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    1. Mayu Jog

      It's called Football......

    2. Dario Campagna

      I really hope that the office casts should back together one day with episode

    3. 23rfwrgwhg 1234

      The ball wasn't even heading for Jim when he ducked.

    4. Mohammed Firasat Hussain

      Is it just me or Dwight, sometime really sounds like heath ledger as Joker?

    5. Sandra Wanjiku

      "...and your woman drips with beverage."😂😂😂gets me every darn time!

    6. Farah

      *BEER ME JIM*

    7. Wong Ian

      Right, I didn't get the last one... Jim gave Dwight his CC number on purpose, so he knew he'd use it somehow? Then why was he surprised Dwight did in fact use it, and why was he acting like sending flowers to his wife was a bad thing. What kinda prank was that???

    8. Ian

      Charles minor annoyed me so much

    9. Gr8estWalter 10

      I feel bad for Jim in this because Dwight can be so cruel.

    10. James McKay

      Jim got what he deserved with the snowball fight

    11. Laura Anderson

      How come no one's talking about how one of Dwight's pranks was buying expensive flowers for Pam... like how adorable that is! Dwight and Pam's friendship is one of my favorites from the show.

    12. Blazmo Babbins

      Is it weird that I kind of root for Dwight?

    13. FallingxRoses

      Idk why watching Jim prank Dwight is hilarious but watching Dwight prank Jim is just sad lol

    14. Jcfnan

      I never got why Charles was kicking the soccer ball so hard anyway, they’re in a tiny parking lot and even if it didn’t hit Jim or Meredith it would’ve pelted the car behind him

    15. Bryce Hogan

      Its not the same.

    16. Lopsang Lama

      3:19 classic Kevin hahaha

    17. Hayley Blanch

      I almost didn't get that last one. Dwight is... an evil genius.

    18. Pyrogue

      It's all fun and games until Dwight catches you slipping.

    19. Jayden Brown

      Yumi looks like Jim from The Office

    20. SgtxAnus

      Thing is...Jim did get a really good beard is Jack Ryan

    21. Alex Mendoza

      The difference between these pranks are that Jim’s pranks were funny and everyone laughed. Dwight is just spiteful and scary.

    22. Evan Nickel

      i like how the ball was going to hit jim in the face and he dodged it and it hit someone elses face and its jims fault

    23. Jeff N

      So satisfying to see Jim get his just desserts. He earned every bit of it.

    24. Nexus FX

      If he didn’t ducked, he would’ve taken the blow, and would’ve had it worse. That’s just human reflexes. And Phyllis probably wasn’t looking, which why she DIDNT duck.

    25. 50 subscribers with some vids

      Omg i loved when dwight was hiding in the snoe man

    26. Primal_Anims

      An eye for an eye and the world goes blind


      I think the part I love the most in this show is dwight getting revenge on jim i love revenge

    28. Eric Kruckenberg

      True...but in the end who destroyed Mega Desk?

    29. Logan Steele

      How bout icing it lol

    30. Darrin Ramroop

      bet jim got laid after sending those flowers

    31. Brinley Ferguson

      A line I’ll never forget... *DAMMIT JIM!*

    32. Red Cabbage

      Jim should’ve brought up that Dwight locking the door for the snowball thing is a hazard since in case of say a fire drill one of the main doors is inaccessible. For shame Dwight, for Shame.

    33. Tomato Style

      I mean jim did grow a good beard.

    34. Chandni Saxena

      After watching Dwight's meatball prank against Jim, makes you wonder if Dwight was pranking Jim on jellos in earlier episodes too.

    35. Jayyy isthename

      1:48 lmaooo

    36. hxneypop

      When everyone was slamming Jim for giving himself the raise is hilarious.

    37. TJ Fisher

      I hate it when Dwight gets the upper hand! But it's funny though!

    38. Owen Morrison

      What would be your dream vacation

    39. Cole Hamberg

      I hated Charles being on the show

    40. Liv x

      what episode is 5:08?