are those

    5. Taimur Ahmed

      At 0:28,,,,Great laughing time😝

    6. Josh McNulty

      “On accident” ... *by accident

    7. Avent Christ

      You thought its the trainer who trained his dogs to stay still... BUT ITS ME DIO!!! ZA WAAAARRRUDOOO!!!

    8. Stihan du Toit

      this was uploaded on my bday

    9. Owen Hensley

      Are we just not gonna talk about how he pronounces box as B A X

    10. Alex Killer Tv

      Holy shot when he said : Yeeeep he scared the hecho out of me

    11. Angel Orta

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    12. Dill Pixel Playz

      At the start, the dogs aren’t perfectly still. The tails are twitching a little bit, but close enough.

    13. shanestudios

      They win at the mannequin challenge

    14. Guillermina Sandoval

      Toki Yo Tamarae

    15. yes

      1:24 horse: *y33t*

    16. Ye Nan

      1:24 the AK74u of horses

    17. Patrick O'Donnell


    18. Leon_ playZ

      He went [ZA WARDO] on his dogs

    19. icealah

      .... I want that damn box.

    20. Hero For Fun

      Za WARUDO

    21. Mysan Moon

      Only me who got jumpscared by the dog owner in the first one?

    22. Fred Winslow

      Some animal rights crazy will criticize the leash pulling dog. So cute. No dogs hurt No friction

    23. Mario G

      His voice makes me: REEEEEEE

    24. themlgnoob


    25. Jason sparrow

      0:03 to 0:25 Za Warldo

    26. Anthony Umana-Paniagua

      My dad lost my dog and I was starting to get along with it to 😥

    27. Frisher 001

      2:20 If you have this you would be the Pablo Escobar of the school xD

    28. Im Galaxy

      2:17 😍 😍

    29. Cbilk

      Dude: Has giant insect crawling on his face and looks completely chill Me: *sees the tiniest spider* AGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!1

    30. SimpleJack

      Is this leady

    31. Dangerous

      1:48 captain Jack Sparrow being chased by tribals recreated

    32. Dani de Janeiro

      DDoI - the hair around the horse’s neck Everybody else - the mane

    33. Swoopwing

      I hate my reflection too :3

    34. Mkay

      I bet the command so that the dogs can stay still is "ZA WARUDO"

    35. D

      2:30 me

    36. Rookie VLN

      1:38 When you see you crush and you try to impress 😂😂

    37. NOT NFF HUB

      How is this daily dose this should be like weekly dose of internet


      Anyone else think that brown horse looks fake? Like a human in a horse costume?

    39. m davis

      Is it just me or does this guy’s voice make you cringe? So annoying!

    40. EL CID

      '' Here's a bux that's more than just a bux ''

    41. MiniTie93

      No click bait, nice

    42. FacelessFigure

      Did that guy just grab a praying mantis' ovipositor?

    43. Konark Vinod


    44. Vamwookie

      Dont you just HATE it when you get your foot stuck in your hair. Ugh.

    45. Bimmer Won

      If I woke up with that bug on my face I’d freak the hell out.

    46. TimberWolf


    47. Jacob Finney

      2:17 *Heavyweights*

    48. Amarok

      A cat hating its own reflection is the most cat thing ever.

    49. ChrisPhil Gaming

      za warudo


      0:03 No one: not even a single souls: *ZAWARUDOOO* !!!!!

    51. Student

      ZA WARUDO!!

    52. Daniel Parenti

      U sound like Napoleon dynamites brother.

    53. Bodenlose Dosenhose

      Don't all cats hate their reflections? Never seen a cat not aggressive towards the "other" cat in the mirror.

    54. Mrs. Birthwell

      2:57 just found out my new worst nightmare

    55. Sylveonies

      Dogs? Standing still? Oh god no! DIO IS COMING OH FRICK OH GOD O- ZA WARUDO

    56. Adzemo

      2:30 *heavy breathing*

    57. Gunspecialist

      They're lucky that's not Harambe's family members🦍

    58. Fruity Fruit

      Za waruto !!!!

    59. Jay

      I appreciate the high quality editing of these compilation videos but the announcer's voice is soooo weird. no offense bro. great videos still.

    60. ESKM ER

      I think is same tape every video when you say"i see you guys very very soon..."